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A/N: still deciding whether to make it a short multi chapter fic or not...

Warning: G!Peen Quinn; Smut




Quinn still remembered the first time she had seen her.


She was back for summer, after having completed her sophomore year at Yale, and had all intentions to take advantage of her mother’s spacious pool. She and Judy were taking a walk around the block, when she noticed the unfamiliar brunette standing in the front yard of the newly rented house.


She was wearing a pair of very short jeans shorts, with a tank top that was a size smaller than it should’ve been. Despite her petite frame, her chest was developed enough to fit snugly under the thin white cotton, making Quinn fully aware of the fact she was lacking a bra underneath.


“Hello Mrs. Fabray!” Quinn raised an eyebrow in surprise and turned to her mother, who reciprocated the wave with a tight and forced smile. She still could read through her, like an open book.


“Hello Rachel, dear. How’s the house coming up?” Judy crossed the street to greet the brunette and the blonde student couldn’t help but follow her, standing behind to take a look around. The house was smaller than the others in the neighborhood but had been newly renovated and seemed to be spacious enough for a young woman or even a family.


“Very well, I just put the new drapes up and adding the last touches to the basement. Then, I’ll move onto the backyard…” Rachel turned to the younger blonde and extended her hand “Rachel Barbra Berry, pleased to meet you.”


“Quinn Fabray, apologies for my bad manners.” She took her hand and squeezed it softly. “Did my mother sell you the house?”


“Yes, she helped me with the deal and all that jazz. I just needed a fresh start, but I don’t know anyone here.” She returned eyes on the older blonde, who nodded. “I’d invite you for a drink, but I need to go shopping for groceries. Maybe one of these evenings, you could come over for dinner?”


“We’ll see-“


“Sure thing…” Quinn looked over at her mother with a puzzled frown. Rachel looked nice enough and she definitely needed friends.


“We have to go, dear. Have a nice day…” Judy took her daughter by the hand, who waved back at the brunette woman and stared at her one last time, before they turned around the corner and disappeared from her sight.


“What’s wrong with her? She looks nice!” Quinn escaped her mother’s grip and walked along with her.


“She looks like a sweetheart, but I heard she already slept with two husbands who live down the street. She is after married men!” She opened the front door and steered for the kitchen.


“It’s not like you’ve got to worry about that, mom. Dad left years ago…” She grabbed an apple from the basket and took a bite, leaning against the counter.


“I know that, but my friends warned me nonetheless.” She shrugged and started making them a light lunch.


“Maybe they should take it on their husbands who cheated on them? I don’t think it’s fair she gets the short end of the stick. I’d kick them out, like you did with Dad.” She finished the apple and threw it in the trash bin, wiping her hands on the kitchen towel.


“Maybe you’re right…” Judy nodded and finished chopping the tomatoes. “I think we should invite her over for dinner, right?”


“That’s the woman I recognize.” Quinn chuckled and kissed her mother’s cheek. “Let her get settled and we can be the good neighbors, who invite her over for dinner. Now…do you need a hand?” She tied the apron around her waist and walked to her mother, who smiled and handed her the eggs.




Quinn was on an early morning run when she noticed her, again.


She was not wearing much underneath her silk robe, that simply highlighted the length of those lean legs, that seemed to go for miles. She had noticed how incredibly attractive Rachel was and so did her friend underneath her compression boxers, that had reacted at the sight of that bronzed skin. She jogged over, mindful not to get under any car, and slipped her earphones off and simply hung them around her neck.


“Do you need help? What happened?” Quinn stood in front of the brunette, looking at her and around the house, for any possible sign of danger. “Has someone broken in?”


“God no. I must look like a fool, wearing this night robe but I walked out to retrieve my morning paper and the door closed on itself. I am locked out.” Rachel chuckled and crossed her arms over her chest, trying to cover her barely clothed front.


“Oh…guess that happens. You don’t have a spare key hidden around here? Maybe under a rock?” Quinn chuckled and seized the situation.


