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The One with the Laundry Date

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When Jimin decided it was time to free himself from the clutches of his family and strike out on his own, he hadn’t expected it to be so difficult to find a job, find an apartment, afford a damn cup of coffee.

He hadn’t expected to randomly run into his former college classmates, Hoseok and Taehyung, and he definitely didn’t expect to see them hanging around with his former high school classmate, Jeon Jungkook, from all the way back in Busan. How small of a world it must be for both of them to move to Seoul from Busan at completely different points in their lives, meet the same people, then run into each other again without it even being the work of their mutual friends.

Jimin hadn’t seen Hoseok or Taehyung for almost three years, and Jungkook since his third year of high school (Jungkook’s first year.) Thankfully, meeting them turned out to not only be a shocking reunion, but a blessing in disguise, as Jungkook had been looking into renting the apartment across from Hoseok and Taehyung but needed to find himself a roommate.

Jimin jumped at the opportunity, despite having no job and a pocketful of savings. He can figure it out. Fake it ‘til you make it, right?



“Holy shit, did you guys know the largest cup of coffee ever brewed was made here in South Korea?”

All eyes turn to Jungkook as he stares down at his phone, Jimin stopping to peek over his shoulder, towel in hand. “Whooooaa,” he hums, just behind Jungkook’s ear, making him squirm. “It’s so big.”

Jungkook chokes, keeping his eyes on the picture on his screen. “Y-Yeah, it is. Uh, 3,700 gallons.”

“Damn, bet you’d be climbing the walls like Spider-Man if you drank all that,” Jimin says, before moving to wipe down one of the cafe tables. “Just your usual three cups a day keep you up until, like, 4 A.M.”

“Honestly, I don’t know how you drink that much coffee without making your heart explode,” Hoseok says, patting his hand against his chest. “What are you, a robot?”

“Yes, and instead of fuel, he runs on coffee,” says Taehyung, toasting his own drink to Jungkook before downing the last dregs of it. “Anyway, I gotta get going. I have a big date tonight so I need, like, at least three hours to get ready.”

Jungkook scrunches his nose up at his friend. “Who needs three hours to get ready for a date?”

“People like me, who actually get laid,” Taehyung retorts, earning a snort from Hoseok and a blush from Jungkook.

“Aw, don’t be like that, Tae,” Jimin coos, ruffling Jungkook’s hair as he passes him to sit on the arm of the sofa beside Taehyung. “You’re not the only one with game here. Jungkookie just had a date last weekend.”

Hoseok and Taehyung glance at each other, then turn suspicious gazes upon their friend and ask in unison, “You did?”

Jungkook bites his tongue, already flustered by Jimin’s touch, his face glowing hot and red. “Yes,” he chokes out, giving them a pointed look when Jimin leans forward to pick up Taehyung’s empty cup. “I did.

It takes a moment, but then Hoseok smacks Taehyung on the shoulder and beams a fake smile around the group. “O-Oh, that’s right! Yeah, you told us about that. I totally forgot. My bad.”

Jimin smiles over at Jungkook, looking almost proud, which bugs Jungkook just a little bit. “See, Tae? You’re not the only one,” he says, before hopping up to take the dirtied dish to the kitchen.

Jungkook groans and sinks into his chair. Taehyung stands to hover over him, hands on his hips. “What the hell was that?”

“I told him I went on a date last weekend,” Jungkook grumbles, hands covering his face. He peeks between two fingers to see Taehyung rolling his eyes and Hoseok doubling over. Jungkook pops up in his seat with a pout on his lips. “It was supposed to make him jealous but instead he’s just acting like he’s proud of me. Isn’t that bad? Doesn’t that mean that I’ve been totally friend zoned?”



Everyone looks from Hoseok, the first to have spoken, then back to see who opposed his answer.

Yoongi, shaking his umbrella off as he walks over to them. He shrugs. “I have no idea what we’re talking about but I’m assuming it’s Jimin so, yeah, you’ve been friend zoned, bud, sorry.”

