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They’ve done this a few times before, but Katsuki is pretty sure it will never stop sending a nervous thrill through him.

The restaurant is nice - not the nicest he’s ever been to, but fancy enough that the staff are discreet about the presence of Ground Zero and Red Riot, and they only earn a few glances from the other patrons. The waiter leads them to a table in a dim corner of the restaurant. The tables around them are all empty, and Katsuki suspects Eijirou arranged it ahead of time to ensure their privacy.

Eijirou huffs in amusement when Katsuki insists on pulling out his own chair, but sits and starts unfolding his napkin without comment.

Their conversation is light until the food arrives - Eijirou keeps it going mostly, with anecdotes about civilians he encountered during the week. Red Riot is a popular hero, to no one’s surprise except the man himself. He could have gone pro straight out of high school like Katsuki, but instead he’d elected to stay on with Fatgum for a few more years.

Sometimes Katsuki wishes he had Eijirou’s social expertise and cheerful charisma, but then he remembers how much talking and smiling that involves and he comes to his senses. Ground Zero is plenty popular anyway, or so Deku and his manager like to tell him (Deku’s methods usually involve showing him weird fanart - for some reason he seems to get a kick out of Katsuki’s reactions).

Eijirou is being even handsier than usual tonight. Katsuki wants to chalk it up to the fact that it’s their anniversary, but he knows better. It’s not that. Well, it’s not just that. It’s because of what they have planned.

He shifts in his seat.

“Bathroom,” Katsuki says tersely when the waiter finally brings their meals. Eijirou nods agreeably, smiling after him while the waiter pours their wine. It might be his imagination, but Eijirou’s smile looks a tad more predatory than usual.




“Really?” Eijirou’s voice is carefully calm, like it gets when he’s very excited by trying to hide it. “You’d really let me do that?”

Katsuki sends him a glare to let him know he’s not being subtle.

“I’m the one asking for it, aren’t I?” he grunts. Eijirou nods sharply several times.

“Right, of course. It would be my pleasure!” He gives Katsuki a delighted grin, like he just made all of Eijirou’s dreams come true or some ridiculous shit like that.

“Fuck, just - don’t make a big deal about it.” Eijirou’s smile softens, and he tugs gently on a strand of Katsuki’s hair.

“You’re a big deal to me, Katsuki.”




Katsuki doesn’t know for sure which part of the meal Eijirou drugged (probably the wine) but he can feel it affecting his body. It’s not a big enough dose to send him to sleep - just enough to make him drowsy and sensitive. Pliant.

“Feeling okay?” Eijirou asks softly, laying a hand over Katsuki’s where it’s resting on the table. Katsuki nods, not feeling quite capable of speech. His thoughts feel fuzzy and indistinct. “Come on, eat a bit more. I’ll feed you.” Eijirou picks up a piece of chicken from Katsuki’s plate and waves it in front of his face. “Open up, babe.”

Normally Katsuki would growl and bat the chopsticks away, but not now. He parts his lips obediently.

His eyes drift closed while he chews and he opens his mouth blindly for the next piece.

Some time later - Katsuki can’t be sure how long - Eijirou flags down the waiter and asks for the check.

“Have I told you yet how beautiful you look tonight?”

“Shh...ut. Up.” He wrenches his eyes open to give Eijirou the best glare he can muster, which probably looks pathetic judging by the way his lips twitch.

“Aw babe, you won’t even let me compliment you when you’re like this?” He reaches out a hand and traces a finger down Katsuki’s cheek. It leaves a burning line behind everywhere it touches. “Guess I’ll just have to save it for when we get home.”

Katsuki blames the drug for the shiver that wracks his body. Eijirou chuckles as he helps him out of his seat. “It’s so hot how you try to pretend you don’t love this,” he whispers. “That just makes it more satisfying when you give in later.”




Eijirou fingers him open excruciatingly slowly. He’s always slow when Katsuki allows it, because he’s a closet sadist who likes watching him squirm, and right now Katsuki is in no shape to make him go faster. By the time Eijirou is lazily pumping three fingers inside of him, Katsuki is drooling into the sheets and can only muster up a pitiful whine to try and convince Eijirou to have mercy on him.

“One more, babe,” Eijirou murmurs. His eyes are rapt on where his fingers enter Katsuki, stretching his rim.

Finally, he fits in a fourth finger, but the increased girth means he’s rubbing over Katsuki’s prostate on every thrust. Katsuki comes with little fanfare, letting out a surprised gasp as he does.

“That’s it,” Eijirou says. He runs his free hand down Katsuki’s side.

With the aftershocks running through his body, Katsuki barely notices Eijirou has left until he’s returning with a water bottle.

