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Divergence (A Divergent Au)

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Gerard wasn't exactly sure when the wars started or ended, all he knew was that it was a long time. He sat as still as possible while his older brother Mikey cut his hair, something that only happened every so often.

"Nervous?" Mikey asked him, brushing a comb through Gerard's hair. Gerard swallowed slightly and shook his head. "Nope...were you? For your test?"

"Nuh uh" Mikey sassed, "I was terrifed" Gerard laughed slightly, wiping his hands on his grey pants.
He then looked up slightly to see his reflection, frowning, before quickly looking down. Things had been...different for the past ten years for the brothers.

Mikey was just 15 years old when their parents died. Exactly one month before the oh-so-important apitute test.
Mikey had been left in charge of the younger Way and was just about to put the then 5 year old Gerard to bed when the news reached him.

Gerard had been too young to understand what was happening, but he got that it was bad when he saw Mikey rage and destroy their living room
Mikey had not been allowed to mourn for long as that was considered selfish in the faction, much to his anger. Despite this, Mikey had still chosen Abnegation as his faction though there were rumors he had gotten Erudite as his result.

"You? Terrifed? Never" Gerard said. Mikey smiled warmly and ruffled his brothers hair.
Gerard was terrifed, as he walked to school. Would he be selfless, honest, intelligent, kind, or brave?