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at your service, sir // vkook

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Taehyung sets his coffee down on the table with a loud clunk, eavesdropping on the conversation before him. It seems a man - about his age, maybe younger wanted a job at the cafe.


“Are you sure you’re actually out of positions!?” the man yowls, obviously startling the woman at the cashier place.


She tries to calmly respond, tapping her nails on the glass counter. “I am sorry oppa, we do not have any other spots open. We will be sure to call you when-”


“I called just a few hours ago and they said there were still open roles!” he shouts, slamming his fists onto the table. He seemed distressed, perhaps desperate for a job - considering his age. Taehyung raises a brow, eyeing the boy up and down. No tattoos, no piercings, neatly dressed. Looks like a good kiddo to me. He analyzed, before opening up.


“Come over here.” he gestures for the man to sit.


Thankfully, the man collaborates. He murmurs a sheepish apology to the lady before taking a seat on the leather seat. He looks down at his lap, most likely fidgeting with his phone.


Taehyung places his elbow on the table, resting his chin on his palm. “Really need a job, huh?” he chuckles softly, catching undivided attention from the man. “How old are you, kiddo?”


The latter finally speaks, “T-twenty.” he stutters.


“Twenty-two. Interesting.”


Taehyung straightens up, towering over the younger. “Your name?” the other seems to furrow his eyebrows while thinking, and Taehyung feels a little betrayed by the fact that he isn’t trusted. “Jeon Jungkook.” he scoffed.


“I am Kim Taehyung, heard of me?” his smile curves into a smirk.


‘Jungkook’ examines him for a few seconds, before his mouth opens up in an ‘o’. “Ohhh, you’re like the, gucci model dude right?” he says rather casually. Usually the elder expected for the latter to fangirl, but considering what Jungkook is wearing.


He was humbly dressed in probably stores from the supermarket, no logo prominent on the attire. He was not into the fashion life, but that could possibly change. “Yes. Yes I am. You’re very blessed.”


Jungkook tilts his head in confusion and Taehyung can’t deny that that’s the most fucking adorable thing ever. “Usually I hire five star butlers, but you could be an exception.”


“HELL YEAH!” the maknae blurts loudly, obtaining wide eyes from other customers. Taehyung flaps his hand down, gesturing for Jungkook to lower his volume. “Twenty dollars per hour.” he generously tosses out.


The other is about to respond when a marimba tune erupts from Taehyung’s phone. He presses on the green button, answering his call. Jungkook zones out as Taehyung speaks to probably a fancy business guy. He sets his phone down and the maknae is snapped out of his trance.


“I’m sorry kiddo, but I have a photoshoot. Can I get your number, I’ll text you tonight.”


He quickly mumbles his number and Taehyung somehow manages to catch it, typing it down onto the notepad app on his phone. He taps the bottom of Jungkook’s chin, pushing his face up. “Brighten up. You just got a job with one of South Korea’s biggest models.”


Jungkook forces an awkward grin, but it goes unnoticed as the model turns on his heel. The maknae rubbed his chin, the feeling of Taehyung’s long fingers lingering on the spot.




Taehyung slumps onto his bed, overworked from his photoshoot. He switches on his giant 4K TV, undoing his tie. After tossing it into his laundry hamper, he switches on Netflix. He picks a series, but as he waits for the episode to load he remembers.


He needs to call Jungkook.


6:23 PM

Kim Taehyung

Hello? Jungkook?


 6:24 PM


omg hihi

He should probably change Jungkook’s contact name.

6:24 PM

Kim Taehyung

Someone’s eager ;)

6:26 PM


I never really had a job before heh

Sounds good. Jungkookie. That’s what he’ll call him from now on.

6:27 PM

Kim Taehyung

Can you make it to the mansion by the mall around 7?


6:30 PM


Yes!! Of course!! I’ll get going. Byeee :)


Taehyung had to admit, Jungkook’s eagerness was adorable. He switches off his phone, glancing around his large master bedroom. It was a total mess, he debates getting up and organizing - but that’s the maknae’s job now.




Jungkook pulls into the long driveway of the famous Kim Taehyung. The bumper of his car barely tucked in past the sideway, so he rolls down his window. His mouth stays ajar at the view. He has a stream of sports cars and more in his driveway.


What did the maknae expect? This guy was fucking rich.


He parks his car, hopping out and slamming the door behind him. As soon as he sets foot on the blessed pavement, he quivers. At any point can he mess up shit and lose the job. He sluggishly walks towards the door, wincing as he sets a hand on the doorknob.


But somebody already opens the door. 


He jumps back, beaming sheepishly at Taehyung. “Are you sick? You were walking very slow.” the elder spoke up, eyebrows raised.


“Oh no, why would you-” Jungkook sets a hand at the back of his head, ruffling the hair nervously.


The man wraps an arm around the maknae, pushing him gently inside. The whole action sent shivers right down Jungkook’s spine. “You’re obviously afraid of me, kiddo.”


“No-” he shouted, only to be interrupted by Taehyung’s calm tone.


“I don’t bite.” he smirked, setting a hand on his shoulder.


Jungkook peaks over his shoulder, at Taehyung’s hand. He gives a faint smile, kicking his shoes off. They stand there in silence before the elder finally directs him.  “The kitchen  counters need some work.” he instructed, before letting go of the younger. He turns around, heading upstairs - probably to his bedroom.


What the hell is wrong with you, Jungkook? He’s nothing but some stupid model for an overpriced brand. He growled at himself mentally, before down the long chamber of hallways to the room labelled 'kitchen'.

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Jungkook grabs a dry cloth from the cabinet under the sink - which by the way was a pain for him to find. Since Taehyung was SO helpful, the poor maknae had to go on a rampage for cleaning supplies. He wipes away the disinfectant and water, staring at the counter in satisfaction.

Taehyung is planted in his spot, Jungkook hasn't noticed that he came downstairs. He leans over one of the counters, examining the younger man's figure. He had to admit, he was really fucking blessed that he chose to wear a short sleeve. It revealed his muscular biceps, and the way he was so dedicated to his cleaning-

"Sir?" Jungkook squeaked, turning around. He tosses the towel at the open cabinet, missing horribly. He cusses under his breath, which Taehyung found cute once again.

He was even cute when he was frustrated.

He snaps out of his trance when Jungkook rasps 'sir' again. He was about to correct the name by instinct, but he found something intriguing when the maknae called him that.

He cleared his throat, "Nice work." he curtly compliments. Taehyung finally breaks his locked spot, strolling past Jungkook. He purposely brushes his arm against his, earning a shaken expression from the younger. He masks his smirk with his sleeve. He glances over at his usual mess of assorted beer bottles, but instead they are organized by brand.

"Did you-"

"Mhm.." the butler hummed, his eyes locked on Taehyung's hand on one of the bottles than the model himself.

He elbows Jungkook lightly as he selects a glass from the rack, then pops the lid of the drink open.

As he tiredly fills the cup, he hits the maknae up with a question that has been killing him a little. "Don't you like..Drink or anything, kiddo?"

He flashes a toothy grin - and damn those two bunny-like front teeth, "I drink a lot of mountain dew in my dorm. It's a mess, but keeps me up for exams."

He mentally facepalms, "No, like alcohol."

Jungkook's bottom lip quivers, "No. I'm not really the type.." he mumbles, walking towards the sink.

He keeps the water on a low so he could still hear Taehyung as he polished off cutlery and plates.

"Got any tattoos under that, hmm?"

The maknae shakes his head, basketball shooting a plastic bowl into the drying rack.

Well shit, he's very innocent. Is he even vir- Chill out. he tells himself.

Taehyung slowly brings the drink to his lips, gulping down a pinch before approaching Jungkook.


The smell of alcohol is intoxicating for Jungkook. He resists the urge to wrinkle his nose, his smile fading.

What if the model was already wasted? What if he's gon-

"Want some?" he grumbles.

The maknae exhales, declining before he stepped backwards. "I think I should go home."

He follows the glass with his eyes as Taehyung draws it to his lips and chugs down almost half of it. The elder frowns, his other hand pushing blonde fringe out of his view. "I do intimidate you." he muttered wistfully.

A bead of sweat trickles down Jungkook's sideburn. He wants to speak but he can't even think of words. He can't deny Taehyung. That would be lying.
"I don't bite unless you want me to."

What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

Jungkook wants to wipe that stupid, handsome, smug expression of his face. He stumbles back. "So I'm going to go. I have class until like.. four PM so I'll come in tomorrow at five."

"Sounds good, Jungkookie ." his voice drops an octave at the nickname but Jungkook puts all his will power into hiding his flustered feelings.

And he just leaves. Like that.

I don't bite unless you want me to..

Was Taehyung like a vampire or-?


Jeon Jungkook, your typical college kid. His budget? Smaller than a pea. He finishes off his cheap microwave noodles, tossing the plastic bowl with the piling up trash in the corner of the dorm. Technically, it was still his side, so his roommate Park Jimin can't talk shit.

It's a few minutes before Jungkook's intense studying is interrupted by Jimin coming in. He's heaving another man on his shoulder, of course Min Yoongi. That kid gets into campus fist fights and every time Jungkook gives enough of a fuck to ask Jimin, he's cut off.

Yoongi is thrown onto Jimin's bed with a thud, blood trickling from his temple. The maknae averts his gaze back to his textbook, skimming the words.

"Hey you ramen loving hoe," Jimin sneers, glaring at his bowl mountain. "Don't you have work?"

Jungkook lazily flips his wrist over, checking his watch. And it's 4:45. He muttered a hustled thanks to Jimin before grabbing his car keys.

He pulls his jacket over his cold figure, dashing out of the dorm. Slamming the door. He ignores Yoongi's cussing - "You're gonna break the door you dipshit!"

The butler arrives at Taehyung's house, still amused by it's immense size. The door is already open, so he shakes off his shoes. He's still overworked over the model's potential flirt - but now it was time for work.

He only source of noise was the exercise room, so he drapes his jacket over the coat hook and follows it blindly.

And there's Taehyung. He's in a loose grey sweater, which was barely clinging onto him. The collar was so low that he caught a delicious view of his prominent collarbone. Jungkook forces his pupils away, clearing his throat to catch Taehyung's attention.

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Taehyung takes a few moments to switch off his treadmill. He pants, hands gripping onto his knees as he bent over to catch his breath. He finally acknowledges Jungkook's presence, his breathe finally balancing out. "What's Gucci, Jungkookie?"

The maknae giggles at the greeting, a faint blush forming on his ears and his cheeks. "What should I do this time?"

Taehyung masks his panic. He had no idea. He couldn't keep the butler waiting. He glances around the room briefly, directing the maknae with a finger. "Right there, dust off the weight lifts."

Jungkook immediately scrambles to it, at this point Taehyung isn't amused by his nervous, fast manner. He presses the button, the treadmill starting up with a startling rattle. He's jogging, running would make him too shaky to fully appreciate Jungkook. He leaves the room and returns shortly with a duster.

Taehyung knows his stare must be scorching right through the younger, and this time he's the one blushing when Jungkook catches him. "Why are you smiling? Did I miss a spot?" he frantically returns his eyes to the exercise machine.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're muscular?" Taehyung turns his treadmill off the second time. He grabs a tiny cloth hanging off the top.

He pats away the droplets of sweat on his forehead as Jungkook's face exploded with red. "N-no.." he responds shakily.

The model gets off his treadmill, throwing the towel back onto it. He confidently walks over to him, "Flex," he orders, nudging his elbow.

"No, it's really nothing-"

"I said flex." he snapped.

Jungkook flinches at his sharp tone, curling his hand over. There was definitely a bump of pure guns.

Taehyung doesn't even bother asking for permission, grazing his fingers over it. He pinches it a little, the maknae letting out a tiny mewl. "I-It's real, sir. Rock hard."

"That's what she said."

Jungkook shoves him gently, failing to hide his laughter. "What the fuck-" he wheezed.

"Language, sweetie." Taehyung reminds, ruffling up the latter's hair playfully. But Jungkook doesn't like the contact. He seizes Taehyung's wrist quickly, loosening his grip sheepishly as he guided it back to Taehyung's side.

He doesn't say a word as he goes back to brushing off the dust. He lifts up the weight on the pegs, running the feather duster over the pegs.

Taehyung's eyes widen bigger than the moon. He was never actually able to lift that thing and then Jungkook's being unconciously cocky just acing that shit. "Woah."


It was relieving knowing that Taehyung was swooning over him, even if it was his ridiculous muscle. Maybe Taehyung wasn't the muscle pig - but his lean stature still made Jungkook question his sexuality.

