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Theory lectures were overrated. Almost done with his photography degree and they still had theory courses. Yawning, he ran his fingers through his brown hair, trying to stay awake but eventually, he gave up on paying attention and pulled out his phone. He still had a picture of last night to edit and put on his Instagram. Usually, he did this on laptop but he had moved the picture on his phone prematurely, so he had to edit it on there instead. It took him longer than usual but he still had 30 minutes of his lecture left, so there was no rush.

            “Concentrate on class, Jeonggukie” Yoongi clicked his tongue beside him.

            “Just because it’s not your picture I’m uploading today” Jeongguk snorted silently, teasing the elder.

Yoongi was studying part-time, which was why he still had to take this course despite him already studying longer than Jeonnguk. He was also a part-time model for Jeongguk’s Instagram. He just had the kind of face that the brown haired loved taking pictures of and Yoongi never refused, always getting his share for the attention Jeongguk received.

Jeongguk’s Instagram was slowly starting to grow and he had branded his photography under the name Golden Closet Photography. While he was really into the vaporwave vibe, when it came to city photos, he enjoyed shooting people the most. Sometimes, people would notice him and ask for a shoot, through which he could earn some good money, which he needed for the kind of apartment he lived in.

When he had started his last year of his photography degree, he was sick of dorm life. He wasn’t really the most social person and his roommates always brought girls over and at some point, he couldn’t handle it anymore. That was why he had made a rash decision and just left. The downside was that he had to find an apartment to live in as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Yoongi knew that his boyfriend’s best friend had a spare room and needed a flatmate. Jeongguk knew Taehyung and thus thought that his best friend would have similar living standards.

He thought wrong.

Park Jimin had high living standards and his apartment was so aesthetically pleasing, Jeongguk had first thought that he was in some sort of furniture store because everything fit together. It made sense, in a way, since the man was doing his master in fashion, so of course, his apartment would be just as fabulous as the designs he did. Everything looked expensive. Park Jimin looked expensive too with his designer clothes and his earrings that looked like real diamonds. Thus, rent was expensive too.

Surprisingly, Park Jimin wasn’t arrogant. Despite his fancy exterior, he was very grounded and surprisingly funny and easy to talk to. His smile was cute – he as a person in general was extremely cute. Yes, Jeongguk was crushing on his flatmate but he hid it well from him. He didn’t want to make it awkward, when Jimin was already nice enough to let him live in the room for technically less money than he should pay.

Shaking his head, Jeongguk focused back on editing his photo, uploading it and checking the aesthetics of his profile afterwards. Then, he clicked on his favourite Instagram account, only because he was curious whether he had posted something new. Only Yoongi was sitting next to him, which was why he wasn’t ashamed to look at bndwboy’s profile. It was a softporn account and Jeongguk was just slightly obsessed. The guy’s username stood for black and white boy because his profile was monochrome. At first, Jeongguk was attracted to the photos only, as they were extremely professional. He didn’t plan on actually following that account, nor donating to his patreon to receive a video of him jerking off but it happened and how he was hooked. Of course, he didn’t constantly pay money on his patreon, not wanting to seem like a creep and he was smart enough to have a different username from his Instagram account.

He was in luck, bndwboy really did just post something. A picture of him in just a white dress shirt, his arm and knee perfectly covering his crotch. The pictures were never explicit and that’s what made them so alluring. Not only were they extremely sexy but they were beautiful in an artsy kind of way. As a photography major, Jeongguk appreciated that and ideas sparked in his head on how he would love to shoot this man – not that he would ever get a chance to actually take pictures of the mysterious beauty. However, the caption of the picture he posted made his heart jump and he was close to sending him a dm to offer his services.

Took this photo with a tripod. What I do for you guys without my photographer here. Remember my patreon exists <3

Then he remembered that bndwboy had disabled the option of people that he didn’t follow could text him. Thus, Jeongguk couldn’t offer his services.

Or so he thought.

He was on his way home, when his phone vibrated in his back pocket.

bndwboy is following you now.

Blinking in shock, Jeongguk stared at the notification and he didn’t quite know whether this was a dream and he was still back in the lecture, having fallen asleep. He didn’t have time to ponder about it at all, as his phone vibrated again and another notification came in. This time, it was a dm.

From bndwboy.

Gulping, he stopped walking, feeling the need to sit down to read this but he was almost at his apartment, so he just stood there randomly, when he opened the message.



Uhm…It said I could text you, if I wanted to book a shooting with you? Been following you with my private account for a while.. really like your work!

So I’m kinda in dire need of a good photographer, since mine decided to ditch me for a university trip…

Oh! You’re already here, reading my texts…


Jeongguk stared, not believing his eyes. Was this real life? Was one of his friends pranking him? He couldn’t believe it.


Oh my god, you’re probably looking through my profile now and you find it revolting or some shit….


Yeah, sorry I asked I guess…

You’re probs not into this type of photography…


Jeongguk’s fingers had never been this fast before.



Sorry, I just blanked for a second…didn’t really expect you to text me.

I actually know your profile….is that weird? Sorry lol. I like your stuff. It’s cool, the aesthetics are pretty and your photographer is doing a real good job.


