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The Driving Force

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A/N: I recently re-watched Tokyo Drift which led me to re-watching Better Luck Tomorrow. Han will always be my baby <3

Playlist:  Havana (feat. Young Thug) - Camilla Cabello

Disclaimer: To Universal for the franchise/Justin Lin for creating Han Lue.

I jerked awake as the bus came to a noisy stop. I blinked a few times seeing that it was late evening, the sun already starting to set.

"Welcome to Miami." The driver announced to the last of us on the bus.

I sniffed, grabbed my duffel and stood up. I followed the short line, descending the stairs into the station. I branched off, making my way to the street. I figured if I walk a-ways I'd find a motel at least. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing the additional luggage still being hauled out. I was glad all I had one the bag to get me through.

I hoisted the bag up and crossed the street. I stared down the busy strip. Thankfully, the trip dropped me right in the middle of downtown Miami. I yawned, still feeling the fatigue from my long trip. I reached to readjust my baseball cap. I gazed up and down both ends of the street. Neither way seemed any better than the other. Without a second glance I turned and began walking to my left.


He jogged down the sidewalk, one hand in his pocket searching for his keys. He could hear the trill of his cellphone from his other pocket and rolled his eyes. He knew what time it was. He knew he was late. Calling him to nag wasn't going to change a thing.

He slowed to a brisk pace, yanking out his phone. He flipped it open, seeing 'Mama' popping up on the caller id.

"Yeah?" He answered.

He had to pull the phone away from his ear when his mother heard the way he answered. He swore to himself. His annoyance at himself getting in the way of a proper greeting. Once his mother's voice lowered an octave, he put the receiver back against his ear.

"I'm on my way." He clicked the unlock button to his car for emphasis, hoping his mother could hear the beep of the car.

She threatened to let everyone else eat all the food if he didn't show in the next half hour and hung up. He chuckled, shutting the phone and dropping back into his pocket. He looked down to make sure he hadn't missed his pocket when something solid collided with him.

"Shit." Two voices sounded at the same time.

He reached out, grabbing the upper arms of his assailant. With a clang and a muffled thud, his keys and the other person's bag had dropped to the ground.

"My bad." The voice sounded again.

He took a minute to regain his bearings and took in the petite woman standing in front of him. He could see the bags under eyes, and the low way she pulled her hat down. What really tipped him off was the state of her ruffled clothes. She'd travelled a far way by the looks of it and was exhausted.

True to every lesson his mother taught him, it was always to treat a woman with the upmost respect. She looked like she could use a break. He bent first, reaching to lift her bag and loop his keys around his fingers. She held her hand out, ready to accept her bag back. Instead of handing it over, he slung it over his shoulder. She furrowed her brow at his gesture.


He offered me a genuine smile, "Hungry?"

"I'm good." I answered, reaching for my bag again.

He chuckled, "Come on. My mama is hosting her weekly dinner."

He approached his car, pulling open the passenger's door and waiting for me to respond. I swallowed, staring at him with contempt in her eyes. I had no idea who this guy was, or why he was offering to take me out for a meal. The thought to book it off in the opposite direction crossed my mind, but he was still holding my bag.

The longer I stood there, the more his resolve broke down. I could see the genuine intent in his expression. He was just offering me a free meal. It didn't appear that he had an evil bone anywhere in his body. I stifled another yawn. I didn't want to blindly trust a stranger, but at the same time he wasn't being malicious.

"It's just a meal." He explained, "I promise. After you've had your fill I'll drive you to where ever it is you're in such a rush to get too."

I licked my lips, clearly contemplating his offer. He dropped my bag into the seat and circled around the hood to his side. He slipped into the seat, shoving the keys into the ignition and leaned over the console. I could see his face poking out from around the door and fought the smile wanting to form on my mouth. He looked like a teenager with those hopeful eyes.

I sighed. This was my brand-new start. The universe was responding. Giving me the chance to move on. Live the renewed life I was given. Putting the good opportunities in front of me. Waiting for me to take them up. If all else failed, there was always the gun in my duffle that I could use to my advantage. I slumped down into the seat, holding in the groan at the comfort of the seat. It was quite possibly the softest material I'd ever sat down on.


He watched as she sighed and slumped down into the seat, rearranging her bag at her feet. She tugged her door shut and he nodded. Manners. His mother always taught him to have good manners. They would always get you where you needed to be.

He offered his hand, "Tej."

"Lyssa." She grabbed his hand and they shook.

She offered him a tentative smile and he responded in kind before flying off down the street.