He finishes off the last of the old dust, setting the feather duster on the pegs as he lifted the weight with minimal effort. "I went to the gym a lot before exams. I had time then," he sighed.

"Then why don't you just go there instead of here?" Taehyung wondered out loud.

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows in confusion, "Hyu- Sir I still need a job." he switches hands with the weight.

The elder rolls his eyes, making Jungkook explode with negative thoughts. Did he say something wrong? Did he just offend him? "You don't need to come here. I'm fine paying you even if you ain't doing anything."

"No sir, that's a generous offer but it's not right."

Taehyung twirled a strand of Jungkook's hair between two fingers, tugging extremely gently. There's a cute pout on his face, "It gets boring here. I don't mind paying you to be a plus one."

Plus one.

"I-" the maknae is close to declining, but reads the desperate pout on the model's face in time. "I will if you leave my hair alone for once."

Taehyung's hand retreats abruptly, "Sorry, babe."

Taehyung's just bowling cute nicknames at him, except this one got a strike. Jungkook chokes on his spit, coughing.

And when he looks up, Taehyung towers over him with the fustrating boxy grin of his. It's like a book. Jungkook can read it, and it says, 'I know my nickname flusters you but I'm just a flirty ass so you know I'm not stopping.'

"Keep things professional, sir Kim." he manages to mutter.

"Sure, Mister I'm so fancy Jeon Jungkook." he snickered. And the younger could've sworn he heard something along the shady lines of 'cute bastard' under his breath, but he won't take chances.

"Can I go?"

Taehyung fakes a sniffle, exaggerating a wail.."Okay go, since you don't like me.." he bursts into a chuckle.


Jungkook mentally prepared himself for whatever he might be walking into. You can't trust Jimin and Yoongi in a room alone. Twisting his key, he slides in.

Jimin and Yoongi were just lying there. Only boxers. Sweaty and panting from probably twenty rounds of sex, considering the half empty lube bottle on Jimin's nightstand. "Faggots." Jungkook exhales.

Jimin snorts, cuddling up further in Yoongi's sleepy embrace. "He's not staying here so get his ass out now." Jungkook demanded.

Jimin nudged his lover back awake, "Jeon is such a dick." he hissed.

"Well, Min, maybe I would've let you stay if you didn't reek of fresh fucking."

He's Taehyung's plus one. He can be snobby.. Right?

Jimin only yanks the blankets over them both, nuzzling the crook of the elder's neck. "You can stay~" he whispered. 

Jungkook throws his jacket at his closet, shaking his shoes off. Not even bothering to change into pajamas - he drags himself to his own bed. He pulls the duvet over himself, opening up his phone. He's scrolling through Instagram until a ringtone blasts from his phone.

He realizes the call is from Taehyung, so he pauses. He shouldn't answer instantly - that looks desperate.. He finally answers, lazily pressing the phone to his ear.

"Kookie?" seems like he forgot the whole professional concept.

He yawns on purpose, "Mhmm.." he hums, playing with a corner of the blanket.

Taehyung shuffles a little on the other end, "Oh shoot, I must've woke you up. Sorry babe,"

Now he feels a little guilty. "No, hurry up though."

The elder continues, "Well, I have a photoshoot tomorrow, it cuts through your work time."

"I don't mind coming to a photoshoot."

"I'll take you out for ice cream after, baby." he offered. Now Jungkook would decline, but this was a boring photoshoot we're talking about.

"Good. Pick me up at the first dorm building on campus 5 sharp."

Taehyung agrees tiredly, and Jungkook can faintly hear him jotting it down with a pen.

"Goodnight, Jeon."

Jungkook raises a brow, "Oh so now you're professional, eh?"

He hears no more rustling and he realizes Taehyung hung up on him. Rude.

Now there's real life rustling. Of blankets. He peaks out of the sheets, Jimin sitting up with groggy eyes.

"Who's your friend?" he questions suspiciously. "Must be a big shot if they've got photoshoots, and a big loser to be hanging with you."

"Calling Kim Taehyung a loser?"

His lips bend to a smirk at Jimin's dumbfounded expression. "Liar!" he accused right as soon as he falls out of shock.

"You just see, there's going to be a shiny lambo pulling up, just for me." he promises, before wishing his roommate and his lover goodnight.

His stomach does flips as he attempts to fall asleep. He's just excited to go get ice cream.

With Taehyung.

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Taehyung pulls up in the building that covered a sliver of the college itself, directing his sports car into the yellow guidelines. He yanks the gearshift back to parking mode, leaning back to wait for Jungkook. It takes almost ten minutes, which was accommodated by the music on the radio.


    There’s a shorter boy at his side, with shiny silver hair. Taehyung straightens up properly, rolling down his window for the boy. Jungkook goes the opposite direction, climbing into the passenger seat. The model flips down his glasses, maintaining an intimidating straight face.

    “Oh my gosh, it’s such a pleasure to meet you sir,” he squeezes Taehyung’s hand that was dangling from the windowsill. “I’m so glad we’ll eventually be not-blood brother-in-laws.”  he giggled.

    Jungkook and Taehyung take a while to process his comment. The maknae of them all shot his voice up in fury, bellowing from behind. “Jimin! Shut the f-” the model’s head turned around to give him a disapproving glare.

    “Hell up.”

    Jimin rolled his eyes at Jungkook, before placing his elbow on the windowsill. He leans his chin on the palm of his hand, wiggling his eyebrows at Taehyung. “To  be honest, you deserve much better than little Jungkook here.” he teased, provoking another annoyed groan from the maknae.


    Taehyung nudges Jimin’s arm off, rolling up his window half-way. “I bet you don’t wanna wash that elbow anymore.” he winks smugly before shoving the gearshift. He begins to reverse out of the parking space, before rotating the car and speeding away onto the main road.


    As the car comes to a temporary stop at a red light, Taehyung reaches one hand over to fiddle with Jungkook’s ear. He turns to him, still keeping a good focus on the traffic light. “Why so angry, dear?”

    He angrily swats the elder’s hand away, scowling, “He ships you with me!”

    Taehyung had the opposite feeling though, he was a little excited that they had advanced to the ‘people ship us’ level. He jutted his bottom lip out in a pout, “Aww~ You flustered? I can’t be that bad, baby.”

“He thinks we’re going to get married!”

“Not yet.”

Jungkook jerked his head to the side in confusion, “Yet?” he parroted.

Taehyung didn’t reply, only a square shaped smile was plastered on his face as he continued driving to his supposed photoshoot building.


    Jungkook’s honestly stunned by the entire building. The shooting room is gigantic, but really it’s just a room that's made of pure white. He watches Taehyung’s lean figure disappear into his changeroom, so he leans against the door, arms crossed.


    Taehyung comes out with a large Gucci headband that makes his golden fringe puff up at the top. He’s in a loose tie, draped over a tiger shirt. He looked undeniably handsome, shimmering silver earrings hanging from one ear. He flashes a grin at Jungkook which nearly made him choke on his spit again.


    As the photoshoot drags on, the maknae realized this isn’t even normal selfies. He isn’t smiling like a child, he was lip biting. Lip. Biting.

    Jungkook averts his gaze right back onto his lips, watching the way his teeth nibbled so effortlessly. The flash of the camera makes his already glowing golden skin glisten even more, before he shifts his position. The tip of his tongue is dangling from his mouth, two digits up in the peace sign.

    He waits for this torturous photoshoot to end, he gets a little bored and he enters Taehyung’s changeroom. He won’t be here for a while, so he takes his own jacket, rolling it up into a pillow. He lies down, cradling his head with the jacket before his eyes drift him back to sleep.


    Taehyung, exhausted from all the random positions he had to be in, bursts into the tiny room. He faintly smiles at the sight of the napping maknae. He looks so tired and relaxed that he debates even waking him up.

    So he doesn’t.

    And regrets were made.

    Taehyung loosens the tie weaved around his neck, tossing it to the side. He continues staring back at Jungkook’s resting figure as he pinches the hem of his shirt. He peels it up, torso completely exposed to the younger.

    He proceeds, his hips finally breathing as he undoes the tight belt to the jeans. He’s about to finally yank them off when the clinking of the metal buckle coaxes Jungkook from his nap. Taehyung instinctively flinches, spinning around.

    Jungkook’s mouth quivers as he stares at Taehyung’s bare chest, and he’s staring at it for so long he was pretty sure the butler was remembering every curve.

Taehyung blushes involuntarily, before kicking Jungkook's thigh “Dude I know I'm hot and all but could you stop staring?”

The younger winces in pain, nodding as he shut his droopy, sleepy eyes. Taehyung finally breathes again, his heartbeat slowing down. He slips his jeans off, turning around to see Jungkook with one eye cracked open for a nanosecond. “Are you serious?”

“No, this is Jungkook.”

Taehyung throws his jeans at him, finally covering up his eyes. He knelt down, fishing all of his clothes from earlier. He yanks his previous slacks back on, along with a Supreme shirt and lastly, his light spring jacket.

“You can look, babe.” Taehyung huffed.

Jungkook slowly sits up, scrunching up Taehyung's jeans. He tossed them in whatever direction, hopping up to his feet. He yawned, dragging his arms out to pull on the tense muscle.

“So, 'sup sir- ngh-” the model swatted his ass a few times, on the borderline of being considered rough. “Wh- What was that for?”

Taehyung spanked him again, playfully though, judging by his smile, “Why were you staring?”

Jungkook's cheeks set on fire, “No I wasn't! Why were you changing in front of me?” he whined.

Taehyung cupped his face, pinching his cheeks gingerly, “Didn't want to interrupt baby's beauty sleep.” he rocked the maknae's head around until he got irritated.

Jungkook slaps his hands away, eyebrows furrowed and his arms crossed furiously. “I hate you so much sir, you owe me double the ice cream.”

Taehyung flicked his forehead, pushing him away from the door. “Okay babe, join me outside after you're done jacking off to me changing.”

He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, leaving the room. He slams the door behind him, leaning his ear against the door to hear what Jungkook had to say.


Jungkook sits there in the cafe in silence, an adorable pout on his face. Oh how much does he hate Kim Taehyung. There was still a phantom stinging at his ass.

He ignores the feeling, Taehyung and the bowl of ice cream before him. He's deep into thoughts about how he wants to totally annihilate the elder when a spoon tries to make way past his pouty lips.

Jungkook snorts, not budging one bit.

“For me, baby boy?”

The maknae can't help it after the nickname, it just makes his insides flutter around. He devours the spoon, humming as the cold vanilla taste explodes.

Taehyung pulls the spoon out gently, dabbing away ice cream at the corner of his mouth with a napkin. He begins gouging out another spoonful, “I guess I should just call you baby boy forever so you're never a stubborn prick.”

When Taehyung brings the spoon back, Jungkook purses his lips. He mumbles, “Nope, nicknames don't work.”

“So how about if I give myself a nickname? Come on, take daddy's ic-”

Jungkook chomps the spoon, his teeth aching from the harsh contact. He swallows the ice cream. “See-”

“I only ate it because I didn't want you to continue that horror show.”

Taehyung's about to spoon-feed him again, when Jungkook robs the utensil. “I'm not a baby, especially not yours.” he says curtly, eating the ice cream.

They eat their ice cream quietly after Jungkook's total shutdown, and the butler couldn't help but comment on Taehyung's frown. “Why so blue? Can't mess with me?”

“Who said this was messing around?” Taehyung growls in response, “This is what I call, flirting.” he winks, setting a few bills on the table for Jungkook. “Buy the ice cream for yourself and get yourself a taxi. I only drive my baby boy - and you said you weren't.”

Jungkook's about to yowl that he is Taehyung's baby boy for the sake of having a ride but the model disappears - the ring of the door opening echoing in his head.

He leaps from his seat, leaving the money given on the table. Change is the last thing on his mind. He hugs the tubs of freezing ice cream as he races after the elder through the parking lot.

Taehyung's focused on his phone, strolling towards his own car. A car, flashing camera lights blinking from inside speeds towards him.

Jungkook's heart lurches. His everything goes sweaty as he drops the desserts. They splatter over the pavement as he darts towards Taehyung. He screeches his name as he covers him, both of them going tumbling onto the other lane as the car comes to a pause.

Jungkook protected the back of Taehyung's head from the pavement by cradling it in his palms. His fall was cushioned by Taehyung, who was writhing in slight pain under him.

He digs his face into the elder's chest, smearing his tears all over his valuable clothing.

