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June 30th, 1997


The life of a young Malfoy was determined by a powerful wizard, Voldemort. Yes, it was a name that even Draco himself did not mention out loud, like many other wizards in England, he feared the sound of the name. It stroke the hearts of those who mentioned it, like lightning.

The seventeen year old boy's life was destroyed. He sat on the stairs of the astronomy tower, contemplating how much his life had changed. The Dark Lord awaited a report soon, but he had failed him. He couldn't do it. He was anxious and constant fear stalked him, it was disgusting. His hands couldn't stop shivering. He remembered how Dumbledore fell from this very spot minutes ago, and he closed his mouth with his hand. His stomach was revolted.

He wished things had never ended up the way they did. He was such a coward, and every part of his body knew it. He didn't went back to the manor with the Death Eaters, he stood behind on the tower. He only hoped, that maybe, if he had followed his own path instead of the one his father send him on, things would had turn out differently. Potter must have caught up with them by now, he heard the battle downstairs, probably the faculty.

What the Dark Lord asked of him was insane, and impossible. It was clearly a trap, he wanted him dead. But he also wanted Dumbledore dead, by his own hands. But it was a trap, otherwise, he would had kill him himself. Did he feared Dumbledore after all? Draco questioned himself. In the end, Severus did the deed. The Dark Lord was gonna kill him. The family money was draining slowly because of him. He didn't know how to politically communicate with his father's colleagues, let alone ask them for the debts they owed to the family. He needed a plan, and fast.

Draco's hands trembled, his father was the one who always handled everything in the family. Unfortunately, Lucius was to afraid to even think of betraying the Dark Lord, and his mother was practically no-one in this world. He couldn't count with them. He tasked Draco with Dumbledore's death, knowing that he was likely to failed. "They're going to kill me, probably." he said pulling his hair, and thinking about his mother who would probably end up trying to protect him or something.

It all depended on him now, and he was trembling to the knees even though he was sitting on the stairs of the astronomy tower. He had not eaten in days, he was unbalanced without energy. Who could had eaten knowing of what was to happen?

Draco breathed deeply, there must be a way, he kept telling himself. Success or escape. Failure was not an option. He couldn't breath, it was like the air escaped his lungs. He shook his head. "No." he said, there was no time to think about failure. Time was running out. He have to do it, tonight. He had to returned before anyone became suspicious. There cannot be any distractions. He had to remained calm. "Everything is going to be fine." He said, his life depended on it.

"No. I can't do it. I can't do it." He shivered.

What was he suppose to do now?

He could tell Severus the truth, and ask him to protect them? No. He failed to save Potter's Family, he probably wouldn't even try to save the Malfoy's over his own skin. If he die it was likely that his family would die as well.

"What do I do?" he whispered.

He stood up, and disapparated with a thundering sound, and within seconds he apparated at the Malfoy Manor. He couldn't stop walking, and was filling anxious. This was his home, but the Dark Lord had been using it for his deeds. If only there was a way to stop all of it. If that stupid Potter hadn't won the Triwizard Tournament, the Dark Lord wouldn't had return to power once more. That's it! The solution. He thought. Lucius, his father had a Time-Turner, he saw it once somewhere in his father's office. If the Dark Lord ever raised a finger against his family, he would return in time and kill him before he could go to Hogwarts. But there were risks with his Time-Turner, risks worse than death.

He stepped back, the Death Eaters were coming through the hallways of the mansion. He hide behind a door and when they move on, he continued to his father's office. That's when he almost had a heart attack. He was paralyzed, unable to move. Draco could not have even utter a cry or a breathe. "Oh, Draco, what a disappointment you are." The immediate words of Voldemort resonated his ears. Yes. He thought of his name for the first time, in his head at least. Draco knew he was going to die, Voldemort had discovered his father's time-turner. He was holding it on his left hand.

Involuntarily, tears began to fall through his left eye. He didn't know what to answer, there were no excuses to save him this time. "My Lord ... I ..." was the only thing Draco could say, but was quickly interrupted and he was given a serious face of disgust. "Why don't you explain what you were going to do, Draco?" He said, raising his empty hand pointing to someone or something behind the young Malfoy. He should never have turned around. His mother and father stood in front of him. The Death Eaters had their wands pointed at their throats.