“Can’t let you get dehydrated. I’m not done with you yet,” he says cheerfully as he elevates Katsuki’s head and holds the bottle to his lips for him to drink.

Katsuki drifts in and out of consciousness for a few minutes, only aware of Eijirou’s soothing tones and being lifted at one point. He feels like a puddle of goo.

Katsuki comes to with Eijirou’s cock halfway inside him, sliding in like it belongs there. Katsuki wishes he could have it inside him forever. He’s lying on his side with Eijirou curled around him like a pair of quotation marks. Figures - this is Eijirou’s favorite position so of course he’d take the chance to do it now when Katsuki can’t protest about being the little spoon.

“You’re so amazing, Katsuki.” Eijirou’s voice is hoarse like he’s holding back tears. That sappy bastard, is all Katsuki can think before he sinks into darkness again.




The next time he awakens, he’s sitting on Eijirou’s lap, back-to-chest. Eijirou’s not moving, just has his arms wrapped tight around Katsuki’s chest and his face buried in Katsuki’s neck. His cock feels thick and hot inside him, and Katsuki can’t hold back a humiliating mewl. He’d writhe if he had more energy, but as it is he can barely twitch.

“Awake again, huh?” Eijirou kisses his neck where he’d been lightly biting it. Not enough to break the skin, unfortunately. The first time they’d had sex, Eijirou had bitten him on the back of his shoulder hard enough to scar (because like fuck was Katsuki going to Recovery Girl over something like that) and ever since he’d been almost excessively careful with his teeth no matter how many times Katsuki irritably informed him he wasn’t some precious relic.

Eijirou fastens his hands around Katsuki’s waist and starts slowly moving him up and down. His prostate is ridiculously sensitive by now and moans start flowing out of him without his permission.

“I love you. Love you so much, Katsuki,” Eijirou gasps, not as unaffected as he’d been pretending after all. “You look so good on my cock, you’re so gorgeous like this.”

“Let me fucking come,” Katsuki demands with what breath he has left in him. His voice is hoarse as though he’s been yelling, even though he’s only said a handful of sentences tonight.

“How do you want to?” Eijirou asks. “You want me to touch you, or do you want to come untouched on my cock again? I know how much you like that.”

Katsuki clenches down as hard as he can in revenge for that embarrassing fucking question before letting his head fall back on Eijirou’s shoulder.

“Just...” is all he manages, but Eijirou understands. He starts moving Katsuki faster on him, and it only takes a few minutes for him to reach the cusp of orgasm again. Eijirou pinches his nipples and that’s all it takes to send him over the edge, gulping in air like he’s drowning. He falls unconscious again right after, only faintly registering Eijirou’s groan as he releases inside him.




The next thing he knows, Katsuki is being carried. Eijirou takes him to the shower first and sits them both down on the floor, Katsuki in his lap again but facing each other this time.

He takes his time washing Katsuki’s hair, massaging shampoo into the wet strands and then running the detachable showerhead over it. Katsuki can’t keep in a contented sigh, clutching Eijirou’s shoulders with arms that feel like wet noodles, and Eijirou hums in return.

After his hair is done, Eijirou focuses on cleaning his hole. He fingers the come out gently, aiming the shower jet at it with his other hand.

“Shh, babe, I’ve got you,” he murmurs when Katsuki whines from the overstimulation. “Gonna take care of you.”

When the shower is done, Eijirou runs the bath and wraps him in a few towels to stave off the cold of the bathroom before seating him in front of the sink - perhaps correctly predicting that if he waits until after the bath to brush Katsuki’s teeth, he’ll choke on the toothpaste and die.

Katsuki is on Eijirou’s lap yet again as he carefully brushes his teeth (much more gently than Katsuki is accustomed to doing for himself) and flosses him. He can feel Eijirou’s half-hard cock against him, because Eijirou is a freak who gets turned on by brushing someone’s teeth. Their eyes meet in the mirror, Katsuki’s foggy and Eijirou’s intent.

“Here, Katsuki,” Eijirou says softly, holding a cup of water to his lips. Katsuki washes out his mouth and Eijirou wipes away the water that Katsuki can’t keep from leaking out the corner of his lips.

By the time they’re in the bath, Katsuki is truly down for the count. His body aches like he’s been in a fight even though Eijirou’s been doing all the heavy lifting tonight, and he can’t help a luxurious sigh as the hot water envelopes him.

“S’good,” he says through uncooperative lips. Eijirou chuckles into his ear.

“I’m glad. Now go to sleep. Don’t worry, I’ll get you to bed.”

“Love you,” Katsuki manages before he obeys. The last thought he has as he slips under is something unrepentantly sappy - I couldn’t ask for a better husband. Maybe he’ll tell Eijirou when he wakes up just to see if he blushes.