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Namjoon finally convinced him to go to an underground rap event. The pink haired male had been trying to get him to go since they’d met and he found out the ravenhead dabbled in underground dance. They graduated college two years ago and the younger male had yet to give up. So, of course, Hoseok finally caved, especially since the younger wanted him to see his friend, Yoongi. They ventured off to the streets of Hongdae and that’s where it all started.

The underground club was quite big, people from all backgrounds hovering around different sections. Jimin, with his arm hooked around Taehyung’s looked around in amazement. “Wow hyung! We should have come a lot sooner.” Taehyung nodded along, gazing at the bar with a glint of excitement. Jungkook shook his head at them and grabbed for Hoseok’s hand, who took it instinctively.

Said male rolled his eyes at his friends, “You could’ve gone with Namjoon.”

“Without my dancing partner?” Jimin gasped in mock, “ Never .”


“Taehyung, shut up you always agree with him.” Namjoon cackled.

The brunette shrugged, “Can’t deny that.”

“That’s what best friends do, ask Kookie!” Jimin pointed at the maknae. Jungkook leaned into Hoseok’s side, “He’s not wrong. I probably agree with Hobi hyung too much.”

Before Hoseok could start a petty argument, a voice called out to the group.


They turned to the voice that called to see a male with styled back brunette hair jog over to them.

“Ah Jin hyung you’re here too!” Namjoon pulled the other into a hug before facing his friends, “Guys this is Seokjin.”

They waved at Seokjin who smiled at them, “Are you guys here to see Yoongi perform?”

“That’s why I brought them today.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know this but, who’s Yoongi?” Jimin asked.

“Yoongi is a friend of mine and Jin hyung’s ex—”

“—Oh my god Namjoon, why would you even tell them that!?” The oldest scoffed looking at the others, “Ignore him, we only dated for seven months in our second year of highschool .” He gave a sharp look at Namjoon who just laughed at his reaction, “ Barely a relationship, I’m just Yoongi’s good friend.”

Hoseok smiled at the brunette, “Nice to meet you hyung.”

The dimming lights caught the group’s attention, and Seokjin brightened up, “Ah it’s starting! C’mon I have a section we can watch the performances!”

They followed the elder up the stairs toward a private table. Once situated they watched as a MC came on stage getting the crowd hyped up. From what Namjoon had said, their friend Yoongi wasn’t up until the end so Hoseok just sat back next to Jungkook and enjoyed the performances. There were a few good ones while some were sub-par. A lot of the beats were perfect for dancing, and throughout the event he kept imagining choreographies for each one.

It wasn’t until the MC said the name ‘Agust D’ that Namjoon and Seokjin perked up. Hoseok assumed that Agust D had to be their friend. The ravenhead sat up when a heavy beat came on, and a male with mint hair walked on stage slowly.

Hoseok’s eyes widened the moment Agust D opened his mouth. The guy literally spat fire , his lyrics harsh and fast. The dancer couldn’t take his eyes off him. He could distantly hear Taehyung yelling cheers along with Jimin. The rapper performed two more songs, beats more hyped than the last, before finishing and leaving the stage with a roar of cheers from everyone in the club.

“Wow!” Jungkook said in amazement and Hoseok couldn’t help but nod. The rapper pushed through the crowd who gave him praises before finally walking to the group’s table.

“Hyung, that was awesome!” Namjoon spoke first, Seokjin humming in agreement.

Yoongi smirked at that before looking at the others in question, “New people?”

“Oh yeah hyung, let me introduce you to my friends.” Namjoon smiled at the group, “Guys, this is Yoongi.” Namjoon pointed at each of them, “Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok.”

They all waved at the mint haired rapper, who eyed each of them, remembering their names. He smiled softly at the group. “Nice to meet you, and thanks for coming.”

Taehyung leaned forward in his seat, his eyes twinkling, “Hyung you rap so cool!”

“Ah thanks.” Yoongi took a seat and laid his hands on the table, “I’m feeling generous, so drinks on me.”

