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Coffee, Ruffles and Jealousy

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“C’mon Deku! It’ll be fun!” Izuku was currently standing in front of UA’s entrance, Uraraka was next to him, practically bouncing in her spot and buzzing with excitement. The brown haired girl tugged on his arm, attempting to drag Izuku over to Todoroki, who was currently sitting underneath a small tree reading.

“It will most DEFINITELY NOT BE FUN URARAK-” Izuku was cut off when he was suddenly pulled forward, towards the two-toned boy.

This is it. This is the day I die, Izuku thought.

Uraraka and Izuku were now in front of Shouto, while he looked up from his book at the pair. “Heyo Todo!” Uraraka cheered, eyes gleaming mischievously. Shouto blinked at her, and with a poker face said, “Todo?”

“Yeah, Todo.” Uraraka repeated, like it was a normal thing to call him. “It’s your new nickname that isn’t made by Bakugou and isn’t offensive. I think.” Shouto only raised an eyebrow, the confusion shown on his face. Anyone could see that he was attempting to process this new nickname.

“ANYWAYS,” She blurted out, “Izuku and I wanted to know if you wanted to come to this new cafe with us.”

“I- I mean you don’t.. You don’t need to come but you can come if you want, but I- I um I’m not trying to pressure you into going at all. It’s just- We thought it would be nice for you to come with us-and uh, um.. Yeah.. I mean you REALLY don’t have to if you don’t want t-” A quick jab to his side shut Izuku right up. With cheeks flushed ruby red, Izuku hid his face in his hands and groaned. “I was mumbling again, wasn’t I?” The muffled question came out, bringing Izuku’s embarrassment with it.

Todoroki was trying to mentally conceal his ‘THAT’S SO FUCKING CUTE,’ but it was breaking through his will of not smiling. A small smile eventually broke through to his face and he mumbled a quick sure before standing up and dusting his pants off. Izuku hadn’t noticed before, but as soon as Todoroki stood up, Izuku’s heart nearly stopped.

His shirt was tight. So fucking tight. The black material hugged Todoroki’s torso, easily showing that he had really defined muscles. Izuku snapped out of his staring phase-thing when Uraraka nudged him again.

“Let’s go!” Uraraka swooped up Todoroki’s arm without hesitation, mentally praising herself for getting the right arm that was currently acting as her personal air conditioner. Meanwhile Izuku was still trying to get over Todoroki’s muscles.


Upon arriving in front of the cafe, Izuku looked up at the bright blue and pink door. The sign above reads Little Cinnamon Cafe. “Let’s go, my hoes!” Uraraka pushes the door open, bell chiming to alert the staff of arriving customers.

“What?! Akumi can’t come in today!? It’s nearly opening time though!” A distressed voice was heard coming from one of the rooms in the back, and Izuku wondered if they had arrived at the wrong time. Todoroki took no notice of the noise, instead choosing to examine the cafe. The whole place screamed ‘cozy’.

The little brown circular tables were set up in rows near the middle of the cafe, while white and yellow booths sat on the outer, next to the windows. Each circular table had a set of four chairs, red polka dotted cushions on each chair. At the cash register was a display case, filled to the brim with pastries that looked fucking amazing . Small vases of flowers sat at the center of each table, paintings on the light brown walls and fairy lights that tied the whole place together.

"Sorry! We don’t open for another six minutes!” A person now emerged with the voice, a girl that was probably a few years older than the trio. Though, the thing that had caught their eyes was what the girl was wearing . Dressed in a frilly black maid dress, that was showing way more cleavage than necessary, the girl towered over them in her stilettos. Her brown hair was tied up into a messy bun and she was holding a clipboard. Footsteps could be heard coming, and out came 2 more girls wearing the same outfit.

Izuku sputtered and spun around, innocent eyes not accustomed to the amount of showy females around him. Even if he was attracted to males, he couldn’t help but feel guilty if he saw the girls dressed like that. He saw Todoroki swifty turn around from the corner of his eye and mentally let out a relieved breath, happy that Todoroki wasn’t looking at the girl’s showing cleavage.

