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Pairings/Warnings by chapter: (note: All chapters are post the orgy/gangbang)
Chapter 1: No pairing
Chapter 2: Sam/Jessica, Sam/Dean (non-hunters AU, infidelity, angst)
Chapter 3: Dean Smith/Sam Wesson (established relationship)
Chapter 4: Sam/Dean (Stanford era)
Chapter 5: Father Samuel "Sam" Winchester/Angel Sam
Chapter 6: Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jared/Genevieve & Jensen/Danneel
Chapter 7: Sam/Dean (Always a girl Sam)
Chapter 8: Sam/Dean (werewolf!Sam, no sex)
Chapter 9: Leviathan!Sam/Leviathan!Dean (mentions of future them/others)
Chapter 10: Sam/Dean (a/b/o - Omega!Sam, Alpha!Dean, mating, knotting)
Chapter 11: Sam/Dean (blood kink, demon!Dean, Dark!Winchesters)
Chapter 12: Sam/Castiel (demon!Sam, bondage)
Chapter 13: Lucifer!Sam/Boy-King-of-Hell!Sam/Hell-Knight!Dean (dark)
Chapter 14: Sam/Dean (crossdresser/feminized!Sam, non-hunter AU, mentions of homophobia)
Chapter 15: Soulless!Sam/Dean (formerly lovers)
Chapter 16: Former Sam/Jimmy, Sam/Dean (prostitution, abuse)
Chapter 17: Sam/Dean (Vampire Sam, Werewolf Dean, first time, blood drinking)
Chapter 18: Sam/Dean (current season, pre-slash)
Chapter 19: Sam/Dean (fairies, the reason behind what happened in the first fic is explained)
Chapter 20: Sam/Dean (underage, marking)