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Coffee, Ruffles and Jealousy

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“C’mon Deku! It’ll be fun!” Izuku was currently standing in front of UA’s entrance, Uraraka was next to him, practically bouncing in her spot and buzzing with excitement. The brown haired girl tugged on his arm, attempting to drag Izuku over to Todoroki, who was currently sitting underneath a small tree reading.

“It will most DEFINITELY NOT BE FUN URARAK-” Izuku was cut off when he was suddenly pulled forward, towards the two-toned boy.

This is it. This is the day I die, Izuku thought.

Uraraka and Izuku were now in front of Shouto, while he looked up from his book at the pair. “Heyo Todo!” Uraraka cheered, eyes gleaming mischievously. Shouto blinked at her, and with a poker face said, “Todo?”

“Yeah, Todo.” Uraraka repeated, like it was a normal thing to call him. “It’s your new nickname that isn’t made by Bakugou and isn’t offensive. I think.” Shouto only raised an eyebrow, the confusion shown on his face. Anyone could see that he was attempting to process this new nickname.

“ANYWAYS,” She blurted out, “Izuku and I wanted to know if you wanted to come to this new cafe with us.”

“I- I mean you don’t.. You don’t need to come but you can come if you want, but I- I um I’m not trying to pressure you into going at all. It’s just- We thought it would be nice for you to come with us-and uh, um.. Yeah.. I mean you REALLY don’t have to if you don’t want t-” A quick jab to his side shut Izuku right up. With cheeks flushed ruby red, Izuku hid his face in his hands and groaned. “I was mumbling again, wasn’t I?” The muffled question came out, bringing Izuku’s embarrassment with it.

Todoroki was trying to mentally conceal his ‘THAT’S SO FUCKING CUTE,’ but it was breaking through his will of not smiling. A small smile eventually broke through to his face and he mumbled a quick sure before standing up and dusting his pants off. Izuku hadn’t noticed before, but as soon as Todoroki stood up, Izuku’s heart nearly stopped.

His shirt was tight. So fucking tight. The black material hugged Todoroki’s torso, easily showing that he had really defined muscles. Izuku snapped out of his staring phase-thing when Uraraka nudged him again.

“Let’s go!” Uraraka swooped up Todoroki’s arm without hesitation, mentally praising herself for getting the right arm that was currently acting as her personal air conditioner. Meanwhile Izuku was still trying to get over Todoroki’s muscles.


Upon arriving in front of the cafe, Izuku looked up at the bright blue and pink door. The sign above reads Little Cinnamon Cafe. “Let’s go, my hoes!” Uraraka pushes the door open, bell chiming to alert the staff of arriving customers.

“What?! Akumi can’t come in today!? It’s nearly opening time though!” A distressed voice was heard coming from one of the rooms in the back, and Izuku wondered if they had arrived at the wrong time. Todoroki took no notice of the noise, instead choosing to examine the cafe. The whole place screamed ‘cozy’.

The little brown circular tables were set up in rows near the middle of the cafe, while white and yellow booths sat on the outer, next to the windows. Each circular table had a set of four chairs, red polka dotted cushions on each chair. At the cash register was a display case, filled to the brim with pastries that looked fucking amazing . Small vases of flowers sat at the center of each table, paintings on the light brown walls and fairy lights that tied the whole place together.

"Sorry! We don’t open for another six minutes!” A person now emerged with the voice, a girl that was probably a few years older than the trio. Though, the thing that had caught their eyes was what the girl was wearing . Dressed in a frilly black maid dress, that was showing way more cleavage than necessary, the girl towered over them in her stilettos. Her brown hair was tied up into a messy bun and she was holding a clipboard. Footsteps could be heard coming, and out came 2 more girls wearing the same outfit.

Izuku sputtered and spun around, innocent eyes not accustomed to the amount of showy females around him. Even if he was attracted to males, he couldn’t help but feel guilty if he saw the girls dressed like that. He saw Todoroki swifty turn around from the corner of his eye and mentally let out a relieved breath, happy that Todoroki wasn’t looking at the girl’s showing cleavage.

“W-wait! You! Green curly fry! Turn around again, please?” Izuku’s eyes widened as he was called out, and hesitated before turning around. The unwavering eyes of all the girls caused Izuku to let out a little “Eek!” before his cheeks flushed red and he spun around again. “You’d be perfect! You look like the exact same size as Akumi!”

“Wh-.. What?” Izuku’s muffled voice asked in confusion, his brain not really comprehending the situation at hand. “Can you help us? We’re having a bit of a problem- one of our maids couldn’t make it today.” The brown haired girl looked at him in distress clear on her face.

“You-.. What do you- What am I supposed to do?” Izuku spoke, voice slightly quivering.

“You’ll help us?! Great!” She squealed, “Just follow me real quick and you’ll be ready in no time.” Izuku turned to glance at Todoroki and Uraraka to silently beg for help, and all he saw was Uraraka looking smug as hell. Todoroki was still turned around.

“Bu-But I never said anyth-”

The timid boy was dragged forward, hastily being taken into a new room in the back. Todoroki had finally turned around and was greeted by this strange exchange, and leaned over to Uraraka. Whispering, he asked, “What’s with people and dragging Midoriya around today?” Uraraka could only chuckle as a reply as she watched her best friend be dragged away, surely to his pending embarrassment filled death.

“Oh! By the way, my name is Makaira!” The brown haired girl exclaimed, turning to face Izuku.

“Midoriya Izuku..” Izuku mumbled, trailing off once she had let his arm go. Makaira had turned around now, facing the shaking boy. A smile was present on her face but her eyes held a troublesome gleam in them. Izuku tried to calm his blushing cheeks.

“Now, strip.”

Izuku’s mind went blank. Nothing was making any sense in this situation whatsoever. He stuttered, voice weak. “Wh- What!?”


“I need you to strip and put the dress on,” Makaira replied, not a single care of what she was asking Izuku to do.

“I- I can’t strip! That.. that’d be too awkward..” A blush rose upon Izuku’s squishy, freckled cheeks as he felt embarrassment fill his entire being. “Please? You’ll only have to serve a few tables, Akumi’s shift is only about two hours on Wednesdays. And I’ll even pay you the amount of money she usually gets!” Makaira was basically begging now, holding out the frilly black maid dress to Izuku. “Wh- Why can’t my friend out there do it? I’m a guy- she’d fit better into this than I would!” Izuku argued, wondering why Makaira asked him when a perfectly capable Uraraka Ochako was standing right out there.

“Because her chest was a bit too large for Akumi’s dress. It wouldn’t have fit and we don’t have any extras right now,” Makaira explained. Izuku hesitantly looked at the dress, to Makaira, back to the dress and then to the ground. Sighing, he held out his hand and motioned for the dress. Makaira let out a happy squeal and give Izuku the dress, ushering him over to one of the “dressing rooms.” (It was really just a small corner of the room sectioned off, being covered by thick cloth hanging from the ceiling.

Izuku pushed the curtain back and let it drop behind him, concealing him from view as he struggled to find the will to put the dress on.