Both of them are dazed about the past few seconds, until a man jumps out of the car. He continued taking blinding pictures of Taehyung. "Fucking paparazzi!" the model curses.

He shifts under Jungkook, grabbing a piece of litter - which was a coffee cup. He throws it at the man aimlessly, before relaxing again.

"See! Kim Taehyung is not a good man. Exposed!"

Jungkook continues nuzzling Taehyung's figure until he hears the car roll away. Sniffling, he stares up at the elder who was staring right down. "Baby? Why are you crying- No stop it!" he thumbs away the droplets under his eyes with immense care.

"That bastard was about to kill you for his own fame!" he wailed, rubbing away more tears on Taehyung's shirt.

Taehyung runs his fingers through Jungkook's locks, "I've been through this before, don't worry. Thank you for saving me though.."

"N-no problem.." he flops onto the pavement, catching his breathe before staring at his bruised hands.

"I'll get some ice for that at my house. Get in my car right now, Jeon."

What the fuck just happened? Apparently one of Taehyung's whack paparazzi guys nearly ran him over for a picture and Jungkook pushed him away in time. Sounds so heroic, until he breaks into tears right there on his shirt that's worth more than his life and beyond. And it's not from his hands burning in pain, it's the heart wrenching thought of the model dying.

And Taehyung knows it was that.

And most importantly, some good ass ice cream was spoiled.

Chapter Text

Taehyung sits Jungkook down on his living room couch. He brings back a pack of ice, flopping down beside him.

He carefully takes Jungkook's hand in his own, thumbing at the bruises. The maknae shivers a little, biting down at his bottom lip as Taehyung applied the ice.

The elder knows exactly what to do, he loosens his grip everytime the maknae winces. Taehyung's tongue hangs from the side of his mouth in concentration. A few minutes pass with the freezing block on the younger's knuckles until he breaks the silence. "Thanks sir," Jungkook retrieves his hands.

"Know you wanna be professional and all but, you don't really need to call me sir." he reassured.

Jungkook puffed, "What do I call you then?" he lifted an eyebrow.

"Hyung. Oppa. Da-"

Jungkook elbowed his side, the elder chuckling as he continued. "You can call me Taehyung too."

"Sir Taehyung?"

Taehyung face palmed, "You're impossible sometimes, did you know that babe?"

Jungkook clears his throat, pursing his lips in thought. "Do you call everyone that?" he hissed.

The model doesn't even think long before answering. "Nope." he popped the 'p'.

"So why me?"

Taehyung flashes him a sly smirk, tapping his chin upwards. He holds it up with two strong fingers, possibly and probably scaring him with his piercing stare. "For many reasons." he runs him thumb down Jungkook's jawline before taking his hand back.

"I'm going to go rest, please clean up wherever you can." Taehyung jumps up to his feet, dusting himself off. He also roars like a lion as he yawns, straining his arms upwards as he stretched. He lifts up the bottom of his shirt, revealing a juicy sliver of his stomach.

Jungkook gulps thickly, following Taehyung's steps too. "Can I clean up anything in your bedroom?"

"It's very messy but if you wanna get lost in that landfill then go right ahead."


Jungkook honestly thought Taehyung was overexaggerating when he said it was a total dump. He stepped right in and clothes came tumbling down to his feet. There were scattered piles of clothing and expensive snack wrappers everywhere.

"You have a closet bigger than my entire dorm room and you still couldn't be bothered to put your clothes in there?" Jungkook scolded all in one breath, unsatisfied with the response he receives. Taehyung just shrugs, hiking through a mountain of various clothes until he flops onto his bed.

The elder pulls the duvet over himself, curling up. He actually knocks out pretty fast, so the maknae finally moves his aching body.

It was better he conquer this room one hill at a time. He approaches a pile of clothing, scooping it all up in his arms. He leaves trails of socks behind him.

He sorts out a bunch of brand name clothes. Gucci, Supreme, Dior, Chanel. You name it, Taehyung has it. He's on the last shirt he needs to hang until he himself is getting dragged to sleep.

He tries to shake himself awake, but he hooks the shirt onto the closet before glancing at the sleeping elder and his bed tiredly.

He sits down at the edge, glancing at Taehyung. He was still sound asleep.

If Jungkook was really his 'baby' he wouldn't mind his baby taking a nap, right? The younger rolls onto his side, shutting his eyes as he lied down on the very end of the bed..


Taehyung wakes up briefly to at first itch his temple, but instead is met with Jungkook's back. His breath rises and falls peacefully.

Taehyung, drunk from sleep, shuffles towards the butler. He snakes his arm around his waist, yanking himself so his chest was flush with the younger's back.

He lifts his knees until they fit the crook of his legs. He then squishes his nose against the back of his neck until he is spooning him comfortably.

He hums lowly against his neck before falling unconcious again.


Jungkook is startled awake from his dream. He feels an alien warmness around him, so he lifts his arms to see someone else's wrapped around his hips.

He cranes his neck to see Taehyung nuzzling right at his nape. He begins to screech like a fucking pterodactyl mentally. The fuck, the fuck, the fuck. He has to be fucking kidding me.

And unfortunately he wasn't. He tightens his grip on Jungkook, probably lost somewhere in his dreamscape. See, usually the maknae would be polite and wait, but this is Taehyung. The man who made his heart race and his cheeks fire up at any physical contact.

"Si- Hyung you're-"

Taehyung mumbles an unintelligible sentence as he shifts awake. He blindly presses a kiss to the younger's neck. Jungkook's breath gets caught in his throat at that.

And even then, the scorching pair of lips is still on his skin since the elder was too lazy to move. Jungkook finally jerks backwards, then launches himself out of his arms.

He falls down onto a mountain of bedsheets. He rubs at his neck anxiously in fake disgust, when really his lips actually just tickled at his skin in the most delightful way.

The model shoots up, "Jungkookie! You good?" he shouted.

"Yeah, your lazy ass saved mine." Jungkook scoffed. "Who the hell kisses someone like that? I get you're sleepy but don't you know you shouldn't be smothering some stranger with kisses?" he points to the wet spot where Taehyung had pecked him.

Taehyung smirked, "I knew it was you though." he laughed breathily. "I can't sleep without er- something to hug."

Jungkook snatched one of his shirts, chucking it at the elder angrily. "So you use me?"

"Why were you in my bed anyways?" Taehyung frowned.

"Fair point."

The model finally straightens up, running a few digits through his bedraggled locks. Jungkook is left confused on how the hell he looks astonishing without using any form of effort. "If you're sleepy, I can drive you home." Taehyung offers, yawning.

Jungkook slips his hand into his pocket, finding his phone. It's still pretty early in the afternoon. "Jimin has his boyfriend over at this time. Probably doing some nasty shit right now." he wrinkled his nose.

Taehyung giggled at his expression, rubbing his lids. "Well why don't we fuck there first to get 'em back?"

"Excuse me- did I hear that right?" Jungkook paled.

The model swings the shirt from earlier right at Jungkook, hitting him right at his chest. "Go get your jacket."

The maknae dramatically sprawls out on his back at the hit. "But- I don't wanna go home!" he yowled in protest. "Can't I just sleep on the couch?"

"Either you sleep on the bed and cuddle or you go home." Taehyung pressed.

Did he want to go home and sleep to Yoongi and Jimin doing that or just a small cuddle from Taehyung? He couldn't exactly function when he's this sleepy and tired.

Jungkook climbed onto the bed again, lying down right in front of Taehyung. He turns on his side, biting back a warm smile as the elder spoons him again. He could feel his hot breath fanning his neck for long periods as the model fell back asleep. The younger mentally sighed, before his top lids dropped.

But they shoot right back open,

"Mmm, night, love." Taehyung grunts from behind.

Jungkook sucks in the air through his teeth, shakily answering, "Uhm- 'Night sir. It's not night but.." he shuts up.

Chapter Text

It's really not pleasant waking up to some extra weight on you just straddling you so casually. And Taehyung knows that, but he does it anyway. He detached himself from the maknae before slamming his shoulder down onto the bed.

Jungkook sleepily looks up at him, now on his back as Taehyung puts both knees around him. He squeezes his hips a little as he drops forward, holding his structure up with two sturdy hands.

He presses their chests together as he rests his chin right on Jungkook's collarbone. "Get off-" the younger grunted, pushing at air tiredly.

"Stay still." Taehyung ordered sharply in that tone that dripped with dominance. Jungkook quickly whimpered, relaxing again.

The model can't deny - Jungkook's submissiveness was both heart warming and a little bit of a turn on.

He lifts his torso off of Jungkook, balancing his weight on one hand as he cupped Jungkook's cheek. He toyed with the now blushing skin, touching him so gently like he was glass.

Taehyung trailed his fingertips to the maknae's bottom lip as if his hand had a treasure map of where to go. Without hesitance, he drags his thumb over the delicate, damp pair of lips.

Jungkook has an initial gasp of shock before he freezes up again. The elder pinches his bottom lip, dragging it out a little before letting it snap back.

Zooming away from his lips, his expression is clear confusion. So the model sits up on Jungkook's lower stomach as the younger finally questions, "I- Wh- Taehyung.. What was that?" he whined.

"Dunno, there was ice cream on your face."

"And explain why you were playing with my lips?" he sneered back openly.

Taehyung pursed his lips tightly. He shrugged, earning an annoyed sigh from Jungkook. "Gay."

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah you heard me. I can see it in your eyes you're interested." even Taehyung was confused where the maknae's sudden confidence was coming from, but he knows he likes his submissive baby better.

Taehyung tapped his chin, "Brave." he muttered, eyes half lidded and unamused.

Jungkook's eyes widened a little, "So you admit it?" a tiny toothy smile is revealed, his tone literally screaming hope.

"No. But you sound like you want me to like you, does my baby have a crush?"


Taehyung grits his teeth a little in envy. "Who is it, huh?" he exhaled loudly.

Jungkook shifts awkwardly under him, lifting his knees up against Taehyung's back. "Uh.."

"Is it me?"

Jungkook flinched, nearly sending Taehyung flying off of him. He raised his hands up defensively. "No- No!" he shouted, cheeks tinted a scarlet red.

"If it wasn't me you wouldn't have been freaking out." Taehyung responds with a dull smirk at the corner of his mouth.

"I don't know sir. I'm super confused, never felt this before."

How precious and innocent was this man? He never experienced a crush. And of course, when he finally does it's up to Taehyung to explain how feelings fucking work.

"Taehyung sir.. Can you get off now?" Jungkook shoves his train of thought right off the railway by squeezing his thighs lightly.

Taehyung unmounts himself, lying down right next to Jungkook. "Do you wanna go home yet?"

"You seem a little eager to get me away." he frowned.

Taehyung snorted, "Trust me, I'd rather get you closer baby. Just moving at your snail ass pace."

Jungkook sits up on the edge of the bed, tapping his feet anxiously. "What do you mean?"

Taehyung inhales a little before crawling up to the edge. He sits down right behind him.


He places a flat palm on the younger's thigh, pressing down forcefully as he spoke. Jungkook clenches his jaw tightly as he somehow manages to contain himself. He doesn't even realize what Taehyung said, so the elder trails his fingers further up his thigh. "Paying attention?" he hissed.

His hand slides down, cupping his inner thigh. Jungkook lets out a short mewl of a mixture of both arousal and frustration. Taehyung mocked him, letting out a squeal himself. He runs his slender fingers dangerously close to his crotch before jerking them back down to his knee. "I want to go home."

Jungkook was then aware that Taehyung was touching him like this on purpose. He grins as he teasingly slides his fingers even further up until Jungkook finally hopped up to his feet.

The ride home was awfully silent - well Jungkook didn't bother replying after Taehyung pulled off such a strange stunt.

He parks the car, sliding out to open the door for Jungkook. As the maknae steps out, Taehyung leaves a sloppy peck to his flushed cheek, before reminding him to figure out his feelings.

Then he's left flustered in the parking lot alone again.

For such a heavily dominant personality, his pecks were delicate and Jungkook wouldn't mind getting more.

As he enters his dorm room, two men were hunched up at the windowsill. "See Taehyung?" Jimin squeezed into the space between Yoongi and the window.

Yoongi grumbles a 'no' before finally realizing that Jungkook was there. He glares right into him, a scary fire flickering in his stare. As Jimin still squirms at the window, he spoke. "Be careful, Jeon."

Jungkook rolled his eyes at him, dragging a hand through his hair as he responded just as angrily. "Jealous?"

"Concerned. He pecked you, Jungkook. First symptoms of a man who just wants to get into your pants."

