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Shepard was absentmindedly nuzzling Kaidan in the afterglow of a particularly intense love-making session, when Kaidan suddenly broke the silence.

“I've been having the weirdest dreams lately,” Kaidan said.

“Oh yeah?” Shepard asked as he pulled his head away from Kaidan's chest.

“Yeah,” Kaidan said. “3 nights in a row, now. Different dream each time.”

Shepard pressed his head back against Kaidan's chest. “Hmph. Tell me.”

“First one, I dreamed that I was hopping between alternate timelines, because the timeline where I actually lived to adulthood was actually the oddball timeline. My mom was pretty upset when she found out, and she and my grandpa were trying to figure out how to save me in the other timelines so that I'd grow up to adulthood in all of them.”

Shepard squeezed Kaidan with the arm wrapped around the man's chest. “Timeline without Kaidan?” he asked rhetorically. “Me no likey.”

Kaidan snorted in amusement. “Not surprising,” he said sardonically. After a pause, he added: “It was weird seeing my grandpa alive again. I know he wasn't the best father to his kids, but he ended up a decent person by the time I got to know him. He died over a decade ago, but I miss him.”

Shepard nodded against Kaidan's chest. Kaidan had told him enough about his grandpa that none of this was surprising.

“The second dream?” Shepard asked, when Kaidan said nothing.

“Probably the weirdest of the three. I was a ‘meta-human’ -- superhero, basically -- and I was conducting a series of sabotage attacks against an alien force that had occupied Earth. My sister was also a meta-human but she'd sided with the aliens. It was one of those ‘are they good guys or bad guys?’ situations that pops up in anti-colonialist sci-fi, obviously,” he added.

“Wait,” Shepard interjected, “you have a sister?”

“Not in real life, no,” he said. “Only child. She was only there in the dream.”

“Anyway,” Kaidan continued, “I could fly and I had water-based powers, and the aliens were vulnerable to water, if it was pure enough. But by chance I ran into an invasive species that the aliens had accidentally brought with them... some sort of beetle that could fly almost as fast as I could, and it could transform luminiferous aether directly into fire,” he said. “The bastards were damn hard to kill,” he added with emphasis. “I actually died in the dream once, and then the dream reset to an earlier point. After that, the aliens and my sister actually teamed up to kill them, because the aliens didn't like them any more than I did.”

Shepard rubbed a hand down Kaidan's abdomen and thigh. “And the last dream?” he asked.

“Yeah, that...” Kaidan hesitated. “Okay, that one might've been weirder than dream number two.”

When Kaidan didn't continue, Shepard bit Kaidan's exposed nipple. “I'm thinking,” Kaidan hissed, gently bopping Shepard on the top of his head.

“Okay,” Kaidan finally continued. “I was in a science class back on Arcturus Station,” he said. “I don't remember the exact details, but basically we were learning about how different human biological states can be identified by taste of the skin.“

Shepard made a face, which Kaidan could feel against the skin of his chest thanks to Shepard's stubble. “Dream logic,” Kaidan said. “I was very confused for about 5 minutes after I woke up, because none of it made sense scientifically.”

“Anyways,” Kaidan said, “we watched a particularly wild action movie with lots of twists and turns, which was supposed to taste salty, then we compared the taste of our own skin with chromium chloride -- which, highly poisonous in real life, but in the dream you could safely swish the aqueous solution in your mouth so long as you spat it out. And then the professor switched from fight-or-flight hormones to sexual arousal... and things got a little heated.”

Shepard lifted his head to look Kaidan in the eyes. “Oh yeah?” he asked.

Kaidan chuckled. “Oh yeah,” he responded. “I got a boner watching two girls making out, then went down on a guy in the dream while twilight-brain Kaidan was trying to figure out where the lube was so I could jerk off in my sleep.”

Almost involuntarily, Shepard's hand moved to Kaidan's dick, which wasn't quite ready for round two, and gave it a light squeeze. Kaidan's cum from round one was starting to dribble out of his ass, he noticed. He laid his face back down against Kaidan's chest and smiled. “Okay, that's pretty hot,” Shepard said.

“Yeah,” Kaidan said. “Then suddenly it got less sexy and my primary concern was how to carry thirty pounds of textbooks to my next class without a backpack.”

Shepard snort-laughed then cupped Kaidan's balls. “You have the weirdest dreams, I swear,” he said. “Round two?”

Kaidan reached for Shepard's chin and lifted his face toward his own. “You. Are. Insatiable,” Kaidan observed.

Shepard pleaded with puppy-dog eyes. Kaidan huffed.

“Give me five more minutes,” he finally said, letting go of Shepard and shaking his head.