“W-wait! You! Green curly fry! Turn around again, please?” Izuku’s eyes widened as he was called out, and hesitated before turning around. The unwavering eyes of all the girls caused Izuku to let out a little “Eek!” before his cheeks flushed red and he spun around again. “You’d be perfect! You look like the exact same size as Akumi!”

“Wh-.. What?” Izuku’s muffled voice asked in confusion, his brain not really comprehending the situation at hand. “Can you help us? We’re having a bit of a problem- one of our maids couldn’t make it today.” The brown haired girl looked at him in distress clear on her face.

“You-.. What do you- What am I supposed to do?” Izuku spoke, voice slightly quivering.

“You’ll help us?! Great!” She squealed, “Just follow me real quick and you’ll be ready in no time.” Izuku turned to glance at Todoroki and Uraraka to silently beg for help, and all he saw was Uraraka looking smug as hell. Todoroki was still turned around.

“Bu-But I never said anyth-”

The timid boy was dragged forward, hastily being taken into a new room in the back. Todoroki had finally turned around and was greeted by this strange exchange, and leaned over to Uraraka. Whispering, he asked, “What’s with people and dragging Midoriya around today?” Uraraka could only chuckle as a reply as she watched her best friend be dragged away, surely to his pending embarrassment filled death.

“Oh! By the way, my name is Makaira!” The brown haired girl exclaimed, turning to face Izuku.

“Midoriya Izuku..” Izuku mumbled, trailing off once she had let his arm go. Makaira had turned around now, facing the shaking boy. A smile was present on her face but her eyes held a troublesome gleam in them. Izuku tried to calm his blushing cheeks.

“Now, strip.”

Izuku’s mind went blank. Nothing was making any sense in this situation whatsoever. He stuttered, voice weak. “Wh- What!?”


“I need you to strip and put the dress on,” Makaira replied, not a single care of what she was asking Izuku to do.

“I- I can’t strip! That.. that’d be too awkward..” A blush rose upon Izuku’s squishy, freckled cheeks as he felt embarrassment fill his entire being. “Please? You’ll only have to serve a few tables, Akumi’s shift is only about two hours on Wednesdays. And I’ll even pay you the amount of money she usually gets!” Makaira was basically begging now, holding out the frilly black maid dress to Izuku. “Wh- Why can’t my friend out there do it? I’m a guy- she’d fit better into this than I would!” Izuku argued, wondering why Makaira asked him when a perfectly capable Uraraka Ochako was standing right out there.

“Because her chest was a bit too large for Akumi’s dress. It wouldn’t have fit and we don’t have any extras right now,” Makaira explained. Izuku hesitantly looked at the dress, to Makaira, back to the dress and then to the ground. Sighing, he held out his hand and motioned for the dress. Makaira let out a happy squeal and give Izuku the dress, ushering him over to one of the “dressing rooms.” (It was really just a small corner of the room sectioned off, being covered by thick cloth hanging from the ceiling.

Izuku pushed the curtain back and let it drop behind him, concealing him from view as he struggled to find the will to put the dress on.

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It was mortifying, to say the least.


Izuku hated how the dress clung to the curves of his hips and waist. He hated how the ribbons and corset like midsection constricted his breathing a bit. He hated how the frilly bottom of the dress stopped nearly mid-thigh, showing more leg than he deemed okay. The stockings were the worst part, white and black fabric bringing the whole look together.


Most of all, Izuku hated how absolutely damn good he looked in the whole get up. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think that he actually worked at the cafe and that the dress was made for him.


“Midoriya-kun! Come out please! I need you to put on these shoes!” Izuku took a deep breath, sucked up his pride and threw the cloth covering him to the side. His eyes were shut, refusing to let him see the reaction of him wearing a goddamn maid dress. “Midoriya-kun! You look adorable! Just like a little maid!” Makaira squealed, mentally patting herself on the back for making such a great decision.


“I look like a wannabe kinky hooker.” Izuku deadpanned.


“But a cute wannabe kinky hooker!” Izuku sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, left hand held out as he motioned for the shiny black flats in Makaira’s hands. “Gimme. Let’s just get this over with, shall we?”