The younger ones of the group perked up at that while Namjoon warned Taehyung not to get drunk. After the drinks were brought to the table the group managed to find a flow in conversation. Namjoon grinned in his seat seeing all his friends get along. He grabbed his drink and began conversing with Yoongi.

Speaking of Yoongi, Seokjin arched an eyebrow at said male. Yoongi was talking to Namjoon but his eyes were elsewhere. The oldest followed his friend’s line of sight and was even more interested. Yoongi was looking at Hoseok, who was having a conversation with Jungkook and Jimin, laughing loudly with them. Even though the rapper’s eyes seemed emotionless, Seokjin saw the glint in them.






A new project was presented by his boss. A new dance crew needed a dance routine and he was assigned to them. The idea of making a hip-hop dance excited Hoseok, and he was quick to agree to the project. But there was a problem.

None of the songs were working. He looked through his whole library on his laptop and nothing screamed the one for him. He sighed, face planting on the desk in his studio room. There was only one person he thought could help. Pulling out his phone he dialed the number waiting as it rang a few times.



“Joon-ah I need your help~”

“Hope-ah? What’s wrong?”

“I need some music for a hip-hop routine but nothing is working for me right now. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Ah I’m sorry Hoseok, I would love to help you but my boss is on my ass to finish this song for that new idol group.”

Hoseok groaned out loud.

“...But I know someone who could help you.”

Hoseok’s back shot up, “Who?”

“Yoongi hyung. I’m sure he could help find a good song for you. I can text you his number?”

“Oh Namjoon you’re a lifesaver. Please send his number.”

“Yeah sure thing. Okay I gotta go, boss is coming down the hall. I’ll text you now.”

“Okay thanks! Bye!” Hoseok hung up the phone. A minute later he received a text from Namjoon. Hoseok copied the number and opened a new message.


He paused, wondering how he could ask Yoongi for help. They weren’t too close. He saw Yoongi maybe twice since the underground club and they barely talked, only giving each other warm greetings. They were pretty civil but that was it. Would Yoongi even help him? The ravenhead shook his thoughts. Just ask already! So with some new courage he sent out his message.


To: Yoongi  3:15pm

Hey Yoongi hyung. It’s Hoseok.

Uh I needed help selecting a song for a dance

routine and Namjoon said I should ask you?

Hoseok instantly regretted sending it.

To: Yoongi  3:16pm

Of course you don’t have to help if you’re busy!

Hoseok groaned in his throat at himself. He shouldn’t have asked like that. Now the other won’t help him. Only a few minutes passed with Hoseok reprimanding himself when his phone vibrated.

From: Yoongi  3:23pm

I can help you. Come by my studio if you’re available now.

Another text with an address came after and Hoseok gaped in disbelief. Oh thank god. He quickly responded to Yoongi before grabbing his things and leaving the studio.

He hauled a cab, told the driver the address, and rode for twenty minutes before making it to the building. He paid the cab driver and walked inside the building. Yoongi was on the third floor of the building so Hoseok took the elevator. Walking to room number 322, he found himself in front of a studio with the name ‘ Genius Lab’ and a… doorbell? Huh… that’s new.

The dancer pressed the doorbell and heard shuffling inside before the door was open. Yoongi had his mint hair pulled back in a beanie. He smiled and Hoseok, for some reason, died a little inside.

The older stepped aside, “Hey, come in.”

Hoseok walked inside and was pleasantly surprised by the setup. It was slightly different than Namjoon’s. The biggest difference being the flat screen on Yoongi’s wall and more monitors near his equipment. The rapper noticed his stare and chuckled, “I watch Netflix in here sometimes, if you’re wondering about the TV.” He took a seat back near his computer and paused whatever was playing.

“Oh ok.”

It was quiet, Hoseok standing in the middle of the room and Yoongi watching him. The rapper gave him a comforting smile, “You know… you can sit down.”

