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Eobarry Prompt Fills

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Barry thought he had been careful when fighting Bivolo. He didn’t want to get whammied like the last time. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He didn’t feel anything different but then again he didn’t feel any different last time either. He decided to head back to STAR Labs just in case. Or at least that’s what he planned to do before he saw the large streak of red lightning going through the city. There was only one person in the world with that colour of lightning - the Reverse Flash; Barry chased after it.

He quickly realized that it was really two people with red lightning chasing each other. It appeared to be two time remnants of Eobard Thawne that where fighting each other. The sight left Barry very perplexed. Why were they fighting? Barry followed closely behind them.

Both Eobards turned to confront him, “What do you want, Flash?” They hissed in unison whilst throwing punches at each other.

It figures that he wouldn’t get along with himself. Barry thought. Maybe I should just leave this alone.

Then he realized that one of the Men in Yellow was wearing the body of Harrison Wells. Maybe that’s why they are fighting? Barry thought as an inexplicable feeling lodged itself in his mind. He felt somehow left out of the fight. He wanted to be in the centre of their attention. Which was completely absurd since he hated the Reverse Flash. He should just leave them to their fighting. He left only to find his feet had only carried him around the city. He went right back to where the two Eobards were fighting. God, he just wanted their attention so much. But that doesn’t make any sense! A small part of his brain protested but it was drowned out by the overwhelming lust he felt toward the time remnants.

“I want the both of you to fuck me,” Barry said.

Both men immediately stopped fighting, “What did you say?” Asked the one on the left.

“Fuck me,” Barry said breathlessly, “the both of you, right now.”

The two Eobards looked at each other and smirked in unison, “Well, who are we to refuse an invitation from the Flash himself.”

Barry moaned. He needed it right now but he was still aware enough to not have a threesome in public.

“Follow me,” the heroic speedster managed before racing to Harrison’s former home.

“Love what you’ve done with the place,” Harrison said as he stepped into his former residence. Almost everything was covered in white plastic sheets and a thick layer of dust.

Barry could hardly contain his lust anymore and kissed Harrison square on his mouth, his hand desperately trying to claw off the other man’s skin tight suit.

“Look at him,” Eobard said, amused. “He could hardly wait.”

Barry cried in triumph when he managed to get the top half of Harrison’s suit open.

“Don’t pull on it so hard!” Harrison complained. “You are going to ruin it.”

“Don’t care,” Barry murmured between kisses.

“Can’t you at least take your suit off? You are still wearing your mask,” Eobard said as he undressed himself.

“Now Eobard,” Harrison said, “Where’s the fun in that? We should be the ones undressing Barry.”

Barry wasn’t really paying attention to what the time remnants were saying; he was too busy pulling off his mask and struggling to take off his gloves. He felt shaky and unfocused and he needed to be touched, right now.

“Come here, Barry,” Harrison whispered into his ear, “let us help you.”

And oh god, that voice! Barry swore that he could come just from listening to that voice alone. He groaned loudly. Two pairs of hands slowly undress him, scattering the pieces of his suit onto the dusty floor. Cisco is not going to be happy about that, he thought distantly before the feeling of lips on his skin drove all rational thoughts out of his mind.

“Yes,” Barry hissed in pleasure. His eyes were squeezed shut as both Eobards ran their hands all over his naked flesh. He whimpered when their clever fingers found his nipples and rolled them with just the right amount of pressure to make him scream. How did they know to do that?

“That’s right, Flash,” Eobard said, “scream for me.”

“If you keep on doing that - ah!” Barry came and since speedsters had no refractory periods, instantly became aroused again.

“Naughty boy,” Harrison said, “coming so soon. The real fun haven’t even started yet.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Eobard added, “you wanted to be fucked by the both of us don’t you? We’ll give you just that.”

Barry moaned again. He hadn’t been double teamed since that one time in college and he was surprised at just how much he missed it.

“Now suck on these,” Harrison said as he put two fingers up to Barry’s mouth. Barry gladly sucked on them, swirling his tongue along the long slim digits. He spread his legs when he felt Eobard’s hands trailing down his sides.

“So eager to be fucked, huh?” Eobard said. Barry would answer him with an enthusiastic yes if there weren’t fingers in his mouth.

Eobard’s fingers were cold with lube when they pressed into Barry’s hole, causing Barry to flinch forward a bit. A hand came up and held Barry’s hips in place while Eobard slowly pushed his fingers inside of his idol. Barry’s eyes where unfocused now that he being fingered in both holes. Those talented fingers provided him with his second orgasm of the night.

“Just imagine how it would feel when you have two cocks inside you,” Harrison said. “We are going to fuck both of your slutty holes until we milk you dry.”

Then stop talking about it and just doing already! Barry thought angrily. He was getting increasingly frustrated at not being fucked by the both of them. He would voice his displeasure if his mouth weren’t occupied already. Then as if hearing his thoughts, Harrison pulled his fingers out of Barry’s mouth and pushed Barry’s head down toward his crotch. Barry sucked on Harrison’s dick eagerly. It had always been a secret fantasy of his, one that he gets to live out right now.

Then Eobard pushed his cock inside of Barry and itch inside of Barry’s skin finally died down. He was floating on cloud nine; it was comparable to a runner’s high but much nicer. Then they both started to thrust in frightening unison. Barry could barely breathe. This is exactly what he needed, to the centre of both of their attentions, to have them focused solely on him. He wasn’t even aware that he was capable of wanting something like this. Then they picked up the pace and Barry could hear the bed creaking behind them, could feel the sheets becoming rough on his skin. The edges of his vision where white when he came. He went limp and was only being held up by the time remnants as he came down from his high.

Harrison came without warning and it caught Barry by surprise, causing the Scarlet Speedster to spit out most of it. Eobard came quietly a few minutes later, Barry whimpered at the feeling of being filled up with warm cum.



Barry wasn’t even sure who was talking at this point but he was dimly aware of Eobard and Harrison switching their positions on the bed.

“It’s my turn now,” Eobard said as his pushed his erection into Barry’s mouth. Barry wanted to complain that his mouth was beginning to feel sore when Harrison pushed into Barry’s puffy used hole reigniting the sparks of lust within the heroic speedsters. He ran his tongue over Eobard’s hard cock before slowly sucking on the head and taking it fully into his mouth.

Everything was slower the second time around. Harrison’s thrust had a certain lazy quality to them, like he was savouring the moment and Eobard’s thrusts had slowed down to match. Barry for his part was getting even hazier, lost completely in the feeling of being filled to the brim. If it weren’t for his sped up healing he would probably been sitting funny for the rest of the week.

Then Eobard pulled out of his mouth and came all over his face. Barry grunted. He looked at Eobard accusingly; he didn’t like the feeling of having cum in his hair.

“Don’t complain,” Harrison said between uneven thrusts; he was getting close too, “you were the one who suggested this. You were the one who wanted this.”

Barry moaned. He did want this. He wanted to be fucked, to be owned so completely. He needed to come again.

“Yes, Barry,” Harrison said encouragingly. “Come with me.”

“I-I c-can’t,” Barry whimpered. This wasn’t enough.

“Yes, you can Barry,” Harrison said, “I believe in you.”

And that was all Barry needed to go over the edge again. He collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep, leaving Eobard and Harrison to admire their handiwork. Barry had cum all over his face and thighs, with more of it dripping out of his ass. His nipples were still pink and perky from their abuse. He had several hickeys on his neck and chest. They smirked at each other over Barry’s prone body. They had to do this again when Barry wakes up, but for now they lined up on either side of their idol/greatest enemy and slept.

The End