Jungkook groans again as Hoseok chastises Yoongi, then moves to sit on the arm of Jungkook’s chair. “C’mon, don’t think like that. He hasn’t friend zoned you, he just doesn’t realize there’s another zone he can be in with you.”

“Yeah, the bone zone,” Yoongi says, earning a high five from Taehyung. Hoseok tries not to laugh, pursing his lips together. He eventually gives in and holds a hand out for Yoongi to land five there, too.

“Seriously, though, you should just ask him out on a date,” Hoseok says, all chipper and hopeful as always, but Jungkook recoils from him, nose scrunching even further.

Yoongi sighs. “Are you trying to give the poor kid a heart attack?” He scoots forward in his seat, glancing over at where Jimin takes someone’s order. “Just start by hanging out with him. I mean, you two already live together. Do you ever just watch movies together or something?”

Jungkook shakes his head, earning scoffs and wide eyes from his friends. “What?” he whines. “I get too nervous so I just hide out in my room whenever he watches TV and stuff.”

“You’re seriously too afraid to even sit on the couch and watch a movie with him?” Hoseok asks, and Jungkook gives him a sheepish nod. He throws his hands in the air and moves back to his chair. “I tried my best. You’re on your own, Kookie. Sorry.”

“Oh my god, you all suck at this,” Taehyung says, then leans down, gripping the arms of Jungkook’s chair. “Go ask him what he’s doing tonight. Figure out his plans and work yourself into them, no matter what they are. If he’s watching bad sitcoms tonight, you’re watching them with him. If he’s walking dogs, you are too. If he’s hiding a dead body for the fucking mafia, you’re helping him do it.”

Jungkook grimaces. “Why would you even—”

“Shh.” Taehyung presses a finger to his lips. “Please, I need my sanity, so just do this or I’ll be stressed during my entire date. I gotta go.”

“Another date?” Yoongi asks as Jimin comes over, his usual drink already in hand. “Thanks, Min. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Taehyung gives him a feigned smile. “Wouldn’t you all like to know? Same guy as last time and, no, you still don’t get to know who he is.”

“Wow, more than one date,” says Jimin. “Must be something special.”

Taehyung shrugs, then gives them all a wave and bounds off. Yoongi calls after him, “Don’t fuck until at least the third date if you want it to last!” He cackles when the other man flips him off on his way out the door.

“I hope it goes well,” Jimin says as he starts cleaning off their table. “I’m kinda jealous, honestly. I haven’t been on a date in forever.”

Jungkook doesn’t miss the glances between his other two friends before they start spewing out excuses to leave them alone; Yoongi says he wants to go order a cookie to go with his drink and Hoseok suddenly has to pee. They both leap from their seats and meander away, leaving Jimin and Jungkook alone together.

“Didn’t Hoseok just come back from the bathroom, like, five minutes ago?” Jimin asks, pointing after their friend.

“Uh, bladder infection” is the first excuse Jungkook can come up with, and he hates that he even just uttered those words to the guy of his dreams. But Jimin just shrugs and returns to cleaning.

Jimin, with his dyed blonde hair and pink lips, seems unaware of Jungkook’s fidgety feet, how his fingers tap against his chair faster than the speed of light. Then Jimin glances over at him and he goes still, like an animal spotted by a predator. “What about you, Jungkook? Are you seeing the person you went out with again?”

“Uh.” Jungkook shakes his head. “Nope. No, I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

Jungkook opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water, shrugging, choking on his words until Jimin stops looking at him. “Just… feel like he’s not the right one. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah.” Jimin shoots him a smile. “I kinda do, I think.”

Jungkook tries to smile but Jimin doesn’t see it, already setting back to work on clearing off the table. He takes a deep breath, summoning up courage he doesn’t have to ask, “So, Jimin, what are your plans for today? Anything after work?”

