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Dangerously Enticing

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Jimin hated winter, and everything that came with it.

The snow-coated ground, the chilly winter air and the cold gust of wind that blew past him as he ran through the woods for dear life. He felt his legs burning, but he couldn't afford to stop now. He was being chased.

Then he tripped. Over nothing. Air, perhaps? He has indeed always been clumsy.

But right now, that's not important.

He tripped, and he fell and rolled towards the bottom of the snow-covered slope.

Only to land directly into a freezing pond.

Well, to crash would be a more appropriate term, seeing as the fall wasn't exactly soft and was the total opposite if what one would call a "landing".

Still, he swam and swam, till he couldn't feel his numb and half-frozen body anymore, to the other side of the lake. He was shaking and gasping for breath when he finally reached it, and for a moment he imagined seeing a glowing pair of blue eyes from behind a rather large bush amidst the darkness of the unforgiving forest.

He should have known he wasn't capable of imagining them.

His brain barely had time to process everything that happened within the span of a few minutes.

"There he is!"one of his attackers shouted from the other side of the lake. The next moment others emerged from the left and right side of the forest and into the small clearing.

He was trapped.

"Think you could outrun us, you stupid thing?" the man sneered, grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking it back, so that he was gazing up at him. He held up his gun, aiming it to the side of his head.

"Weaklings like you deserve to die!" he was about to pull the trigger when a low growl interrupted him, and suddenly, a large wolf coated with black and white fur emerged from the darkness of the forest.

It was roughly five times the size if a normal man.

It bared its large, sharp fangs and a loud growl, far more menacing and terrifying than the last, made its way past its throat, awakening the sleeping forest and making the birds fly away from the trees they were perched on.

Within a few seconds, everybody was running for their lives, scrambling away from the huge animal. Everybody, that is, except for Jimin, who was still kneeling on the ground directly infront of the massive wolf, freezing and shaking because if his still wet clothes.

The wolf stepped closer and closer, clearly not aware of what 'personal space' means, until he was nuzzling against Jimin, sniffing his neck. Much to his confusion and surpsrise, Jimin immediately relaxed upon the proximity and the claming presence of the creature.

Then he passed out.

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When he woke up, the first thing that registered in his mind was that he was presently swung over a broad set of shoulders, being carried like a sack of potatoes. The man, whoever he was, was wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of dark jeans.

A rather huge wooden door can be heard opening, then closing shortly after they entered the place; then he was dumped abruptly onto a cold, tiled floor. His body was still trembling from the cold, and his breath instantly caught in his throat as his body made contact with the cold tiles.

The man went inside a room and came back after a few moments, holding what looks like pieces of clothing. He dropped them infront of Jimin, who flinched a little but did not dare look up at the man infront of him.

"Change into these and leave." were the only words the man uttered in his deep, slightly raspy voice before turning his back to Jimin and walking towards the grand stairs leading to the second floor of the huge  place. Jimin just stared at the back of the retreating man, still frozen in place. Then the events of the day caught up to him, making his head throb achingly. Jimin tightly closed his eyes, and sudden flashes of memories surged in his mind.

Flames. Burning. Licking up houses, everything within the village. Trapping them. Killing them.

He quickly opened his eyes.

"W-wait!" he managed to gasp out.

The man froze, his back to Jimin, one foot already on the first step of the stairs. 

"C-Can..." he croaked, and his throat feels raw. Even so, he forced the words out of his mouth. "Can I stay?"

It seemed for a moment as if the man stopped breathing. He slowly turned back towards Jimin, and Jimin could clearly see that his teeth were clenched together from the way the muscles of his jaw were set.

"What?" his voice was barely a whisper, but it was loud enough for Jimin to hear amidst the quiet place.

"P-please..." he whimpered, "let me stay."

The man frowned, then slowly made his way back to Jimin, dragging a chair he had found in one of the corners of the wide space along with him. He positioned himself and the chair a good five meters away from Jimin's shaking figure on the floor.

He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands and placing his chin on top of them  gazing at Jimin intensely, and the poor boy thought he was about to melt into a puddle despite the freezing temperature.

"What's your name?" the man's intense gaze turns into a curious one, tilting his head to the side and looking as though Jimin was a puzzle he was trying to solve.

"J-Jimin." he was able to force through his clenched teeth.

"And why are you here, Jimin?" a shiver ran up his spine upon hearing his name coming from the stranger's mouth.

"W-hat d-do you m-mean?" the boy asked, confused. "You w-where t-the one who b-brought me h-here."

"Hmmm..." the man muses, and there was a slight tinge of amusement in his tone. "Indeed, I was."

Jimin frowned, and thought back to what had happened only a few hours ago.

The lake. The men. Falling. Large blue eyes. The... wolf. Did all of it really happen? Was it really only a few minutes ago? His clothes weren't even dry yet.

"Wait..." he says slowly, "where d-did you find me?" There was a short pause, and then the man answered,

"In the woods."


The man leaned closer, the amusement in his voice now evident as he says, "Tell me, Jimin... what were you doing out there in the woods?"

Jimin visibly tenses at the question.

 'They burned my village. They took away my home. They killed my family. I'm all alone.'

"I--I... was wandering through the forest, but then I got lost. I must have passed out somewhere along the way," he replies in a small voice.

The man chuckled, clearly amused.

'Is something funny?' Jimin wanted to lash out, irritated at the look the man was giving him. However he figured that he wasn't really in any position to be mad at the person who found him in the woods, let alone the one who took him to his home, and even going as far as offering him clothes when he could've just left him to die there.

"Seems a little strange for a wanderer to get lost, doesn't it?" the man's voice broke Jimin out of his reverie.

A short silence followed, Jimin looking for words to say to the man as he has no clue as to what he was going to answer.

He doesn't find one. So he settled for begging, seeing as the man was clearly waiting for him to say something.

"Please..." he breathed, eyes stinging with unshed tears. "Please let me stay."

The man stared at him with those deep blue eyes, and he felt like he was drowning in the middle of a vast ocean with nowhere to turn to and nothing to save him.

"I have nowhere else to go."

"Hmmm..." he looked at hom mockingly. "I don't really let strangers stay in my castle for free, you know?"

"Please... I'll do anything."

The man smirked, and something about it was playful, but if you looked a little bit harder you would see the challenging and somewhat dangerous glint behind the smile.

"Anything?" he repeated.

"Yes," Jimin recklessly replied, surrendering his fate to the hands of this stranger infront of him. He had nothing to lose, anyway. "Anything."

"Then..." the man's smirk grew wider, before uttering the words that caused Jimin's eyes to grow wide as saucers and his brain to stop functioning. "Become my mate."

Jimin's breath hitched. He had expected the man to force him to slavery, something like cleaning the place, washing the dishes, listening to his every whim, and even cutting firewood, you know, the typical servant stuff but become his mate? What the hell does that even mean? Is this some kind of a sick joke?

"W-what?" he stuttered.

The man stood up and gazed down at Jimin, his broad and tall figure making his presence and the entire aura he exudes more dominating and prominent. A cold tingle ran up Jimin's spine, making him shiver. He would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by the man.

'Become my mate, Jimin.'

Jimin just stared, speechless, gaping at the man in shock and disbelief.

The man stepped closer towards the whimpering boy. He doesn't stop until he is crouching infront of him, blue eyes staring directly into his brown ones. Then he cocked his head a little to the side.

"What do you think, li'l pup?"

Jimin averted his gaze and tyrned his head to the side, looking anywhere but at him. He doesn't even know his name.

"W-who are you?" he dared ask.

The man chuckled. "My name is Jungkook, if that's what you meant. I live here, in this castle, alone."

Jimin closed his eyes tightly till it hurt, chest constricting as he thinks hard. He feels like he's about to faint anytime soon, whether it's from the cold, the pressure of making a decision, or mabe just the proximity of the man, Jungkook, he does not know. He does  know that he can't afford to faint now, he still has to make a split-second decision, a choice that might, no, that will surely change his entire life forever.

Whatever the hell becoming his mate means, though Jimin wondered why in the world he would use that term instead of... well, partners, or something else, (and if the situation wasn't so serious Jimin would have laughed at the thought, 'What, is he a wolf or something?'), the only question running through hus mind right now is if he is willing to do that just to stay here, instead of returning to the forest, and risk getting caught by the men chasing after him.

The same people who killed his parents. His beloved sibling. The whole village.

Obviously, he decides against it. Besides, this man seemed harmless, seeing as he was the one who brought Jimin, whom he found in the middle of the forest, into his home in the first place, and does not seem to have any hidden motives behind his actions.

'Does he?' Jimin wonders.

Although he knows not to trust strangers all too easily, there was just something about this man that made him seem... different. Jimin just can't pinpoint exactly what.

He opened his eyes, still refusing to meet the eyes of the man who had found him.

"Is..." he breathed out, his breath turning into a puff of smoke in the air due to the freezing temperature even inside the closed space,

"Is this the only way I can stay?"

Tears were forming around his eyes now, his tone becoming more desperate with each word he utters.

The man, Jungkook, hums, inching closer till his nose is touching Jimin's cheek. Jimin's skin tingled at the spot where Jungkook's nose touched him, as if someone had grounded him with an open wire.

"It is." he whispered, breath nothing more than a faint tickle against Jimin's skin.

