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Lucoa & Shouta X-Fic (temp title)

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Shouta Magutsuchi was still in a state of mild shock, even hours after the startling revelation. The proof had been undeniable. Lucoa wasn’t a demon or a succubus. She was a dragon. And not just any dragon; she was Quetzalcoatl – an actual goddess! Apparently, he hadn’t summoned her; she’d sensed his demon-summoning ritual, decided it’d be too dangerous to risk “one of those things” appearing in the heart of the suburbs, and had intercepted the ritual with herself. His parents had been equally shocked to learn that a dragon-goddess had taken an interest in their son.


In addition, she’d revealed to the family that Shouta’s trouble with little spells, which drove him to try the summoning ritual to impress his father, was only because had had such huge reserves of magical energy that it made casting low-level or delicate magecraft difficult; he habitually poured too much power into spells, overloading them to the point they didn’t work. Thankfully, Lucoa had dealt with this sort of thing before, and was drawing up lessons to help the young mage with magical fine-control.


Now, as he sat on the couch, Shouta couldn’t help but wonder: why would Lucoa, a dragon-goddess, choose to stay with him, help him, spend time with him? He was too shy to ask her, and so he decided to use an unorthodox solution. Recalling the tome he’d recently studied, he brought up a “little” of his magic, closing his eyes and clearing his mind. With this spell, he would ‘see’ what Lucoa’s feelings about him were. Was he a plaything? A pet? He cast the spell…


…and let out a soft gasp, his face going red. Overwhelming maternal love, mixed in with powerful sensual lust – the intense desire to love and nurture him, protect him, see him happy and safe, smother him in gentle loving affection, along with the desire to do things with him… Canceling the spell-link, Shouta sat stiffened and blushing, left speechless by the strength of Lucoa’s seemingly contradictory yet flawlessly blended feelings for him. Knowing how precious he was to her…


“Hi~, Shouta-kun


The young boy let out a startled little “Eeep!” as Lucoa came in from behind, looking down at him with a warm smile. She came around the couch and sat down beside him, against the edge, and the boy blushed from being so close to her right after learning how she felt about him. Then, Shouta let out another cute little startled squeak as Lucoa casually picked him up and sat him in her lap, leaning him back to rest the back of his head against her huge breasts, her arms around his waist in a light hug.


Shouta was blushing brightly as Lucoa held him, but gradually his little body relaxed. One of Lucoa’s warm, soft, gentle hands came up to caress his forehead and begin lightly stroking his hair, while the other slipped up under his shirt to gently rub his cute little belly. The young boy steadily relaxed further, feeling warmth and safety, Lucoa’s soothing touch taking all the tension away from him, the dragon-woman feeling blissfully content as her favorite little boy relaxed in her lap. As he leaned back against Lucoa in a pleasant warm daze, Shouta wondered what the future would bring…


That night, as Shouta was getting into bed, he fidgeted a little, feeling strangely restless. In addition to thoughts of the day running through his head, it felt like his young body wanted… something.


He was pulled from his turbulent thoughts as Lucoa came over and sat down on the mattress beside him. She could feel the state he was in, and had a strong desire to ‘help’ him. She placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling at how his cute blush deepened a little.


“Hey, Shouta-kun… You seem a little anxious, like something doesn’t feel quite right but you don’t know what.”


The shy young boy nodded. “I… I dunno what this feeling is…”


She turned him to face her, gently cupping his soft little face in her hands, feeling her heart throb at his adorable expression looking up at her. Then, she leaned down while tilting his head back, slowly approaching. As Lucoa’s lips pressed against his, Shouta let out a surprised squeak, his face going bright-red, his little heart racing. Lucoa’s arms came around him, one on his back and the other on the back of his head, pulling him close against her, making him feel her warm body and huge, soft boobs against him. His eyes fluttered closed, a little squeak and sigh escaping him as his body slowly relaxed even as the warmth and ‘flying’ feeling spread through him.


Lucoa pushed her tongue into Shouta’s mouth, and the young boy quivered softly in her arms and let out an adorable little mewl as her tongue caressed and coiled around his. She used her magic so that neither of them would have to stop to breathe, letting her continue to deep-kiss him for what felt like a very long time, the young boy practically melting in her arms.