This was the most disastrous thing Izuku had ever done. The moment he walked out to the front, Uraraka was flat on her ass laughing at his misery. Izuku couldn’t make out Todoroki’s expression, his poker-face too strong for Izuku to beat. The cafe had opened nearly an hour ago, Todoroki and Uraraka were sitting at a booth aimlessly chatting about whatever, while Izuku had to run around serving perverted old men in the dress that was way too short for his liking. (Seriously, would it kill them to make it a bit longer?)


Izuku’s ass had been smacked too many times for him to even bother counting, and he kept feeling a distinct, burning gaze on him everywhere he was serving. Izuku really would’ve liked to know who kept staring at him so intently, even if he did have more than half of the eyes in the room roaming every inch of his body. But, when he tried to pick apart the looks he got from everyone, he was unable to pinpoint where it was coming from. Izuku finished wiping down a table before bending back up and sighing, looking grimly at the next table full of men that needed serving.



Todoroki nearly screamed. As soon as his eyes met Izuku’s small form walking out in that goddamn downright sinful dress, Todoroki knew that he was absolutely, positively fucking doomed. He already knew about his growing attraction to his best friend, but this.. This was a whole different type.


Who would’ve known that the Todoroki Shouto had so many undiscovered kinks?



As creepy as it may sound, Todoroki had unfortunately been unable to keep his eyes off Izuku all day. The heterochromatic eyes had been stuck like goddamn superglue to Izuku’s small form, taking in his curves and his ass that was showing slightly through the dress. Todoroki was going to get the unbearable urge to literally murder the next person who touched Izuku, but that would make a big scene and he didn’t like being the center of attention.


Todoroki sighed and looked helplessly at Uraraka, who just sat there and cackled. “Uraraka it’s not funny! He’s literally murdering me without knowing.” Todoroki whined, “I mean, do you see those curves?! I swear to gosh every single piece of sexual frustration I never felt is hitting me full force now.” Uraraka was dying of laughter now, clutching her stomach and nearly falling over. This whole situation was absolutely fucking amazing. I mean, who knew that Todoroki could be so hung up over cute little Izuku in a maid dress?


“Todo, you’re showing your gay.” Uraraka laughed, finding herself pleased with the way everything turned out.


“Oh just laugh it up, why don’t you? I’ll just sit here having my pre-life crisis about my best friend. Why don’t I just discover some kinks too while I’m at it?” Todoroki deadpanned, feeling a blush rise to his cheeks when Izuku walked past their table carrying a tray of pastries to a nearby booth. Turning his head a bit, Todoroki could clearly see a flustered Izuku attempting to walk away from the trio of men.


“C’mon darlin’, it won’t hurt you to stay for a bit right? We just wanna have some fun,” The pervert wiggled his eyebrows as his friends let out obnoxious laughter. Izuku whimpered a bit before muttering, “Uhm- uh, sorry but I kinda- I kinda have a job to d-do and you’re still… Please let go- can you please let go of my hand-” Tears started brim in Izuku’s emerald eyes, as he tried his best to get away from the trio of perverts.


Makaira had set down her tray at an empty table and was about to go to Izuku, but before she could even take a step, Todoroki was already out of his seat and halfway there. Barely containing himself of his anger, Todoroki’s hand whipped out and latched onto the man’s arm.


“I suggest you let him go before you lose that arm, sir.” Although Todoroki said the words with no expression on his face, everyone around them could clearly hear his dark under-laying tone. “N’ who the fuck are you, you little bitch? Back away now before I beat your tiny ass into the groun-” The cafe went silent as a slap sounded throughout the cafe. Todoroki looked over to Izuku, eyes wide once he saw the deadly look in his eyes.


“Don’t you fucking DARE talk to him like that you buttfaced twinkled balls bitch!” Izuku ripped his hand out of the pervert’s grasp, grabbed Todoroki’s arm and stormed out of the building. Uraraka watched the whole exchange with her phone out, recording it because Izuku never cussed. This would be a great thing to show to the rest of the class. Ending the recording, she called her girlfriend Asui and chatted with her for the entirety of the day she spent at the cafe.