"Then..." Jimin choked back a sob, trying to ignore the unfamiliar feeling coursing through his veins at the moment.




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"Hmmm..." Jungkook breathes on his skin, before inhaling just as slowly.

"What was that?" His lips were definitely touching Jimin's cheeks now, he could feel it  brush softly against them.

"Y-yes," his lips trembled as he spoke, "I-I'll be your mate."

Jungkook chuckled, once again tickling Jimin. The overwhelming mix of feelings that he felt-- sadness, guilt, pain, fear, excitement, anger, anxiety, nervousness-- they were all too much, and Jimin pulled away from the soft touch. This time, he dared look the man in the eye. They spent a few moments just staring at each other, brown to blue as the land fights against the strong current of the seas, relents the waves that keeps flooding its shores, pulling it towards its depths, and Jimin, Jimin knows he has already lost, even before the battle had begun.

After what seems to be the longest minute of Jimin's life, Jungkook finally spoke, a playful glint in his eyes.

"Do you even know what it means to be my mate?"

Jimin hesitated, but still answered the question nonetheless.

"No, not really."

"It means," he says, edging closer as Jimin backs away, resting both of his hands on the floor on either side of Jimin's waist, and Jimin could once again see that dangerous glint in his eyes, "that this," he presses a chaste kiss on Jimin's right cheek, "and this," another on his forehead, "and this," his other cheek, "and this," his nose, "and all of this, all of you," his voice is almost a growl when he leans periliously, even closer to Jimin, his blue eyes darting from Jimin's brown ones down to his lips as he licks his own, then back again to his eyes as he continues, "will be mine." He crashes their lips together and Jimin's eyes widen in shock, despite still being frozen in place.

When his mind finally registered what was happening, both of his arms, which were the only ones supporting the weight of his whole upper body, immediately gave way, at the same time that two strong and muscular arms made its way from his side to wrap around him and envelope him in a tight embrace, preventing his fall and catching him before his head could hit the hard floor, not letting him break the kiss for even a second.

"It means," Jungkook muttered against his lips, "that you get to stay here, and you will stay here with me forever, and no matter what happens, you won't be able to leave. I won't let you go. And you can't change your mind because the moment you do," he breaks the kiss and moves up to whisper against Jimin's ear, "is the moment you'll die."

If Jimin wasn't already frozen on the spot, he would have done so.


Jungkook moved back to look directly into Jimin's eyes, releasing the boy and moving his hands to grip his shoulders. "Do you still want to be my mate now, pup?" He broke into his signature smirk once again, and they stared at each other for one, long moment.

Then he abruptly stood up and turned around, then glanced back at Jimin before saying, "Follow me." And for a second Jimin allowed himself to think that the man's gaze softened a bit as he looks back at him, before he turned around and Jimin could only gaze at his broad back as he walks away.

As Jungkook trudges towards the long flight of stairs, Jimin willed all of his remaining strength into forcing his legs to stand up and follow after him. His whole body ached with the amount of effort he exerted in each step, but still managed to reach the bottom of the stairs, where Jungkook was waiting.

He looked up at him, about to ask him what in the world he was waiting for when Jungkook let out a seemingly irritated sigh, shook his head, climbed back down from the first step only to walk behind Jimin and suddenly, Jimin was suspened in mid-air, his whole weight balanced solely on the sturdy arms supporting his back and legs and before he could even give a reaction they had already reached the top of the stairs, and Jungkook has already put him back down on both of his feet.

He was about to complain but the words got stuck in his throat somewhere along the way as he takes in the sight that greeted him from where he stood. A beautiful living room, completed with an L-shaped couch set, a big, round red mat, a rocking chair and a warm, cozy fireplace captivated his whole attention from the moment he laid his eyes on the wonderful view. He never would have expected such a warm and comforting space to exist in what at first seemed to be a cold and empty castle. The whole space was enclosed by floor-to-celing glass windows, overlooking the hundred or so acres of wood that surrounds the palace, all covered in countless layers of fluffy white snow. His attention shifted from the mesmerizing sight to the wide corridor on his left, leading to who-knows-where, to where Jungkook gestured for him to follow.

They walked down the hallway until they reached the third and last door on the right, which Jungkook opened and once again motioned for Jimin to come inside. The inside of the room was large, very much larger than what Jimin had expected to see. There was a large, four-poster bed in the middle, the curtains all drawn back to let the white pristine sheets be visible to anyone who entered the room, and there was a huge closet off to one side, made out of some kind of wood Jimin doesn't recognize. Upon observation, Jimin also noticed a little door on one corner of the room. There were no windows here, just a massive crystal chandelier as the only light source.

"This is my room," Jungkook muttered, closing the door behind Jimin. "But it's now yours, too." he added lowly, voice suddenly becoming husky, and his words came out as more of a low growl than anything else.

Jimin slowly walked to the other side of the bed, trailing his eyes on the white sheets, catching every crease and ruffle. He stood by one of the posts, eyeing Jungkook who remained standing by the door.

"Do I sleep here?" he asks, hands folding in on each other on his chest, hugging himself to keep warm.

"Mhm." Jungkook hums, stepping closer towards the bed. "You'll be staying with me if you're going to stay in here."

"Of course, you're allowed to stay in another room, if you want. I won't-- force you, to stay with me. You're allowed to explore the castle too, if you'd like. Just..." he paused to took a deep breath, "don't go outside. Yet, atleast."

Jimin remained quiet, so he added quietly,

"Please. It's dangerous out there."

It's dangerous for you out there.

Jimin is still staring down at the bed, and it looked like he was going to set it ablaze with only his gaze from the way his brown eyes bore into them. This was what he wanted right? A home, a place to stay?

But not a prison, Jimin thinks. I didn't ask to be locked away and caged somewhere.

But well, this is the most he can get anyway. He should be grateful that he didn't end up dying in that forest, alone. He should be thankful he didn't get killed by those men or eaten by the-- the wolf. He should be relieved that Jungkook was considerate enough to bring him here, not to mention, let him stay. And if Jungkook asks him for something so simple as staying inside the castle, in a manner so gentle it seemed borderline caring, then who is he to refuse?

"Promise me you won't go out." Jungkook says in his deep, husky baritone voice, the gentleness of his tone deeply in contrast with his words that made a confused Jimin wonder if it was a threat rather than a request.

Nonetheless, his words sent a shiver up Jimin's spine, and the room cackled with tension as they made eye contact from across the room, eyes hooded with lust and desire.

Jimin visibly shuddered, and in the matter of a few seconds, Jungkook was already crossing the room towards him, standing far too close for Jimin's comfort. But then again, the term personal space doesn't seem to exist in the man's vocabulary, as Jimin had experienced firsthand just a few moments earlier.

"Promise me." he whispered firmly, staring straight into Jimin's eyes, and Jimin, the stubborn creature that he is, refused to back down.

"I promise." he whispered back.

He thought Jungkook was going to kiss him, so he was beyond surprised when the man did nothing but give him a hug, nuzzling his face into Jimin's neck and rubbing his hands all over Jimin's arms and back to create some fiction and generate heat. He must have noticed that Jimin was still cold despite his clothes already being half-dry by now, and Jimin is absolutely ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief. He cannot believe himself for expecting, wanting, even, the boy to kiss him again and again and again, and for being a tad disappointed that he only nuzzled his neck when he so wanted to taste him, to feel his soft lips against his own over and over again.

'Stop it,' he reprimands himself, 'you're acting like a horny teenager, dammit Jimin.' 

His cheeks, up to his ears, turn red from embarrassment, and Jimin feels hot all of a sudden. The way Jungkook's arms are all over him, running up and down his back and his arms makes him grow sensitive with each touch, and he also comes to notice the hard planes of Jungkook's muscled chest.

"You should take a bath. The bathroom is over there." He pulls away and nods his head towards the small door in the corner of the room and Jimin has never felt such a strong longing for someone's touch; for someone's warmth. "I'll get some clothes for you to change into." His gentle gaze never faltered, and Jimin looks up only to meet Jungkook's wide, innocent blue eyes blinking back at him.

"Okay." he says softly.

He moves towards the door and enters the large bathroom, covered with white tiles from top to bottom, and there was a glass wall seperating the shower from the toilet and sink as well as the bathtub. Jimin was amazed yet again, the whole bathroom was bigger than the whole cabin he used to live in with his family. After he recovered from his amazement and finally stopped gapping at the wide space he decided to go for a quick shower. Though he would very much like to indulge himself on the bathtub, he just wanted to lay down as soon as he can and get some well deserved rest. He moves to stand infront of the full body mirror on one side, and starts stripping himself of his clothes.

Large bruises came into view, bathing his body in dull colors of black and blue. His hands glide across his body, only to cross over each other in an attempt to cover himself, disgusted by the image he sees on the mirror. An image of himself, covered in cuts and bruises, and it once again reminds him of his harsh reality. A reality that he has to face, sooner or later. A reality that he can't do anything but accept what has happened. Because he can't take it back. He couldn't do anything. He couldn't save them. He was useless. Completely, utterly, useless. And yet here he is, in the comfort of a home, a place to stay, a mate to take care of him even though he can't quite wrap his head around the idea yet, but here he was. Living. Thriving. Surviving.