“Just, uh, the laundromat,” Jimin says, wiping down the table. Jungkook turns his eyes up to the ceiling as Jimin bends over in front of him, finding anything he can to distract himself.

“Oh, yeah?” Jungkook asks, gulping as Jimin plants a hand on the table, leaning farther over to wipe down the other side. “What a coincidence. I was planning on doing laundry, too.”

Jimin smiles at him, seeming clueless. “Oh, yeah? Well, good luck with that! I guess I’ll see you at the apartment later.”

“Uh…” Jungkook clears his throat, lips pursed together as he hops up to follow Jimin to the next table. “Well, I was thinking— I was actually gonna go tonight. We could go… together?”

Bouncing on his toes, Jimin smiles over at Jungkook. “Really? That would be fun! Let’s do it.”


Jimin nods. “Yeah. I’m off at six, you wanna go right after?”

“Sure,” Jungkook says, grinning like a kid on Christmas morning, his gift being the sparkly-eyed, blonde beauty in front of him. He suddenly gets a strange image of Jimin being wrapped up like a Christmas present, sitting under a tree, and blinks it away. Weird.

“Okay.” Jimin just looks at him, like he’s waiting for Jungkook to say or do something. Probably just waiting for him to stop staring at him like a damn fool. “I should get back to work.”

Jungkook scratches the back of his neck. “Oh. Right. Right, sorry. Okay. I— I gotta do… a thing. I’ll see you later.” He fiddles with his jacket, his hair, then points toward the door. “I’m gonna go.”


“Okay. Bye.”

Jimin gives him a curious smile. “Bye?”

And then Jungkook walks away with a wave of his hand, backing up towards the door. He sees Hoseok and Yoongi giving him thumbs up as he goes, and then he trips over his own foot, stumbling and catching himself on a chair.

With his face burning red, Jungkook rushes out of the cafe, not looking back at Jimin. He hears him giggle at his near fall, though, before he slips outside and breathes in the fresh air.

He survived that, he can survive a couple hours of just him and Jimin in the laundromat, right?






You think Jungkook’s gonna survive this? Or is he gonna totally shit himself?


he’ll be fine

he might make himself look like a total idiot but like

I think jimin kind of likes that about him



I hope you’re right

Are you coming over since Tae is out for the night? ;)


hell yeah




Jimin’s all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when he meets Jungkook at the laundromat, a fabric bag full of dirty laundry. He’s excited and he knows it’s ridiculous, but he’s never used a laundromat like this before. He’s never even done his own laundry before, always growing up in a condo paid for by his parents, a maid to do all his cleaning.

This is a step forward, as silly as it may seem. He got an apartment, he has a job, he’s been away from his parents for a whole month (and up until now he managed to bribe Hoseok into doing his laundry for him in exchange for cooking him some awesome meals, since that’s the one thing he can confidently do.) Now, he needs to do this on his own, too.

“Here, you take this machine, I’ll take this one,” Jungkook says, patting them each in turn. “Be right back. Detergent’s right here.”

Jimin watches him go with a smile, picking up the detergent and hugging it to his chest. He hadn’t expected Jungkook to offer to come with him and it makes him both happy and nervous. Ever since running into Jungkook again, Jimin hasn’t stopped thinking about how much he’s grown since high school, how handsome he’s become.

He spins back around to his machine, only to find someone shoving his bag off to the side. “Oh— Oh, excuse me. That’s my bag. Um, I’m using that machine, that’s why I set my bag there—”

“I don’t see anything washing,” the guy says with a shrug. “You gotta have your shit in the machine if you wanna save it.”

“What—” Jimin glances around at all the other people, all with their baskets sitting on top, not being bothered. “But everyone else—”

“Sorry, kid. I don’t make the rules.” He grabs Jimin’s bag, shoving it into his arms, and Jimin just purses his lips together and turns away, defeated. He’s never been good at standing up to people. Too nice, too sweet everyone always says.