Meanwhile with Izuku and Todoroki..


“Midoriya! Slow down,” Todoroki said, actually struggling with keeping up with how fast the shorter boy was walking. Izuku’s dress had started to slip up as he ran with Todoroki from the cafe, all the way to a nearby train station where he dragged the two -toned boy into the bathroom.


Izuku dropped Todoroki’s hand and started pacing back and forth, shoes making a distinct tapping sound as he paced the tiled floors. “Ah! Todoroki-kun I’m so sorry! I- I didn’t mean to pull you away- and out of there.. It’s just- Gahh! He just made me so mad- He kept talking about you in a bad way and I just snapped- I’m sorry!” Izuku kept muttering apologies and trash talking the man back at the cafe, while Todoroki watched with mild amusement.


Well.. that was before his eyes caught sight of Izuku’s dress pulled upward a bit from the running, showing a lot more thigh then it did before. His breathing hitched and his face flushed a bit as he imagined everything he could do with Izuku in this very bathroom- when the boy was looking so, so fucking sexy and adorable. Before Todoroki could even register what he was doing, his lust fueled mind had dragged his body so that he was now pinning Izuku to one of the bathroom stalls.


“T- Todoroki-kun! What are you doin-” Izuku’s question was cut off when he felt Todoroki’s breath against his neck, and kisses being pressed to the exposed skin. Oh dear lord, has anything ever felt better than this before? Izuku thinks not as his mind is brought to a lusty haze of thoughts he really shouldn’t be having. “Todoroki-kun!”  


“Do you know how hard today was? You were just tempting me all fucking day, walking around in such a tight, lewd outfit like that. Just letting those men watch you, touch you, when I should be the only one to ever do that to you.” Todoroki spoke, voice rough and deep as he nipped at the greenette’s neck. Wrapping his hands around Izuku’s waist, he gave it a quick squeeze before bringing one hand up to the back of Izuku’s neck. Pulling him forward, Todoroki finally kissed him. The kiss was messy, but full of the built up passion both boys felt for each other. Izuku moaned into the kiss, cheeks becoming a bright red color once he realized how embarrassingly lewd the sound was.


Izuku pulled away a bit before whispering a soft, “What, you jealous?”


“Can’t be jealous of something that’s already mine.”


Todoroki bit at Izuku’s bottom lip, drawing a gasp out from the smaller boy. Pulling away from Izuku, Todoroki looked at how messed up Izuku looked. His eyes were wide and swirling with lust, cheeks red and mouth open slightly, parting with a small trail of saliva. “Don’t you just look absolutely obscene?” Todoroki’s mouth attached itself to Izuku’s neck again, sucking and biting, leaving behind dark love bites. Izuku gasped and moaned, bringing his hands up to cover his mouth before any other sounds escaped him.

“Put your hands down, Midoriya. Let me hear those little sounds you’re making just from a few bites.” Izuku screwed his eyes shut and did as he was told, instead placing his hands around Todoroki’s neck and tugging him closer. Todoroki’s hands had slipped behind Izuku’s back, slowly undoing each button until the dress was hanging loosely around Izuku’s arms.


“Todorok- Todoroki-kun! We.. we can’t do it here!” Izuku moans again, unable to hold back his noises of pleasure one Todoroki kisses a spot behind his ear.


“Shouto. Call me Shouto. Who would’ve known that your ears are so sensitive..?” Shouto nips at Izuku’s ears again, drawing out more gasps and lewd noises from the boy. Slipping his hands under the dress, Shouto’s hands find themselves pinching and pulling at Izuku’s nipples. “Wh- Where are you touching me.. Shouto!” Izuku gasps, bursts of pleasure taking over his body as Shouto’s hands tug at his sensitive buds. He nearly starts crying from the pleasure once Shouto starts grinding his leg against Izuku’s erection, causing the flushed boy to nearly buckle to the ground.