The maknae's insides churned. Never once has Yoongi cared about him or referred to him by his name. "Taehyung isn't like that, Yoongi-hyung." he nearly choked while saying hyung. It's like the beef between them was discarded thanks to Taehyung's flirty nature.

"What makes you think different? Think someone on a pedestal like him would have feelings for a low class college boy like you?" Yoongi whispered, and as much as Jungkook's head wanted to argue with him deep down he knew he was right.

He wasn't worth Taehyung's real time. Maybe he could've been pretty enough for a short hookup, but a real relationship - he deserved a person just as wealthy as him. Who'd make his name's reputation stronger in the media.

And Jungkook knew he couldn't offer that. Somehow all three of them just managed to get to bed, and Jungkook just hides under the covers again. He was supposed to untangle his undeniable love for the model - not to have it destroyed by a man he despised.

This was just as pathetic as having a normal celebrity crush.


Taehyung has his face squished up against his cold window as he expects Jungkook's rusty car to pull up.

Fifteen minutes later. Nothing.

Half an hour. Taehyung is getting a little concerned.


Jungkook's phone buzzes on his nightstand, so everybody drops their cards. His heart stops for a split second as he saw Taehyung's name plastered on the screen. "Oh shit- What do I say?"

"Say you're sick." Jimin answered.

"And put it on speaker," Yoongi chimed in.

Jungkook presses the lime green button slowly as he puts it on speaker, he pulls the phone up to his lips after putting the speaker on.

"Baby? You alright? Where are you? I'm scared." Taehyung bombarded him with his concern after seconds.

Jimin nudged him and he cleared his throat. "Um, I'm sick." he furrows his eyes at his hyungs who snorted softly at how nervous he was.

"What kind of sick? I'll drive you to the doctor. I'll bring you to my private do-"

Jungkook forced out a strange cough, flushing red at his ridiculous acting. "I'm fine."

Taehyung sighed, "Jungkookie, I was really scared. If you were here you could probably hear my heartbeat. Please text me next time." he wailed lowly. Jungkook felt like he was the scum of Earth now.

Yoongi mouthed out 'he's acting', so the maknae quickly cut to the chase. "So uhm yeah- sorry bye."

"WAIT!" his deep voice bellowed.

"This isn't about the way I was er- touching your lips and your th- or the way I pecked you right?"

Jimin's head tilted accusingly towards Jungkook. He gestures an 'x' shape with his arms.

Jungkook mutters goodbye before hanging up. He lets his phone flop onto the bed miserably.

Jimin immediately scolded him, "He touched your lips how?"

"Dunno," Jungkook shoveled through his memories before finding it. "He just kinda played with my bottom lip a little."

"Damn son, he really does want to-"

"Yoongi, he's not like that!" Jungkook squeaked, crossing his arms tightly. "He cares about me, I know it. I bruised my knuckles and Taehyung iced them for me."

Yoongi's lips parted but Jungkook continued to shout, "And Jimin always had your back when your stupid ass had to fight some random bitch on campus. You saying Chim wanted to get in your pants?"

Jimin and Yoongi stared at him dumbfounded and defeated. Yoongi had no comeback that was mature. "Aww, seems like model boy got in your pants already. Went too rough? Are your knuckles okay? And is your ass okay, Taetae can kiss it better."

Jungkook swooped his hand across the bed, scooping the entire deck of scattered cards in one hand. He launched them at Yoongi furiously before yanking his jacket off their coatrack. He couldn't give less of a shit that he's leaving in pajamas - or that their laughter echoed behind him torturously.

He needed Taehyung. He knew exactly how he felt about him.

Chapter Text

Jungkook found himself on the same, painful doorstep of the man who frustrated him to hell and back. He practically punches the door, while his other hand spammed the doorbell. From inside, he could hear Taehyung’s muffled shouts, “I’m coming!”


The elder opens the door, eyes widening when it dawns on him that it was Jungkook.


Teary-eyed Jungkook, with his slightly bruised fists clenched until his fingers dug into his palm. He wraps his arms around Taehyung, pushing him into the house as he kicks backwards, slamming the door behind him. He maneuvers them into the nearest room, the kitchen.


“Where were you-” Taehyung started, but was shut up by a low growl that escaped Jungkook’s throat.


“Yoongi- Jimin’s boyfriend, tells me you just want to fuck me.” he hissed, venom leaking from his words.

Taehyung shuddered under his grasp, “Jeon Jungkook, you let go of me RIGHT NOW.”


The maknae briefly blushed before unravelling his arms. “And what, you believe him?” Taehyung tilted his head, clicking his tongue as he awaited an answer.


“Well yes,  because all you fucking do is flirt with me non-stop.” Jungkook barked matter-of-factly, straightening up his posture to seem taller.


Taehyung’s mouth falls open in disbelief, before he sucks in a sharp breath. “Get out.” he demanded, and he wasn’t joking. His gaze was stern, disintegrating holes right through the younger’s chest. Jungkook backs up a few steps, heartbroken in the oddest way. “You heard me, I said get out. All this time you thought I wanted to fuck you?”


“But Taehyung-”


“That’s sir to you. Get out.”


Jungkook’s lips quivered as he tried to speak, frustrated tears flowing up to his eyes. “But sir, I didn’t actually believe Yoongi- If I did I wouldn’t be here.” he sniffled, pursing his lips as tears seeped down his face.


Taehyung stormed forwards, shoving Jungkook against the marble kitchen counter. “So why the hell are you here? To cry and waste my time?” even the elder's voice was wobbling at this point.


“No- I-” Jungkook stumbled, half because Taehyung was closing the space between them and his throat was caving in on him due to his crying. He only lets out a gentle wail as Taehyung dips his head to fan his breath over his red cheek.


“You what?” he mocked his shaky tone.


Jungkook gulped, finally figuring out what he wanted to say. He presses both palms flat on Taehyung’s chest to prevent him from coming any closer. “They were teasing me about you and I just..”


“I need you Taehyung.” he whispered.


Taehyung tapped his arm, signalling for him to continue on. “You’d know what to do. You’d probably just tell me to ‘ignore them, babe’ with that fucking beautiful grin of yours-” he pauses, mesmerized because the elder beamed at him playfully.


“Ah- stop, you’re distracting me.” Jungkook giggled breathlessly, sliding his hands down. He allows Taehyung to press against his body, squishing him into the counter. “What else?” the model grunts, tangling his hand in Jungkook’s hair.


The maknae tenses up again, “I don’t know why I want you. Everything in my system is just telling me that I need you. My heart-”


Taehyung dips his head down even further, brushing noses with him while unconsciously setting Jungkook’s entire face on fire. The younger simply followed, gripping Taehyung’s waist for dear life. “I was just supposed to be a butler and look where I am..” he sighed, his breath making the elder smirk.


He rubs his forehead against Jungkook’s affectionately, his hands rubbing circles into his shoulders. He strangely remains silent as he kept his lip just an inch away from the maknae’s face, breathing slowly on his smooth skin.


“What are you planning?” Jungkook lifts a brow, continuing to chuckle at his stupid confession.


Taehyung averts his gaze up as he leans his head backwards, locking eyes with him. “You know when I said, ‘I don’t bite unless you want me to.’?” he asked, and Jungkook swallowed thickly as he nodded hesitantly.


“Unless you want me to bite, I won’t.”


“So, do you?” Taehyung adds.


Jungkook inhaled in thought, thinking about what Yoongi and Jimin would want him to do- Wait. This is was his world. It’s not like anyone would know. Plus, Taehyung was famous, it obviously had to be their secret. Here Jungkook is, complaining that Taehyung wanted to fuck him but he answers.


“Yes.” he whined, grasping onto Taehyung tighter.


Then, the heat and tension between them just disappeared, why? Because Taehyung stepped away, his lips bent in a smirk. He backs up onto the other counter, heaving himself up so he’s sitting on it.


“Desperate, and you were being a big baby that I was being needy.” he kissed his teeth, “Does baby need some help taking care of that?”


His eyes dropped downstairs, right at the huge bump at Jungkook’s crotch. The maknae’s hands dropped down, hiding it from his view. He was so distracted by their proximity he barely had any time to worry about the sparks being shot to his groin thanks to it.


Jungkook huffed, sliding his back against the counter as he plopped down onto the floor. “Yeah, maybe.. If you don’t mind.”


“Well I do mind, so are you gonna deal with that in my washroom or at home?” Taehyung snorted, making Jungkook riled up even more.


“Just fucking help me with this,” Jungkook yowled.


Taehyung shook his head, "Tsk tsk, you think I'd fuck you the same day you confess to me. I'm not interested."


Jungkook's insides churned, "Oh- Okay." he sluggishly got up to his feet, heading for the door. "I'm gonna go then."


Taehyung huffs, following shortly. The maknae has his hand on the doorknob when he feels something clutching his jaw. The model pushes his head up, exposing his entire neck. And before Jungkook could protest, a damp pair of lips latches onto his skin. Teeth nibble at him hungrily and he whines at the feeling. "P-please-"


He weaves his fingers through Taehyung's hair, unconciously pushing the elders head closer to his neck. The model drags his own head to the side, licking up a stripe before mouthing at another spot until it became so sensitive it elicited a lewd moan from Jungkook.


Taehyung wraps his arm around Jungkook, the other doing something behind him that he could care less about thanks to his magical lips.


Suddenly his face was whipped by cold air and he stumbles for balance on the front porch. Taehyung leans on the doorframe, licking his lips while staring at something. "That Yoonji dude would be proud, show him your neck."


"It's Yoongi-" and a thud makes him flinch until his back hit the gate. The door slams on him and he's left confused about this model for the millionth time.


After practically sucking his neck off, he insisted that he didn't like Jungkook. The maknae rubs his aching temples as he scrambles to his car. As he's driving, all he can think about is Taehyung. Obsessing over the feeling of his cautious mouth on his tender skin.


And as he walks up the stairs of his dorm building, passing pupils cracked either a giggle or a smile after looking at him. Perhaps it was that he was wearing pajamas.


Jungkook facepalms, staring down a his apparel before busting into his dorm room.


Yoongi and Jimin look up from their laptops, look down, then back up. Their eyes widen in unison before they accusingly point to his neck. "Where the fuck did you go?" Jimin shrieked.


"Oh like, to Taehyung's." the man in question casually murmurs. "Yeah, I look stupid in pajamas." he shrugged.


"Yeah- yeah, it's just the pajamas," Yoongi comments with a pinch of sarcasm highlighting his tone. "Just the pajamas.."


"What the hell is wrong with me that seems to be a laughing matter?" Jungkook hissed.


"Who punched you? There's marks on your neck." Jimin questioned, concerned.


"Those- those don't look like punch bruises.." Yoongi stammered.


And Jungkook then realized Kim Taehyung's little game.

Chapter Text

Jungkook hopes this isn't what he thought it was. But it seems his predicting was painfully correct with the next outburst from Jimin, "THOSE ARE HICKIES!"

"H-hickies?" Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, rubbing at the two sensitive spots on his neck. "The fuck are those?"

Yoongi sucks in the air through his teeth, deep in thought. "Ergh- so it's when someone kisses your neck really hard until it leaves a mark." he nudges Jimin to earn a blush from him.

"Get a room."

"This is my room."

"Okay so anyways," Jungkook rambled on, defeated. "Taehyung might have done these. I just thought he pecked me." he shrugged, before storming to his side of the room.

Yoongi shot up from Jimin's bed, "You're just gonna let this happen?" he shot a brow skyward.

"Yeah basically." Jungkook fell face first into the bed, digging his face into his pillows sleepily. His jaw hits against the hard mattress when his pillow is robbed. "Wh-"

"Call Taehyung and ask him why." Jimin instructed, clicking his tongue impatiently.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, cushioning his head with his arms instead. "Get your head out of my business. You're not the one getting love bites from Taehyung."

"For fuck's sake, Jeon, let us just warn you." Yoongi whisper-yelled.

Jungkook shook his head, "I like Taehyung and I know he likes me too. I'm not gonna die." he speaks confidently.

Yoongi and Jimin murmur something before returning Jungkook's pillow. He huffs, following his hyung's orders. "Taehyung?" he mumbles into the device as soon as the call starts.

"Mm, yeah?" Taehyung answers after a few seconds.

Jungkook fiddles with the brim of his sleeve anxiously, "Why did you leave hickies..?" he squeaks, trying to lower his tone mid-sentence.

"I have a feeling you are not alone. My house, at lunch. Come into the backyard. The gate will be open, babe." A quick piano noise let the maknae know the elder hung up.