Jungkook waltzes back over to him, a handful of coins and a smile on his face. But that smile falls faster than a rock when he sees the sad frown on Jimin’s lips. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“This guy just took my machine,” Jimin says, casting a glare at the man behind him. “Then he just shoved my bag at me.”

“So your bag was on the machine?”

Jimin nods. “Yeah, but I didn’t have anything washing yet so…”

“Oh, hell no. He can’t just…” Jungkook holds a finger up to Jimin, then darts around him.

“Uh, hey, you just jacked my friend’s machine,” he says, and Jimin’s heart pounds for him he’s so nervous. The guy turns around, arms crossed over his chest. “His bag was on top, so it’s his machine.”

“He wasn’t washing anything—”

“And that’s not how this works and you damn well know it,” Jungkook snaps, crossing his arms to mimic the man’s position. He cocks one challenging brow at him. “I don’t see you moving anyone else’s shit, so why mess with his?”

The guy stares him down, then huffs and rolls his eyes. He grabs his clothes, shoving them into his bag, then gives Jungkook one last dirty glare before leaving. Jungkook spins to face Jimin with a cheesy grin.

“Ugh, you’re the best,” Jimin says, bounding back over to the machine. He starts pouring his clothes in as they chat, then he notices Jungkook sorting his own clothes, separating them out.

Jimin pauses, watching as colorful clothes go into one machine and white clothes into another. He starts pulling his clothes back out, hoping Jungkook doesn’t notice as he tries to sort his own, but the other man glances over him once, twice, then stops and stares.

“What are you doing?”

“S-Separating my clothes because—” Jimin stops, realizing he doesn’t have a clue why he needs to sort them, he’s just copying the younger man. “I— I— I don’t know.” He feels his face flush red as Jungkook stares at him with wide, doe eyes. Cute. “I have no idea what I’m doing,” Jimin whines, head hanging. “I just copied you. Why are you separating them?”

Jungkook smiles, and Jimin can’t tell if it’s because he’s trying not to laugh at Jimin or if he finds his ignorance somehow endearing. “It helps prevent your clothes from fading or bleeding together.” He reaches past Jimin. “Here, like this…”

Jimin leans against the machine as Jungkook explains to him, separating the clothes out, one article at a time, dumping one pile into one machine and one into another. Then he stops, his face going as red as a tomato, he drops whatever he had been holding and gulps.

“You get the idea,” he says, clearing his throat, and Jimin looks down to see a pair of his underwear sitting there. Oh. He hadn’t thought about that. Maybe he should have waited to wash those when Jungkook isn’t around.

Jungkook does his best to brush it off. It’s no big deal. It’s not the first time he’s seen another guy’s underwear. Hell, he and Hoseok have shared underwear before. On accident, of course. But this is Jimin.

They talk as their clothes wash, and Jungkook realizes that in the entire month they’ve been living together they haven’t done much catching up, haven’t talked about high school or Busan or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, he’s sort of avoided spending any kind of quality time with Jimin, too afraid he’ll make a fool of himself.

He wracks his brain of what he could ask, but Jimin speaks first.

“What if I can’t do this? I mean, I almost fucked up my own laundry. How am I supposed to live on my own if I can’t even do this?” Jimin asks, hopping up onto one of the machines.

“You’re doing fine,” Jungkook assures him, and he means it. For the most part, Jimin’s figuring his way out around the real world. For someone who spent his entire life being pampered by his parents, he’s done a great job adjusting.

For some reason, Jungkook says none of this aloud. He chokes, like he always does around Jimin, and just smiles.

Jimin sits atop the washing machine, hands planted on it between the vee of his legs as he stares up at the ceiling. It’s sweet and endearing and adorable, the way he swings his feet backward and forward, heels clunking against the machine. Several people have cleared out by now, just leaving them and two others in the building. “Maybe I should go back to college.”