"Draco." His father said to him with a calm voice.

"Now, Draco, take it." He turned to look at the Dark Lord. To his surprise he stretched out his hand with the time-turner. Draco didn't stop to think if it was a test of loyalty. Draco doubted he cared much for that, after all, he always killed his henchmen without hesitation. Shortly, Draco had the time-turner in his hands, Voldemort had forced it on him. He didn't know what to do. His hands trembled and nobody said anything. So he decided to break the Ice. "What do you want from me?"

There he lay, on the ground, the Dark Lord had slapped his face too fast that he did not see what had happened.

"Don't play with me boy, you know quite well what I want."

He watched from the ground as his father furiously glared at him, probably because of his stupid action.

"I'm sorry ..." he said without thinking about his pride. He was tired, Draco wanted to rest. But not everything was as planned.

He was hit by the Cruciatus curse. The pain was intense, so all-consuming, that he no longer knew where he lay... white-hot knives were piercing every inch of his skin, his head was surely going to burst with pain; he was screaming more loudly than he ever screamed in his entire life.

"Stop it. Please, my Lord. I beg of you." He heard his mother begging for his miserable life, and saw that his father only closed his eyes, and reacted to all of his cries like lashes on his back. Voldemort laughed in return.

"Do it, Draco." She said, and Draco realized what she meant. She wanted him to use it, but he couldn't leave them here. Not like this. Not with him.

"Yes, do it. Do it, Draco." Voldemort said mocking his mother, "Do it, and leave your parents alone here with me. I will ensure they suffer a slow tormented death." He kicked the boy on the back.

"You bastard! Leave him alone!" Narcissa cried. In a whined the pain had stopped. Draco tried to stand, but Voldemort kicked him in the ribs. "Dear, Narcissa. Maybe you will like to take his place?" He could heard his snakelike-voice in the room. But he couldn't see where he was standing. He tried to hold the pain, and looked up, to see him holding his mother by the chin.

"Yes." She replied sharing a tear. He was kicked in the mouth by a Death Eater, spatting the floor with blood. Draco began to turn the time-turner without a place in mind. Just in case.

"Draco, the funny thing about Time-Turner's is that you can't really change history. Only create a new one. Such silly cheats." Voldemort piercing eyes gazed at him with his wand on target. "Are you willing to run away, and abandon your family?"

"Draco drop the time-turner and obey him. Our Lord is very merciful and I am sure he will give you a second chance." The words of a foolish father.

"Is that so." Voldemort walked up to him. "I can see you trembling, Lucius."

"Surely, my Lord. You are testing the boy's loyalty. Otherwise, you would had kill him by now." His father smiled briefly. What was he thinking? Lucius was protecting his only son, surely his only heir. But Why? Why now. Draco thought deeply.

Voldemort looked at him from bottom to top and in a few seconds his father was hit by the killing curse. His body was send flying across the room with the Death Eater that held him, and Narcissa burst in tears.

"Don't tell me what to do."

Draco closed his eyes, he never thought he would cried for his father. He hesitated before using the time-turner. He couldn't do it. He couldn't do this to his mother. "Forgive me, my Lord..." Draco bubbled on his spit. "...My father's action have open my eyes to the truth." He rose and walked to his side and knelt.

"You learn quickly. I like that. Now do as you are told. Kill Narcissa, kill your mother for me." He was giving him another chance because he knew that he couldn't succeed. It was a mission doomed to failed, from the start. He couldn't kill his mother, he love her. "Prove your loyalty to me, boy."

He rose his head, and looked at Voldemort who had a big grin on his face. The other two Death Eaters in the room stared at him with their hands trembling. They were probably afraid that Voldemort lashed out at them.

He held his mother by the arm and help her out of the room. "I'll do it outside." He said. They where almost at the door when the killing curse was called upon in the room once more. His mother fell to her knees, and slammed on the floor, lifeless. "Mum!" Draco screamed on his knees so hard that he could not speak, and his throat burned him.