By the time Lucoa pulled back, Shouta was softly panting and trembling, feeling warm all over. She laid him down on the futon, and somehow it was his bare back that touched the sheets; the young boy felt shy and vulnerable as his soft chest & tummy were exposed to Lucoa’s view, the immortal woman licking her lips at the sight. She leaned down and began lightly kissing along Shouta’s throat, making the young boy let out a little whining moan. Going lower, Lucoa gently took Shouta’s nipple between her lips, starting to lick and suck softly, making the young boy let out cute little gasps and soft, whining moans, his face flushing, little body wriggling a bit. Lucoa switched back & forth between nipples every several seconds, keeping the ticklish new pleasure going.


As she kissed her way down Shouta’s soft little belly, making him squeak and wriggle, Lucoa grinned as she came upon the bulge in the boy’s shorts. Grabbing the top, she started slowly pulling his shorts & undies off together, making Shouta let out a squeaked gasp and go bright-red as he was rendered naked. He quickly tried to cover himself, and Lucoa simply chuckled softly and began gently rubbing the sides of his bare hips, the feel of her warm soft hands caressing his sensitive skin sending a little shiver through him.


“Shouta-kun… You always turn away and cover your face whenever I bare myself to you. But this time… I’d like you to keep your eyes on me, and get a good, close look…”


She pulled her shirt up and off, her huge breasts bouncing for a moment. Despite his deep embarrassment, Shouta ‘forced’ himself to look, his pretty little eyes going wide as they fixated on Lucoa’s big, beautiful boobs, his heart thumping. Then, she sat back and pulled her panties down & off, using one hand to cover herself and the other to call him closer. He sat up and forward, still covering himself, and then went positively scarlet as Lucoa removed her hand, giving the shy young boy his first look at a woman’s pussy, smooth and soft-looking, pretty and pink, and already a little ‘wet’.


After letting Shouta enjoy the view for a moment, Lucoa gently pushed him back, reaching in and pulling his hands away, enjoying how cute his little mortified squeak was and the sight of his hard, twitching cock, which was impressively sized for someone so young. Licking her lips, she had him lean back on his hands and spread his legs, the boy feeling incredibly embarrassed and vulnerable in this shameful pose.


Lucoa got down between his legs, leaned in and pressed her tongue against the underside base of his dick, slowly licking upwards. Shouta let a high, squeaky moan, a shiver running up his tensed-up little body, as the intense new sensation hit him, hot and wet and ‘sharp’ and tingly. As she reached the tip, she took it between her lips and then slowly slid her lips down the ‘shaft’, and Shouta made a shuddering moan, his young body stiffened and twitching as his dick was steadily engulfed in hot, soft, slick pleasure.


Once she was all the way down, Lucoa gently took hold of Shouta’s quivering hips, letting out a soft little happy sound as she held his big, hot, hard dick in her mouth, while Shouta trembled and let out cute moans from the amazing new sensations enveloping his penis. Lucoa slowly slid her lips & tongue up, enjoying the cute little shivering gasp Shouta made, stopping with just the ‘head’ still in her mouth. She then started moving up & down, licking and sucking and stroking, and Shouta squeaked and gasped and moaned, the young boy’s hips twitching and trying to wriggle only for Lucoa’s hands to hold them in place, not letting him get away. The hot, slick pleasure engulfing his dick sent tingles up his spine, feeling like his crotch was ‘melting’ in it.


As Lucoa started going all the way down, Shouta quivered and twitched, gasped and moaned, feeling the amazing sensations of Lucoa’s hot, soft lips stroking and sucking along the shaft of his penis, her tongue caressing the ‘head’ and the underside. For the shy young boy who’d never really touched himself down there, the pleasure was overwhelming. Soon, Shouta could feel a kind of ‘pressure’ building up, making his little body tense up and arch back, his sweet young voice starting to go higher and ‘tighter’. He tried to fight against it, but Lucoa’s persistent and skillful stimulations made that a lost cause, and she felt joyful anticipation as his hips tensed and twitched in her grasp.


Finally, Lucoa brought her precious little lover to his first ever orgasm; Shouta cried out in a high, loud, sweet cry as amazing pleasure burst within his lower body, especially concentrated in his crotch. His mind had gone white, his voice coming out in squeaky yelping moans as the pulses of hot, powerful pleasure shook his little body. Lucoa moaned happily as she held onto his wriggling hips, continuing to stroke and suck his twitching cock as it filled her mouth with rich, hot, thick cum, the continued stimulation making the young boy quiver and twitch, his tongue hanging out as he squeaked and moaned.