Shouto pulled his hands away from Izuku’s chest and drops them under the boy’s plump butt, hoisting him up against the wall. Izuku’s stocking clothed legs wrap around Shouto’s waist as he grinds against Shouto’s abs. “What would the class say if they saw you like this, Izuku..? Rubbing against me like a bitch in heat.. You’re so lewd, Izuku.” Izuku cried out, his body reacting to the dirty words that Shouto was whispering to him. How can such words have such a big affect on him?!


Hands poked at Izuku’s hole, pressing the constraining boxers against his ass. “Sh- Shouto! That’s.. That’s embarrassing.. Touching me there- Ah~ Shouto~!”


Shouto relished in Izuku’s moans, the sounds churning a deep heat within his abdomen. Shouto released a breathy moan of his own once he ground himself against Izuku’s ass, his tight boxers becoming unbearable. Shouto dropped Izuku on his feet once more before undoing the buckle on his pants. Shouto didn’t even need to say anything before Izuku dropped to his knees like an obedient fuck, pulling down Shouto’s pants along with his boxers. The hard cock sprung out, precum dripping down the head. Izuku’s eyes widened, taking in the sight that was before him. Shouto’s cock was above average, in both length and thickness, and Izuku wondered just how he could fit this thing inside his mouth.


Izuku’s eyes wandered a bit, and he nearly died once he saw something he’d been wondering about since forever. The little pubic hairs surrounding Shouto’s cock was split down the middle, half red half white. “Huh.. so it was true. You really are half n’ half..” Izuku mumbled, hands coming up to grip at the base.


Shouto snorted, eyes closing with a groan once Izuku’s hand started moving. Izuku pumped his hand a few times, getting used to the feeling of having Shouto in his hands. Shouto’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head once he felt a warm heat engulf him. His hands came to grip at the back of Izuku’s head, pushing slowly until he was almost all the way inside Izuku’s deliciously hot mouth. Izuku deep throated Shouto’s cock, the tip coming in contact with the back of his throat. Izuku’s hands wrapped around the parts where he couldn’t fit in anymore, gag reflex stopping him. He hummed around the thick length inside his mouth, and started bobbing his head, sucking and twirling his tongue around the the tip once he pulled back.


Hands gripped at Izuku’s hair as he was pushed further, taking in more and more of Shouto’s length. Tears gathered a bit at his eyes once his gag reflex hit, and he pulled back a bit. Shouto groaned, thrusting his hips against Izuku’s mouth. “Izuku- ah~!” Shouto gripped even harder at Izuku’s hair, pulling him back. Shouto’s length left Izuku’s mouth with a wet pop, and Izuku looked up to Shouto with red cheeks and mixture of saliva and precum dripping down his chin. Shouto growled before grabbing Izuku and hoisting him up, walking over to the sink counter and plopping him down. Izuku groaned at the look in Shouto’s eyes, lust barely being contained in the swirling heterochromatic aqua and grey eyes. Shouto pressed a quick kiss to Izuku’s mouth, and pulled away leaving Izuku wanting more.


“S- Shouto! More please~ please give me more!” Izuku moaned shamelessly, body being overruled with too much pleasure that he didn’t care about the embarrassment anymore. He wanted Shout and by god was he gonna get Shouto. Shouto smirked at the lewd request and pulled Izuku’s hips until his ass was hanging over the counter. He brought three fingers to Izuku’s mouth and commanded, “Suck. Unless you want me to go in dry?” Izuku’s mouth parted and sucked Shouto’s fingers in, tongue twirling around the digits.


The fingers were suddenly pulled out of his mouth, a whine escaping from Izuku. Shouto’s finger traced around the rim of the green haired boy’s hole, snapping his eyes closed Izuku’s hands tightened on the edge of the counter. The soaked digit slowly pushed into Izuku, causing him to let out a string of curses and moans. “You’re so wet for me, Izuku.. Did you really want me that badly with all those other guys touching you? You let them smack your ass.. You’re sluttier than I imagined.” Izuku shuddered at the dirty talk, whines ripping from his throat. “No no no- I want you Shouto just you~ Please!” Shouto had snuck a second finger into Izuku’s hole, the twitching and pulsing heat wrapped around each finger as he scissored Izuku open.