“Oh!” Hoseok flushed as he moved quickly to the other chair in the room. “Uh thank you so much for meeting with me. Nothing in my library is calling me so I just need some new ideas.”

“Okay,” Yoongi leaned back in his chair, “What kind of dance is it you’re going for?”


“Hmmm. Is that your specialty?”

“Actually street dance is, but I dabbled in a few other genres and hip-hop came easy to me.”

Yoongi looked intrigued by that, “What other genres did you do?”

The ravenhead’s eyes lit up, “Oh well I did contemporary and ballet for a while! But that’s because Jongin, a good childhood friend of mine, did it and we always taught each other.” He scratched at his neck, “I actually really liked it and kinda wish I did it in university.”

Yoongi hummed, “We all have those little regrets.”

Hoseok glanced his way, “You have regrets?”

“Well I’m actually really into photography. I was the president of the club in high school.” Yoongi tinkered around with this equipment before speaking again, “Almost did it as my major in Uni but ended up doing music instead.”

“And you regret that? I mean, you seem to be doing great right now.”

Yoongi shrugged, “I could have double majored, or at least minored in it. That’s all I’m saying.”

Hoseok nodded staring at his hands, he got what the older male meant. He looked up when Yoongi asked, “Any other dances you’re good at?”

So Hoseok went on and on about the different kinds of dances he did, to what he taught, to how he got Jungkook into dancing, and throughout the whole tangent Yoongi just sat and listened, even bringing up other topics. Before he knew it had been two hours, Hoseok’s phone alarm ringing loudly.

He gasped realizing the time, “Oh damn I have a class at 7:15, I have to go-” he stopped and groaned, “Oh my- we didn’t even talk about music.” He looked up at Yoongi, “I’m sorry for taking up your time, hyung.”

“No, no it’s fine. It was a nice talk.” Yoongi smiled at him. “Actually…”


“I’ll make a song for you.”

“W-What?!” Hoseok gaped at the other, “H-Hyung are you sure?”

“Yeah, I think I can make something you’d like. Give me a week.”

“O-Oh wow.” Hoseok blushed, “Thank you hyung…”

“It’s no problem.” The older stood up and walked over to the door, “Now get going to your class, leave it to hyung.”

Hoseok blushed even darker as he nodded and walked out the studio. He turned back and waved softly, “Bye, thanks again hyung.”

Yoongi waved, “Bye Hoseok.” The mint haired male closed the door and Hoseok put a hand over his heart. Oh my god.

Hoseok stepped into the elevator feeling completely giddy. When he exited the building the first thing he did was call Namjoon.


“Hey Hoseok, how did it go?”

“It went well! He said he would make a song for me! An original song! Ah, I’m excited!”

Namjoon sputtered on the other side of the line, and a screech that vaguely sounded like Seokjin could be heard in the back. Hoseok furrowed his brows in concern, “...Is that Jin hyung? Is he alright?”

“Y-yeah he’s fine ! Wow an original piece, that’s awesome!”

Hoseok brightened up again, “Isn’t it!? Yoongi hyung is actually really nice I realized. We talked for a while.”

Seokjin’s squeals were muffled in the background when Namjoon hummed over the line. “Well at least that problem is solved. Glad he could help you.”

“Yeah me too. Hey I have to go back to the dance studio now, I have a class in an hour. I’ll talk to you guys later!”

“Yeah, okay. Bye Hope-ah.”

Hoseok hung up the phone. The excitement came rushing back to him as he stretched his body with a content sigh. He grinned at nothing in particular as he hauled a cab back to his job.

Namjoon blankly looked at his phone before staring at Seokjin, who returned the stare with a huge grin, “Oh my GOD, Joon.”

The pink haired male nodded, “Oh my god indeed. You were right.”




Seokjin was a clever person. Not a genius like Namjoon, but he was observant enough to see things around him. Especially when it involved people he knew. The closer he was to someone, the better he understood them. So of course, Seokjin noticed what was going on with Yoongi. The other day with Hoseok’s phone call only confirmed his thoughts. So while at the rapper’s apartment he decided to bring it up. He slumped into the couch before speaking offhandedly, “So, Hoseok huh?”