“You should. You said you’ve got two years under your belt already, right?”

“Yeah, with my parents’ money, though.” Jimin puffs his cheeks up, brows furrowing, then he exhales, round cheeks flattening out again. “How am I supposed to afford it on my own?” He cocks his head as Jungkook leans against the machine across from him. “How do you afford it?”

Jungkook shrugs, hands planted on the machine behind him, fidgeting, anxious. “Scholarships, loans, financial aid, all that fun stuff. I can help you figure it all out, if you want.”

“Really?” Jimin perks right up, his face shining brighter than the sun. “You’re amazing, Jungkook. Thank you.”

Jungkook opens his mouth to say something, whatever comes to mind, just so they don’t stop talking because he loves listening to Jimin. But the machine under Jimin buzzes and he hops off, a little startled, and they silently set to work on moving their things to the dryer.

As Jungkook shoves his clothes into one, he notices the same man as before making a beeline for the dryer Jimin’s heading for. He almost says something to stop him, but Jimin beats him to it, rushing to the dryer and planting his hand on it.

“Excuse me, I’m using this machine.”

“Excuse me,” the guy shoots back, sneering, “there are a million other machines you could use.”

Jimin sputters for a second, glances back at Jungkook as if asking for help, then frowns at the man before him. He puffs up his chest, squares his shoulders, and Jungkook almost melts at the sight. “Then why don’t you use one of those other machines, huh? I don’t see anyone stopping you.”

Jungkook does melt at that, how cute Jimin is even when he’s trying to be fierce. It’s far from intimidating—at least to Jungkook—but it seems to work as the guy casts glances between the two friends. Jungkook just shrugs at him with a smug grin, and the guy scoffs and walks away again.

With a muffled hoot of victory, his hands over his mouth, Jimin turns to Jungkook. “Did you see that? I totally made him back down!” he cheers, rushing over to Jungkook. “I just tried to do what you did earlier and it worked. Oh my god, this has been the best night ever. Thank you, Jungkook—”

He interrupts himself when he grabs Jungkook by the face and rather ungracefully pulls him into a kiss. It only lasts half a second and then he pulls away, eyes wide.

Jimin grins, sheepish, looking like a scolded child as he pulls his hands back to his chest. “Sorry,” he whispers, then catches his lips between his teeth.

Jungkook just nods, a wide, dumb grin on his face and stammered words spilling from him that make little to no sense. He waves a hand at Jimin, as if dismissing the whole situation then turns and—smack—slams his face right into the door of one of the dryers.




“Honestly, how did this even happen?” Yoongi asks, handing Jungkook an ice pack as he sits down across from him. They’re in Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s apartment, Jimin waiting across the hall in his own room. Jungkook had escaped him as quickly as possible, mortified by his own stupidity.

“Walked into a door,” Jungkook mumbles. Then he narrows his eyes at his friends. “Wait, why are you here, Yoongi?”

Yoongi glances at Hoseok, then back to Jungkook. He shrugs. “Just— Just hanging out. Shut up. Don’t change the subject. What happened?”

Jungkook sighs, then recounts the story, omitting all the sappy bits where he just stared at Jimin for long periods of time while the other man talked. He leaves out the kiss, too. Instead, he tells them Jimin just did something cute and he got flustered, turning around and running into the door. It’s not a total lie.

Jimin was being cute.

Way too cute.

He looked so embarrassed by his own actions when he kissed Jungkook, a tinge of pink on his cheeks and big eyes shining at him. Jungkook can feel himself smiling at the memory of it, then hears his friends groan.

“God, he’s so gross,” Hoseok says, and Yoongi hums in agreement. “Can they just get married already?”

“I think Jungkook might die if Jimin even smiled at him for too long,” says Yoongi. “Trust me, Jungkook would need, like, twenty years to mentally prepare for a wedding with Jimin.”