“I used to live in NYC, so I let a trusted friend or neighbor get the spare key, but I never left it outside. Anyone could steal it and break in.” Rachel faced the house, sighing. “Maybe the real estate agency has a double?”


“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until Monday, I doubt there’s someone there on Saturday morning. I’d ask my mom, but she is out visiting my sister in Columbus.” Quinn stood beside the brunette. “Maybe we can reach try with one of the windows? Do you remember if there’s any open one?”


“Yes. I think there’s one…1st floor on the right. But we’d need a ladder.” Rachel turned to the blonde who dropped her armband and earbuds on the floor and walked to the side of the house. She looked up and then at the tree behind her, measuring the distance between the last higher branch and the balcony.


“I was a Cheerleader for my whole High School life, I’ll try and get in.” She walked to the big oak tree and started going up, climbing it like a pro.


“Be careful, okay?” She looked up at the blonde, who looked back at her with a nod and briefly lost her grip, scratching her arm as she regained her footing. “Quinn!” She squealed out.


“I’m fine. Don’t worry!” Quinn called out and reached the branch, sitting on it with her arms out to balance herself. Planting her palms onto the branch, she slowly lifted herself, standing with the back against the tree to make sure she didn’t fall off. Years of cheerleading with Sue Sylvester prepared her for these kinds of challenges and she finally understood why that crazy woman put her through all of that. She took one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other until she reached the end of the branch and jumped forward, landing on her feet steadily.


“That was great, Quinn” Rachel cheered from the ground and she smirked back at her, probably scoring good points with the older brunette.


“I’ll get in and open the door. Hold on” Quinn slipped through the open window and took a moment to look around the woman’s bedroom. It was still not fully furnished, but what she did – so far – was perfectly harmonized. It was exactly what she’d expect from someone who had lived in a big city for a long time and had brought a fresh look along with her. She snapped out of her daze and walked down the staircase that led to the front door, opening it wide for the brunette who was already on the other side. “There you go, Rachel.”


“You’re a lifesaver.” Rachel hugged her as soon as the door closed, making her flinch when the fabric of her running shirt brushed against a newly formed bruise. “What’s wrong?”


“It’s just a bruise, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it when I get home.” Quinn pulled out from their embrace, but the shorter brunette led her to the kitchen to inspect the wound.


“There’s blood here, Quinn” Rachel lifted the hem of the torn shirt and checked the wound out. “Stay put, I’ll get my first aid kit.” She walked to the opposite cabinet and retrieved the small kit, grabbing the peroxide and some bandages.


“It’s a scratch, Rachel.” Quinn tried to protest, but the brunette didn’t seem to want to listen. She lifted her arms when the brunette urged her shirt off, leaving her in her sports bra and running shorts.


“It might burn a little.” She applied the peroxide on the wound, brushing the dried blood off and cleaning the scratch slowly, with particular tenderness. “Does it hurt?” She looked up into the blonde’s eyes, who were staring back at her.


“No, don’t worry.” Quinn leaned back into the counter, looking down at the brunette who was bending forward to medicate her and, at the same time, was giving her a great view of her chest.


“There, all clear.” She blew some air on the wound and then applied the band aid, carefully flattening the edges so it wouldn’t peel off. She raised herself back to full height and looked up at the blonde student, who smiled down at her.


“Thanks for that.” She was few inches taller than Rachel, who also was barefoot. Her hands hitched to land onto her firm hips, but she couldn’t make any move. Maybe she was just misreading the signs, after all…


“You’re welcome.” Rachel licked her lips. Her free hand rested against the girl’s firm stomach, tracing the shapes of her defined abs with her fingertips. “You’re in great shape…”


“Cheerleading does that to you…” She didn’t know why she whispered that, but it sounded better than her normal tone.


“Can only imagine how flexible you are.” She gulped and pressed her whole palm against Quinn’s stomach, who smirked and pushed herself off the counter.