Lucoa continued softly stroking and sucking until nothing more was coming out, making Shouta moan and quiver. She slowly slid her lips up and off, sitting up and smiling at Shouta as she gulped down her mouthful of cum, delighted by the feeling of warmth sliding down into her belly. Shouta was still quivering and panting softly, the memories of that incredible pleasure making his face red.


Shouta was then gently pushed down onto his back, Lucoa hanging over him with a sensual smile on her beautiful face. Her eyes glowed faintly with magic, and Shouta felt warmth wash over him, his penis quickly re-hardening. Now, Lucoa carefully got up on top of him, and his pretty little eyes widened as she held her hips over his, her pussy right over his dick. His face reddened, his breathing and heart-rate speeding up from bashfulness, anxiousness, and anticipation, hardly able to believe what was about to happen. Lucoa carefully moved her hips until her pussy ‘sat’ atop the tip of his penis with feather-light touch, smiling at the little shiver that ran through his small body beneath her. She cast the necessary spells – anti-pregnancy, synched-climax, cum retention & absorption…


“Let’s become one, Shouta” she whispered to him.


Lucoa slowly pushed her hips down, letting out a delight moan as she finally got to feel Shouta’s hot, hard dick spreading her pussy open, while Shouta let out a moan that rose nearly to a squeak, his little body trembling and arching back, as the incredible sensations hit him – Lucoa’s hot, slick, soft, tight pussy steadily engulfing the shy little boy’s virgin dick, heat spreading through his young body. Soon, she was all the way down, moaning happily from the wonderful hot fullness in her pussy. Shouta quivered softly, letting out cute moans and heated breaths, feeling the amazing hot, soft, tight pleasure enveloping his entire penis from base to tip. It felt like he was gonna melt into her…


Shouta shivered and squeaked as Lucoa slowly lifted her hips back up, her pussy stroking his dick upward, until just the ‘head’ was still inside her. Bracing her hands down against the bed on either side of Shouta’s shoulders, Lucoa started moving her hips up & down, letting out sweet moans and coos as this made Shouta’s dick move and rub inside her. Shouta let out squeaky gasps and high, girlish moans as the incredible new sensations filled his lower body; Lucoa’s pussy felt so amazingly hot, squeezing his penis so tightly yet also so wonderfully soft and slick, ‘stroking’ his dick with a steady rhythm. Whenever his eyes were open, he could see her smiling face looking down at him as she moaned happily, her huge breasts bouncing in time with her movements; with all the other stimulation he was getting, it was a beautiful and hypnotic sight.


Lucoa sped up a little and started going all the way down, her moans a little louder as she made Shouta’s hot, hard dick reach deep into her pussy, while the sweet young boy gasped and moaned and trembled beneath her, his eyes glazed over and unfocused as the pleasure enveloped his mind. Her hands came up and pinned his to the bed beside his head, as she looked down into his beautiful eyes, the contact making the sensations feel a bit more intense and ‘meaningful’ for both of them.


Subjected to such strong pleasure, Shouta soon felt another climax building up. However, Lucoa’s magic took hold of his body, keeping him from cumming before she did, holding him nearly at the brink of climax without letting him cross over. His moans gained a desperate, plaintive tone to them, his little hips trying to shake and twitch upward as Lucoa’s hips bounced atop them, her pussy squeezing and stroking his twitching dick over and over. She sped up, trying to make herself cum quicker, moaning and shuddering as she pushed and grinded down, making his cock rub and press at her sweet spots (and making the young boy let out a near-squeal as his toes curled). Lucoa’s moans climbed and tightened as she approached her ‘peak’, her movements becoming sharper and more erratic.


Finally, Lucoa ‘slammed’ her hips down, she and Shouta crying out as they climaxed together; Shouta’s sweet young voice came out in loud, high moans and gasps as an orgasm even stronger than his first filled his lower body with hot, intense pleasure, his back arching, his hips trying to twitch up only to be held down by Lucoa’s hips grinding down against them. Lucoa’s pussy tightly contracted around his dick, ‘helping’ to draw out the forceful spurts of hot, thick cum that made his little body shake and twitch, the dragon-woman moaning in delight from the sensations of being cummed inside.


