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One Zoony disaster

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Thomas looked down at the cat carrier in his lap with unsure eyes as irritated hisses of annoyance and anger came from the inside, clearly not from a cat, Thomas wasn’t sure why he even brought the snake here… what would he do? It was tame so he couldn't just release it out into the wild, but it was not a happy snake, Thomas regretted his life choices one again. would he even be able to care for a snake?

His house was already full of more animals than he had planned, he had originally only planed to have Patton, a yellow Goldendoodle, who loved everyone.

Then there were the Ragdoll cat who had waltzed into his home one day after a cold spell struck five months after Thomas had moved inside, and clearly stated that this was his home now, Patton befreiend the cat instantly despite Roman eating all his food until Thomas got to the grocery store to get the stuff he needed to care for the cat… sure the cat took care of the spiders and other insects so that was a plus, but Thomas also had to get more medications for his allergy in order to not tear up every second Roman decided to demand attention, or if he found a shirt only to have it covered his white cat hair.

A year later there was Logan and Virgil who Patton had dragged home after a terrible storm, holding the kitten in his mouth, while the raven clung to his back, the Raven, that shifted in a blueish hue and a black kitten that was worse for wear by being tired and cold and hungry, but the only damage was on of the Raven’s wings being broken. Patton dropped them in the middle of the living room and the Kitten quickly scrambled in under the Rave who snapped at Roman who tried to come close to inspect that black kitten who hissed back and hid under the full grown bird.

Logan could talk, Thomas had learned a few days later, just a few words, but he was the smartest Raven Thomas knew. mostly the Raven just shouted “Falsehood” when something didn’t follow the Raven’s knowledge of Logic. Thomas didn’t know how many arguments he had with the Raven at first.

Virgil on the other hand was skittish and Thomas had been unable to catch him at first, the kitten either hid under the wounded Raven or scrambled away to hide under the sofa and Thomas had to hold Roman back who was NOT happy about the black intruder in HIS home.


In the end Thomas had thrown Roman outside and locked the door, ready for the cat’s wrath once he was let inside again. Thomas tried to coax the kitten out from under the sofa and after getting scratched and bitten he managed to grab the scruff of the kitten and get it out from under the sofa. the kitten hissed and yowled and snarled, but Thomas wasn’t gonna risk it getting sick, so he gathered the furious and probably terrified kitten in his shirt and put it in the carrier he only had to look at Logan for the Raven to walk inside, Thomas quickly took them to the vet, the raven got it’s wing in a cast while the nurse checked up on the hissing kitten who only calmed down when Logan walked over and gave away a low croon.

In the end Virgil had gotten vaccinated and so had Logan, Thomas had been told how to care for them both, at least until Logan’s wing was good again.


Thomas sighed as he was called by the nurse at the vet, and entered.

  “Okay what do we have today?” the doctor said with a laugh. Thomas gave away a sheepish smile.

  “Roman decided to bring in a snake… and it was still alive and i wasn’t sure what to do…” Thomas explained. “It’s not very happy right now.”

  “Well then, let’s see what we have here.” the doctor said and gently opened the cat carrier, earning a hiss in return. The doctor looked down at the snake bundled in several towels. a small Yellow Rat Snake glared back and hissed loudly before trying to hide in the towels. “Oh, well look at you.” the doctor said not moving to pick up the agitated snake.

  “I think it’s tame, because there are no snakes like this near where i live.”

  “Hm, hard to say for one so small.” the doctor hummed.


Once the snake calmed down the doctor did a quick checkup to make sure the young snake was not gonna get worse from the wounds the cat had inflicted.

In the end nothing was to badly damaged, and Thomas was driving to the pet shop to get the stuff he would need to care for the small noodle. when he had gotten everything he quickly built it up in one corner of the living room, before lowering the hissing bundle of towels into the terrarium and the closing the lid and locking it, all the while being observed by both the cats, a dog and a raven.

  “I now have a snake… my apartment will soon be nothing but a zoo… i’m gonna need a bigger house.”

Thomas watched as the snake slithered out slowly licking the air.

  “Hmm, Deceit would be a good name for you, you seem nice but you always throw such hissyfits.” he muttered to himself

Logan hopped over wing still in a sling and hopped up until he stood at the glass to get a look at the yellow snake.
The snake and raven had a stare off before Deceit turned his head and disappearing into the hidey place.

Thomas quickly gathered the towels and then closed the lid again before leaving the room to throw the towels in the washing machine. Patton walking over and looking into the terrarium with a curiousness, he sniffed at the glass. Roman stretched on the back of the sofa watching the glass cage before huffing un happily, and he gave away a dramatic noise as he rolled down the sofa to land at the cushions and mewed dramatically until Virgil decided to flop on top of his face, quickly shutting Roman up. starting a play fight between the cat and kitten, Roman still wasn’t much of a fan, but he now at least tolerated the kitten.