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Dreaming of Dark

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“I found a love, for me. Darling just dive right in, follow my lead…”

The music plays through my headphones as I collapse on my couch. I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep

“Dancing in the dark, with you between my arms…”

I hear the music before I open my eyes. My hand falls to my side and I realize whatever it is I'm laying on is definitely not my couch. I sit up with a start, my eyes darting around the dim room. Once my eyes adjust i look around to try and figure where i am. My eyes jump from the ceiling covered in stars to the bookshelves that cover the walls. My hands grip the odd material under me.

“Bean bags?” I wondered as i looked in shock at the soft black beanbags under me. My eyes scan the room again before landing on a desk that definitely wasn't there before. I slowly stand up and inch cautiously towards the desk as my eyes start to make out the back of a chair. “Hello?” I stop short as the chair spins around and I’m faced with the most beautiful yet intimidating man I've ever seen.

In a cold voice he utters words I would never forget, "Hello, (y/n)"