Shouta still made little gasps and moans as his climax ebbed away, his little body trembling and softly twitching, while Lucoa quivered and moaned happily atop him. She slowly pulled herself up and off, and lay down beside him, smiling as she looked at the state he was in – panting with his little tongue out just a bit, cute little face flushed, small body softly quivering a little… After giving him a moment to rest, she cast a light restoration spell on him, and then pulled him into a kiss; Shouta mewled softly as Lucoa’s tongue invaded his mouth, and he felt warm all over as his dick quickly re-hardened.


“This time,” she whispered to him, “you get to control the movements…”


Lucoa got on her hands & knees, pointing her shapely backside and wet pussy at Shouta, giving her butt a little wiggle as she looked back at him. Letting out a little gulp, Shouta got up on his knees behind her and took hold of her hips, feeling the warm, soft flesh against his fingers & palms. He moved his hips and lightly touched the tip of his dick against Lucoa’s pussy, making her let out a little shivering moan, and she wiggled her butt again to tell him to hurry.


Shouta slowly pushed his hips forward, letting out a shivering moan in his soft, girlish young voice as his dick as again steadily engulfed by Lucoa’s hot, soft, tight pussy, which seemed to be almost pulling him in as Lucoa moaned happily from the feel of her beloved little boy’s hot, hard dick filling her from behind. Shouta’s hips soon pressed against her backside, his little body trembling from the hot pleasure enveloping his dick from base to tip; he panted and moaned softly, cute little face flushed.


Guided by instinct, Shouta slowly pulled his hips back, letting out a little shivering gasp as Lucoa’s pussy tried to hold onto him. He started moving his hips, starting at a moderate pace and depth, letting out cute moans and gasps as Lucoa’s pussy squeezed and ‘stroked’ his dick, the hot soft tight pleasure making his thoughts melt together and his eyes glaze over. Lucoa moaned and cooed, delighted by the feel of being taken from behind and by the adorable sounds Shouta was making. The young boy gradually sped up, finding his rhythm.


Shouta started thrusting all the way in, his hips touching against Lucoa’s warm, soft butt every time he hilted himself inside her; the young boy was in a daze of pleasure, his voice coming out in sweet, high gasps and moans, matched by Lucoa’s delighted moans and heated breaths as she felt his dick reaching deep into her. Before long, Shouta felt the ‘pressure’ building again, and just as Lucoa felt her climax’s approach begin, her little lover hit his ‘hold-back point’. Letting out a whining moan and driven by the instinctive need for release, he started moving his hips with focused intensity, thrusting into her deep and hard and fast. Lucoa gasped and moaned, her huge breasts swaying beneath her, feeling Shouta’s hips slapping against her ass as his cock pounded into her, feeding the building sensations that made her back arch and her voice climb…


As Lucoa & Shouta climaxed together, they cried out in matching high, loud moans, their bodies shuddering and twitching from the waves of pleasure rushing through and out from their loins. Shouta’s mind went blank, his hips twitching and grinding forward against Lucoa’s butt, his dick completely enveloped and tightly squeezed by the woman’s contracting pussy, which worked to squeeze forceful spurts of hot, thick cum out of him, shivers of pleasure running through his little body, as Lucoa gasped and moaned and twitched from the pleasure filling her lower belly, the feel of Shouta’s cum spurting out deep inside her.


The couple’s gasps & moans lessened as their climaxes finished, their bodies still softly trembling, feeling hot and sensitive. Shouta let out a little moan as he pulled out, his bare butt landing on the soft bed, a little shiver running through him as he felt the cool bedroom air on his wet penis. Lucoa slowly rolled over onto her back, looking down at him with a flushed smile; her multicolored eyes ‘sparked’, and Shouta again felt revitalizing magic rush through him, removing any tiredness and causing his dick to re-harden.


Lucoa spread her legs and held her arms out to Shouta, and he gulped and crawled over into position over her, laying down atop her huge, soft breasts. He felt her soft, warm hand gently cup his bare bottom, helping his hips move into position so that the tip of his penis brushed against her slit, ready to go. Her other hand began stroking his hair, and then her hand on his butt pulled him down, and he let out a slightly squeaky moan as, for the third time, his dick was steadily engulfed in amazing hot, soft, tight pleasure, Lucoa letting out a happy moan as her pussy was filled by the adorable young boy’s hot, hard cock.