“You have no idea…” Licking her lips, she leaned down to nudge her nose against the brunette’s, who lifted herself on her tiptoes and crashed their lips together for a hard and demanding kiss.




“Oh God, don’t stop.” With her head thrown back, Rachel urged her hips back and forth to meet the tongue lapping at her wetness. Her robe had been discarded on the kitchen floor and she had been left with her nightgown, bunched up her thighs to make room for her eager lover.


“Fuck, you taste great.” Quinn looked up from her kneeling position, on the girl’s floor. Her palms slid heatedly up and down the back of her thighs, until they landed on her firm globes to urge her forward and into her.


“You’re so damn good.” She moaned out. She had never been eaten out so well, before. She had her own share of lovers, but they were always too preoccupied in getting their own release, to actually care about what she wanted. Sometimes, she just needed that. “Just like that, baby…”


“Baby?” Quinn smirked and gave her nub one last kiss, before scaling up her front so she stood fool height, in front of the flushed brunette.


“You don’t like pet names in the bedroom?” Rachel leaned up to lick the wetness covering her chin and lower lip, whimpering when the blonde fully crashed their lips together for their umpteenth kiss. She couldn’t wait to get horizontal with the blonde cheerleader.


“We’re not in a bedroom…yet” Smirking, she bent on her knees and lifted the brunette by the back of her thighs, hoisting her up over her hips.


“You’re strong.” Rachel squealed, tightening her arms and legs around the blonde, who easily navigated through the foyer and slowly proceeded up to her bedroom. “You seem to know where you’re going, how many girls have you done this with?”


“Few ones.” Quinn smirked and brushed her lips over the girl’s ear, nipping at her tender earlobe as she walked them up the stairs. “Don’t you like the idea of someone holding you against the wall, while fucking you hard and fast? I could do that right now without even missing a beat.”


“Please…” Rachel whimpered. She felt herself gush around nothing, imagining her strong digits slip easily into her, while she held her in place with her other arm. She wouldn’t even care about getting naked, as long as she got filled. it had been too much since the last time. Too long.


“Maybe later…” She pushed the door closed with her foot and laid the shorter woman down, at the edge of her king size bed. She kicked her shoes and socks to the side and pushed her running shorts down, leaving herself down to her sports bra and tight boxers, that failed to hide her bulge.


“Is it a gun or are you happy to see me?” Rachel sat up, landing her hands on the girl’s firm hips. Her lips brushed along the shape of her abs, licking the sweat slowly dripping down her flexing muscles to the waistband of her boxers.


“I’ve been quite happy to see you, lately.” Quinn tugged her head back and leaned down to brush their lips together, for a softer kiss. She had always a moment of uncertainty when it came to sex with a new lover. What if they were disgusted by her? She was mostly a woman. Mostly, being the keyword.


“I want to see that.” Rachel let Quinn push her down onto the mattress and remove the last article of clothing between them, leaving her bare against her white cotton sheets.


“We don’t…well, I can still please you in other ways.” Quinn sighed and buried her face between her full breasts. Her nose nuzzled in between them, while her palms cupped the two globes softly, massaging them in different and opposite directions. Her hard-on pulsed under the fabric, staining it with the evidence of her obvious arousal, but she could still rub one out as soon as she got home.


“I want to see you…” Rachel pulled her face up to her and kissed her hard, leaving her little room to either complain or find more excuses. She found herself rolled on her back, with her hips up in the air enough for the brunette to slip the boxers off and admire her in all her glory. “Fuck…” Rachel stared at the beautiful member in front of her. It was big. It was bigger than her first boyfriend’s and probably than any guy she’d been with. “It’s huge…”


“Average, I’d say…” Quinn stared down at it and back up at Rachel, who was licking her lips and edging to get closer. To touch it. To touch her. “You can touch it, if you want…” She gulped and felt herself throb at the thought, making her tip wetter than before.