How dare he? What right does he have to survive when everyone else did not get the chance to? When everyone else's lives ended all in one moment, a moment where everyone was happy and content and nobody expected what was going to happen next, a moment of false security and letting their guard down. How dare he survive? He wants to join them, to let go of life and go with them wherever they are.

But no, he is much too big of a coward that he can't bring himself to die. He just can't.

It was those thoughts that forced Jimin's tears to fall, like water rushing through the river, excited to finally meet the sea.

He cried, and cried, 'till his tears ran out and he couldn't bring himself to cry anymore.


As he walks out of the bathroom with only white a robe covering his frame, Jimin sees Jungkook entering the room holding a steaming mug placed on top of a ceramic saucer.

"I brought you some tea. Drink it before you sleep." the taller male mutters, setting the cup down on the table by the bed.

"Thank you." Jimin says at the same time that Jungkook looks up at him. He notices the clothes laid out for him on the bed too, a thick, knitted long-sleeve black turtleneck matched with a pair of black sweatpants.

He looked up at Jungkook, about to thank him again when he notices the boy's eyes hardening and his brows furrowing, forming a little frown. He follows the boy's gaze, and realized that it was directed to his slightly exposed chest as the tie of his robe unknowingly loosened, and a hint of black and blue was showing on his naked skin.

He hurriedly fixed his robe in an attempt to hide the bruise, but Jungkook was already walking towards him, his eyes burning with an intensity only he could manage to hold.

He grabbed the sides of Jimin's robe closest to his neck, and looks into Jimin's eyes pleadingly.

"Let me see."

"No, please, I--"

"Please, Jimin, just-- show me."

Jimin struggled, his what he thought were already dried up tears once again forming around his eyes as he holds Jungkook's hands that were gripping his robe too tightly.

"Please, Jimin." Jungkook himself looked like he is very much close to tears, and seeing his pained expression was what it took for Jimin to finally give in.

He let go of Jungkook's hand and allowed him to take off his robes. He did it slowly and gently, his carress almost that of a feather with how lightly he touched Jimin's skin.

He sucked in a breath when the robe finally falls to Jimin's feet, and Jimin has never felt so exposed in his whole 23 years of existence.

He looks away and bites his lip, preparing himself for the looks of disgust, the withering insults and the beatings... that never quite came.

Instead, large warm hands softly cupped his cheeks, making him turn in shock, disbelief and fear towards the man infront of him, towards whom he felt so fragile, towards whom he felt so vulnerable and breakable with.

"Look at me," he says, and when Jimin does look, he doesn't see the looks of disgust he was expecting, he doesn't hear the insults he was waiting for. What he does see is Jungkook's eyes, his eyes that were so full of emotions Jimin couldn't name, his eyes that were brimming with tears that for some reason Jimin knew wasn't because of pity, but because of... something else.

And he didn't need to utter a single word for Jimin to know, to understand everything that he was trying to convey. He didn't need to say anything for Jimin to hear all the words he wanted to, but couldn't say because it was all too soon. Everything was happening so fast.

But as Jungkook's lips found his, he couldn't be more glad that he was a coward. He couldn't be more glad that he was a sick, selfish creature that wants everything to himself. All of this. Every last drop.

So he allowed himself to revel in the sweetness that was jungkook's lips against his, teeth and tongues clashing against each other, fighting for dominance that the other would not give. He allowed himself to taste the bittersweet feeling that passes through his body as Jungkook pulls back, only to move down and press a soft, chaste kiss against each and every single one of Jimin's imperfections.

He allows himself to feel every single touch, every single press of his lips against Jimin's body, and it was only when the boy reached his inner thighs that he finally allowed a moan that he was trying hard to supress come out from his mouth, making the other groan from where he was kneeling below him.

"J-Jungkook..." he places his hands on the other boy's shoulders in an attempt to support himself and keep himself standing up.

He is weak, so weak, that he can't even control himself, he can't even control his feelings from surging out from his body and he collapses into Jungkook's arms, sobbing his heart out as the taller once again kisses him, his desperation evident through the way he kisses Jimin.

"Baby, stop crying, please, I don't like it when you cry." he mutters, breaking the kiss.

"I--I'm sorry." he sobs, and Jungkook pulls him to his chest, burying his face in the smaller's hair.

"It's okay. It's okay." he comforts him, repeating the mantra over and over again and whispering sweet nothings into his ear until he finally calms down.

"Do you want to sleep now?" he softly asks.

"Mhm," Jimin only hums in response, not moving, finding comfort in being buried on the man's chest.

"Let's sleep then." he picks Jimin up and carries him to the foot of the bed, where he dresses Jimin up and supports him as the latter puts on his sweats, Jungkook's clothes that are too big for him making him look even smaller.

As they lie in bed, under the thick covers keeping them warm, Jimin snuggles up to Jungkook who welcomes him warmly and hugs him to his chest, Jimin's face on the crook of his neck.

Before he falls asleep, Jimin finds himself calling out to the other.


"Hmm?" the boy hums in response.

Jimin opens his eyes and looks up at Jungkook, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Thank you." he whispers, loud enough for the boy to hear. "For everything." Then he snuggles back to him, hiding his face in the taller's chest.

Jungkook kisses the crown of Jimin's head before burying his face and inhaling the scent of his hair.

"Anything for you, baby."

Chapter Text

Life with Jungkook has been... well, so to say, normal.

After what happened that night they became just a little bit closer, and Jimin would always sleep snuggled by Jungkook's side, and the latter more than gladly welcomes him in his arms every single time.

(Jimin just finished taking a shower and was drying his hair with one of the smaller towels he found in the bathroom when he found Jungkook already in bed, leaning back against the headboard with the duvet covering his lower body. He was reading a book, but as soon as Jimin came out he immediately raised his head, and upon seeing the boy closed his book and put it aside, beside the lantern on his bedside table.

He streched his arms over his head and yawned, adjusting himself comfortably on the bed.

"Let's sleep?"

Jimin chuckled, endeared by the sight. During his stay in the castle with the younger (he finally revealed that he was 2 years younger than Jimin a few days after) he has been spoiled with lots of moments when he would find Jungkook adorable, and it never fails to touch his heart, seeing his brother on the simple things the younger would do, such as the way he would stuff his mouth with spoonfuls of food and bits and pieces of rice would come out whenever he chews, the way he groggily stands up from the bed in the mornings when he had to do stuff around the castle and had to wake up early, or even the way he would giggle and smile when he found something funny, showing his perfect set of bunny teeth.

"M'kay." was his reply.

He changed into his -- Jungkook's -- pyjamas, always a size or two larger than his actual size (and if Jungkook found it adorable he would, of course, never admit it out loud so he stayed quiet) and crawled onto his side of the bed. Jungkook's closet was as good as his now, and he found that he didn't really care. Had it been another person he would have refused, found some way to make his own clothes, but he actually liked wearing the taller's clothes, it was comfortable, in fact, it was more comfortable than any of the clothes he owned before, and besides, the man's smell clung onto it faithfully and he really likes the man's scent (not that he would also admit that out loud), there was just something so comforting about it and it always manages to calm him down and make him relax.

Jungkook automatically welcomes him into a hug, Jimin's body slotting perfectly against his, like they were two puzzle pieces that finally managed to find their way to each other. He snuggles against the taller's frame, finding comfort and warmth (like he did whenever he would go to his mom for comfort after the other kids in the village beat him up and spat hurtful, vile words at him because apparently, he was a freak, something that didn't belong there, though, he never exactly understood why.) The younger places his arm under Jimin's head, the smaller using it as a pillow (which he liked more than the actual ones, no matter how soft and fluffy they were). He starts caressing Jimin's slightly damp hair, his finger smoothing through the dark strands, untangling the few knots that formed when the latter almost ripped his hair off drying it with a towel.

"Baby?" Of course, the endearments came along naturally as well, Jungkook finding the blush spreading across the smaller's cheeks when he first registered the pet name adorable, and so he just couldn't resist and kept on calling him that for the rest of the day. After almost two weeks though, it already became a habit and they both got used to it already, the term slipping out of their mouths casually, as if it were just any other thing in the universe (it was mostly just Jungkook, though).

"Yes?" the other answered, looking up curiously at Jungkook only to meet his waiting gaze.

"Are you alright?"

The other sighed, snuggling back to hide his face against the crook of the taller's neck.

"I will be." came the answer, and they stayed like that, Jungkook's hand still going through the older's brown locks while his other hand rubbed his back up and down comfortingly, and Jimin just tightly holding him by the waist until they both fell asleep.

Jimin felt warm and fuzzy and reminisced the moment they first met (or, well, when he first saw Jungkook).

Gone was the man who looked cold and calculating and just a  little bit mean, whose intense and burning gaze Jimin could not bear, replaced by a warm and comforting presence that was the adorable boy with a huge bunny smile that Jimin would love and be contented to look at all day.)

Though, nothing ever happened after that besides a little bit of skinship, here and there, and Jimin was adapting to his new life quite well.

Or so he thought.

Flashes of that night still kept coming back to him and it wakes him up in the middle of the night, eyes wet with warm tears spilling down his cheeks. He always wakes up, panting and out of breath, like he had just been running away from those same men and falling to the freezing lake over again.

Of course, having a mate (although, he still doesn't really get the term quite fully yet) has its perks, and Jungkook would always be there to comfort him, whispering warm and gentle words to his ears, getting him to calm down and breathe and just hold him till everything passed.