Shouta started moving, his hips going at a steady rhythm already, his mind basically along for the ride as his body and his instincts took over. His sweet young voice came out in high, cute moans and gasps, as did Lucoa’s as she held him close, stroking his hair and rubbing his back while holding him down against her boobs. Before long Shouta was thrusting all the way in, the two of them moaning in time with his movements, and Lucoa brought her long, shapely legs up and wrapped them around Shouta’s lower body, ‘helping’ him move his hips; the feeling of being ‘trapped’, of being hugged by all four of her limbs, made the warm feeling in his chest spread and intensify.


As Lucoa & Shouta moved together, their movements gradually intensified as they neared their climax. Shouta felt like his dick was melting in the hot pleasure as it was squeezed and stroked by Lucoa’s pussy, her legs’ grip on his waist ensuring he went deep. His & her moans went higher and tighter as the sensations built up, and soon they cried out in matching high, sweet cries as they shared another orgasm, their bodies moving and twitching together. Shouta’s hips bucked and grinded down against Lucoa’s, his twitching dick being squeezed tightly by her contracting pussy while her arms & legs held his body close against hers, keeping him hilted inside her as her body almost seemed to be trying to suck the cum out of him, the dragon-woman shuddering and moaning in delight as she felt the hot, thick warmth spurting out deep inside her again.


Lucoa held Shouta’s softly-twitching body close as their orgasms ebbed away, the two of them panting and trembling, letting out little moans from residual pleasure. Once Shouta was done cumming, she let him slowly pull out, the young boy rolling over to lay on his back beside her, catching his breath, his mind still in a pink fog of pleasure. Lucoa let out a soft humming moan as she rested a hand on her abdomen, feeling the warmth inside.


“Hey, Shouta-kun…” she murmured. “Lemme know when you’ve caught your breath. There’s something else I wanna try…”


Shouta lay there, curious what Lucoa meant. After a couple minutes he sat up, giving her a nod, and Lucoa sat up as well, smiling at the young boy. Her hand glowed with readied magic as she held it down to her own abdomen, and then Shouta instinctively squeezed his eyes shut as it emitted a flash of light. As the light faded he looked at her, and his eyes went wide, a strangled gasp escaping his throat, as he saw the erect penis sticking up from just above Lucoa’s pussy.


“Shouta-kun~…” she cooed. “You remember the first thing I did you a little while ago~?”


The young boy let out a soft gulp, his face going bright-red, at the sight of Lucoa’s spell-formed dick and the thought of giving it a blowjob (not that he knew it was called that). He slowly, shyly approached, getting down between her legs, her sizable erect dick right before his eyes. Shouta closed his eyes and leaned in, pressing his tongue against the underside base and slowly licking upwards, feeling the soft heat against his tongue and hearing the sharp gasp and soft, shivering moan from Lucoa as his hot, wet little tongue caressed her dick.


Reaching the tip, he slowly swirled his tongue around it and then slid his lips over it and down the shaft. As Lucoa let out a sweet, shuddering moan, Shouta’s half-open eyes glazed over, his cheeks red, as he felt the odd new sensations of the big, hot, hard-yet-soft thing sliding through his lips, filling his mouth. As his lips reached the bottom, the tip was only a hair away from hitting his throat, but somehow he didn’t feel any gag reflex. It felt weird having a… a penis filling his mouth, but not exactly bad…


Shouta slowly slid his lips up the shaft, and then started moving up & down, lips and tongue stroking Lucoa’s dick, making the woman let out hot gasps and sweet moans from the pleasure of her favorite little boy’s mouth shyly ‘servicing’ her. The boy was soon letting out occasional soft hums as he sped up a little, surprised to be enjoying the new, gentle warm pleasure in his lips and tongue. He moved with a steady rhythm, licking and stroking and sucking, his little hands reaching out and grabbing hold of Lucoa’s trembling hips.


Lucoa moaned and cooed as Shouta pleasured her, reaching a hand down to gently stroke his soft hair and pet his cute little head, giving him a strange feeling of warmth and happiness that spurred him on. He started taking the whole thing into his mouth, letting out quiet humming moans and sighs from the gentle oral pleasure. Before long, Lucoa could feel the ‘pressure’ starting to build, and Shouta focused his efforts, feeling anxious yet expectant to see what letting her cum in his mouth would be like.