Izuku was a moaning mess, clenching around the skillful digits inside him. Shouto had added a third finger was was driving Izuku crazy, pressing against the one spot that made Izuku throw his head back and moan sexier than a pornstar. “Oah- Shouto! Put it in already~ Pleasee! I need you now- please please fill me now!” Shouto groaned and pulled his fingers out, wrapping his hand around his angry red length.


“Look at you Izuku. Moaning louder and sluttier than anything, begging to be full. Can’t you imagine the people who could walk in at any moment-? Seeing you act like a little whore ready to serve his master-” Shouto’s words fell upon Izuku as he pushed himself onto Shouto’s cock without any warning, clenching at the new feeling. Shouto threw his head back with a groan, hands latching onto Izuku’s hips to slow down the movement. “You can’t just- ah- Izuku you can’t just do that without warning!”   Izuku produced a small smile and chuckle before trying to push himself onto Shouto’s length again.


“Ngh- Shouto~ Hurry up!”


Shouto growled before slamming into Izuku to the hilt, groaning a loud, “Impatient little fucker, aren’t you?” As soon as Shouto was all the way in, Izuku threw his head back and came all over the dress. Over-simulation drugged his mind, causing him to see white until he came down from his high. He didn’t even notice, but Shouto was already fucking him through his orgasm. Shouto’s right hand had found its way back to Izuku’s nipple, pulling at it and twisting the hardened bud. Pulling out slowly until the tip of his length was in Izuku, he snapped his hips forward repeatedly, shattering Izuku’s world with each thrust.


Izuku was a screamer, putting pornstars to shame.


Shouto’s hand, twisting at Izuku’s over-simulated bud, while his mouth descended upon Izuku’s neck, leaving behind a wet trail of hickies and love bites everywhere. Izuku’s hips were moving back against Shouto, his own dick sitting in a pool of cum on his frilly dress. The length had hardened again due to Shouto’s earth-shattering thrusts against his prostate. Izuku couldn’t take it anymore, lewd sounds escaping from him every single time his ass met with Shouto’s pelvis. Izuku was suddenly pulled up, his arms instantly going around Shouto’s neck as Shouto’s length went deeper into him with the new position.


“Ah- Ah! Shouto! Deeper! Harder please~ please fuck me harder! Ah-” Shouto angled his thrusts upward, while simultaneously pulling Izuku down onto his dick. Izuku let out the longest and loudest moan, proclaiming his release as the heat in his stomach pooled and built up. It was too much for him, and Izuku came with one last bounce on Shouto’s length. Heat filled him as Shouto came with him, coming inside him.


Shouto groaned as pleasure coursed through his body, thrusting into Izuku shallowly and slowly to prolong his orgasm. Cum dripped from the sides of Izuku’s pulsing, lewd hole, revealing just how much pent up passion Shouto had been hiding from him. Shouto pulled out, cum dripping out after him and onto the tiled floor of the bathroom. Groaning with his head thrown back, Izuku was slowly let down from Shouto. Izuku whimpered at the feeling of being empty. Arms wrapped around Izuku’s waist and brought him closer to Shouto’s chiseled chest, hugging him closely after their intimate moment.


“Let me clean you up, mkay Izu?” Izuku nodded against Shouto, allowing the two-toned boy to clean up their mess.


Izuku looked down at the cum stains on the maid dress, before he realized and gasped loudly. “SHOUTO THIS BELONGS TO AKUMI- I CAN’T.. OH MY GOD I CAME ALL OVER HER DRESS!”


Shouto snickered and replied, “Just wash it or I can pay them to get her a new dress. Besides.. You look fucking amazing in that shit anyways.” Cheeks burning red, Izuku smacked Shouto’s chest half heartedly.


“What, you got a kink for cross dressing, Shouto?” Izuku blinked up innocently at Shouto, whose cheeks were tinting pink. Shouto mumbled a quick maybe.


Shouto took Izuku’s hand and pulled him closer, pressing kisses all over his freckled face. “C’mon, let’s go back.”


Izuku and Shouto walked out of the bathroom hand in hand, vowing to never go back to that certain train station ever again.