The gates rattled as the butler swung them open. His gaze swerved around until he found the model who was sitting down at a fountain. He scampers over to him, beaming, plopping himself down.


"Y-yes?" he shakily responds, Taehyung's predatorial glare getting to him.

"Would you like a sandwich?" Taehyung's mood changed as his mouth spread into a giant grin.

Jungkook nodded hesitantly, scooting closer to the elder as he hands a sandwich to the maknae. He takes a large chomp before trying to speak. But it seemed like Taehyung knew - and to escape the question, he counteracts with his own.

"Whatcha doing in school?

You couldn't really ask a question like that when it comes to a college student, but who is Jungkook to think Taehyung knew about that? "Oh just like- that's a big question, bro."

"Good." Taehyung purrs.

"Well, I'm doing music. I do dance and shit, a little bit of singing too. I didn't nesscessarily think singing would be my flow at first, heh. Exams are..stressful. It's just a bunch of gibberish on music history and- Taehyung are you even listening?!"

He snaps his fingers violently in front of the zoned out man, who was staring at the rushing water of the fountain behind him. And damn, he looked hot daydreaming.


"Daddy~" that finally caught the elder's undivided attention.

Taehyung's head spun around, "Was thinking." he reassured.

"About what?" Jungkook cocked his head to the side, taking another large munch of the sandwich. Then another, until it was reduced to plain morsels.

Taehyung mimicked, speaking with breadcrumbs falling from his mouth and making the maknae cringe in disgust. "What do you see yourself doing after retiring?"

"Making music. Always." Jungkook insisted, licking his fingers squeaky clean. "And you? What? Sailing your twenty private cruise ships to England?"

Taehyung giggled gently before nudging him, "Pfft. I'm not that rich." he rambled on, "I see myself feeding the pigeons at the park with my husband, then keeping active by jogging afterwards. Then we'd go feed even more pigeons."

Jungkook lost Taehyung at 'husband'.


"Taehyung you said husband." a sly smirk appears on his lips as he watches Taehyung blush viciously.

Someone give Jungkook an award. For what? For making Kim Taehyung the sexy, cunning model flustered.

It's an adorable sight to the maknae, the elder covers his face with an arm as he tries to think of a response. "I m-meant-"

Holy shit, he stuttered.

"-my wife." he finished, inhaling and exhaling thickly. "I swear!" he shouted when Jungkook continued to smirk at him. "Stop it!" the elder shoved him furiously.

"Kim Taehyung is gay!" Jungkook cheers, grabbing him by the shoulders whilst shaking him vigourously.

"S-says you." the model sneered right back. He straightened up, "Correct me if I'm wrong but you were begging me to fix your boner."

"I'm not even gonna correct you there." Jungkook shrugged, before snatching the bread crusts that Taehyung left last like a child. He tosses it onto the hot pavement.

"Dude- That was mine!" he scolded but Jungkook silenced him by putting a finger to his lips.

They wait in pure, deadly silence until a graceful chickadee fluttered down before them. It retrieves the rest of its flock before pecking at the crumbs hungrily.

Taehyung leaned forward, observing the avians. "Woah.." he whispered.

"You retired already. You're feeding the birds with your husband." Jungkook retorts smugly, but quietly to maintain the peace.

Taehyung bites his lip, "Those aren't pigeons, so wrong."

"What about the husband part?"

"I'm not even gonna correct you there." Taehyung mocks him, snaking an arm around his back and over his shoulder.

That put Jungkook in his place. He was supposed to be a shy, flustered mess when they made any contact. The maknae shudders, but tries to cover it up with a yawn and a nice stretch.

The model sighs, "What if I told you, I was gay?" a spark of hope in his tone.

"Why did you leave the hickies, Taehyung?" Jungkook finally remembered the burning question. And it hits Taehyung like a train.

"Because you're mine, babe."


"Yes, I fucking am." he bellows with a proud ass smile. "Now answer me.." he demands.

"I would," Jungkook begins,

This was it. All of the tension between them. For fuck's sake, this man gave him a boner and they hadn't even properly kissed yet. Either the model would totally fire him - or love him with a burning passion.

"Do this."

He scoops the back of Taehyung's head, pushing himself forwards while weakly pulling Taehyung up. He slots their lips together, more gentle and ginger than a butterfly. He needs this. He releases all of his emotions into the elder, tilting his head to the side.

He elicits a grunt from the model, who laced his slender fingers into Jungkook's hair.

The elder shatters his short-lived grace period of dominance. He slips his tongue in past his lips, but the mewl that rips free from the maknae startles him and his jerks back an inch.

He reconnected their lips, caressing Jungkook's bottom lip with his tongue. The kiss tastes salty all of a sudden, and the younger is brought back to reality.

He's crying. Because this was so fucking magnificent and worth the painful wait.

He can feel one hand dragging down his hair and to his face to smear the tears away. The kiss only deepens when Taehyung attempts to explore the cavern of Jungkook's mouth again.

He ignores the tiny whimpers that vibrate from the maknae, licking every crevice like he was starving.

A dribble of spit trickles down the side of the panting younger's mouth, so Taehyung takes it as a signal to pause. His other hand lets go of Jungkook's locks. He can't help but sigh at the emptiness of hands at his hair though as the maknae pulls away too.

"We're both hella gay." Jungkook cackled breathlessly.

Chapter Text

Jungkook discovered himself reminiscing about their deep kiss. A deep kiss with shallow feelings - well, shallow feelings from Taehyung. The maknae was worthy of an Oscar for somewhat managing to focus on his studies. His shorter roommate had taken note of his slight drop in concentration. Jimin studied in the dance field and usually danced to Jungkook's covers of songs. Yoongi was mainly a pianist but Jungkook could've sworn he had caught him rapping once.

He gingerly slid the lyrics paper to a song by some American singer, Troye Sivan his name was? Jesus, he was so distracted he forgot who the song was created by. He stared at the slightly legible English before the melody erupted in his head. He slowly uncovered the lyrics mentally as he read the paper. At the corner of his eye he could tell Jimin had begun to frolic around the room to his voice. Could Taehyung dance or sing? "Jungkook!" Yoongi scolded, cuffing his ear angrily.

"What?!" Jungkook spat back in response, realizing Jimin had stopped dancing. Yoongi face palmed, so he repeated, "What?"

Yoongi smashed a hand on his keyboard as he spoke, a clump of piano noises scaring him. "You messed up again. Stop ruining it."

"There's something on his mind." Jimin chimed in, accusingly turning to the latter. Jungkook shrunk into his seat as he denied.

The couple obviously didn't believe Jungkook. But they knew it was probably about Taehyung anyways. They shrugged, "I'll just dance solely to piano." Jimin finally announced.

Jungkook crossed his arms furiously, "Not fair." he breathed, then picked up the lyric sheet. It was almost time for work, and really that was his only reason to enjoy Mondays. Wait, he forgot.

Taehyung had texted him just half an hour that he had another damned photoshoot. He still had to decide if he wanted to tag along. Either way, the gorgeous man fueled his bank account - there or not. He stroked an imaginary beard in thought. The change room would make a suitable singing room. And he agrees.


But things didn't go nesscessarily to plan.

"Jungkookie~ Why are you gonna lock yourself up in there again?" Taehyung yanked at his arm, pleading him to stay on the photoshoot set.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, swirling his gaze to the elder man clinging onto his arm like a koala. "I need to do work.." he rasped, "I-I need a quiet workspace."

He drowned out Taehyung's deep voice that insisted and practically forced him to stay. He's interrupted from his trance by a cold hand prodding at his own. He stumbles back, gazing up at the broad shouldered man. "Kim Seokjin. I am another model here. The most handsome, not to brag." his cocky introduction earns a sigh from the two men behind Taehyung.

Jungkook nervously accepts the handshake, shaking Seokjin's hand weakly. "This is the boy, correct?" the man dropped the maknae's hand. "The courageous boy who initiated the kiss?" he teased.

"I'm flattered sir speaks about me." Jungkook purred, grinning innocently. He turns, directing the focus to the orange-haired man fooling around behind Taehyung.

"I'm Jung Hoseok. I'm Taehyung's good friend." His smile glistens in the flashing lights of the cameras. Something shifts under Jungkook's nose and he realizes that the Hoseok was back hugging Taehyung. The sight of Taehyung's hands sliding down to gently clasp over the older man's was enough to trigger Jungkook.

"I'm assuming you know my name then." Jungkook snaps at all three new men, not bothering to worry about the last tall man clutching a clipboard to his chest.

He gives Taehyung a silent glare before slipping into the rush of people down the change room hallways.

"Was it something I said?"

"Hobi-hyung, it- it was me."


Taehyung shoos away his agent, Namjoon who was a little offended deep down that Jungkook didn't bother meeting him. He hears talking- no, singing. Jungkook was singing in his change room. He pressed his ear to the door, absolutely smitten and enchanted by the soothing voice. He falls sideways as Jungkook yanks the door open. "I knew it."

"You're really good at singing, but I'll compliment you another time." he huffs, slamming Jungkook against the wall. He pushes away the hanging clothes, making sure the younger was fully pressed against the wall.

Jungkook could have done or said anything, but he emits a soft gasp, administering him submissive. Taehyung has a death grip on his wrists, placing both of them together whilst pinning them tightly against the wall. He takes a step closer, whispering, "Jealous of Hoseok-hyung?"

The maknae shudders at that, sucking in a frustrated and nervous breath. "No. I needed to study."

"Don't lie, baby." Taehyung murmured onto his cheek, nuzzling his face as he littered his cheeks with gently pecks.

"A little."

Taehyung barely felt guilty that he and Hoseok had schemed to make the maknae green with envy. He tugs out Jungkook's soft bottom lip between his teeth, before leaning forward to catch him in a chaste kiss.

The younger impatiently pushes himself into the kiss, only to be rejected. "Tsk tsk. Not yet, Kookie." he cooed.


Jungkook wondered. And wondered. And wondered. When could they? Or will they ever again? The silence pinched at him furiously. "Sir."

"Did you say something?" Taehyung asked as he yanked the headphones out of his ear. He straightened up from the couch he was sitting on, tapping his lap. "Come here."

Jungkook vigorously shook his head at the offer. "Now." he growled and only then did the butler oblige.

He grasps onto Taehyung's shoulders as he mounts himself upon the older. He kneels down on his lap, straddling him as the model's hands roamed behind him. He groped Jungkook's ass as he scooted him up. "Ah.."

"What is it, baby?" Taehyung sung, tapping Jungkook's chin up.

"Need you, a lot." he whined, digging his face into the crook of the elder's neck.

Taehyung laced his fingers into Jungkook's hair, dragging the locks out as he grumbled, "Tell me, do you deserve it?"

"Mhm.." he hummed absent-mindedly.

Taehyung glared at him, his eyes hooded by the stylish beret hugging his head. "Really?" then a harsh slap at his rear.

"T-taehyung.." he sobbed, the pulsing pain weakening him even more.

Taehyung cocked his head to the side. "I was getting to quite like sir." he begun, "You think you deserve it after snapping at my colleagues?" the elder swatted at his ass again.

Jungkook released a gasp again, "No-no." he squealed, digging his nails into Taehyung's shoulders. "Ta- Sir. What are we?"

"Humans." Taehyung snorted.

"No you idiot- ah-!" another slap, "I mean, are we-"

"I'm the model and you are the butler, Jungkook. Nothing further." he whispered, his hands returning to massage Jungkook's head through his hair.

"Then why do we-"

"Because why not?" Taehyung interrupted.

Chapter Text

It’s been a while since Jungkook has actually well, done his job. His little lovey-dovey issues with Taehyung had severely interfered with his heart and his job. He tightens his grip on the feather duster, rearranging all the  documents and trophies on the showcase to remove the dust building up. A receipt flutters from a bundle of papers and as he picks it up, he reads it briefly. “Handcuffs..?” Jungkook thinks aloud.


“Uhm, give me that-” Taehyung hissed, accidentally tearing the script in half.

“Handcuffs..?” Jungkook pressed again, shooting his brows skyward in expectation.

“Shut up and clean.” Taehyung snorted, slapping the back of the butler’s head, obtaining a yelp of annoyance and pain. “Um- I was a part-time officer..” he fidgeted with his fingers.