Yoongi, who was looking through his bookshelf, glanced back at the brunette, “Hoseok what?”

“You’re being especially nice to him, making an original song.”

The younger moves back to the bookshelf all while shrugging his shoulders. “It’s no big deal…”

Seokjin smirked, “You’re interested in him.”

Yoongi scoffed but Seokjin wasn’t having it. “Don’t play dumb, you don’t do this kind of thing just for anyone.”

“Hoseok is just… nice. I would’ve felt bad if I didn’t help him.”

“So you’re really just gonna lie– well try to lie to your longest friend?”

The mint haired male deflated. When he turned back to the brunette, he had a worn out face, “Ok, you’re right.”

“I know,” Seokjin smiled, “I saw you staring at him the first day you guys met. I’m surprised he didn’t notice.”

Yoongi looked embarrassed by that. “It’s hard not to look at him… he has a nice smile.” He muttered as he grabbed a movie from bookshelf. “Now enough about me and let’s watch this movie.”

Seokjin put his hands up in surrender, “Alright alright. Just promise me one thing?”

Yoongi squinted at him, “What?”

“Get close to him and see where it goes.”

The rapper was quiet as he studied his friend’s face. He sighed as he put the disc into the dvd player, “I’ll think about it.”




After having exponential inspiration and motivation, Yoongi managed to finish Hoseok’s song. He smiled as he listened to it one more time, content with the outcome. It was a hard hitting beat with heavy bass, perfect for what Hoseok needed. He couldn’t wait to show it to the dancer, and see his pleased reaction. As excited as he was to show the song to Hoseok, he was equally nervous. After he gave the song to the dancer, he’d have no real excuse to keep seeing him or talking to him. He would like to think they are okay friends, but he didn’t think they were close enough to just decidedly hang out whenever.

The mint haired male sighed as he hit the send button on the email to Hoseok. He pulled out his phone and sent a text to the other.


To: Hoseok 11:24am

Check your email.


All he had to do was wait now. He decided to keep working on his other projects at his job for now to distract himself. Hoseok’s reply came soon enough though in a spam of messages.


From: Hoseok 1:13pm

Sorry I was teaching a class but HYUNG!!


Did I sound too excited?

Either way, thank you so much for this!!


Yoongi smiled down at the message sadly. He sent a quick ‘You’re Welcome’ before closing his phone and leaning back in his chair. Well there goes us getting close .






A week later the mint haired male was surprised by the text he received.


From: Hoseok 5:23pm

Hey hyung!

I finished making choreo for the song!

Wanted to ask if you want to see it!

You can stop by the studio whenever

If you want of course.


Now that the offer was on the table, Yoongi decided to seize the opportunity while he could.




Things began to change after that day. He was slightly nervous the first time he visited Hoseok, since it had been a while that they’d met, but it turned out it was for nothing. The moment the younger saw him he smiled brightly and welcomed him with open arms. Yoongi ended up staying for more than half the day, watching in awe as Hoseok patiently taught people of different ages and the hip-hop crew he was assigned to.

Dancer Hoseok was quite the sight. He smiled most of the day, he doted on children, he was encouraging whenever someone from the dance crew messed up. He was everything that appealed to Yoongi. Hoseok was just— nice .

It wasn’t until about the fifth visit did Yoongi realize he might have made an unintentional routine. Every Wednesday or Thursday he would sit and watch Hoseok teach, or even come towards the end and bring food (it was a good excuse to have extra alone time with the ravenhead but he wouldn’t admit that).

They ended being friends quicker than he imagine. And that friendship ended up translating outside the studio too. Now that Namjoon combined his two friend groups they tended to hangout as a whole. While Hoseok was friendly with everyone, there was a significant change in the dynamics between him and Yoongi.

