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A king’s harem

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A king’s harem Chapter 1 (Prologue)

Let’s start

After the end of Alvarez arc

Zeref and Mavis didn’t die; they traveled to a different world.

Zeref entrusted his empire to his brother and Natsu accepted to be the second emperor of Alvarez.

The fact that Natsu killed Acnologia made him the new Dragon King and every dragon king had a harem and Natsu didn’t know how to tell the girls that he was in love with them, the fact that he loved all of them and they had to share him.

Natsu had to choose a new advisor for him as the second emperor.

Natsu needed a prime-minister for Alvarez kingdom.

Also a new Springgan 12 was needed and he had to decide that too.

All of this had to be solved in a few days, because Natsu had to claim the throne in a few days.

What would Natsu do?

Who were the girls that Natsu loved?

What would the girls think when they found out about the harem?

Who would follow Natsu to Alvarez from Fairy Tail?

Who would be Natsu’s advisor?

Who would be Natsu’s prime-minister?

Who would be the Springgan 12?

(Read the next chapters to find out)