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Megadimension Neptunia P4

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*Note: Italics within a character’s dialogue indicates thinking. Regular italics with no character speaking indicates a location setting. Singular words italicized are specific things emphasised. Words within parentheses indicate actions with or without lines of dialogue from any character. Lines in their own paragraph without anyone speaking indicate narration of actions or regular narration. Also, this is written in a play script type of format, since it’s easier for me to write stories like this. Also, contains some spoilers from Persona 4/Persona 4 Arena/Arena Ultimax. I hope you all enjoy reading this!

Megadimension Neptunia P4

Prologue: The Midnight Channel

Yu: (narration) The Midnight Channel. Legend has it that if one would stare at the screen of a closed television, alone, at midnight during a heavy rain, one could see their soulmate. However, the person they see is not their soulmate, but the next victim. The Midnight Channel has been involved in a series of murder cases in the town of Inaba. That’s why my friends and I have started a group known as the Investigation Team, to prevent more incidents from happening. The Midnight Channel serves as a warning message of the next victim to be pushed into the tv and its world. Usually, a blurry image can only be seen, with no audio, and the identity of the person unclear. With each passing day, the image starts to become clearer, with the voice of the victim sometimes able to be heard. When the image is at its clearest, and the full voice is able to be heard, that means the victim is inside the tv. We were eventually able to stop the murders and catch the culprit, then the Midnight Channel stopped airing, and was gone for good. ...Or so we thought. My friends; Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Naoto, Teddie, Kanji, Rise, and I heard about a rumor that the Midnight Channel had resurfaced. So naturally, we all were at home sitting in front of our TVs, coincidentally on a rainy night, waiting to see if the Midnight Channel would appear again.

The Dojima Residence, Inaba

It was roughly about four minutes before midnight. Yu had kept calm, but looked back and forth at the clock, in wonder.

Yu: The Midnight Channel... There’s no way. Why would it appear again, and now of all times? But, we all agreed to check it out. Even if the rumor wasn’t true, it would still be safe just to check it out, to see if it was true or not.

(Yu looks back at the clock)

Yu: Two minutes before midnight. We have Rise to communicate with all of us with her Persona, as well. We can all be on the same page to coordinate.

(Yu looks back at the clock, it’s less than one minute before midnight)

Yu: Well, it’s almost time. Let’s see if it’s truly back.

After 30 seconds, it has now become midnight. As if right on cue, the tv turned on almost instantaneously. The tv was clear, and had shown two red-haired girls on the screen, with each one looking almost identical to each other. However, the one on the right side of the screen had a different speech pattern, and had the eyes of a shadow. They started to converse.

Red-haired girl: That form… You’re… me?!
Girl’s Shadow: Ha ha. Nice to meet you, “Me.” This is our first encounter, face to face.
Red-haired girl: What the hell do you know?
Girl’s Shadow: I know everything that you refuse to acknowledge, “Me”. We are one and the same, after all. (voice distorts) But, I am a shadow, the true self.
Red-haired girl: I don’t give a damn what you are! What the hell are you plannin’?!
Girl’s Shadow: That’s something that “I” will have to remember. But enough with this facade, I’ll show you who “you” truly are.

The girl’s shadow snaps her fingers, cutting to black, with only the voice of the Red-haired girl left behind.

Red-haired girl: Anyone, please… save me.

The TV turns off. Right after that, Rise contacts everyone via her Persona.

Rise: Everyone, can you all hear me?
Yu: Yes, Rise.
Everyone else: Loud and clear.
Rise: Did anyone recognize those two?
Yosuke: No, but there is one thing bothering me. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking the same thing partner. The TV was clear, and we could hear them both, but they both looked exactly the same as each other, but the one on the right had the look of a shadow. But, they were speaking normally, but with a different voice than the other one, and her voice only distorted after she said the words of a Shadow’s. If she’s met her shadow, and they’re both in the TV World together, the original girl is in trouble. We all know that if you don’t have a Persona, and you’re in the TV World, you’re very much at risk.
Kanji: Well she’s in trouble, so we gotta go save her!
Yu: Kanji’s right. It’s our duty as the Investigation Team.

The rest of the team nod their heads.

Rise: Right! On the count of 3, we all go into the TV together. 1, 2, 3!

On cue, everyone went to touch their TV screens, entering into the TV World. Another mystery awaits them.


End of Prologue: The Midnight Channel