They tended to banter a lot, making slick remarks at each other that always made them laugh. Hoseok gravitated to him more than before, sometimes even moving away from Jungkook (which Seokjin stressed was a big deal if Namjoon’s explanation of their history is to go by).

Now Hoseok’s face lit up everytime Yoongi saw him and it made the mint haired rapper warm in the chest. Speaking of warm, that feeling started to go to other places. It wasn’t all the time but it was slowly turning into a problem. Especially when the group decided to go clubbing, when Hoseok moved his body a little too sexy in his class, or when Hoseok wore clothes that hugged his body just right, showing off his really nice legs.

It was hard to control his inner want to just have all of Hoseok. Of course he held back because well, it’s not certain that Hoseok even sees him as anything other than a friend.

Not just that but, Yoongi doesn’t really trust himself with Hoseok’s heart. Yoongi knows himself, he knows Hoseok, so he’s wary and hesitant. So instead, he keeps all his whirling emotions to himself, just enjoying Hoseok’s presence.




Hoseok was dying. Not physically but emotionally. And who’s fault was it?

Min Yoongi. The mint haired underground rapper that struck Hoseok’s heart like a knife.

Hoseok isn’t even sure when he exactly started to develop these feelings for the older male, it just fucking happened. One day Yoongi came to the studio and Hoseok just saw him different, and his heart flipped like a gymnast. He became excited for Yoongi’s visits to his studio. He felt himself want to be near the other more. Sometimes in the group outings Hoseok would talk with Yoongi more than the others.

There were times where the ravenhead’s thoughts went left field seeing the other mundane things like grip onto something (Yoongi had really nice hands, big and firm. And it made Hoseok sweat a little). Yoongi spitting fire on stage all sweaty was enough to make Hoseok weak in the knees. Hoseok sometimes wonders how his rough stage persona would translate behind closed doors, and he would have to cut those thoughts before he got hot under the belt in public (it almost happened).

Taehyung started looking at him strangely, Jimin right behind him as always. But Hoseok gave nothing away to them, because he didn’t even know what was going on anymore.

He could definitely say he and Yoongi have become good friends, however there was definitely a shift in their relationship. Maybe it was just Hoseok and his feelings that changed. In the end it didn’t really matter because Hoseok didn’t plan to pursue his feelings for the rapper.

Nope, Hoseok wasn’t to the idea of getting rejected, no thank you. He was fine with being Yoongi’s friend for now, even if he wanted something more (really badly).


Everything was all good.




Everything was not all good.

Hoseok’s feelings have been eating him alive. The mint haired rapper was lingering in his mind more as time passed and he needed a distraction. So he called the only person he thought of.



“Hey Jungie.”

“Oh hey Hobi hyung! What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” Hoseok leaned against one of the mirrors in his studio room, “I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out, since you’re out of class by now.”

“I forgot you remembered my schedule, but yeah I’m down! I haven’t seen you in awhile...”

Hoseok smiled, “Not my fault you’re busy in school. Glad to know you miss me though.”

“Yeah yeah, so the usual spot?”

The older ravenhead hummed, “The usual spot.”

“Okay~ see you in twenty minutes hyung!”


“Okay.” Hoseok hung up the phone and made his way to their usual spot, a cafe that happened to be the perfect distance between Jungkook’s University and Hoseok’s studio. It wasn’t large and didn’t have many customers, but the two best friends found it to be just right for them. They had been going there since Jungkook first started going to University and it’s been three years since then.

Hoseok walked inside the cafe and spotted one of the waitresses. When she saw him and smiled at him, “Hey Hoseok! The regular?”

“Yeah, can you make Jungkook’s too?”


Hoseok took a seat and waited patiently for their drinks. The waitress was quick in her work and brought the drinks over. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” she walked away and Hoseok was left to his own devices.

After about ten minutes the front door of the cafe chimed and Hoseok watched as Jungkook searched the room for him. When their eyes met, Jungkook smiled and Hoseok swore he was sixteen again, the younger’s smile bright and innocent. The younger ravenhead walked over to the table and sat across from him.