It's only been a little over two weeks since Jimin had been staying at the castle, and what he thought was going to be a life of terror and imprisonment didn't really seem to be that bad at all, in fact, he liked it, especially because he had Jungkook by his side, entertaining him or sometimes just letting him be, reading books quietly beside him as he does the same, and they never ran out of things to read, since the man owned a library the size of a freaking ballroom and had Jimin gawking at the sight the first time Jungkook showed it to him.

("Close your mouth, a fly might get in." the taller says with an amused smirk Jimin sees as mocking and proceeds to smack him lightly on the chest with his fist.

"Shut up," he grumbles.)

If they weren't reading, they were mainly just lazing around, Jimin watching Jungkook cut logs for firewood or just looking out at the scenery from the second floor living room or sometimes just staying in bed, cuddling till late afternoon.

Jimin has grown accustomed to the familiarity Jungkook was treating him with, and he knew that Jungkook was only trying his best to let him adjust to his new life at the castle with him. Sometimes, though, he would space out, just blankly staring at nothing in particular, and Jungkook has to call his name so many times just to get his attention and bring him back to earth.

It was during the third week, (after the nth panic attack) that Jimin finally spilled what had really happened.

They were sitting across each other on the  stools in the kitchen island and Jimin was once again, spacing out, staring out the window, where white still flooded the outside of the place. He had just calmed down from a panic attack, and Jungkook brought him down to whip something up for the both of them to eat. He was just asking the boy what he would like to have when he was yet again met by a spaced out Jimin.




Some more silence.

"Jimin, baby."

Still silence.


The other boy finally turned his head back to look at the one calling him.

"Yes, Kookie?"

"Are you alright? You're spacing out again."

The other man merely blinked at the question.

Then he sighed and looked down for a moment before he spoke.

"I was just... thinking."

Jungkook kept silent, wordlessly urging the other to continue.

"My people were good people." Although he admits that he was beyond confused and hurt because he didn't know why he was treated differently, people avoiding him as much as possible and never initiating any interaction with him, and kids his age shooting him insulting glares every now and then, he also has always seen the goodness within the people of his village. They would never hesitate to help a family in need, whether it be the need for food, or someone to take care of when someone gets sick, or even just the daily stuff like picking up herbs in the forest or maybe getting water from the well on the other side of the village, they could always, always depend on each other.

was just... a special case, Jimin thinks.

"Everything was fine, you know. It all worked out. And then one day..." he trailed off.

Jungkook sat in silence, waiting for the other to continue.

"I had just gone out to the forest, to pick out some herbs, my mom asked me to. We were preparing for a feast, a woman just gave birth to a baby boy and we were all so happy for the newest addition to our village. I was in the middle of doing so when I heard gunshots. Scared, I immediately ran back home, o-only to see the whole village covered in-- f-flames. Bright yellow and red flames. There were men everywhere, all of them wearing black, and I was so scared when one of them saw me and immediately went after me. I just ran and ran, I ran as far as my legs would carry me. And then I fell. On a lake. I-It... it was so cold." the boy shivered hugging himself. His eyes were watery, he looked like he was going to have another breakdown so Jungkook hurriedly says,

"Hey, baby, it's okay. We don't have to talk about this if you don't want to." But the other just shook his head.

"It's okay. I don't really remember much after that anyways. I just felt myself passing out." he smiles faintly at Jungkook, tears prickling on the corner of his eyes.

Something in the man's expression shifts, but he quickly covered it up and composed his facial features into that of a neutral one. He went over to Jimin's side and turned his stool so the man was facing him and engulfed him in a hug, burying the man's face in his chest.

"It's okay. You're here with me now, and I won't let anything hurt you anymore." he pulls back a little so he could look Jimin in the eyes, his favorite pair of eyes in the whole world. "You're safe with me." he then proceeds to nuzzle the man's neck.

After a moment, Jimin spoke.


"Hmm?" the man hummed against his neck, the vibrations of his voice sending tingling sensations all over Jimin's body.

"Thank you." he whispers shyly.

"Anything for you, love." he pulls back and chuckles at the sight of Jimin's slowly reddening face.

"Oh, shut up." Jimin grumbles.

"So, what exactly does being your mate mean?" Jimin asks Jungkook after they ate and cleaned up the dishes, together. 

They returned to sitting across each other on the kitchen island, when Jimin suddenly asks the question out of nowhere, catching Jungkook by surprise.

He visibly stiffens, posture going straight and rigid. Jimin also stiffened, alarmed and worried that he did something wrong. After a second Jungkook relaxes, hands reaching out for Jimin's across the cool counter.

"Don't fret, love. You'll be finding that out soon enough."

It was a few days after when Jimin once again brought up the topic, when they were huddled on the couch, Jimin leaning his head on Jungkook's chest while the latter had his arms around the boy.

"Why won't you just tell me?" he pouted.

The man chuckled, leaning closer so he could peck the pouting boy on the lips.

"Patience, love. You might regret it when I tell you, and it's better if I don't. You have to find everything out on your own."

Jimin looks up at him with wide eyes. He kisses the crown of Jimin's head, ruffling his hair.

"Don't worry, I'll be here with you. I'm not gonna leave you."

The other lets out a sigh in relief. After a moment he asks,

"Did you mean it when you said that if I leave, I'm going to die?" innocent brown eyes stared up at him, and he wanted to coo with how adorable Jimin looked.


The boy gasped, seemingly shocked with the answer.

"You'll really kill me?" he whispers, afraid.

He could only chuckle in response. He closed the book they were reading and placed it on the small class table in front of them. He enclosed Jimin in both of his arms, throwing the red furry blanket around both of them.

"No, baby. I wouldn't-- I could never do that. Something else will, though, and it's really hard to explain without you knowing-- as I've said, it's better for you to find out on your own. I'll tell you everything after, all in time, baby. Just have a little bit more patience, please."

"Hmm, okay, Kookie." he snuggled deeper into Jungkook's embrace, inhaling Jungkook's musky scent. He smells vaguely of olive and wood, and summer forests and pine trees. 

"It's not too late now, though." Jungkook murmured after some time.

"Hmm?" Jimin looked up, confused.

"It's not too late to run now. If you want to leave, you can still go." There was something in his gaze that was warm and comforting, but Jimin felt uneasy at the thought.

"I think I'm gonna be here for the long run." he said after some thought.

The dazzling smile he received in return was enough to ensure that Jimin's decision was totally worth it. 

"You sure about that?"

"Yes." he answered almost instantly.

"Hmm..." the man leaned in and touched his nose to Jimin's cheek. "What was that?" his breath nothing but a faint tickle to the smaller's skin.

"Yes," Jimin chuckled, and Jungkook has never heard a more beautiful sound in his whole life. "I'm sure. And I intend to stay forever, so watch out." he giggled.

Well, Jimin was in for a nice surprise.


Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up with a start.

He doesn't know what time it is, and he couldn't care less, really, but it must be sometime between midnight and dawn, which meant that it was way too early for someone to be shaking him awake, telling him to 'turn the goddamn air conditioner on' because it was apparently 'too hot'.

He barely has time to pry his eyes open when several things happened in quick succession.

One moment, he was lying peacefully on his very, very comfortable bed, dozing off and dreaming about soft, milky skin and white robes and then the next thing he knows, he was already staggering out of bed and onto the floor, trying to maintain his balance and keep his butt from kissing the cold tiles.

Just as he was trying to regain atleast some of his composure, the stupid pheromones decided that it was the best time to hit him square on the face like a freaking tsunami and knock him down on the floor.

Great. Just great.


Someone is breathing harshly and panting/gasping his name, and if he wasn't so irritated by the fact that he would be seeing a temporary black and blue tattoo on his butt within the next few hours he would have thought that the voice was coming from none other than his--



Holy shit.

When his groggy mind finally finally registered what was going on, all hints of sleepiness flew out the window-- not that there was a window-- and he immediately stood up, his eyes landing on the bed where his mate-- Jimin -- was thrashing around and looked like he was about to rip the freaking sheets off.


Within a second, he was already back on the bed on all fours, hovering closely over Jimin, who was still breathing heavily and sweating profusely. He wasn't even awake yet, (or maybe he was but preferred to keep his eyes closed, Jungkook doesn't know) he just kept trying to roll around while muttering unintelligible words and if Jungkook wasn't so focused on trying to keep his sanity and waking Jimin up, he would have sworn they sounded very much like strings of profanities he could only hope weren't directed at him.

"Jimin, baby, wake up." he tried his hardest to be gentle despite the pheromones hanging in the air trying their best to drag his mind into a hazy state and bring out his feral, more primitive form, and brought one of his hands to push back the damp, sticky hair clinging to Jimin's forehead and cupped his face into both.

"Jimin." he peppered small, swift kisses all over the man's face, his cheeks, his forehead, his nose, his chin. His immediate reaction has Jimin crooning into the touch, purring in satisfaction, but not quite fully contented.

"Jimin, wake up." he says in between kisses, trying his very best to keep his wavering self-restraint in place. When the other still refused to wake up, he proceeded to direct those kisses to his lips, which had Jimin groaning in mild frustration when the former refused to deepen it and instead kept it light, soft little pecks on his lips until he finally couldn't stand it and opened his eyes.