“Oh I will…for sure…” Rachel smirked and threw one of her legs over her new lover’s waist. straddling her lower abs, mindful to brush her perfectly shaped ass against it as she settled down. “It’s full functioning?” She reached over Quinn to pull the sports bra off, evening the score between them.


“Yes. I could get someone pregnant, I guess…” Her hands rested on the girl’s thighs, massaging them slowly as they stared up at each other, unmoving.


“Well then, we’d better use this…huh?” She reached in the night cabinet beside the right side of the bedroom and grabbed a bunch of condoms, throwing them aside as she picked one and dug into it, ripping it open with her teeth.


“Oh, for sure…” Quinn watched as she pulled the condom out and lifted herself from off her waist, only to turn around, with her back to her. “What are-“ her words got caught in her throat, when Rachel’s pouty lips descended on her cock, kissing around her tip. “Oh fuck, Rach…” She grunted and fisted the sheets. She could feel her ballsack twitch against the sheets, whenever Rachel’s tongue dipped in the slit of her tip, licking around the pre-cum that dribbled out with each stroke.


“You taste sweeter…” Rachel looked at her over her shoulder and lowered herself back onto the girl’s member, swallowing it around her throat, this time. She slowly moved up and down, taking inch by inch until she had it almost all the way down her throat. Her lack of gag reflex became useful whenever she performed that on one of her lovers, but Quinn still challenged her muscles. She was thicker than her previous experiences and seemed to last longer too.


“Fuck, how can you not gag?” Quinn grunted. Her hips rose from the bed, to fuck herself in the girl’s mouth who stood still and let her. Her hips moved down to meet each movement, slowly grinding her own wetness on her lower abs, where she sat.


“I lack the gag reflex…” Rachel pulled off her dick with a loud pop and reached for the discarded condom, rolling it over the wet hardness until it fit snugly around Quinn’s length.


“That’s interesting and damn hot.” Quinn breathed out, relieved by the tightness of the latex around her throbbing member. If she had done her raw, she’d probably have blown it as soon as she got inside.


“I know…” Rachel smirked and gasped in surprise, when the blonde threw her on her back and settled on top of her, trapping her hands above her head and spreading her legs with her body. “Eager much?”


“We’ve been wasting enough time with foreplay, don’t you think?” Quinn smirked and held her hands in place with one hand, while the other slipped between their bodies and the girl’s thighs, feeling the wetness under her digits. “I guess you agree…” She stroked her clit slowly, feeling her arch under her and spread herself more, readying herself.


“I’ve wanted you since I saw you with your mom, ogling me.” Rachel smirked and flinched slightly, when the blonde pinched her clit a little too hard.


“I wasn’t ogling you, just interested.” Quinn grunted as she smeared the girl’s wetness along her shaft, lubing it up with the girl’s own essence. “Not my fault you were parading around, in the skimpiest shorts you could find.” She lined up herself with the girl beneath her and slid herself in, breathing in at the tightness suddenly surrounding her.


“You’re big…” Rachel moaned out. Her nails scratched along Quinn’s shoulders and down to her arms, gripping them as she accommodated around her girth. “So big…”


“Funny, I’d say you’re so tight…” Quinn looked up at the brunette, who rolled her eyes and nudged her forward with her legs, locking them behind her back.


“Gimme a second, stud.” Rachel leaned back against the mattress, breathing slowly and relaxing her muscles, including her inner ones. She could feel Quinn’s breath along her neck and her lips slowly descend along her collarbone, helping her relax around her. “Mmm…”


“Take your time…” Quinn nipped around her pulse. Her teeth descended on her skin, leaving a red mark that’d be gone in a couple of hours, anyway. She only wanted to mark her as they fucked, marking her as she moved inside her.


“You can move, now…” Rachel tilted her head to the other side, leaving more room to Quinn and her delectable mouth. Her sweaty palms slid down her muscular back, lowering her hips into hers and getting her to finally thrust in and out of her core.