“Hey hyung! Did you order for us yet?”

“Mhmmm.” Hoseok pushed a cup toward him, “Got you your caramel latte.”

The younger ravenhead grinned and grabbed his hand, lacing them together and swaying them side-to-side, “Great! Now what’s up, how’ve you been?”

“I’d rather hear about you first,” Hoseok smiled back at him, “How’s your senior year?”

Hoseok sat and listened to Jungkook talk about his classes, mentioning how interning with his dance professor has been a great experience, mentioning his college friends, and everything else he’s missed. He listened with a deep fondness. He was happy to hear how good things were going for him. After hearing all this he suddenly missed his best friend. They had been so busy this past month, Jungkook with school and Hoseok with Yoongi and his job, that they never got to hangout by themselves as often. Having the mint haired rapper back in his mind made Hoseok’s mood fall slightly.

“Hyung are you okay?”

Hoseok’s eyes snapped back to his best friend. “What?” The younger’s brows furrowed in concern, squeezing his hand. “You’re off,” The older opened his mouth but Jungkook cut him off, “Don’t even try to lie to me. I know you better than anyone, hyung.” The older ravenhead sighed deeply, running a hand down his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really, just trying to figure things out…”

“Okay,” Jungkook leaned forward in his seat and gave the other his full attention, “Let’s hear it.”

“Well… it all started when I had that new client at the studio and Yoongi hyung made me an original song for it.” Hoseok smiled gently, “I’m still in shock, and the song is amazing Jungie. I had choreography for it so quickly and Yoongi hyung came by the studio to watch and now he comes almost all the time, he even brings me food. And we’ve gotten a lot closer. He’s really nice, despite what he looks like and it makes me flustered and I wanna throw up half the time he smiles at me and— and I’m battling myself right now about all of this.” Hoseok looked up at the young ravenhead. “I don’t know what to do.”

Jungkook was quiet throughout his whole word vomit before smiling at him. However, his smile was strained, eyes slightly cloudy with something Hoseok couldn’t decrypt. “... You really like him, huh Hobi hyung?”

Hoseok looked down before nodding, “I do…”

“Then go for it.”

Hoseok glanced back up at him, “Just go for it?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook coughed, “It’s worth the shot, and it seems he might like you back… so go for it…”

“You think so?”


The older smiled, “Okay. Alright, thank you Jungie.”

Jungkook looked down as he smiled back, but the ends of his lips barely curled, “No problem, hyung.”




“So what’s up with you and Seok?”

Yoongi glanced over from his studio computer desktop, eyes questioning the pinkette to elaborate. Namjoon sighed, “You and Hoseok. What’s been going on between you too?”

“Nothing,” Yoongi faced the computer again, frowning just the slightest, “Nothing at all.”

“Are you sure? The rest of us thought you guys were together.”

“Nope. Not together.”

“But you want to be.” It wasn’t a question. Yoongi let out a heavy breath. He didn’t even feel like fighting this. “Is it that obvious?”

Namjoon leaned against the desk next to the older, “Not really, but we know you hyung. You’ve never been this way with someone.”

The mint haired male leaned back in his chair and gave the other a tired look, “I really like him Namjoon… probably something more .”

“Why don’t you ask him out then?”

“Because I'm not fit for relationships, you know this. I’d taint him.”

Namjoon grimaced at this. That... in some sense was true. Yoongi was great as a friend and was easy to get along with. But he didn’t have a good track record with relationships, something Namjoon and Seokjin knew very well. They always started with some hope and promises but never ended well, it mostly being his fault. The older male just didn’t trust easy and stay committed. And Namjoon was worried at first, when he heard Jimin and Taehyung discussing if the two were together.

But this wasn’t just anybody. This was Hoseok. The one who made Yoongi shed a layer of armor around his heart. The one who Yoongi was patient and softened up for.