"Did you learn your lesson?" The Dark Lord said in a calmed voice, and he knew that it was his turned now. He was going to kill him. "Go on, Draco. Do it." He continued to taunt him about using the time-turner. But why? The Dark Lord smiled again.

Draco couldn't stand it anymore. So he did it. He activated the time-turner and put it into motion. He escaped reality, his reality called hell, without knowing what lay ahead of him. "I'll kill you. Even if it's the last thing I do."


Everything around Draco span at the speed of light. In short moments so many events occurred in the room that he couldn't keep up, he wasn't sure if they would ever stop spinning. He still couldn't speak, and felt burns through his throat. The room was shaking, and his body felt a little odd. He went sideways, before catching his breath on the floor. He vomited. Draco's vision was blurred, but he was glad there was no one in the room when the time-turner stopped.

Whatever was gonna happened next, wasn't anything good. What was he gonna do? Or even say to his parents? The time-turner began to burned in his hand, and he dropped it. The floor burned, and the time-turner vanished into ashes in the room below. It was destroyed.

There were no more chances. This was his only one way trip and he wasn't going to let his parents die this time. Fighting against dizziness, he rose and headed upstairs to his room. He didn't encounter any of the house elf's on his way up, which was a relief. His balance was still a bit off.

There were no signs of Death Eaters or Voldemort in his house. And it appeared that his height change a bit. How old was he now? Time-Turner weren't suppose to change the age of the user. Where in the hell did he landed. Draco tried the knob to his room, but the door was closed. He used a nonverbal Alohomora on the door. Great mistake. The Ministry will detect the spell and come take a look soon, anyways, he didn't have much time.

He opened the door slowly, only to realized that his hands were smaller. Oh, no. He thought. "What in the bloody-hell is this!?" Looking down, he saw that he was in a body of a kid. He could not believe what he saw, he almost screamed from the reaction. How was he suppose to take revenge on a body like this? "What the hell!?" He shot the door quickly and lay his back on it, breathing heavily.

He headed to the mirror in his room, it was still there, unfortunately for him. His hair was still short combed backwards, he wasted no time to mess his hair up. "Oh, Merlin. What in the bloody hell happened to me?" He was about to cry from his parent's death. Wait. His thoughts were a mumble-jumbo. His whole body had changed to that of a kid. He needed to get out of this nightmare, his heartbeat had risen. Even if he wanted to go back to the future, he couldn't.

He opened the door to get out. But then he couldn't get out, Draco was standing in front of his father. His father was alive! He screamed in his head. A tear fallen down his left eye. This was getting out of place and his mind couldn't take it. Lucky, he remembered to hide his hands behind his back.

"Why the hell are you crying for boy?" He looked at his son's gray eyes disgusted. "We can't go to Diagon Alley with you looking like that." His heart skipped a beat, Draco still couldn't speak properly, his parents were alive. It was a lot to take in, but it didn't matter. He had gained another chance in life. He wasn't going to waste it again. He finally spoke.

"I-I'm just happy to ...start my school year... You never know who are you going to meet." He remembered this day very well indeed. This was the day he met Potter in Diagon Alley. His father raised an eyebrow oddly and turned around. Draco followed after him.

He looked at his hand with strangeness, seeing a mark on it. A burned scar of an hourglass symbol on the palm of his hand. What did it meant. He placed his hands quickly in the pockets of his robes, and with his eyebrows crossed, he already had determination in mind. One goal. He wasn't going to risk everything to destroy an immortal-all-powerful dark wizard, right? This sort of thing needed planning and time to fulfill. Lucky for him, time was on his side.

"Father, can I get a few extra books?" Lucius stopped on his tracks and turned around. "What kind of books?" His cane hit the floor as he snapped his fingers, and one of the house elf's appeared. "You called for Dobby, sir?" The house elf said. Draco swallowed. This was bad. A bad idea indeed. Potter couldn't see him with an house elf, not like this, this was going to be a bad first impression. Yes. Just like that things can easily change. With the snap of someone's fingers.