The maknae huffed, “Whatever you say sir.” he avoided any dangerous territory with Taehyung, hopefully. Hopefully . Perhaps he’ll ask Jimin or Yoongi about handcuffs, because certainly, a man like Taehyung had always had life easy as a carefree model. He scrunches the paper up in his palm, tucking it away in his back pocket when the elder left.  He scooped up the rest of the awards and plaques, organizing them to his desired perfection. A few minutes later, he swept the floor of the living room gingerly, gathering debris into a pile - tossing the dustbin down.

He looked up briefly from his work, locking eyes with Taehyung, whose figure was leaning on the doorframe. “You’ve done enough work.” he speaks cooly.

Jungkook gets up from his crouching position, pouting. “I-I just started.” he protested. Taehyung continued to declare that the butler should go home.

So Jungkook obeyed in defeat. As Taehyung dismisses him at the front door, he yanked him back by his shirt. “Empty your pockets.” he ordered. The maknae turns pale as he places the other half of the receipt in the model’s palm. “Mhmm. You thought you can get away with this?”


He nodded innocently, shutting his eyes tightly, expecting some sort of spank. “Naughty.” the elder finally responds. Jungkook sees some certain spark in his uncanny eyes, before he was shoved out the door in a brusque manner.

He spins around, the tiny crinkled paper at the doorstep with it. He rolls it flat on his chest, realizing the handcuffs definitely weren’t for the police force. He tucks it back into his pocket.




“Yoongi-hyung, do you know what this is?” Jungkook cautiously hands the paper towards his hyung to examine.

He inhales and exhales in shame, “Where did you find this?” he whispers, glancing at Jimin who was staring out the window as he ordered dinner.

“Taehyung was a little secretive about this, but then he gave it back.” the maknae responds, hugging his knees to his chest. “Where is it from?”

Yoongi facepalmed, running a hand through his minty blue hair in frustration. “Why must I explain this shit?” he straightens up, gulping in preparation. “So uhm-”

Jimin hooks Yoongi’s torso into his arms, tackling him down to the bed while smothering his neck with sweet, playful and teasing kisses. Something Taehyung would never give him. He subconsciously rubs at his neck, where the hickies were finally and fortunately fading away. Definitely, most definitely not worth all of the strange looks he got during class.

After the cuddly boy asks what was going on, Yoongi flings him off, whispering curtly into his ear. Jimin bites back a gasp and grins nervously at Jungkook. “So..?” the youngest questions anxiously, his stomach doing several flips.

“Ever heard of BDSM?” Yoongi murmurs flatly and Jungkook freezes up, icey cold water hitting him right in the chest. Oh shit . His first instinct kicks in, he grabs a pillow, chucking it at the eldest.


“Shut up! I know what it is! Shut up!” he howls, plugging his ears.

Seconds later, they’re all chirping with laughter. And Jungkook fakes it. His insides twist with fear, never once did he think of Taehyung of being that type. The kinky type. Why didn’t he see it? The way he spanked Jungkook was utmost dominance.

“When is the pizza coming, Minnie~?” Yoongi hums, dragging his fingers through Jimin’s astonishing silvery hair. Not pizza again, Jungkook is painfully familiar with the cheese taste. But what the fuck could they do, they were broke college kids.

Everytime the topic of money arrived, the couple looked at the maknae with pleading, begging eyes. Because, he actually had a sweet ass bank account, but insisted it goes towards his future.

“Pizza- I was actually gonna take my girlfriend out to dinner.” Jungkook stammered, scooting off the bed.

“Bitch please, you’re a huge ass twink, you have no girlfriend.” Jimin seized his wrist, yanking him onto the bed. He hisses as he flops back onto the hard mattress, “Where were you really going?”

Jungkook nibbled his bottom lip nervously, “Uhm, was going to ask Taehyung to go out but pizza is amazing, yay!” he squealed, swinging around fake thumbs-up.

“Fine bro, go eat with that kinky shit. Leaves more pizza for us.” Yoongi scoffed, extending an arm to cover Jimin’s mouth with a palm.


“He’s not ki-”






Taehyung took note that Jungkook was keeping his distance a century ago. He wraps a confident arm around the maknae, directing him to his seat. He knew he was gonna regret things, originally this was supposed to be a night out to drink with Hoseok, Seokjin and Namjoon until Jungkook tagged along. And he knew his colleagues were still going to chug like the maknae wasn’t there.

“Jungkook-ssi, what do you drink?” Hoseok muttered absent-mindedly as he scanned the laminated menu. Seokjin and Namjoon had both agreed that they wanted a simple glass of hennessy. Taehyung declined - if he was going to drive the maknae back home, he’d rather not. Hoseok was a little too, well, hype. He’d take more shots than one could imagine.

Taehyung could almost hear the lurch in Jungkook’s heartbeat, “I don’t drink.” he sighed, then he very lightly tapped Taehyung. The model glances over at the maknae’s menu, following his finger. “C-could I get the bibimbap, please, sir?”

With a short nod of approval, he slaps his menu shut and places it on the table. Seokjin claps his hands together, “So everyone has thought of something?” everyone answers with an irritated ‘yes’. “Alright.”

The food? Saying it was delicious was probably an understatement. But they still waited for their drinks, which they delayed until after eating. As mentioned, Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to indulge in that - he zoned out as they all conversed amongst each other. Jungkook was actually quite talkative, sharing a few stories about his years in college. Everytime Taehyung felt like jumping in, the youngest began to stammer. And the looks that his friends gave him after that had pissed him off. He didn’t want to scare away Jungkook, and he wasn’t even sure what it was about him that intimidated him.  

Again, Taehyung was in his own confined universe until the waitress placed a tray of various drinks in front of them. He works his jaw in probably jealousy as he watched his friends click their drinks together in cheers and sip. But there’s still two glasses left on the tray, he scoots his chair forward to ask, but both glasses were slid towards Jungkook .

“Thank us later, Jeon. It’s just soda.” Hoseok smirked, and he could tell by the way Seokjin and Namjoon were biting their lips, it totally wasn’t the sugary drink.

Taehyung clenches his fists in his pocket, “Dude- What the fuck- Don’t- Ow!” he yelped in pain, someone kicking his shin under the table. He whimpers in pain as he watches Jungkook gulp it down. He twists his face in disgust. “Hyung, are you sure this is-”

“It’s rich people soda.” Seokjin beamed at him, gesturing for him to continue on.

“This isn’t right guys.” Taehyung swings his legs backwards to avoid earning another kick. He’s ignored as Jungkook sips away obliviously. The entire glass is finished before he could tell the younger was getting a little loopy. “Jungkook, that’s wine, you airhead!” he hissed, reaching to snatch the other glass.

“Stop lying to me, sir,  all the other hyungs say it’s soda, so it’s fucking soda.” his words are slightly slurred. Taehyung knows that Jungkook’s mind is fuzzy right now, and doesn’t take offense for the cussing.

He pinches Jungkook’s hand, nearly spilling the glass as he quickly pushes it aside. “Seriously- What the fuck.” he snaps at the three men, cackling with laughter.

“The kid has to eventually get into it, you know.” Namjoon bellowed.

“No, I don’t know.” Taehyung barks back with hostility, but he doesn’t notice Jungkook intaking another half of the extra glass. He slaps it out of Jungkook’s hands, catching it before properly hiding it. “Kook- Kook you okay?”

He squeezes the maknae’s hand in his own, intertwining their fingers as he hustled them out of the restaurant. He shoves Jungkook into the passenger seat of his car, buckling him up. He forgets to do his own seatbelt as he speeds away to  his mansion.

The ride is generally quiet, from time to time, Jungkook would blabber about the road or the song on the radio.

When they get home, the younger immediately seizes Taehyung’s arms, tossing the elder onto the couch. And for once, the model is not grateful for Jungkook’s muscle. He tries to fling the maknae off of him but his wrists are held above his head.

“Fuck me, Taehyung. Until I can’t walk tomorrow morning. Please.” and he adds an unnecessary, lewd moan at the end of his drunken demand.  


Chapter Text

Taehyung lets out a low grunt, “Ju-Jungkook get off of me right now! You aren’t making sense. No. No, I won’t fuck you!” he announced.

The maknae, who reeked of the smell of wine didn’t comply. He clenched his fists tighter around the elder’s wrists. “Why not, I’ll be a good boy~” he cooed, sliding down his chest to perch himself in Taehyung’s lap.

The model gasped, kicking his legs out frantically when Jungkook began to rut his hips forward. He rolled his hips around in a sloppy, carefree pattern - causing Taehyung to chomp down on his bottom lip to silence his groans. “Are you seriously fucking grinding on me?” he seethed through gritted teeth.

Probably too tipsy to respond, Jungkook only replies with an exaggerated whine while he swirled his hips around. Taehyung can’t even hold onto the couch. He hopelessly bucks his hips up, rubbing his dreaded boner against the younger’s. “Awh, you’re hard too!” he hops off of Taehyung since his work was over. “Now you have no choice but to fuck me.”

“I can survive with a boner, bitch.” he groaned, scrambling after Jungkook who was stumbling up the stairs to his bedroom. When he’s there, the maknae was sprawled out on his back, legs spread on his bed.

“I’m ready. Why don’t you get those handcuffs since I was being so naughty?” he hummed.

Taehyung smoothly crawls over the maknae, licking his lips. The latter shuts his eyes in preparation, wrapping his arms around the elder’s waist. He dips his head, digging it into the crook of Jungkook’s neck as he inhaled the sweet smell of his skin and wine.

“Snap.” he slapped Jungkook once. “Out.” Twice. “Of.” Third. “It.” Fourth and final. The younger’s eyes burst open as he rubbed his reddened cheek.

“Ow.” he pouted, lightly shoving Taehyung off of him. He tugs the duvet over himself, curling up against the pillows.

He snorted, “If you actually thought you were gonna sleep here. You’re going HOME. You look like you’re going to fucking rape me in my sleep.” Taehyung scowled, sliding off of the bed. He strips the blankets from the sleepy male.

“I’d rather have you fuck me, but that works too.” Jungkook shrugged, flopping off the bed. He jumps to his feet with a joyful spring to his step. “Are we gonna fuck in my dorm, that bitch Jimin deserves it.” he attaches himself to Taehyung in a big, tight embrace.

Releasing a heavy sigh, “Sure. Just get in the car, will you?” he winced as Jungkook hugged him even tighter. It literally felt like his bones were being crushed. “Fucking hell, why did you even drink? I told you it was wine, and it SMELLED like it.”

“J-just wanted to impress you and your fr-friends. Since I made a really bad i-impression with them.” and it takes a few moments until Taehyung realizes that the obnoxious intoxicated man was in tears.

“You’re fucking unbelievable. Now you’re crying.” he wiped away Jungkook’s tears with his sleeve cautiously. “T-that wasn’t the o-only reason..” he stuttered.

Taehyung nudges him to continue. “I-I wanted you to fuck me, but by the next morning, I’d forget the shame of it.” the maknae sniffled, rubbing his tear stained cheeks against his designer shirt. And he isn’t sure what he’s mad at, the fact that his Gucci shirt is being spoiled, or that Jungkook would be ashamed that Taehyung fucked him.

“You’re going home.” he caressed the younger’s head. “It’ll be over.”




He and Jimin hauled the heavily-influenced man to his bed. The model takes a shaky seat at the edge of his bed, patting Jungkook’s back as he watched him knock out finally. He leans in, double-checking the youngest was sleeping before placing a hesitant kiss on his cheek.

“What happened?” Jimin cocked his head to the side, heading over to his own bed where Yoongi was snoring away peacefully.

Taehyung begins to speak in his regular voice, “So-”

“Dude shut up, Yoongi gets really pissed if you wake him up.” he whisper-yelled.

“Aish, sorry. He just got really drunk, and I’m assuming it’s his first time. He was literally trying to seduce me.” he explained, before pressing another kiss to Jungkook’s ear.

“Surprised you didn’t bang him right there.” the shorter man snorted, “You like him, don’t you?”

“Mind your business, Jimin.” Taehyung said firmly, dusting himself off before standing up. “Take care of him, it’s his first hangover too.” he instructed, dragging a finger down Jungkook’s arm.

Jimin raised both brows, “Why should I, I’m not his dad.” he crossed his arms, following Taehyung towards the dorm door. “Autograph and I will.”

The younger man huffed before stomping towards Jimin’s working desk. He grabs a random paper, not giving a shit that it’s his homework before leaving a rushed signature in pen. He then threw the pen at Yoongi, who stirred in the sheets before spewing cuss words. “Fuck you.” Jimin growled.

“Fuck you too.” Taehyung smirks, slamming the door behind him.