“Thanks, boss.” Quinn smirked and looked down between them. Her hips undulated back and forth, sliding herself into the girl’s core with a steady and fast pace. Her knees brushed back and forth on the cotton sheets, providing her with the right amount of strength to keep on thrusting in and out, without missing a beat.




True to her promise, she braced herself against the wall by the door with one hand and used the other one to hold the brunette up, as she slammed her into her core. Her abs ached for the strenuous activity, but she could hold it a little longer.


Quinn lifted her face from between Rachel’s breasts and brushed their lips together, for another hungry kiss that left them both even more breathless. Her pants mixed with the girl’s moans, that stretched for her to accommodate her length and girth. She could feel her pussy muscles through the thin condom she wore. She could feel them clamp around her dick and then relax again, letting her slide balls deep in.


“I can’t resist much longer…” Rachel’s thighs clenched around the blonde’s ripped waist. Her hands slid up the blonde’s flushed face, to cup her cheeks and direct their lips back together, in a needy kiss. She needed to feel her everywhere. Against her. Inside her. Around her.


“Cum for me, princess.” Quinn moaned, when Rachel’s mouth started sucking her tongue in her mouth. She could still feel how those lips had wrapped her dick in a tight grip and now, they were doing the same with her mouth. It was hot. It was wet. It was raw.


“Only with you…” Rachel bucked her hips forward, pushing them off the wall until Quinn’s legs hit the mattress again. They fell onto it in a heap, with her on top. She had ridden the blonde for their third round, but now it was just a matter of reaching the maximum pleasure. She was so close.


“Fuck.” Quinn’s head was thrown back, against the mattress. Her heels were firmly pressed on the cold ground, leveraging on them to thrust up into Rachel who was humping her harder and faster, as the minutes went by. “Like that…” Her palms cupped the bouncing breasts in front of her, squeezing the globes hard enough to elicit a hard buckle from the girl on top.


“Fuck, I’m there!!” Rachel bucked her hips forward, repeatedly, until one last moan escaped from her pouty lips. She screamed out in pleasure, squeezing her muscles around the stiff pole until she finally let it go, gushing around the latex for the last time – hopefully.


“Fuck! Take it!” Quinn tumbled after her. Her hips rose from the mattress for the last thrust, that was accompanied by her own tip spurting within the confinement of the latex.


Rachel slipped off the blonde, on her back, and just laid there. Every muscle in her body ached, in a good way. She was sweaty and breathless, thoroughly satisfied compared to the last partners she had slept with. Looking over at the blonde, she saw her tie the condom off and just throw it in the bin by the bed, before sprawling herself on her back, with both arms behind her head and a sated smile on her face.


“I’ll be out of your hair soon, I just need 5 minutes…” Quinn whispered softly, keeping her eyes closed. “You wore me out…”


“I thought Cheerleaders were supposed to have stamina.” Rachel rolled on her stomach, with her chin resting on her arms under her.


“We’ve been at it for the past 4 hours and it’s fucking hot outside, pardon me if I’m quite wiped.” The blonde turned her head to stare at her partner, who wore a teasing smirk and rested her hand on her toned abdomen.


“You’re excused, just because you’re so hot.” She chuckled and leaned forward, brushing their lips together for a soft kiss. “You can stay as long as you want, I’m all alone here…”


“Is it an invitation to stay the night?” Rolling on her stomach, to mirror the brunette’s position, she slipped her arm over her waist, holding her around her opposite side, with her hand under her belly.


“Would you stay, despite this being only a one-time thing?” Rachel yawned softly, hiding her face against the mattress.


“I have no rush. I’d rather stay here with you, than going back to my empty house and some lame movie on TV…” Quinn shrugged and scooted herself closer, until her nose brushed the girl’s forearm.


“Good, that’s settled. We could watch that lame movie later, in front of a pizza maybe…” She whispered softly and let the tiredness of their sexcapades win her over.