He soon got his answer, Lucoa crying out in a sweet voice as pulsing waves of pleasure rushed through her. Shouta squeaked and moaned as the dragon-woman’s dick twitched and pulsed in his mouth, spurting out hot, thick cum that filled his mouth as he continued to stroke and suck, drawing it out; it felt and tasted weird, but actually kinda good in a strange way, and the sweet sounds Lucoa was making were so beautiful and arousing, stirring his heart and his crotch…


Lucoa’s moans softened as her climax ebbed away, still quivering and moaning as Shouta continued to softly suckle on her dick until her cum stopped coming out. The young boy’s soft lips slowly slid up and off her dick, and he looked up at her with lust-clouded eyes and blushing cheeks as he loudly gulped down the mouthful of her thick, hot cum, feeling the gooey heat slide down into his tummy. The sight turned her on to no end.


Now, Shouta found himself being gently turned around and pushed down onto his hands & knees. He felt Lucoa’s hands grab his hips, made a little shiver and squeak as he felt her hot breath against his butt-cheeks while there was a split-second warm ‘tingle’ between. Then, the young boy let out a startled squeal, a shivering twitch running up his little body as his eyes went wide, as Lucoa’s hot, wet, slick tongue pushed a little ways into his anus. As it gently pressed and wriggled inside him, he gasped and squeaked and whined, little shivers running through his body, his toes flexing, one eye twitching a little, strange tingly hot wet feelings in his butt…


Pulling her tongue out, Lucoa then got up on her knees behind Shouta, taking hold of his slender hips, and as she gently touched the tip of her dick against his anus, he squeaked and stiffened, eyes widening.


“Relax, Shouta~” she cooed to him, rubbing his sides. “Trust me, sweetheart. You won’t get hurt, you won’t feel pain… I’m taking care of you, Shouta. Let me introduce you to this whole new world of pleasure, honey…”


Quivering and feeling hot, Shouta gulped and tried his best to relax. Lucoa used a little magic to ‘help’, guiding his body to loosen up more. Then, she started to slowly and carefully push in. Shouta’s cute, high voice came out in wavering squeaks, his fingers and toes twitching, as he felt the amazingly intense new sensations of a big, thick, hot, hard cock spreading his little virgin anus open wide, rubbing inwards through the tight sphincter and slick, sensitive flesh inside, stretching his hole and his insides open and steadily going deeper. Lucoa moaned and panted from the wonderful hot, slick, tight pleasure engulfing her dick, feeling Shouta’s hips trembling in her grasp, while Shouta let out sharp gasps and high, squeaky moans.


Finally, Lucoa’s hips pressed against Shouta’s soft backside, her dick all the way inside him. Shouta trembled and let out high, squeaky moans and breaths from the overwhelming new sensations – Lucoa’s dick felt so hot and thick and big inside him, making his butt feel so stretched open and hot and full… What’s more, it was pressing against a spot inside him that made his dick twitch, the muscles of his belly tightening a bit.


Lucoa slowly pulled her hips back, and Shouta squeaked and trembled from the outward rubbing, pulling feeling through his anus. She stopped with just the ‘head’ still inside him, and then he let out a yelp of a moan as she thrusted back in, feeling like it shook his little body. Lucoa started with deep, slow thrusts, being gentle to start with, and even that was enough to make Shouta let out cute squeaks and gasps and moans, the tingly hot pleasure spreading through his hips, feelings of fullness and rubbing movement in his butt making his toes curl.


As Lucoa sped up a little, Shouta’s body started recognizing the intense, strange new sensations as pleasure, more and more by the second. His soft, high moans steadily became sweeter in tone, more girlish, his face flushed. He couldn’t believe he was feeling such pleasure from Lucoa’s cock moving in his ass… He listened to the sweet, happy moans Lucoa was making, the dragon-woman thoroughly enjoying the feeling of the little boy’s hot, slick, soft, tight insides squeezing and stroking her dick.


Then, Lucoa started thrusting all the way in, and Shouta’s moans became a little louder, higher, and girlier as he was introduced to prostate stimulation; every time Lucoa’s big, hot cock rubbed and hit against the spot deep in his butt, it sent a hot, tingly pulse of strange and powerful new pleasure echoing through his belly and up to his head, making his toes curl and his dick twitch. Combine that with the pleasure of his anus & rectum being stretched and rubbed and filled, and the young boy was overcome by the sensations, his cute little tongue hanging out as he squeaked and moaned, his eyes barely open and glazed over.