“I know, but I wouldn’t give you consent to one of my good friends if I didn’t think this would work out. He makes you different hyung.” Namjoon gave him a smile, “Your eyes light up when he’s in the room. He’s good for you.”

Yoongi looked off to the side of the room, contemplating what the younger said.

“If it makes you feel better, he likes you back— a lot .”

The shorter’s eyes snapped back to him, “How do you know?”

Namjoon grinned like he had the answer to all their problems, “Jungkook told me.”

Oh , Yoongi thought. Jungkook was never wrong when it came to Hoseok, never . Those two knew literally everything about each other. So for the maknae of their group to say this, it had to be true.

“You should go for it hyung...”

Yoongi stares at the younger, still slightly hesitant, “You sure?”

One last push.





Hoseok just finished his last class for the day, waving all the high schoolers goodbye as they left with their friends and parents. He smiled, glad to finally rest. Tuesdays were always his longest days. Jimin wasn’t in on those days, busy helping Taehyung as his model for his pieces. Jungkook couldn’t officially start working here until he graduated (which he thanked god was soon, he really missed his Jungie) so Hoseok was alone in leading all the workshops.

He leaned against one of the mirrored walls and stretched his arms out. He was contemplating whether to take a nap right there in the studio before going home when the door opened. The ravenhead gazed up and instantly brightened up, “Ah hyung! What are you doing here?”

Yoongi walked into the studio with a smile, holding up take out, “Thought you’d be hungry.”

The younger grinned while raising his arms and clasping his hands, “My hero.”

The mint haired male chuckled before settling in front of Hoseok, “Good to know.”

Hoseok opened up all the food and the two began to dig in. They were eating in a comfortable silence when Yoongi glanced up at the other. He was hesitant to say what was on his mind but took a chance. “Hoseok?”

Hoseok’s mouth was stuffed when he looked at the older male with wide curious eyes. Yoongi swore this guy was too adorable. After swallowing Hoseok responded, “Yes hyung?”

“I’ve been thinking…”

Hoseok grabbed his water, “Thinking about what?”

Yoongi stared at him for a long moment, trying to figure out how to vocalize his thoughts. But then he remembered his conversation with Namjoon and decided. Okay fuck it, let’s do this.

“Why aren’t we dating yet?”

Hoseok choked on his water, turning into a coughing fit as he looked at the older with a beat red face, “ W-What?

“Why aren’t we dating?”

The younger stuttered over his words. Oh my god . “I-I don’t know, I mean—”

“—I like you a lot, Hoseok,” Yoongi finally said it. “I’ve liked you since the moment I met you to be honest and I thought I made that clear but,” He shrugged, “I guess I wasn’t obvious enough.”

Oh. ” Hoseok’s face was cherry red and Yoongi had to stop himself from laughing. “ Oh , I-I didn’t know…”

“Do you like me back?”

The look in the other’s eyes was enough of an answer, but Yoongi wanted to hear it. Hoseok smiled softly, the softest Yoongi has ever seen, “Of course I like you… Quite a lot.”

Yoongi smirked, leaning forward closer to him, “Then why aren’t you mine yet?”

Hoseok mirrored him, coming close so that they were centimeters away, “I’m a little old fashion, hyung. I like to be asked these kind of things.”

“Date me Hoseok.” Yoongi wasn’t asking. He was tired of waiting to call the other his. The ravenhead chuckled, blushing slightly, “Well, since you asked so nicely,” He grinned at him, “Okay hyung.”

The mint haired male moved his hand behind the younger’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss. Hoseok swore there were fireworks flaring throughout his body, warming him from his head to his toes. They pulled away, smiles mirroring each other. “You’re mine Hoseok.”

Hoseok blushed deeper, hiding into Yoongi’s shoulder and Yoongi pulled him into a hug, his heart beating erratically. They were both giddy with their new relationship, excited and holding many expectations for the future.







Little did they know in their relationship, things would begin to fall apart, and Yoongi would slowly break Hoseok.