"Jungkook." he gasped and as Jungkook's hand went down to hold his waist he was beyond surprised of his reaction, which was to moan and arch off the bed into Jungkook's touch.

His eyes flew open, the clash of blue and brown sending sparks all over as they stared at each other in the midst of the dim room, illuminated only by the single lantern that remained switched on, on top of Jungkook's bedside table.

"Jungkook." Jimin was still gasping for breath, lust-filled eyes gazing into Jungkook's careful ones.

"Jimin-- I," the latter gasps, inhaling a deep breath, trying to compose himself. "Jimin. Look at me. I need you to listen to me, baby. I--" he broke off, groaning in mild frustration because

Why the fuck did it have to happen so soon?

"Jungkook." Jimin whimpered. "Jungkook, it-- it hurts." he whines, hands moving to clutch Jungkook's shirt and there were tears in his eyes.

"I know, baby. I know. But you have to trust me on this, Jimin. Look at me." he forces the other boy to stay in his right mind, before he completely loses himself into his hazy lust-filled state.

Jimin blinks his tears away, eyes wide open as he stares at Jungkook.

"Do you trust me?"

He nods.

"I do."

"I'll take care of you, don't worry. Just relax. Trust me, okay?"

He blinks up at him and nods once again.

"I trust you."

He pecks Jimin briefly and offered him a warm smile.

He then moves back and hoists Jimin up by his waist and lets him rest on his knees as he presses a kiss onto his lips. He moves their lips together as if they're a song, melodies and symphonies flooding out of his system and into the open air of their bedroom, swirling and dancing and becoming one as they come together to form a masterpiece.

He moves his hand from Jimin's waist to unbutton his oversize silk white pyjama top, slowly but gracefully pulling them apart. When he was done he lets one side of Jimin's clothes fall, exposing the soft, milky skin on his right shoulder. He trails his kisses from Jimin's lips, down to his jaw, moving to his neck, and finally reaching his collarbone, sucking and biting, leaving small purple bruises along the way. Meanwhile Jimin has turned his head to the side, giving Jungkook more access to his neck, moaning in pleasure.

When Jimin's top completely comes off, he moves his kisses down to his chest, kissing his nipples which hardened at the soft touch, earning a weak mewl from Jimin himself.

He moves them both so that Jimin is straddling him, then holds Jimin at his thighs and carefully lifts him up and off the bed to the side, so he could slide Jimin's matching white pants and boxers off of him.

The process and the pace Jungkook does this is excruciatingly slow, making it nearly unbearable for the both of them.

But Jungkook is not stupid. Even though he does this partly because he wants to savor every moment with his mate, he also knows that he needs to draw this as long as he can for both his and Jimin's sake.

He stood up and held Jimin by the shoulders, "Jimin. I need you to understand that I have to keep you from climaxing as long as I can, alright? If you come too soon, it will hurt a lot more often, so I need to hold you back as much as possible. Otherwise, you'll be in a lot more pain than you're feeling right now. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Jungkook, please just--" tears were welling into his eyes again, as Jimin kept whimpering for Jungkook to go on.

"Shhh, baby, it's alright, I'm right here, I'm gonna take care of you, okay?" He presses a chaste kiss on his lips, chuckling softly when he pulls back and Jimin chases him.


He strips himself of his clothes, then slowly and carefully pushed Jimin back to settle onto the bed, the latter all the while gasping and leaning to his touch.

He climbs in between and over the man, hands sliding from his thighs to his waist, grazing his skin and elliciting a whimper from the latter. He leans down to press shallow kisses on his lips, teasing, provoking the other, his way of getting him to move, of assuring Jimin that he doesn't have complete control, of letting him know that he's still free to do what he wants.

Impatient, Jimin growls, lacing his fingers through Jungkook's hair and tugging him down, to kiss him deeply, properly. He swipes his tongue over the other's lips, wordlessly begging for entrance that the other easily gives. Tongues interwined, just like their souls did, fighting for dominance, Jimin clinging to Jungkook desperately, like he's the lifeline Jimin's struggling to hold on to.

"Come on, baby, that the best you got?" Jungkook drawls lazily against his lips, while his own settled onto that one-sided smirk Jimin hated [loved] so much.

Jimin whines, deepening the kiss, alternating between sucking Jungkook's tongue into his mouth and nibbling his bottom lips before tugging them softly.

Jungkook couldn't help but release a small growl himself, pulling back only to mouth at Jimin's jaw, moving down to the area behind his ears, until he reaches the man's scent gland. Unable to help himself, he noses along the pulsing vein, subconsciously scent marking him, then sticks his tongue out to lick the area before sucking lightly, drawing out a moan from the smaller.

He went back to his mouth and swallowed the sounds the older was making, while one of his hands slowly moved from his waist down past his already aching, throbbing cock, almost touching it but not quite, leaving it twitching as he moved down past his balls and his perinium then stopped right at his dripping wet hole, prodding it with his index and middle finger, teasing, encircling the rim only to cause more slick to rush out of Jimin.

"Fuck, baby, you're so wet." He brought his slick-covered fingers up for both of them to see, then a wicked glint crossed his eyes as he moved his hand to Jimin's slightly parted mouth. Jimin whined at the intrusion, as Jungkook put his fingers inside his mouth, resting it on his tongue.

"Suck." he ordered.

He almost gave when he looked up to meet Jimin's eyes, glazed over by lust, want and desire, and he knew that he was gone the moment Jimin closed his lips around his fingers and sucked on them, releasing a soft moan as he licks Jungkook's fingers clean of his own slick.

He pulled his fingers out when he felt his self-control straining, moving down to taste Jimin's slick from the boy's mouth then pulling back to whisper in his ears.

"You taste so good, Jimin."

A shiver ran up Jimin's spine and he almost jumped up in shock when he felt Jungkook's fingers on his entrance once again, prodding and teasing and driving him crazy at the sensation.

"Shh, relax. I'm gonna make you feel good, baby, you just have to relax." Jungkook whispers soothingly, meeting his uncertain eyes with his own comforting ones. This helped Jimin slowly relax, as he grew accustomed to the movement of Jungkook's fingers on his tight rim.

"I'm gonna put one in, okay, baby?" Jungkook asks for confirmation, searching for any sign of discomfort in Jimin's eyes but finding none as Jimin seemed to be lost in the midst of the dizzying sensation Jungkook's fingers were giving him. He only nods, and whimpers when Jungkook slowly inserts his middle finger in him, carefully thrusting up and down when he deemed Jimin comfortable enough to do so.

"K-kiss me." Jimin requests shyly, peeking up from his lashes at Jungkook, who only growls and indulges them both in a hot, passionate kiss.

Soon, enough he added his index finger in, scissoring Jimin loose while he swallows each and every sound Jimin makes as he simultaneously knocks the breath out of him with his searing kiss. When he reached three fingers, he stilled, letting Jimin have a moment to adjust to the stretch.

"You okay, baby?" he stretched upwards to place a kiss on Jimin's forehead. "Tell me if it hurts, okay?" he says as he looked down at the boy underneath him.

Jimin swallows, then nods.

"I-- I'm okay. Y-you can m-move." he says after sometime, sweat glistening on his forehead and neck as his chest moves up and down in time with his breathing.

Jungkook resumes the movement, keeping his pace slow as to not hurt Jimin, not wanting him to be uncomfortable in the slightest. When he reached the bundle of nerves, Jimin arched off the bed and into his chest, a long, drawn out moan passing through his glorious lips.

"J-Jungkook--" he pants heavily, hands moving down from being tangled in his hair to desperately clawing at his shoulders and back, breathing rapidly, mind going numb from all the pleasure Jungkook was giving him. When Jungkook continued his thrusts Jimin moaned once again, and before long the room was filled with both his and Jimin's moans, the latter doing so with Jungkook's every thrust, the sensual sound making Jungkook moan himself.

"Hnnng... aaahhh... J--Jung... ha-ah--Jungk-kook...Jungkook--hah..."

When he couldn't take it anymore Jungkook pulled out his fingers, shutting Jimin up with a kiss as he groaned at the loss of contact, and whispered seductively in his ear.

"Turn around on all fours, baby."

Jimin immediately complied, ass sticking out in the air as he lied on his elbows and knees, resting his cheek against the soft covers and clenching his fists tightly on bith sides of his head. Meanwhile Jungkook sat back on his knees as he grips his hard shaft, spreading both slick and precome all over it to make the slide easier. He gripped Jimin's ass cheeks with his other hand, kneading softly and spreading them apart to get a full view of Jimin's pink swollen, puffy rim, still dripping slick as it clenches around nothing. His gaze trails over the slick, where it drips towards his balls and trickles all over his thighs, and, suddenly overcome by a powerful urge, he darts forward and started lapping up every drop on slick on his tighs, moving up from there to his perineum where he lightly presses his tongue, earning a groan and making Jimin shiver in both delight and pleasure, and up to his ass where he briefly places chaste kisses on both of his full, round buttcheeks, and finally leaning forward to circle his tongue over his rim, making Jimin jump and gasp at the contact.


"It's okay, baby. Just relax. I won't hurt you." He started kneading Jimin's lower back, coercing him into relaxing while comforting him at the same time.

Jimin whimpered, but eventually relaxed, and released sounds of pleasure when Jungkook thrusted his tongue into him. After a while Jungkook pulled back with Jimin still whimpering, slurping all the slick that gushed out of Jimin's hole.