Just when Shouta thought the feelings couldn’t be more intense, Lucoa hit her ‘hold-back spell’ point, and started moving her hips all-out. Shouta squealed as Lucoa’s big, hot cock pounded deep and hard and fast into his ass, her hips slapping his butt every time she hilted herself inside him, her cock rubbing and hitting his prostate over and over, the overwhelming sensations making his little body twitch and arch back. His girlish moans steadily went higher and tighter as kinda-scary ‘pressure’ built deep inside him, feeling like something was gonna ‘pop’…


As Lucoa cried out in a sweet, loud moan with her climax, Shouta let out a high, loud, near-squealing cry as his first anal/prostate orgasm sent surging waves of hot, deep pleasure through him, making his mind go white and his little body shuddering and twitching from the rushing ecstasy. His pretty eyes rolled back, his tongue hanging out as he moaned and squealed, his hips shaking as Lucoa’s hips bucked and grinded against his backside; he shivered and gasped as he felt her hot, thick cum forcefully spurting out deep in his butt, her twitching cock rubbing and pushing against his prostate, boosting his already-overpowering orgasm, making his dick jump and twitch wildly as it shot out thick cum onto a soft towel Lucoa had conjured beneath him.


Coming down from their climaxes, Lucoa and Shouta still trembled and twitched, letting out little moans amid panting breaths. Once she was done cumming, Lucoa slowly pulled out, making Shouta twitch and squeak from the outward pulling, rubbing feeling through his anus; as she popped free, he made a cute little squeak, and then a girlish little moan as she gently helped him lay down on his side, feeling his anus slowly closing itself up, still hot and wet and tingly. The feeling of her thick, hot cum in his butt, her magic keeping any of it from leaking out, was a strange but surprisingly nice and comforting one. Lucoa rolled Shouta onto his back, getting on hands & knees over him, a beautiful smile on her face as she looked down at the adorable pleasure-dazed expression he had.


“You’re so beautiful…” she whispered to him. “I want to hold you close and make love to you forever, my beautiful little Shouta…”


The little boy blushed brightly; being called ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ by Lucoa made him feel small and vulnerable, deeply embarrassed, yet strangely warm and content inside. Lucoa then lowered down and started licking and sucking at Shouta’s nipples, making the boy moan softly, wriggling a little from the ticklish pleasure. The stimulation fed his arousal, leaving him flushed and breathing heavy. Now, Lucoa got back into position over him, and used a bit of telekinetic magic to lift & open the boy’s legs, making him let out a cute little squeak. She pressed the tip of her dick down against his anus, smiling at how his beautiful little eyes widened.


As Lucoa slowly pushed in, Shouta let out high, slightly-squeaky, girlish moans from the returning sensations of a big, hot, hard dick spreading his little anus open and pushing inside, stretching and rubbing his inner flesh. The fact he was on his back this time made it feel a little different, and it also meant that he could see Lucoa’s beautiful face as she let out sweet, happy moans from the feel of his hole squeezing her dick, and she had a lovely view of his pretty little face distorted in obscene pleasure, his young voice coming out in adorable gasps and moans. Lucoa was soon all the way in, her dick hilted in Shouta’s hole, the small boy trembling and moaning from the heat, fullness, and pressure.


Lucoa started moving her hips, making slow, deep thrusts, and Shouta cried out in sweet, high, girlish moans and squeak-gasps from the powerful sensations of Lucoa’s big, hot, hard cock moving inside him, spreading him open so wide, rubbing through his sensitive inner flesh. The fact that he was on his back this time made it a feel a bit ‘more’, since she could see the shameful lewd expression that was surely on his face, while he could see her beautiful eyes looking down at him with love and lust, her soft lips parted and smiling as she moaned and cooed.


As Lucoa started thrusting all the way in, Shouta’s moans became louder and girlier as the dragon-woman’s dick rubbed at his prostate, echoing pleasure making his dick twitch, his back arch, and his toes curl. His sweet young face had even more of an adorably lewd look on it, cute little tongue hanging out a bit as he moaned and mewled like a little girl, and Lucoa was delighted that thanks to a bit of magic she could ‘see’ cute little hearts in his unfocused eyes. She moved her hips with a steady rhythm, smiling as she made sure to make her cock rub at Shouta’s “special spot”, loving the moans and squeaks he made (and how his ass tightened around her dick a little more).