Jungkook eventually woke up from his bland dream, he forces his eyes open and the ceiling seems to whirl around in circles. His head feels like someone’s throwing a rock at it. The pulsing pain at his temples is almost unbearable, and he realizes he’s missed his morning class. Thank the lord it was only just his music history course. He swings his legs over, rocking to side to side dizzily as he sat at the edge of the bed. “Jimin.”

Jimin was supposed to be in class right now, wasn’t he? The man continued to stare at him with pure disappointment in his eyes. He begins to shift nervously under his gaze, fidgeting with his twenty fingers, wait. Ten. It was just his fuzzy head fucking with him. “You got drunk last night when you went out with Taehyung, this is your first hangover.” he plasters a shit-eating grin on his face. “Also, he told me you were trying to seduce him.” he giggled.

Jungkook cups his aching temples in shame as he slowly tries to respond through the roaring echoing in his head. “I-” he’s interrupted by Jimin.

“Also, thanks a lot. I lost five bucks today.” he begun, inhaling, “Me and Yoongi did a bet if you could give Taehyung even a mere boner and you did.” Jimin frowned.

Holy shit! I gave Kim Taehyung a boner. I seriously need to ask him. Jungkook slung his backpack over his shoulders. “Where are you going? You can’t work with that headache. You have to sleep and drink water.” his roommate snapped, gesturing for him to sit his ass back down.

Eventually, he fell asleep with the pounding headache, when he woke up in the late afternoon, he forced himself to eat. It seemed to have tamed his headache, but really, the only thing that was nagging him was the mystery of the events last night. Tomorrow, he’d go to work. He’d bombard Taehyung will all of his dying questions. Tomorrow.




Jungkook can’t help but throw himself at Taehyung. He hugs him, blabbering about how sorry he was through his tears. “Jimin told you?” he snarled, prying the maknae off of him. Jungkook nods hesitantly, quavering in his spot. “Why are you here? To shiver like an idiot or clean?”

“Taehyung! I was drunk, I didn’t-”

“Who said I was pissed because you were harassing me last night?” Taehyung whipped around, his gaze stern and scalding. “It’s- It’s not that.” his tone got warmer, so Jungkook mustered up the courage to reply.

“Then what was it? Why are you so mad?” the maknae cried,  balling his hands to fists. “I didn’t mean anything last night!” he justified.

“I said, clean .”




Jungkook reluctantly followed, and as he buzzed around Taehyung’s room to make orderly and in shipshape, he could feel the model’s judging stare chase after him. As he folded clothes up and placed them in their allocated dressers, Taehyung finally spoke. “You’re embarrassed of me. You wanted to fuck me while you were drunk so you wouldn’t have to carry that shame with you the next day.” he grumbled.

“Taehyung..” he whined solemnly, his head drooped on as he sluggishly continued his chores. “I-It’s just that Jim-”

“Oh yeah, because it’s always Jimin and Yoongi isn’t it?” the elder said abruptly, “Last time I checked, they aren’t Jeon Jungkook. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jeon Jungkook controls Jeon Jungkook, not anyone else, right? Right?”

The maknae sat there in silence his lips pursed as he tried to suck in his tears. Why was Taehyung so heart-wrenching when he was even in the slightest bit ticked off? He lost count of every single time this one man made him cry. “You’re sounding like YOU’RE controlling me now! I am fine on my own. I don’t need this job if all you’re going to do is a moody bitch.”

“Watch your-”


“Shut the fuck up for one second, please. One day you’ll fucking kiss my face off, then you’re yelling at me like this. Make up your mind for once.” Jungkook declaimed, slamming the dresser drawer in fury.

Taehyung shoots upwards at the thud, “Don’t fucking break my dressers. You’re the one who’s all hot and needy for me, but then you start whining.” he breathes, “‘ Sir! All you wanna do is get in my pants. ’” he mocked in a high pitched tone. “For your information, I brought you straight home last night. I didn't smash you like you were begging me to. Shocker? Shouldn’t be.”

Jungkook trembled, his voice rickety with defeat, confusion and pain. “Fine. I’ll do my job and that’s it.” he exhaled, rushing into Taehyung’s closet. He slams the door behind him, panting heavily.




It’s astounding how much work Jungkook actually gets done without Taehyung on his mind. He’s practically done tidying half of the entire mansion within the span of two hours. He stumbles upon the elder on his way to the guest bedroom.

Taehyung sighs and looked up from his magazine. He stops walking just inches in front of Jungkook. “Aren’t you tired?” he tilted his head to the side in question.

The latter answers, “No, it’s really-” his voice died off as Taehyung strolls behind Jungkook. Two steady hands knead at his shoulders and he breathes heavily in relief. “Ah..” he puffed, his head leaning back a little.

“Come on, you’ve been working two hours straight.” Taehyung reassures, adding more pressure to his massage as he urged Jungkook towards the extra bedroom. One shoulder is free as the elder shuts the door behind them.

And Jungkook could’ve sworn he heard the door lock click as well.

Or maybe it was his beating heart.

Chapter Text

Jungkook doesn't feel this room wasn't really a guest bedroom.

He stands in the middle of the room, before him was a beautiful velvet bed, pure white pillows. A lace curtain surrounds the entire luxurious bed. It was definitely much better than Taehyung's bed. He approached it with caution, the footsteps of Taehyung following close behind him roaring through his mind and out his ears. Something about the mood was wrong. He takes a gentle seat, the bed creaking quietly. The sheets were perfect, untouched. Everything was perfect.

Their knees touch as Taehyung stood right in front of him. He adjusts his tie a little before he reaches out. At first Jungkook winced and avoided his touch until his stern gaze stabbed at him. He dropped his head down as he was pushed back  onto the bed.

He squirms slightly, hands hooking under his dazed figure to flip him onto his stomach. He rested his chin on the pillow as sturdy hands kneaded at his tense muscles. Freeing him of the aching.

It's probably a few minutes of Taehyung's massaging before he pressed down a little harder. Jungkook lets out a shocked gasp, which faded to an audible moan. He digs his face into the pillow in embarrassment, lowering his volume. It echoes in his mind again, "Like that?"

Jungkook mindlessly nods his head before Taehyung rubbed roughly again. He groaned into the pillow freely. He freezes, Taehyung's hands finally retreating. "Jungkook? I'm going to make things a little easier." he whispers.

Fingers hook under the hem of his shirt in seconds, and he doesn't even realize it. He blindly shucks off his shirt, only realizing when the cold air whipped at his back. He shivers, burying his nose into the cozy pillow. The elder takes the hint, running his warm fingers up and down his pained back.

He feels thumbs prod at his shoulder blades, then something moist yet hot. It tapped, repeatedly, against the outline of his blades. They were lips.

Taehyung's lips.

Jungkook sucks in the air through his teeth, too dizzy to protest. He allows it, relishing in the sweet, tender feeling. Taehyung licks a stripe sideways to the other shoulder blade, nibbling the skin.


Out of all the things he could've done, he whimpered. He lifts his blushing mess of a face from the pillow to speak. "T-Tae-" he sobs before he's shoved right back into the pillow.

With a tight grip, nagging grip on Jungkook's locks, "Come on, why don't I pay you back a little differently?"

The maknae squeaks in pain, gripping onto the bed sheets for support. “S-sure-” he gives in, relieved as his hair was released. He feels confident hands scoop under him and he’s back on his back. He squeezes his eyes shut tightly as he couldn’t trust himself to stare up at Taehyung’s austere expression.

The bed rattles briefly as Taehyung hops off. Jungkook is then aware there was a cabinet in the corner of the room, which the elder was rummaging through. A clatter of some sort of metal alerts him and he jolts up to see. The model inches towards him with handcuffs and a scarlet red rope slung over his shoulder. In his hand was some object that he couldn’t exactly identify - which terrified him.

He gasps and quickly closes his eyes as the elder climbed onto the bed. He splays out one hand on Jungkook’s exposed chest, holding him down as his other hands held his wrists together. “You’re going to have to trust me.” Taehyung mumbled.

Jungkook contemplates Taehyung’s expression. The faint smile on his face is believable, so he dipped his head hesitantly. He grimaced as he heard the two loud clicks of the restraints. He shimmies his arms a little, until he’s stopped. He was handcuffed to the bed frame .

“So these are-”

“Yes, these are the handcuffs.” Taehyung interjects. With a firm grip on his shoulders now, he leans down to kiss against his collarbone. He coats it with a soft layer of gentle pecks, before going back to leave a trail of painfully pleasurable hickies. He run a finger down his work of art, working his jaw thoughtfully. “Do you want to be blindfolded? Considering this is your first time, a blindfold would either calm you down or you’d be fucking scared that I might do shit. But I won-”

“No, no blindfold please- Not that I don’t trust you but- I-I kinda want to see you.” Jungkook responds, voice faltering. Taehyung understands, trailing his fingers down his abs at a tormenting pace.

The elder raises a brow, “Jesus, I’m green with envy.” he chuckles breathily before leaning down to nip at his muscle.

Jungkook, flustered as he usually is, giggles and tries to think of a modest reply. “No, no. Have you seen yourself? No wonder you’re a model.” he blurts out, breath hitching as he felt Taehyung’s hot breath fan over his nipple.

The model flicks it with his thumb, gaining a harsh whimper from Jungkook, who jerked away from the touch. He fiddles with it again, torturing the sensitive younger. “Say that again.” he challenges.

“Y-y-you’re- Ah! Beautiful-” he whines, his feet scraping against the sheets as he helplessly tried to avoid the touch. “S-stop!” he yowled.

Taehyung bows his head, surprisingly obliging as he crawled backwards to feel his toned stomach. He pecks around his navel, giving the maknae a little bit of a tickle. He giggles and softly moans at the compassionate actions, but it just wasn’t enough . After withstanding a bunch of sweet kisses and occasional love bites, their eyes met.

The elder’s half-lidded eyes were unreadable from further down the bed. “The issues with consent, er- You sure you want this?” he grumbles, toying with the hem of Jungkook’s denim jeans. That’s going to be difficult to take off, if they were gonna come off , that is.

“Yea- yeah go ahead.” Jungkook allows, repeating when Taehyung double checked with him. T

Zip . His fly. Then his button, it goes by so fast with Taehyung’s quick hands. He can’t bare to watch the elder slide his jeans off of him, probably going to be shocked by the hardening rock underneath the fabrics. A chuckle.

Taehyung chuckles a little, his jeans pooling at his ankles as he’s only in his boxers now. His erection strains against the thin material. There’s a pretty, wet spot from all of the foreplay. Then a finger, who knows what it’s doing, goes to trace the outline of his boner.

He sucks in the air through his teeth, putting all of his willpower into not moving his hips. The teasing digit retreats as Taehyung fishes out the rope he had from earlier. The rope Jungkook totally forgot. It weaves around his ankles, tightening to knots, then another knot at the end frame. He moves his foot, no surprise, he’s trapped. He likes it, oddly.

The model returns his attention to the maknae’s huge issue. “Aww, look at you.” he smirked, groping it through the fabric. He exhales loudly, Taehyung’s thumb running down the side of it. He lifts his hips off the bed, rolling them upwards in search of desperate friction.

He slams his hips back down onto the mattress when both of the elder’s hands are sturdy at the rim of his boxers. “Can I?” Taehyung inquired. To Jungkook’s irritation,

“Yes! I will literally say no if you ask that again.” he snapped, and in punishment of his brusque manner, Taehyung pinched the tip of his cock through the damp material. The younger mewled, pouting in frustration.

Then Taehyung harshly yanks it all down, his throbbing erection springing out at the second. He hates the lack of any sort of friction, the cold air taunting it as it lay flat on his stomach. The model, without hesitation, strokes it experimentally with two digits. He let out a guttural groan, tugging on the handcuffs.

“Yo, that was barely nothing.” Taehyung snorts.

“I’m virgin.”

“You’ve never jacked off before?”

“Once or twice to you.”


“No, you idiot, now do something with my dick!” Jungkook charged, before laughing at how silly his statement would be out of context. Then moaning, because Taehyung wrapped his entire hand around his member.

The toy that Jungkook wasn’t exactly familiar with came to play. Taehyung plugs it in, before switching it on. The low buzz of the toy alarms the maknae, “What the fuck is that!” he yelped.

“Vibrator.” Taehyung simply muttered, before running it up the underside of his cock. The vibration sent pleasurable tingles up his spine, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more of this. He rocks his hips around, trying to catch the cruel toy as the elder barely drifted it around his cock. The maknae’s moans combined with the buzzing.