"Are you ready, Jimin?"

Jimin frantically whimpered, nodding his head and turning back to look at Jungkook with tears in his eyes.

"Please, Jungkook... touch me." he whispers, and that does it for Jungkook.

He rubs his cock in between Jimin's ass cheeks, gasping at the sight of the wonderous amount of slick attaching itself to his dick. Having enough of all the teasing even though he himself was the one who made almost all of them, he aligns his hard shaft with Jimin's entrance, and gently pushed the tip in.

Jimin's reaction was immediate; he gasped audibly and and clutched the sheets tighter, knuckles turning white from the force he exerted.

"Relax, baby. Just relax." Jungkook started kneading his lower back once again, until Jimin relaxed enough for him to push himself father, inch by inch, deeper into Jimin. When he was halfway into Jimin he bottomed out in one swift motion, causing them both to gasp at the delicious combination of pain and pleasure.

"Y-you okay?" Jungkook asks him while he stilled, allowing Jimin to adjust at the much bigger stretch; it was definitely incomparable to the stretch that merely three of Jungkook's fingers had prepared him for.

"Y-yeah," he gasps back, "just-- just... give me a moment. You're-- you're just so fucking huge."

Jungkook chuckled lowly, making it sound more like a growl, the vibrations of his chest that Jimin felt underneath him as his chest was pressed to his back sending tingles up his spine.

"I'm sorry," Jungkook muttered as he kisses Jimin's shoulder, then proceeds to graze his teeth lightly over his skin.

"N-no, it's-- it's fine." he shuddered.

He continues to press kisses on Jimin's shoulder 'till the latter finally spoke.

"Y-you can move now."

Upon hearing the words Jungkook slowly pulled out, and thrusted back to Jimin all in one go, the force enough to send the headboard knocking over the wall.

Jimin squealed, the move letting Jungkook's cock hit his prostate dead-on; sending him sobbing all over his fist as he bites the back of his hand.

"J-Jungkook, n-not too hard..."

Jungkook reaches over and presses a kiss on Jimin's lips, and another one on his cheeks, kissing the tears away.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm sorry, don't cry. I'll be gentle, I promise. Forgive me." he whispers as he leaves kisses all over Jimin's face, remorse shown clearly on his face.

"It's okay." Jimin yields, kissing him back and chasing his lips when he pulls back.

"G-go on." he adds shyly.

"Okay, baby."

Jungkook continues his motions, gently this time, but still hitting Jimin's prostate every single time and in the middle of his thrusts he slowly stretched back up to slide his hands all over Jimin's chest, one hand moving up to encircle his neck, grip loose enough so as not to choke him but still firm, while the other slides down to take ahold of Jimin's hard cock, which was already leaking pre-cum.

With his hand that was on Jimin's neck he brought them up together to a kneeling position, the new angle letting him thrust deeper into Jimin while his other hand worked on Jimin's neglected cock, rubbing pre-cum all over to make the slide of his hand easy.

Jimin mewled loudly, heavy breaths more defined in Jungkook's ears, and instinctively reached both of his hands up to tangle them in Jungkook's hair, bucking his hips into the man's hold.

The overwhelming sensations were too much-- Jungkook's cock continuously thrusting deep inside of him, his hands working on his hard shaft and Jungkook's teeth on his neck, kissing, sucking, grazing his teeth--

"J-Jungkook, I-- I'm... I'm gonna--"

He began thrusting his hips forward onto Jungkook's hand and backward to take him deeper, chasing his climax, feeling it building up in his lower stomach-- it was all too much--

But then Jungkook abruptly ceased all movements, resting a firm hand on his waist; locking him in place and stopping him from moving, while the other hand that was working on his cock gripped it tightly on the base and covering the slit with his thumb; cruelly stopping his orgasm.

"NO! No-- no, no-- I was so close-- I, please-- please!" he screamed and sobbed and begged Jungkook; large, fat drops of tears streaming down his cheeks and onto the sheets. He tightened his grip on Jungkook's hair, one hand reaching down to jerk himself off-- but was stopped by Jungkook grabbing both of his hands and securing them behind his back with one arm while still keeping him in place with the other.

He was helpless. All he could do was sob, thrashing against Jungkook, but his strength was no match for the broad, muscled man. The same man who was now whispering words of comfort into his ears.

"Ssshhh, I'm sorry. Baby, I'm here. I'm here, don't cry. I'm gonna make you feel better." he whispered against Jimin's shoulders and cheeks, kissing him. "Look at me, Jimin." he said, and the other turned his head in his direction. "Remember what I told you earlier? That I'd have to draw your climax out as long as I can?" he kisses Jimin's nose. The man nods. "I have to do this so you won't be hurting so much later, baby. I won't hurt you, please, just trust me. Trust me, okay?" he says, sincerity evident in his deep, blue eyes.

Jimin nods and kisses him square on the lips, hungrily devouring his mouth. He slowly pulls out of Jimin, the latter whining at the loss of the feeling of fullness inside of him. He lets go of Jimin's hands, holding him instead by the waist and turning him around to face him so that he could kiss him properly. Jimin's hands roamed around his body, sliding up and down his back, splaying his fingers up his chest, moving to his shoulders and down his arms, then back up again to cup his nape and pull him closer, the other settling on the back of his head and lightly pulling on his hair.

He groaned, his hands moved from Jimin's waist to his thighs, and suddenly he was lifting him out of bed and pushing him back to the cold wall on the side of the bed. He grabbed both of his wrists and pinned them above his head, as he continued kissing him like there's no tomorrow. They pulled apart for a short breath and Jungkook trailed his kisses down Jimin's jaw towards his neck, nipping his prominent collarbones and sucking yet another bunch of hickeys as the smaller leaned his head to the side to grant Jungkook more access to his neck. His scent gland pulsed, attracting the other, willing him to mate him, mark him as his. Jungkook can smell his scent; a sweet flowery combination of lavender, lilac, white rose, and... strawberries? It invaded his senses, intoxicating him, drinking him in...

He growled and shook his head to clear his thoughts. He kissed Jimin on the lips one more time before he pulled away.

Jimin whimpered, his wolf immediately reacting; hurt by the rejection of his mate.

But Jungkook had other plans, apparently. He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned Jimin to 'come over here'. Jimin hesitated, but upon the sight of Jungkook's warm gaze, he gathered enough strength to will his legs to walk towards him.

When he was already directly in front of him, Jungkook grabbed him and positioned them so that Jimin was straddling Jungkook who was sitting on the edge of the bed, legs dangling off to the side. Jimin carefully placed his hands on either of Jungkook's shoulders; gazing deep into his eyes.

"Ride me." he whispered up to Jimin.

Maybe it was the words, maybe it was the way Jungkook gazed up at him with eyes that held the universe in them, or maybe it was the tone in which Jungkook uttered them that made heat coil in Jimin's lower abdomen, as a small gasp worked it's way past his lips.

"R-ride you?"

"Mhm." Jungkook hums, cupping Jimin's face and lowering him down to kiss him. While they were kissing Jungkook moved his hands to Jimin's waist, slowly lowering him down onto his hard cock. He swallowed Jimin's gasp with their kiss, allowing Jimin a moment to breathe as he once again bottomed out; this time deeper than the last.

Unexpectedly, Jimin rolled his hips once; burying Jungkook even deeper inside of him, hitting his bundle of nerves once again and producing a moan from both of them.

Pleasured by the act, Jimin continued rolling his hips, letting Jungkook's cock massage his prostate over and over.

"Ah, Jungkook-- hnng-- hah... aaahhh!"

He continued this for some time, just rolling his hips over Jungkook's cock and pleasuring himself from the sensation of his big shaft pressing on his prostate over and over again, abusing the bundle of nerves, bringing overwhelming pleasure to Jimin as he kept moaning Jungkook's name, while Jungkook stared hard at him all throughout, imprinting this image of Jimin into his mind, so hard that he's sure he won't ever be able to forget about it.

He pressed kisses onto Jimin's abs, up to his chest and hard pecs, then sensually suckled on one of his nipples and nipping it softly with his teeth before rolling his tongue over it and repeating the process, while his hands wrapped around Jimin as he arched onto his touch, before switching to the other and doing the same. Jimin's hands on his shoulders traveled up to grip his hair, still rolling his hips as he feels heat coil tightly on his stomach, and he knows that he's near.

"Jungkook." he gasps. "Jungkook... Can I-- please, please Jungkook-- let me-- let me cum, please-- can I--" he chokes on a sob, tears once again forming in his eyes and desperately clutching onto his hair as he looks down at him.

"Come for me, baby." Jungkook smiles up at him.

He breathes out a huge sigh of relief, staring up at the ceiling and blinking away the tears from his eyes as he looks down at Jungkook again.

"Thank you." he breathes, then leans down to kiss him deeply, passionately, desperately.

He keeps up his movements, moaning into Jungkook's mouth, and on a particularly hard press press to his prostate, he finally, finally comes undone as he reaches his orgasm and cums onto both of their chests.

He was just coming down from his high when Jungkook suddenly grips his legs and stands up, carrying him and pushing his back against the wall, his hard shaft still inside of him.


Jungkook quickly pulls out and rams back into him just as fast, and Jimin sobs from overstimulation, as his cock brushes against Jungkook's hard planes, and he leans his head onto Jungkook's shoulders.