Right when Shouta felt the ‘pressure’ starting to build, Lucoa hit the hold-back spell point and started moving her hips more intensely. The little boy let out high, loud, feminine moans and mewls as Lucoa’s big, hot, hard cock pounded deep and hard into his ass, rubbing and stretching his hole & his insides, hitting his prostate over and over. His moans climbed and tightened, his little body tensing up, and soon he and Lucoa cried out together as mind-blanking pleasure burst within them again. Lucoa’s hips shook and pushed against Shouta’s, her cock rubbing and grinding deep in his ass, pushing at his prostate while spurting out another big load of hot, thick cum deep in his bowels. Shouta moaned and twitched, tongue hanging out and eyes rolled back a bit, as another prostate orgasm filled his hips and belly with hot, thick, deep pleasure.


Lucoa held her dick hilt-deep in Shouta’s ass until she was done cumming, then slowly pulled out, moaning as she felt his hole try to hold onto her, while he trembled and squeak-moaned from the outward rubbing pulling feeling. After she was out, she got up on her knees and pulled him up with her, hugging him tight and stroking his hair. Shouta let out a sound that was almost a purr as he was cuddled and caressed, a dazed little smile forming on his face as he instinctively nuzzled against Lucoa’s huge, soft boobs.


After a little of this, Lucoa turned Shouta around, hugging him close from behind, the back of his head ending up partially wedged in her cleavage, as her hands stroked his chest and tummy. He squeaked softly as her dick pushed up between his butt-cheeks, rubbing and grinding, making him blush brightly. Then, she lined up and smoothly pushed up & in, and Shouta made a startled moan as he was again penetrated, so soon after cumming and thus more sensitive than normal. Lucoa quickly hilted her cock in his ass, grinding her hips against his butt and her cock against his prostate, making him moan and twitch in her arms.


Then, Lucoa pushed Shouta forward, riding him down, and soon the boy was face-down, butt sticking up, Lucoa’s front basically ‘molded’ to his back – huge boobs pressing down against his back and his neck, arms around him, hips against his butt, cock still hilt-deep in his ass. She started thrusting, going strong and all the way deep right off the bat, using this position to really put her weight into her thrusts; as her hips slapped against his butt, Shouta moaned and squealed as she pounded her cock into his ass deep and hard, rubbing and grinding at his prostate and spreading his hole wide open, rubbing and spreading his inner flesh. Furthermore, her hand on his belly moved down and grabbed his cock, stroking it in time with her thrusts, making the young boy’s moans and squeals a little louder, while her other hand began playing with his hard little nipples. Shouta’s eyes were rolled back a little, his cute tongue hanging out as he moaned and mewled and gasped and squealed, overwhelmed by the amazing pleasures.


At this pace and intensity, it wasn’t long before both Lucoa and Shouta neared their climaxes. Shouta could feel the pressure building, fed by every slap of Lucoa’s hips against his butt, every pumping stroke of her warm, soft hand around his dick, every rubbing deep thrust of her cock through his anus and deep into him, every grinding rubbing push against his prostate. His loud, girlish moans and gasps climbed and tightened, until finally he cried out in a high, sweet cry of ecstasy as he came deep and hard, his little body shaking and twitching, his eyes rolled back and his mind gone blank. Lucoa moaned and cooed, grinding her hips against Shouta’s soft backside, cumming deep inside him as his inner flesh contracted around her dick, feeling his little body quiver and twitch beneath her. Her hand continued to stroke his twitching dick, helping to draw out the cum that her cock was ‘pushing’ out of his prostate, making the little boy continue to moan and mewl under her.


Lucoa continued grinding against Shouta’s butt until she was done cumming, and then slowly pulled out, Shouta moaning and quivering as her cock pulled out through his well-used anus. Once she was out, Lucoa let her futa-spell cock vanish, and then she lay down and pulled Shouta close, turning him around and hugging him tight, tucking his cute little head under her chin, stroking his hair and cupping his warm, soft backside, feeling his little body still hot and quivering against her, a wonderful compliment to the warmth of the young boy’s cum still magically held deep in her womb. Shouta was in a daze, feeling tired and warm and sensitive all over, his butt still tingly, feeling full inside from three big loads of hot, thick, gooey cum that magic kept from leaking out. She kissed him on the forehead, and he let out a little coo and nuzzled closer, drifting off to a peaceful, content, satisfied sleep in her embrace.