Hoseok snorts, but Jungkook barely hears them, still lost in thoughts about Jimin. He wonders what his roommate is thinking right now; if he’s totally freaked about kissing Jungkook, if he just thinks it’s funny.

Jungkook’s too afraid to think of it for long.


Jimin taps his feet on the floor, fidgeting with a cup of tea on the kitchen table. Jungkook had rushed off next door for an ice pack, despite Jimin telling him over and over that they have some here.

He would barely even meet Jimin’s eye after the kiss. Just thinking about it makes Jimin want to curl into a ball and vanish. Why, oh, why had he kissed him? So suddenly, too. He practically jumped the poor man.

Jimin collapses onto the table, burying his face in his arms. How could he be so stupid? Jungkook probably thinks he’s crazy now. He’ll be packing his bags and running away first thing in the morning.

The door swings open and he leaps to his feet as Jungkook steps in, ice pack pressed to his head.

“Oh no,” Jimin presses his lips into a thin line, beckoning Jungkook over, the two of them moving to sit on the couch together. “Does it hurt?” he asks, sitting cross-legged, facing Jungkook. He reaches out, taking hold of the ice pack and holding it there.

“Little bit,” Jungkook says with a shrug. “It’s fine. It’ll pass.” He reaches for the ice again and Jimin swats his hand.

“Let me.” Jimin scoots a little closer, propping his elbow against the back of the couch and resting his head on his hand. He lets his eyes drift over the other man, over the shape of his nose, those precious lips he kissed before. It’s hard not to lean in and do it again. “You sure you’re okay? You hit pretty hard.”

Jungkook’s face reddens again and Jimin grins. Cute. Cute, cute, cute. Everything Jungkook does is cute.

“Sorry about that,” Jimin says, and the younger glances at him, looking jumpy before he reaches for the remote, turning on the television and flicking to a channel with some old movie playing on it. “About the kiss, I mean.”

“It’s totally fine. No big deal. Don’t even worry about it. It was— I mean, you just— I didn’t—” Jungkook shrugs again, leaning back on the couch, Jimin still holding the ice to his head. “It’s fine,” he mutters.

Jimin bites down a smile, turning his attention to the movie. He swears he can hear Jungkook’s heart beating just as fast as his. He can’t be imagining this. So he scoots even closer, and Jungkook almost seems to stop breathing.

“Why weren’t we friends in high school, Jungkook?” he asks, and Jungkook casts him a wide-eyed glance. “You’re so sweet. You would’ve made such a good friend in such a dreary place like that.”

“C’mon, high school wasn’t that bad for you,” Jungkook says, turning a bit to face Jimin. He reaches up to take hold of the ice pack, but Jimin doesn’t let go, instead just moving his hand slightly to cover Jungkook’s with it. He smiles at the way Jungkook squirms and blushes. “Y-You were popular.”

Jimin shrugs. “Not really. People liked me, I guess. I only had, like, one friend all through school, though.”

“I had a lot,” Jungkook says, a barely hidden smile on his lips, “but they were all stuck inside comic books.”

Jimin laughs, doubling over the way he always does and resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. He feels the other man laughing along, stiffening under his touch for a moment and then relaxing again. When he pulls back, he finds Jungkook staring at him, doe eyes sparkling, smile replaced by a nervous swipe of his tongue.

He’s cute. Too cute. And handsome all at the same time, and it’s confusing because Jimin still remembers Jungkook as that shy little boy that always sat in the corner of the cafeteria, silently reading comics by himself. He was always cute, but Jimin never expected him to fill out so much, to spring up so tall, to have hands as big as the one under his own right now.

Ever since moving in together, Jimin feels like Jungkook has held this special little place in his head, like he’s always there even when Jimin’s distracted with work and money and chores and every other stress real adulthood has thrust upon him. Jungkook always seems to be there with something to make him smile: a bad joke, a gallon of ice cream, a hot cup of tea, or just a listening ear.