"Hu-hurts-- Jungkook, i-it h--" he sobs against Jungkook's shoulders, wincing from the pain.

"Don't worry baby," Jungkook kisses the side of his head, "you'll be fine in a moment."

And true to his words, Jimin finds himself hard once again after just a few thrusts from Jungkook, but this time, the craving is more defined, his needs more intense than the previous one. He was longing for something but he didn't know what, just that he needed something, that something was missing.

"Jungkook, I-I need... Jungkook, I need--"

"Shhh, baby, don't worry. I'll give you what you need." Jungkook locks his lips into a kiss, stopping him from saying anything further. He keeps thrusting, faster, deeper, his pace quickening and his moves a little rougher this time around.

Surprisingly, Jimin found that he liked this much, much better than the last. He wants Jungkook to keep pounding onto him, to reach him deeper, faster, harder...

"Please," he pants against Jungkook's mouth. "Please Jungkook, harder... give me more..."

Fueled by his words, Jungkook made his thrusts more powerful, each harder and faster than the last. He pounds into Jimin restlessly, mercilessly, until he feels Jimin tightening around him, and he feels his own stomach tense...

And they they were falling, falling deep into each other, into the pleasure of both their orgasms as they both came together, Jungkook still pounding onto Jimin, milking him dry as the base of his cock started to swell bigger and bigger, twice... thrice its normal size, and Jimin gasps in the mix of pain and pleasure, Jungkook's massive cock causing him to stretch impossibly wider, and then Jungkook has completely bottomed out for a third time, cumming inside of him, too.

The feeling was euphoric.

He can feel Jungkook cumming inside of him, and there was a lot, too much for him to keep inside of him that some still flowed out of his hole to Jungkook's thighs even though they were locked together by his massive knot.

Exhausted, and still coming down from his high, Jungkook encircled his arms around Jimins waist as Jimin slumped onto him and made his way back to their bed, sitting down on the edge.

Jungkook moves his hands around Jimin's back back to his waist as he massages his sides and hips, and then moves them to his front to caress the little bump formed by the humongous amount of Jungkook's cum inside of him, some still trickling down Jungkook's thighs.

They waited for their breaths to slow and heartbeats to calm down. After a few moments Jimin lifted his head up to press a kiss onto Jungkook's lips, then stretched up to reach his forehead and placed a similar kiss there.

"You okay?" Jungkook looks up at Jimin as he asks.

Jimin smiled down at him and nodded.

"Thank you."

Jungkook returned the smile and pecks his lips once more.

"So..." Jimin drawls lazily, drawing patterns on Jungkook's shoulder with his right hand, his other hand supporting his face as he cups his cheek while his elbow rested on Jungkook's right shoulder. "Are you gonna explain everything to me? What just happened? What... this is?" he gestured to himself and Jungkook; their attached bodies, locked by a rather huge knot.

Heck, if he even knows what that is.

Jungkook looks up at him and narrowed his eyes, opting for them to both have enough rest and decent sleep before he has to tell Jimin everything he needs to know about them; about who and what he is.

What they both are.

At that moment Jimin yawns, covering his mouth with his hand, the other stretching above him. Then he looks at Jungkook and raises an eyebrow. Jungkook sighs.

"You're tired." he pointed out. "Shall we sleep? You can leave all the 50 questions for tomorrow."

"You mean, later today." Jimin supplies, pointing to the wall clock from across the room, which is currently showing the time.

4:56 AM

Jungkook groans.

"Right. Later today." he concedes. Then pecks Jimin on the lips. "Let's sleep."

"Uh..." Jimin trails off, uncertain.

"What is it?"

"How long is it gonna take for this to wear off, exactly?" he pointed to their adjoined bodies.

Jungkook let out a loud laugh, eyes crinkling on the corners. Jimin found it cute and endearing (though, he'd be damned if he admits that, so he kept quiet).

"You're going to have to wait for a solid 10 hours before my knot goes down, baby."

Jimin's eyes widen comically, elliciting another laugh from Jungkook.

"Just kidding, it wears off ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, it depends. It's supposed to keep my seeds inside you so you'd be able to conceive lots of pups." he shrugs. "For now, I think it'll wear down in about two hours, so don't worry too much."

Jimin raises an eyebrow.

"Told you you should save the questions for later." Jungkook chuckled.

Jimin grumbled an 'okay, fine' before he let himself be moved by Jungkook into the bed, both of them snuggled against the blankets.

"Jimin?" Jungkook called softly over the warmth of the comforter, the former snuggled up on his chest with his head on the crook of his neck, a hand folded under his head while the other is wrapped around the latter's waist. He tightened his hands around Jimin's small figure, then kissed him softly on the crown of his head.

"Good morning."

Jimin giggled softly, then yawned. He pressed a kiss on Jungkook's neck, right on his adam's apple.

"Good morning, Kookie." he smiled.

Chapter Text

It was a week later that Jimin woke up with the sunlight softly shining through the large glass walls in the second-floor-living-room -- or so that's what Jimin calls it.

The view that he woke up to was lovely, hundreds of trees covered in layers of snow with sunlight drizzling over them-- however it distracted him only for a few moments before he came to the realization that the space beside him was empty-- where could Jungkook be?

He slowly sat up and found that he was parched, the last time he ate and drank something was during lunch yesterday, when he had regained a little bit of consciousness, just enough for him to be able to eat without feeling like burning and jumping at the other guy. Dinner was impossible, even now he only remembers passing out after what seemed like his 5th orgasm of the night-- and that doesn't even count the 3 rounds they had had directly after lunch.

Following this train of though Jimin suddenly felt scared, because what if Jungkook had gotten tired of him? Was he too much? And what was happening with his body? What the hell had just happened? Why did he suddenly wake up a week ago feeling horny as fuck? He wasn't some teenager, he was already 22, for god's sake! Did Jungkook think he was too much for him to handle, and left? He wouldn't, right? But then where the hell was he?

Jimin shook his heas just as tears started forming around his eyes. No, that's impossible. Jungkook wouldn't leave his own castle just because of him. If anything, he would be the one who'll be casted out by Jungkook if and when that happens, Jimin knows that.

And he's terrified to the core.

He stood up, quite slowly to be honest, since his whole body hurts as hell, and made his way downstairs to the kitchen to grab some water from the fridge. He sighed as he put down the glass in the sink. For some reason, he was feeling... strange. Heavy, maybe? It was like something was lodged in between his throat, or something was stuck in his stomach and he wanted to just get it out but he doesn't quite know how. Anyways, he was feeling uneasy about it. He just wants to talk to Jungkook, however seeing as said man was nowhere to be found at the moment, that really doesn't seem plausible.

Just as he put the water jug back and closed the fridge he was startled by a hand suddenly ruffling his hair. He turned around and was enveloped in a hug, and he exhales in relief as his body registers what was happening, and his hands automatically wrapped around Jungkook's waist and clutched tightly at his shirt as his brain chanted Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook.

Even he was surprised when his tears suddenly started flowing down his cheeks and a sob wracked his body as he started trembling against Jungkook.

"W-where were you?" He half-sobbed/ half-whined.

"I'm sorry baby, I just had to go outside for a while." Jungkook explained.

"I-...I thought y-you'd gotten t-tired o-of me a-and l-left," Jimin cried against him.

"Never." Jungkook kissed the side of his head.

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes until Jimin's cries subsided and he finally calmed down, glancing up at Jungkook with teary eyes.

Jungkook sighs and leans down to peck him once but Jimin grabs him by the hair as he pulls away and kisses him again, deeply and with a slight tinge of desperation. Jungkook groans and moves his hands that are wrapped around Jimin down to his thighs and lifts him up, Jimin gasping out a startled breath, and carries him to the kitchen counter.

It really doesn't help that he's only wearing his boxers underneath a single piece of clothing which was Jungkook's white dress shirt-- always a size or two too big for him.

Jungkook sighs as they pull apart, glancing up at a panting Jimin guiltily.

"I guess I have a lot of explaining to do, huh?"

Jimin growled.

"Later." And then he pulled him in for another searing kiss.



Someone screams.

"What the hell was that?" Jimin gasps, startled, a hand clutching his chest and fisting his shirt.

They had just come out of the shower and for once have decided to eat breakfast because they had once again, ended up doing stuff in the bedroom earlier.

Jungkook had just finished whipping up scrambled eggs and putting them in the plates when a bloodcurdling shriek resounded within the castle.

Jungkook's head suddenly snapped up at the same time Jimin spoke, and he dropped everything he was holding as he bolted out of the kitchen towards the main door. It's been a good 2 months since Jimin had first entered the castle, and it's safe to say that he had never once set foot past those doors.

"Jungkook, where are you going?!" Jimin nervously asks as he followed said man, who is questionably getting rid of his shirt, reaching back and grabbing it by the neckline, pulling it overhead and throwing it aside, and was practically half-running at this point.

"Jungkook! What are you--" Jimin wasn't able to finish what he was saying as Jungkook had already gone out the door, leaving it wide open for Jimin to see what was happening outside.

And what he saw knocked the breath out of him.

A child, no more than 15 maybe, was running for his dear life as a huge gray wolf snapped its huge jaws behind him, ripping his thick coat as it got caught in the creature's teeth.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the child shrieked, arms out spread as if reaching for something, tears pooling in his eyes as he tried to ran faster towards the castle.

