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Sheldons Science Helmet

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(Just a random one shot I felt like writing)

Sheldon is at his desk, his head covered in a helmet of wires and lights. He'd improvised the array of Cranial electrodes with his usual ingenuity from various electrical appliances, borrowed lab equipment and box after box of electronics he had ordered online. The set up seems to function perfectly even with his habit of cutting annoying things like safety, his egotistic belief in his own superiority means he never thinks his work could go wrong.

He starts the video camera and narrates his experiment. "Test one. Sheldon lee cooper. Homo Novus. I'm recording the electrical activity in my brain as I think about various activities." He pulls a variety of faces - Happy / Sad / surprised / thinking.
"Then i can use the field generator to stimulate the same areas and increase my already vast intellectual powers"
He goes cross eyed.
"test one complete. Now, i just need a primitive homo sapiens as a baseline reading . . ."
He looks toward the apartment door.


Penny's apartment
Knock knock knock. Penny
Knock knock knock. Penny
Knock knock knock. Penny
Penny opens her door to find Sheldon there clutching a box of wires and electronics.
"Hey Sheldon, what you doing with those wires? "
"Hello Penny. I'd like to measure your brain waves. "
She laughs. "Sure. Come in. You know, I'm not even surprised any more." She lets him into her apartment, trailing wires. "If you turned up with a six pack of beers and suggest we get wasted and watch sports I'll be shocked. But this is normal. 'Penny, I'd like to measure your head'. 'Penny, sniff this milk'. 'Penny, if zombie hordes invade can I count on your aid?' 'Penny, have I got a bug in my ear?' "

Sheldon is setting up his equipment. Penny sits and humors him as he fits electrodes to her scalp.
"Very droll penny. And the bug was a valid concern."
"You using the washable glue this time? I don't want them stuck in my hair again."
"Yes, I promise these will be easily removable."
He connects the wires to the meter and laptop. Starting the laptop recording video , he starts the brainwave tracker.
"Test subject Penny, test one."
"Now Penny, can you slowly count to ten in your head. "
"Sure" She closes her eyes as Sheldon adjusts things
"Ok, measuring activity fine."
"Wiggle your fingers. " she does and he checks the readings "Motor function fine as well."
"Lets test intellectual function." He hands her a sheet of math problems, from simple addition to Complex formulae she has no clue about. "Try working through these. "
She nods to humour him.
"okaaay.. well, 3 plus 5 is 8."
After a few it started using brackets and she was less sure. Roots and powers and she was lost.
She started watching Sheldon. He was happily watching his readouts.
"Very promising. Similar area of the brain to my readings, though much more chaotic."

"Now, lets try emotional responses. Could you close your eyes and concentrate on something that makes you happy."
But penny was in a playful mood, a rather horny playful mood. What would make me happy? Hmmm. She closed her eyes and imagined the room as it was now. Sheldon bent intent on his whirring sparking machine, then he stood up, a towering Adonis with long dark hair. He looked at her with lust filled eyes and started to strip, pulling up his tight t-shirt to reveal rippling abs, flexing his biceps.

She shivered, imagining herself in a thin diaphanous nightie of white silk so thin it was hardly there, trapped in the secret laboratory of this hunky evil mad scientist. Maybe strapped into a chair or evil mind reading machine, made to reveal her sexy secrets.
Her nipples got harder, clearly visible through her thin silky gown
The evil scientist laughed and slowly unbuttoned his tight black leather trousers, pulling free a mighty erection nearly a foot long, thick and pulsing with purple veins.
He tore her gown away with long strong fingers and whispered with breath hot with desire "these readings are highly anomalous!"

She jumped - Startled Back from her day dream, to find Sheldon was looking at the instruments. "Fascinating. Your read outs are very different to mine."
She blushed. "Oh, I wonder why?"
"Interesting. We will have to find out."
"Ready for stage two?"
"What's stage two?" she asked nervously .
"Observe." He adjusted a few controls and handed her the sheet of math questions.
She sighed. "Really? the same again?" Taking the pen he offered she just wrote down the answers she already knew. It was simple, her recall was total and the logic as clear as glass. When she reached a symbol she didn't know she turned to Sheldon. "How does this one work? "
He showed her one example.
She applied it to the next twenty in quick succession.
"And this?"
Once she completed the sheet Sheldon showed her a list of 20 five digit numbers, which she found easy to sum, multiply, divide and factorise. to What. something. what!?
Sheldon was turning the power down. The icy clarity faded.
"Sheldon, what the hell was that?"
"The headset can also stimulate areas of the brain. I was replaying my stimulus patterns for you, effectively amplifying your intellectual ability."
"Sheldon, that's amazing. So that was what you think like all the time?"
She picks up the paper, the symbols are mostly gibberish again but the hand writing is hers, she can remember writing it and understanding.
"Now, lets try the same with your happy thought."
She looks up at him in panic "What. What? Wait! Sheldon!."
He pressed play and turned the power up.

She felt her mind light up like a Christmas tree, a river of sparks and fire runs down her spine to twist in her belly, an aching heat between her legs. Her face flushed, breath panting as she clawed at her chest, arched her back, pawed at her breasts
Her nipples were so hard they ached and the first touch of her hand made her gasp and moan, frantically pulling and twisting, drunk on the sensation as the first orgasm hit her.
her thighs spread wide, her hips thrust forward, spasming as the second and third shook her til she was wet but still hungry with a terrible need. She looked at Sheldon with lust crazed eyes as he shook himself out of his shock and frantically killed the power.
She slumped back onto the sofa, all strength gone from her limbs, soaked in sweat. She struggled to catch her breath, body still shaking with aftershocks, her panties drenched.
Sheldon was by her side, he grabbed her wrist to take her pulse and his touch started a fire in her skin that made her moan and bite her lip.

"Penny! Penny! You've had some sort of seizure. Can you hear me?"
He slapped her face lightly, trying to get her attention but she just moaned "Oh harder!. Harder!", begging for his touch.
She took a deep breath and pulled herself together. "Wow. Oh wow. Ok, That was . Amazing. "
"I think I overstimulated you with replaying your happy thought."
"Happy thought. Oh yes." She giggles "Erm... It was a HORNY happy thought Sheldon."
"Oh my. So your reaction, was that.?"
"Oh yes. Several times. I think you just invented the orgasmatron."
"Oh my!"
She settled back on the sofa, hands down between her legs.
"Can you try it again, just start lower and work up? I feel we need to experiment more, you know, for the sake of Science!"