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The Decimo's Husband

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“Are you sure about this Tsuna?” Yamamoto asks his voice unusually serious.

“Yeah Juudaime, you don’t have to worry about us. We’ll win these ring battles for sure.”

Tsuna looks down hands clenched tightly at his sides. “Thanks guys but that’s not why I’m doing this, I mean I don’t want any of you to get hurt either but…” He trailed of not sure how to explain it to them, but they were his first friends, they had put themselves in danger for him and Tsuna owed then an explanation, so he would try.

“I don’t want to be Decimo. I never have it was just that I never had another option before, everyone just said I was going to be the boss and that was it. I’m just Dame-Tsuna after all, what could I do to say no against someone like Reborn?”

“Juudaime no! You’d be an amazing Boss!” Tsuna met Gokudera’s eyes wide and confused, it was probably harder for him to understand being brought up in the Mafia.

“Thank you Gokudera but, I’m tired of just being what everyone says I am. If Xanxus wants to be Decimo so badly then he can have it.” Gokudera still looked confused but he didn’t try to argue Tsuna out of it anymore.

“Mah if that’s what you want Tsuna. Although I would have liked another chance against that long-haired guy.” Yamamoto gave Tsuna a wide smile and he was relived to see it wasn’t one of the fake ones, Tsuna would admit that he had been worried about that.

Gathering up all of his courage Tsuna turned and walked into the lobby of the fancy hotel the Varia had apparently taken over. It was the best in Namimori and Tsuna felt distinctly out of place in his hoodie and jeans.

“Can I help you sir.” The receptionist asked eyeing their group with carefully concealed displeasure.

“Ah yes I was looking for someone. A group of people actually, they’re Italian and one of them-”

“VOIIIIIII! What are you doing here brats?!” The shout is loud enough that the receptionist nearly falls out of her chair so Tsuna feels absolutely no shame in the high shriek he lets out in response.

“Well?” Superbi shouts again after a moment of stunned silence. “You have no reason to be here brat, unless you’re just going to give up now and save us the time?” He grins at that, vicious and predatory and Tsuna is not sure how he manages to stutter out.

“Y-yes.” The silver haired man froze blinking a couple of times in confusion.

“VOI what did you say?”

Tsuna reaches under the collar of his hoodie and pulled out the chain with his half of the Vongola ring and held it out. “I’m here to give this to Xanxus.”

If Tsuna wasn’t so scared right then he would have laughed at the look on the older mans face.



It takes a few minuets for Squalo to stop staring and then they were quickly marched into an elevator and taken up to the penthouse suite. The swordsman didn’t take his eyes of Tsuna for a second like he was certain this was some kind of trick and the three of them would disappear into thin air if he wasn’t careful. Considering Reborn and some of the crazy things Tsuna had seen since the baby hitman appeared in his life that might not have been a ridiculous idea.

A couple of the other Varia member were scattered around the room as they entered and all of them seemed just as surprised to see Tsuna and his friends as Squalo had been.

“Squalo what is this?” The one with brightly coloured hair asks at the same time as the tallest one exclaims

“You can’t bring them here!”

“VOI shut up you idiots! And I didn’t bring them anywhere Levi they came by themselves.” Squalo shouts back slamming the door behind them and shoving Tsuna forward ignoring Gokudera’s angry cry at the action. “This one has something he wants to give the boss.”

“And what would that be Trash?”

Tsuna squeaks as Xanxus appear from one of the side rooms just as imposing and as scary as he had been on the cliff ledge. Still Tsuna can’t let that get the better of him, he came here for a reason, he just has to give the ring to Xanxus and then he’s free from this mafia nonsense. He repeats that thought as he holds out the half ring with a shaky hand. Xanxus’ eyes widen, and the man’s expression looks briefly shocked before changing rapidly to angry.

“What the Fuck sort of joke is this Trash?!”

“Hey, don’t talk to Juudai- the Boss like that!” Gokudera snapped stumbling slightly over the fact that Tsuna wasn’t going to be 10th for much longer if this worked out. Still it was that sort of familiar gesture that helped make this whole situation feel normal and Tsuna appreciated it even if it would be nice for the bomber to stop picking fights with anyone that looked at him oddly.

“Gokudera it’s fine.” Tsuna murmurs pulling his best friend back, Gokudera clearly doesn’t agree but he isn’t trying to attack the Varia so Tsuna will count that as a win. With that settled he takes a deep breath and turns to face Xanxus “You don’t have to believe me, but I don’t want to be Decimo, and if you do then it seems silly for us to fight over it right?”

He holds out the ring again and this time Xanxus looks slowly between it and Tsuna before a terrifying grin spreads across his face and the Varia boss starts laughing.