He managed to put some distance between himself and the wolf behind him-- before he tripped.

Well, it seems like this child is just as clumsy as Jimin is, then.

But that wasn't the best part.

Just as the wolf was about to lunge at the poor child, Jungkook suddenly turned into a wolf. Jimin didn't have any words for it, he just-- he just turned into a fucking wolf. Like, one second he was human, one second he was Jungkook, and then the next he was a wolf, Jungkook was gone and in his place a wolf was running towards the scary scene.

What the fuck?

That's not all, though.

Just as the child screamed for the third time, the new wolf-- the Jungkook wolf, Jimin thinks-- suddenly jumped at the same time the gray one did, and the Jungkook wolf caught the other mid-lunge, sending them both tumbling back towards the forest, and leaving the child alone crying in the snow, with his hands covering his ears.

This all happened in the blink of an eye.

And Jimin stood there with his mouth agape, frozen through it all.

He didn't know what happened and what in the world he was thinking in that second but he ran. He ran towards the child and picked him up, carrying him back to the castle. His legs gave at the door, and he hugged the crying child to his chest, letting him sob his heart out.

Behind the child the scene unfolds, and the two wolves fought each other, the other one considerably a lot larger than the other, and claws and teeth were all Jimin could see amidst the streak of black, white and gray.

The next moment Jimin sees the black and white wolf bite the other on the nape, and a large resounding crack was heard.

The other wolf went limp, and suddenly, there was silence.

Complete and utter silence. 

Chapter Text

The silence was soon broken by the wails of the child sobbing on Jimin's chest. Jimin just sat there hugging him, stroking his back soothingly as he himself was trembling from the freezing cold that enveloped them both.

Jimin still can't believe what just happened.

A child almost just got mawled by a large wolf.

Jungkook, his Jungkook stopped it from happening by turning into a wolf-- and Jimin knew.

Jimin's not stupid, the second he saw him change, he already knew that Jungkook is the wolf who saved him from his attackers barely 2 months ago. Who kept him from dying there alone in the snow-covered ground of the cold and unforgiving forest in the middle of nowhere. The very same one who took care of Jimin with whatever that was he had gone through during the past few weeks. Who gave Jimin another chance at life and also gave him a place to stay; a home.

But why didn't he tell Jimin?

Why did he act as if he didn't know anything? Why did he not tell Jimin that he was the one who saved him? That he knew what had happened? That he was...

That he was a wolf.

Jimin's mind just suddenly turned blank.

He doesn't know anything. And he can't come up with the answers to all of those questions on his own.

He noticed the little boy clinging to him desperately violently tremble-- from the shock or the cold Jimin doesn't know-- and he finally lifted up his own legs and carried the boy inside the castle.

The Jungkook wolf suddenly fled the scene earlier, dragging the bloody body of the dead animal into the woods. Jimin shivered at the thought.

After they all heard the loud snap, the unmistakeable sound of a bone breaking, Jimin had looked up, only to be met with a pair of deep, vast, ocean blue eyes and he couldn't find the will to look away from them. The very same eyes that he saw before he believed he was going to die.

He went up the stairs and headed straight for their bedroom.

He just can't think of or feel anything right now apart from exhaustion. He's dead tired.

So he climbed up the bed and lied down under the thick blankets with the little child still in his arms, rubbing comforting circles onto his back as he felt himself slowly drifting away from reality, scrambled eggs long forgotten.

He was awoken by a gentle shake on his shoulder, and he opened his eyes only to be met by Jungkook's blue ones.

Relief flooded through him like a landslide.

He's back.

He sat up and without hesitation engulfed Jungkook in a tight, warm hug, tears already spilling out of his eyes like that of a broken faucet.

"You're okay," he cried as he buries his face in the area between Jungkook's neck and shoulder, "You're alright."

"Shhh, it's okay, I'm here baby, I'm here now. You're going to be safe, nothing's gonna happen, we're okay." Jungkook rubbed his back and whispered comfortingly.

Sobs wracked his body as he desperately clinged onto Jungkook and his sanity. Or did he still have it? What was happening? Was everything that happened back then only a hallucination? Was he going crazy?

But no, he had the child before him, warm and solid, as proof that everything really did happen earlier. That means Jungkook, too...

"Jungkook," he pulled back, unclasping his arms around the latter's neck, his teary eyes meeting Jungkook's concerned ones.

"What's happening? What-- how--" he cut off mid-sentence. "You're-- you're a..."

Instinctively, he once again nuzzled Jungkook's neck and tightened his arms around him.

"Please tell me I'm not crazy."

Jungkook nuzzled him back, kissing and nipping and leaving marks in his wake. He rubbed his face all over Jimin's neck, jaw and cheeks, and for some reason, it was enough to calm him down.

"You're not. Baby, you're not crazy. Everything you saw today..." he pulled back and looked at Jimin, "they were all real. As real as they can get. And yes, I'm a wolf."

Jimin stared at him, mouth gaping open but failing to form actual words. He made a sound that was something between a gasp and a disbelieving whine.

"But so are you."

At this, the latter choked.


"Kookie hyung?"

At the sound of that little voice behind Jimin, they both turned their heads and the sight of wide brown eyes with blown pupils greeted them.

"Taetae," Jungkook exhaled, seemingly relieved. "Come here." he beckoned the little guy for a hug, which the latter readily gave.

"Hyung," the little boy sobbed on Jungkook's chest, and Jimin feels his heart constrict in his chest.

Even though he had no idea who this child is, he already feels endeared with him. He wants to hug him to his chest, he wants to comfort him and make his tears stop.

So he joins the hug.



When the little boy, Taetae, calmed down and his sobs were reduced to little sniffles, he removes his arms from around Jungkook's neck and sat back down on the bed.

Jimin sat closer to him and rubbed comforting circles on his back, throwing a concerned glance at Jungkook, but not saying a word.

"Hyung..." the little boy's voice is dry and scratchy from crying, "I thought I was going to die out there today." Little droplets of tears formed in the corner of his eyes.

"Shh, hyung's got you, you're safe now. Hyung's here, he won't let you-- he won't let you get hurt." Jungkook says as he rubs the child's arms up and down, his own voice a little shaky, like he himself is at the edge of crying.

The couple waited for the child to stop crying, Jimin continuing to rub his back while Jungkook just holds his hands.

Tae speaks again after a few moments. "Thank you, hyung. For saving me." Again, Jimin felt like he wanted to say, but instead closed his mouth.

"You don't have to thank me Tae, hyung's always gonna be here for you when you need him. I promise." He gently smiled at the boy and ruffled his hair.

Then Tae's eyes shifted to Jimin's still figure on the bed, who was gazing at the two softly, a warm feeling blossoming on his chest.

"Who is he, hyung?" He asked Jungkook hesitantly, instantly shying away from Jimin's gaze.

Jungkook chuckled. "This is Jimin, Tae. He's my..." he glanced up at Jimin, "He's my mate."

Tae gasped.

"Really?!" He suddenly shot up and squeals loudly, shocking Jimin with the sudden change of emotions.

"Hyung!" he goes straight towards Jimin, cupping his face with both of his cute little hands, "you're a wolf too?!"

"Um..." a flustered Jimin says, eyes wide and alarmed, staring at the excited little boy in front of him who is now pressing his face into a fish-like pout.

Thankfully, Jungkook intervened, saving him from having to answer.

"Tae, give hyung a little space. I'm sure he's also very shocked from what happened earlier."

He then gestures for the little boy to come closer, and when Tae obliges, finally removing his hands from Jimin's face, Jungkook whispers something into his ear while staring darkly at Jimin.

Taehyung once again gasps dramatically, making Jimin wonder what exactly Jungkook had just said to the child.

Tae puts both of his hands to his mouth, his eyes opened so wide that Jimin thinks they might just pop out of their sockets.

"Mmhmmf mm mm mnffk?!"

Jimin laughs, "What?"

Tae doesn't answer, just stares at Jungkook with a look that screams, "This is a scandal, and I am intrigued!"

Jungkook looks back at him with the exact same expression painted on his face.

Jimin just rolls his eyes tiredly, chuckling fondly at the antics of the two.

"What--" he was interrupted by an angry stomach, growling loudly and echoing around the room.

He stills, shocked.

A second passed before the three of them cracked, and started laughing so hard that their belly buttons almost fell off.

"Come on, hyung needs to eat breakfast." Jungkook says, smiling darkly at Jimin, the undertone of a tease evident in his voice and tone, and the latter doesn't respond, only throws a pillow at him, hitting him square on the face and making him guffaw with laughter once again.

Meanwhile Taehyung, who had been staring at them for the past couple of moments, wordlessly went over to Jimin and climbed on his lap, burying his face into the crook between the man's neck and shoulder. Jimin immediately put his arms around the boy, hugging him warmly before standing up and carrying the boy with him.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going downstairs to make Tae and I something to eat. You're free to follow us after your little laughing session, or not. Whatever works for you." Jimin says sassily, resulting in Jungkook doubling over the bed in laughter. Tae peeks out from under Jimin's neck, smiling softly at Jungkook.

With a scoff, Jimin turns towards the door and carries Tae downstairs, leaving a cackling Jungkook behind, breathless with laughter.

Chapter Text

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