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Rhinestone Eyes

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“Damn it! I’m going to be late! Wrry,” Dio hissed under his breath as he adjusted his rear view mirror. Giorno was quietly sitting in his carseat in the back of the car, sucking on his ladybug pacifier. “I can’t believe that Valentine canceled on me! Wrry, I’m going to throttle him the next time I see him. I guess I have to take you to a daycare, Bug.” The man spoke to his toddler as he drove away from the red light. His eyes scanned the area, knowing that there was a daycare around the library somewhere. Ah ha! Right across the street from the library! Dio smiled as he pulled up to the doors and got his three year old out of the car. He didn’t see anybody at the front desk, just a tall man tending to some children in the other room. Dio sighed and glanced at his watch before setting Giorno down on the floor. The toddler held onto his father’s fingers as he looked up at him. The adult kissed his son on the forehead under his curls before leaving the building in a hurry. Giorno sat down on the floor with his stuffed mantis as he waved at his father leaving.

Jotaro entered the lobby with his daughter on his hip and finger paint smeared in his hair. He raised his brow when he saw the blonde toddler sitting on the tiles. He set Jolyne down on the counter before crouching down to Giorno, “Well, who are you? Haven’t seen you here before.” Picking him up, he looked through the photo records to see if any new children were to be dropped off. When nothing came up, he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Hopefully your parents will come get you when they’re down with whatever.” Jotaro took Giorno and Jolyne back into the playroom, setting them both down and taking Giorno’s pacifier. “What’s your name? Can you talk?” Kujo asked the boy softly.

“J-Jurno!” stuttered the toddler. “Jurno?” Jotaro thought a moment then smiled, “Ah, Giorno, okay. Not used to Italian names. Well, until your family comes to get you, you can play here.” He ruffled the boy’s curly hair before exiting to the front desk. Jolyne picked up the ladybug child silencer off the floor and put it in her mouth before hitting Giorno in the arm. The little blonde fell backwards onto his butt at the hit. Giorno got back up before swiping his pacifier from the girl and hit her back. After popping the pacifier back into his own mouth, Giorno readied himself to be more rough if needed.

Jolyne gave a smile before she began to wrestle the other child. Slapping, squealing and laughter filled the air as the two roughhoused. The other children seemed to ignore them, the older children making sure that none of the toddlers got in Jolyne’s way. Jotaro returned and smiled at his daughter finally playing with another kid. “Good job Jojo, you found the one kid that will actually hit back,” he said with a grin. Jolyne smiled wide at her dad, her hair a mess now from Giorno pulling on it.

Later in the day, Dio did return to pick up his child. Jotaro raised his eyebrow when he saw the blonde enter the daycare. He looked way to well dressed to be at Kujo Dolphin Daycare, “Are you Giorno’s father?” Dio raised his brow in return, leaning on the counter, “Yes, and I’d like to take him home now.”

“Sir, you can’t just leave him here, you have to pay.”

“What? It was only for five hours! I mean..” Dio sighed and took deep breath. “Right, right. Sorry, forgive me.” His long painted nails pulled out a peach colored phone case-wallet, “How much, sir?”

“Just $50. It’s fine. Let me guess, late for work?” Jotaro asked as he accepted the bill from the blonde’s galaxy painted claws.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” Dio groaned. “I was twenty minutes late at presenting my spring collection because my usual sitter bailed last minute. I’m sorry for just leaving Giorno here, Mr… um,”

“Kujo. Kujo Jotaro,” said the daycare manager as he handed Dio a clipboard. “Just fill this out and I’ll watch your son from now on. He’s the only kid my daughter gets along with.”

“Oh, so you own this whole place? You must really like children,” Dio spoke as he began to fill out the papers. “I have three older boys who live with their mother.”

They talked back and forth until Dio was finally done with the paperwork. Jolyne and Giorno shoved against the door out of the playroom. Both children were covered head to toe in various paints, laughing as Jolyne chased her new friend. Dio smiled but snatched up his child in his coat, “You little heathen! Now you need a bath.” Jotaro picked up his daughter to put her over his shoulder, “Yeah, I should call my mom to come get you. I can’t leave yet.” Jolyne giggled, “Sowwy!”

Dio couldn’t help but to chuckle, “I’ll be back tomorrow then, around 10am.” Jotaro nodded and waved as they left. Jolyne waved frantically, “Bye bye, Jurno!” She had his pacifier shoved in her overall pocket. Giorno waved back with a smile, “Addio, Joween!”

Brando clipped his son into the car seat before driving home in silence. Giorno was dead asleep when they arrive at the condo, Dio did his best not to wake the toddler until they got inside. The kid wasn’t waking up for nothing. Good thing Dio still had the little mesh baby bath thing from when the boy was still a newborn. He quietly gave his son a bath to wash off all the finger paint. There was a distinct lime green kiss mark on his cheek; it made the father smile. Dio held his son close in a towel before putting pajamas on him, holding him to his chest. It had been some time since Dio was this close with his child, he was so busy with work.

“I’m not going to leave you alone anymore. I want to be there every step of the way, mio figlio.” Dio kissed his baby’s head before sitting down on the couch to look out the sunsetting over New York. The father held his son, soon falling asleep as well.