“Fucking Trash, never predicted this.” He manages in between bursts of laughter and Tsuna’s only consolation is that none of the Varia seem to know what to make of this either.

“Boss?” Levi says cautiously as Xanxus’s laughter starts to fade.

“Save it Trash. I’m fine.” Xanxus says reaching out to pull the Vongola half-ring from Tsuna’s grip breaking the chain with ease.

“Not to be negative but how do we know that it’s real and not another fake?” the small one says.

“It’s real.” Xaunxus says with surety sliding the ring onto his finger where it clicks flawlessly into place with the other half. He flexes his hand examining the completed ring for a moment before it bursts into orange flames tinged with red. Tsuna has to shield his eyes as the flames glow and become brighter and brighter before suddenly turning a dark black and then Xanxus doubles over with a cry of pain as the ring falls from his finger.



 “What do you mean you aren’t the ninths son!” The Baby Storm trash shouts once everything has been explained.

“I’m not explaining it again trash.” He snarls and stiffens as a surge of pain runs through him. Lussuria flutters on the edge of his vision clearly wanting to help but not sure if his help would be wanted, he’ll let the Trash fuss after the brats are gone. 

“Mah mah I think I understand but I’m still confused about one thing, if you weren’t eligible why were you trying to get the rings?” The rain trash asks in a light voice that Xanxus doesn’t believe for a second. Before he can respond to the impertinent trash his own rain storms over from where he had been pacing.

“VOII that ring is the boss’s by right! It doesn’t matter where his bloodline comes from that civilian trash doesn’t deserve to be Decimo!” Xanxus eyes his shark, it had been a shock to learn the swordsman had known the truth about him for all these years and even more to realise he hadn’t even told the other officers. In truth Xanxus still wasn’t sure how to respond to that and that was another thing he would have to sort out once this farce was over.

“How dare you say that about Juudaime!” The little storm shouts lunging for his second like an angry puppy and is only held back from a painful death by the small trash’s rain.

Said small trash is slumped onto the couch opposite, staring at the Vongola ring with a look of despair.

“But, but I don’t want to be Juudaime.” He whines looking desperately between Xanxus and his guardians. “Isn’t there anyway other way to pass on leadership of the Vongola?”

“No.” He says bluntly. “The ring is necessary to be recognised as Decimo.” He almost feels pity for the look of despair on the trash’s face but there’s still too much bitterness for that. He was so close; the small trash didn’t even want the fucking ring and there was no one else to challenge for it but then the fucking thing rejected him.

He reaches for the nearest bottle and takes a swig; the peacock probably won’t let him get properly drunk but damn it Xanxus is going to try.

“Well Vongola Quinto’s wife did act as regent for a short time after he was badly injured in an ambush.” Lussuria points in between trying to diffuse the argument between the shark and the Storm trash.

“Fine.” Everyone stops and stares at the small trash in confusion.

“What?” Xanxus asks when it becomes clear no one else is going to do anything.

“Fine.” The small trash repeats with a look of desperation. “Xanxus can be my regent.”

“Didn’t you hear the peacock trash. Quinto’s wife ruled for him.” The look he gets from the little runt shows that he really did understand and doesn’t actually care, for the second time in eight years Xanxus finds himself bursting into laughter.

“Fuck, how did those moron’s miss the fact that you are completely insane Trash?” 

The rest of the room is staring at the two of them in a mix of confusion and disbelief, unsurprisingly it’s his insane Storm that speaks up first.

 “Shishi, does this mean you’re getting married boss?”

“Sure, why the fuck not. Seeing the look on Sawada’s face will be fucking worth it and it’s less messy than murdering all the brats.”

“One problem boss, Japan doesn’t have gay marriage.” Mammon points out “neither does Italy.”

“Then find somewhere that does.” He snaps “And start arranging a plane, without those fucking morons at the CEDEF finding out.”

“Tsuna? Are you ok with this?” The Rain trash asks letting go of the shell-shocked Storm to face his Sky.

“Yeah Yamamoto. I, actually I think I am.” The teen says and then looks thoughtful “I mean as long as my mother can come?” He asks hesitantly “She’d be upset if I left her behind.”

Xanxus thinks about it for a moment and then shrugs. “Fine. Add that to the plans Trash.”

“It will cost extra to arrange transport for that many.”

Xanxus snorts “Of course it fucking will. Just get it done, we don’t have long before Iemitsu and the Hitman notice something’s up.” He pushes himself upright holding back a wince as a flash of pain goes through him and shoves Levi aside as the Lightning attempts to help him.

“I guess it’s time to get the old man out of the machine and tell him the good news.”