He likes Jungkook, he definitely likes Jungkook. He’s known that for awhile now, or at least a couple weeks. Their friends all say he feels the same, and the ever-rosy cheeks and the number of times he’s stuttered in front of Jimin would suggest that they’re right.

Jimin purses his lips together, then bursts out with, “I’m not sorry for kissing you, actually.” His eyes go wide as Jungkook blinks at him, but he doesn’t back down no matter how much he wants to. “I really, really wanted to kiss you. For awhile now.”

It takes way too long for Jungkook to respond, just staring at Jimin like he might spontaneously combust if the older says another word. But then he just leans in and kisses Jimin, their teeth clacking together and noses bumping. Jimin jerks back from the slight pain that shoots through his teeth, then laughs.

“Sorry,” Jungkook says, dropping the ice pack and raising his hands as if surrendering. “I’m so sorry. God, I’m a fucking klutz.”

Jimin chuckles, picking the ice pack back up. “It’s okay,” he says as he presses it to Jungkook’s head again. He leans in, slowly this time, giving the younger a peck on the lips.

At first, Jungkook doesn’t respond, either too shocked to react or too afraid he might hurt Jimin again. But then he dives forward, being careful this time as he crashes against the other man, the ice pack flying off to nowhere.

Jimin laughs as he pushes Jungkook back onto the couch, arms curled around his neck. Jungkook hisses as he lands on his back, Jimin stopping to see what’s wrong as the younger reaches behind himself. He pull the remote out, waving it at Jimin with a laugh before tossing it away.

“Anymore hazards we should check for?” Jimin asks, hovering over Jungkook, straddling his hips. He gnaws on his lower lip as Jungkook shakes his head. “Alright then…”

And he dives in again.




“Guys, you aren’t gonna believe this! Like, literally, you probably won’t believe me but it actually happened—” Jungkook goes silent as he hears a thud, like something falling to the floor, on his way into Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s living room. He pops his head around the corner and lets out a shriek.

With his hands over his eyes and his friends fumbling over excuses, Jungkook spins away from the sight of Hoseok and Yoongi on the couch in a rather compromising position.

He clears his throat, eyes still covered but he can hear them yanking their shirts back on. “So… I didn’t know you two were, uh, you know,” he says with an awkward chuckle. Turning around, he peeks between his fingers to find them dressing themselves, hair disheveled, Yoongi’s belt still undone.

Jungkook grins as the two of them glance sheepishly between each other.

“Does Taehyung know you guys are defiling his couch?” he asks, cackling when they both frown at him.

Our couch,” Hoseok says.

“I’m pretty sure he bought it, though.” Jungkook shrugs. “Anyway, didn’t mean to interrupt your guys’, uh, moment,” he continues, already backing toward the door. “I just wanted to let you know that Jimin kissed me. Bye.”

And he darts out as his friends both shout after him, trying to hurl as many questions as they can before he zips back into his own apartment and shuts the door, locking it behind himself.

Jimin looks up from his phone, turning to lean over the back of the couch and smile at him. “What’s up? You look like Christmas came early.”

“I just walked in on Yoongi and Hoseok hooking up,” Jungkook says, earning an enthusiastic, questioning squeak from the other man. He hops over the back of the couch, settling in as Jimin nuzzles up to his side. “Did you have any idea that was going on?”

“No, but I’m never gonna shut up about it now,” Jimin says, snickering. He flicks through the channels of the TV before grabbing a bowl of popcorn off the coffee table. “Does Taehyung know yet?”

Jungkook shakes his head, then casts Jimin a mischievous smirk. “But once he knows, they’ll never stop hearing about it.”

Jimin settles in with Jungkook’s arm around him. “You know, they’re all gonna tease us, too.”

“Ugh, yeah.” Jungkook looks over the other man, the shrugs one shoulder. “Worth it,” he says, then pecks Jimin on the cheek.

Jimin chuckles, holding a piece of popcorn up for Jungkook to bite. “Damn right, I am.”