“S-stop- T-tae-” he pleaded, wanting the torturous pleasure to end. It felt so fucking amazing. The feeling coiling up in his stomach.  If he knew something could ever feel so good- “Taehyung!” he cried out, the elder flicking the level higher.

Again, Taehyung knew how to drive the maknae mad. He abuses the tip of Jungkook’s dick with the toy before withdrawing when Jungkook bucked his hips up. “Patience is a virtue.” he simpered. “Also, you know better than to call me Taehyung.” he lectured, pressing the vibrator down on his tip again.

Jungkook howled hopelessly, “S-sir- Hy-hyung- O-o-oppa- Oh shit- What the f-fuck-” he spluttered a rush of thoughts coming to mind. He thought of nicknames frantically. How to make the punishment stop? If he even wanted it to stop. “D-DADDY!”

Then the quivering at the top of his cock stopped. He inhales in comfort, dropping his hips again. Daddy. Taehyung likes that name, I knew he was a kinky fuck. So he played Taehyung’s game. He whined out ‘daddy’, when he was even able to utter out a word.

Taehyung finally sets the toy aside, using a hand to smear all of the initial precum around his member. Jungkook chomps down on his lip to silence the moan threatening to escape at that. Everything pauses. He could only hear his heavy breathing and his lurching heart rate. “Wanna hear you.” the elder commands, slapping Jungkook’s thighs. He shrieks, back arching off the bed. His wrists and ankles strain against the bonds again.

“S-sorry, daddy..” he lies back down again, shutting his eyes. He feels Taehyung’s hand wound around his member again and he desperately closes his hips in on his hand. Shit. He earns another smack to the thighs, and he apologizes again.

He spreads his legs, allowing full access for Taehyung. The elder fondles the base of his cock with one hand, the other pumping his cock. Before he closes his eyes again, he catches the model’s head lowering down again.

A heated cavern. Taehyung’s mouth. The elder’s lips wrap around his neglected member, tongue flicking every sensitive vein. He resists the urge to thrust up in the fear that he might make the other gag. “Oh- Holy sh-shit!” he keened, the elder nibbling gently at the leaking tip.

His lips sink back down until he takes his cock to the back of his throat, surprisingly not gagging. Jungkook decides to experimentally buck his hips up again, mentally facepalming when the elder coughs quietly. He pulls off of the maknae’s cock, a line of saliva and precum dragging out. “Naughty.” he croaked.

He wraps both hands around his dick, jerking his hands up violently to chase Jungkook’s release finally. The younger warbled loudly, limbs spasming in alien pleasure. He pulls against the ropes and handcuffs, making the frame shake viciously.  Taehyung ignores the loud thuds, focusing on pleasing the maknae. He digs his thumb into the slit, provoking an obscene moan. The feeling building up in his stomach reaches its maximum point, and he thrusts up into Taehyung’s hand as he pursued his climax. “Please- Taehyung- It’s coming!”

Lost in an ocean of pleasure and phantom pain - he orgasmed. His hips and member twitched viciously as he sprays out a stream of white come onto his smooth stomach. “D-Daddy- T-Tae please! Feels so good!” he curls his toes.

Taehyung lets go of him, giving the come draped on his digits a kittenish lick.

“Mmm..” he hummed, seeming to enjoy the bitter taste. The model wipes away the liquid on a cloth, rubbing away the magnificent mess on the younger’s torso in the process. “Did you like that?”

Jungkook nods, terrified of what just happened. Pinch him, get him out of this delightful dream. Taehyung gingerly removes the bonds, thumbing at the red creases they left on his skin. His eyes scream guilt. “Taehyung.. It’s fine.” he huffed.

As he sits up, he catches a reflection of himself on a mirror nearby. Taehyung creeps up behind him, tapping his fingers on Jungkook’s shoulders. “I kept them away from your neck this time.” he says about the blooming marks scattered from his collarbone and down. With difficulty, because of his trembling hands, he slips on all of his discarded clothing. He fixes his messed up hair from rubbing against the pillow so much, then glances down at his wrists.

Jimin’s going to think I’m emo . He sighs in his head. He glances behind him, seeing Taehyung stash away the toys that came out.

“I love you.” Jungkook blabbered.

“I love Gucci.” Taehyung cackled with laughter.

“Come on!”

“I love you.”


Chapter Text

As he approached his dorm in the narrow hallway of his building, he jams the key into the lock, freezing up as a soft noise sends shudders up his spine.


“Yoo-Yoongi- Mmph, please-” Supposedly and most likely Jimin whimpered, the bed creaking echoing in his head. He cautiously places a hand on the key, wondering if he should cockblock him for the laughs or wait for them to orgasm - which would include withstanding the obscene moans. “Please- Let me come, let me come, let me come!” the boy chanted.


Jungkook immediately jerks his hand away, covering his ears to block out the lewd noises of his friends orgasming. Why is it whenever I come- no pun intended. He waited patiently for them to settle down, then twisted the key and walked right in. “Thank my ass because I waited for you guys to um- get off.” he paused sharply, seeing as the boys were still naked.


He slaps an arm over his eyes, repeating ‘ew’ as he gathered his pajamas to change. When he comes back, fortunately, the couple were dressed and asleep. At least barging in did one good thing for the maknae. Jimin and Yoongi wouldn’t be able to see their dongsaeng’s bruised wrists. He scrambles towards his bed, having a troubled time with sleeping.


Taehyung’s hands on his body. The way he punished Jungkook- God, the dominance. He shakes his head vigorously, snapping out of his stupor of lust.


Chin resting on his palm, eyes strained to look even the slightest bit interested in the lesson. He taps on the side of his desk boredly, flipping off any other peers who informed him it was annoying. He finally prevents a fact from flying right over his head, whipping out his pencil. “Note; vocal cords work better when tighter.” he mumbled to himself while scribbling it down.


A few moments of silence falls in the classroom, he had totally missed something the professor said. He watched everyone furiously jotting something down with eyes wider than moons, too introverted to ask anyone for help. Not like he would get any help due to his pestering desk percussion. He shrugged it off, digging his hands into his pockets. Shrinking into his chair, he curiously scrolls over the unresolved chunk of messages. Taehyung. Taehyung. Taehyung. All of them were from Taehyung?


9:51 AM

Warning: Taehyung

Kookie? You there?


Yes, he put a warning sign, just in case he opened a text from Taehyung by accident and left him on a read.


9:52 AM

Warning: Taehyung

If you don’t answer me right now

9:54 AM

Warning: Taehyung



Hopefully he doesn’t get into too much trouble with his reply.

10:03 AM

I’m the best bitch

Sir im in class :/ stop messaging or i’m blocking


Yes, he named himself ‘the best bitch’, because he was. For a while, Taehyung was left on typing, sometimes the indicator fading away, then coming back again. He stares at the screen for the next five minutes, unaware that class begun again.

10:11 AM

Warning: Taehyung

Is that how you talk to me, baby boy? Come on, do I need to punish you?

The strange change of punctuation and use of full words let Jungkook know who he was really talking to right now.

10:13 AM

I’m the best bitch

yeh? how r u gonna punish me? Gonna listen to the lesson mmk

He averts his gaze back to the lesson, drumming his fingers again in anticipation for Taehyung’s response. Then he’s hit, with a text wall. Like someone threw a textbook at him in reality.

10:20 AM

Warning: Taehyung

Oh, how imma punish you? Gonna handcuff both your wrists and ankles to the bed frame. Gonna cover you in hickies neck down, knead your ass gently before suddenly whipping you and making you cry out in pain and pleasure. Gonna whisper in your ear to take it good for daddy, then stretch you out with a nice vibrator, letting it brush your prostate in the most taunting way ever. Gonna leave you there, a squirming, whining mess begging for daddy to fuck you senseless. Gonna make you beg to even orgasm.

Jungkook sucks in a fast breath, gaining weird looks as he works his jaw in frustration. Clenching his thighs together painfully, he fully switched off his phone.


He hadn't switched on his phone until he actually got to his dorm. Fuck social media. Fuck the fact that there could be an urgent call to him. Taehyung was an absolute pain in the ass. And if Jungkook doesn't break out of his shell, the model will literally become a pain in the ass. Too much? Okay.

There was a shit load of notifications sitting there, beckoning for the maknae to reply to them. And the brief ding of a message erupted every few minutes as he continued on with his homework. Tick tock. It was already midnight, his roommate and his boyfriend working in silence behind him too. He balls his hands into fists as he slides his chair back with a creak, stretching his limbs out in a well-deserved stretch. "Time to sleep!"

Yoongi and Jimin jumped out of their skin at the sudden announcement, before shaking their heads with shit-eating grins. "It's time to drink the next hour away." Yoongi coughed and corrected, reaching into his backpack to retrieve a few things.

Bottles and styrofoam cups. What a great thing to have when Korea's biggest model is sexting you.

Scrabbling onto the bedsheets, he lunged forward and rolled towards Jimin, bowling him over in a fit of laughter. Yoongi stared at them wrestling, lips pressed tight in jealousy - and Jimin, who he himself described himself as 'whipped for Yoongi' takes the hint. Flinging Jungkook off of his small frame, he and his boyfriend pour their drinks. Jungkook declines, not really indulging in the conversation. An alert fired off, and when he reached to dismiss it, Jimin nearly drops his drink as he shot out. "What's Taehyung texting you that you gotta hide?" his hyung snorted.

Jungkook whines like a brat, babbling as he please for his phone back impatiently. "Password." Yoongi pressed, gaze furious. "If you don't give it over, it means you've done the dirty with Taehyung."

Jungkook trusts his instinct.

He punches in the four digit combination, sucking his bottom lip anxiously. Both of their giggles taunt him, until soft gasps. Their thumbs seem to be scrolling down-

The wind is knocked right out of his lungs when something sudden collides at his ribs. His phone pathetically flops over in his lap, running his hands through his sweaty hair as he asks, "What? Was it bad?"

"Jungkook! You fucked him! I fucking knew it. What the shit?" Jimin shrieked, shaking the maknae by his shoulders vigorously.

Yoongi gestured for Jimin to stop, a calmer approach. "Did you allow him to take pictures?" he purred in amusement. "You're wearing handcuffs I see, and your ankles were tied up. Typical kinky approach. Remember when I gagged you with my shirt?" he nudged the second youngest.

Jimin flushed a deep red, koala hugging his arm. "That was the best night ever. I remember I couldn't talk or wa-"

"SHUT UP!" The maknae declared, arms crossed furiously as he finally dares to look down at the illuminated phone screen. He looked like a fucked-out mess.

His hair, resembling a bird's nest. His head tossed back in probably overwhelming pleasure, his entire body flushed red, especially his cock, the tip leaking precome all over his dick. The elder had a hand wrapped around his member. He glances up, his bruised wrists and ankles straining against the torturing bonds. Was that what he looked like?

"Umm. I can explain." he huffed after moments of silent observation shared by all of them.


"Agh, but how could I resist baby boy?"

"You just looked so fucking pretty."

"Wanted to fap to that later."

"I thought it would make a good phone background." Okay, that one did a fucking somersault past the line.

"Taehyung, it's easy! Why the fuck did you take a picture of me during uh.. That." he stammered.

The elder shrugged, whipping out a milk jug from his gigantic fridge. He fills a glass to it's rim, grabbing a few KitKat bars in another hand. He crunches them all up, mixing it in to make crappy chocolate milk. "Gross."

"This tastes better than your jizz." Taehyung retorted, downing almost half of the disgusting drink in seconds. He licks the tan, milky coating on his lips away, "Rich people do this, I swear."

Jungkook pretends that the swipe of his lips didn't shoot him in the heart. But it did. The bow's name was arousal. He opened his mouth to argue, but was silenced by the elder's lips on his. The maknae was frozen and loose under the elder's, letting the heat devour him slowly. He nibbled on the model's bottom lip hungrily, lapping at the faint chocolatey tinge to it. He feels Taehyung detach so he steps away slowly, never breaking the few lines of saliva connecting their mouth.

"If I knew that's how you're going to quiet me, I'll talk even more." Jungkook hummed lips brushing Taehyung's gently as he spoke. "And I actually quite enjoyed the milk on your lips, at least." he cautiously pecked the elder again for another taste.

"Ah, don't be greedy." Taehyung hushed, jerking his head back. He lets Jungkook kiss at his knuckles instead, nudging the boy's thirsty mouth away. "If you want the sexting to stop, it can." he backs away.

"Only when the time is right, Taehyung."

"And that is-"

He yanked the model into another heated kiss.