The other man was just as fast.


Oh… thought you’d block me after seeing my profile haha…

Not weird to know my profile. I’m flattered actually, especially knowing that someone with such a good eye like you!

So uhm… would you shoot me? I’d give you creative freedom and all, pinky promise!


Pinky promise? Jeongguk snorted, finding himself smiling. The man was cute. Now that they were actually having a conversation, he started walking again, having entered the elevator.


Sure man, I’d love to! Guess we should introduce ourselves then?

I’m Jeongguk.


The other replied in the speed of light.


Are all Jeongguks photographers? I know one other guy called Jeongguk and he’s a photography major.

I’m Jimin by the way. How old are you? Hyung or dongsaeng?


The brown-haired couldn’t help but laugh at that.


All Jimins must be total beauties then. My roommate’s a Jimin too and he’s a real looker, I’ll tell you that.

I’m 22. It’s on my profile lol. Hbu?


Entering the apartment, Jeongguk shouted a quick I’m home hyung!, so Jimin knew that someone else was in the house. He was actually sitting on the couch, smiling like an idiot, jerking at Jeongguk’s sudden appearance.

            “Hey, you’re early” he said, getting up. “I’m in my room. Might be out for dinner, if everything goes well.”

His cheeks were a little pink and Jeongguk’s heart ached a little, knowing that someone else made him blush. Then again, here he was calling the other Jimin he was texting with a beauty, basically already flirting with him. Jeongguk would have asked who the elder was texting with but Jimin disappeared into his room, which was strictly forbidden ground for Jeongguk.

There were two rules Jimin had, when he first moved in. His room was off limits and Jeongguk could only wash at night, since Jimin liked to wash during the day and as long as his laundry was in there, that room was off limits too.

Of course, the younger didn’t complain, happy that the elder didn’t have more rules and he was a night owl anyways, so he didn’t mind washing late.

He grabbed some cup ramen and sat down on the sofa, when his phone finally vibrated again and he opened the message immediately, having waited for his favourite soft porn boy to reply.


Sorry, got interrupted for a second… and was kinda embarrassed that I didn’t see your age in your bio…

I’m 24. So better call me hyung.

And you don’t even know my face yet. You don’t know, if I’m as pretty as your roommate.


Jeongguk snorted. Firstly, because this Jimin definitely wanted to flirt with him and secondly, because he hated how whipped he was for his roommate to type this type of answer.


Full disclosure, I don’t think you’ll be as pretty as him. Never seen someone more beautiful in my life.


This time, it took the other a minute to reply.


Whipped much? Kinda cute tbh.

Does he know you’re into him?


Jeongguk’s heart jumped. Why was he revealing that he had a massive crush on his roommate to his online soft porn obsession?


God no… would make living together kinda awkward….

Anyway… so about the shoot. Tell me time and place. Maybe we should meet up and talk about the concepts? Where do you usually shoot? It would be easier for me to know what I’m dealing with before coming up with proper concepts…


            “Hey Jeonggukie?” Jimin suddenly peeked out of his room. “Can you do me a favour and disappear for a while? Might have someone come over later. It’s for my designs and stuff and you know how I am with my work.”

The younger jumped at the sudden call of his name but he nodded quickly, giving Jimin space for his work. He was in his last year and for his master’s degree, he was currently creating his own fashion line, documenting every step of the way. However, he hated showing unfinished pieces to anyone that wasn’t working on them, which was why he had asked the younger to leave. His phone vibrated again and Jeongguk’s attention was back on his phone.


Do you have time now? My roommate’s out, so I don’t have to explain why I brought a photographer home… he doesn’t know what I do for a living…


Somehow, that was endearing but also a little sad. Jeongguk wanted to ask why he was keeping it a secret but he didn’t do it, thinking that they weren’t close enough.


Sure yeah. Send me the address, I’ll come over.


When Jimin did send the address, Jeongguk stared again, not believing what he saw. It had been a prank after all. Taehyung hacked into bndwboy’s account? Was that what he was doing on his trip? Was that why he disappeared for the next few days?

What he saw was his own address.


What the fuck. Taehyung is this you? Pranking me like this isn’t funny.

Fuck you…

Was this Yoongi-hyung’s idea?

I’m gonna kill you both….


“Jimin” texted back as quickly as he been texting all this time.


What do you mean prank? And how do you know my best friend’s name?


What the actual fuck. So did Taehyung think he would make Jimin into bndwboy to be funny? Did Yoongi tell him about Jeongguk’s crush on his roommate? The elder had promised not to tell him. He had to promise.


Not funny to send me my own address.


Instantly, there was a reply.


What the fuck….

No way….


At that moment, the door Jimin’s room swung open and the blonde exited, rushing into the living room, staring at Jeongguk, who looked up at him, his cup ramen still in between his thighs, chopsticks still in his hand, his phone in the other.

            “No fucking way. Jeonggukie, give me your phone” he demanded, literally snatching his phone out of his hand, almost making the smaller spill his ramen onto the expensive leather.


            “Holy shit” Jimin gasped. “Guess I know now.”

            “I have no idea what you’re talking about” Jeongguk didn’t get it yet.

            “That you’ve never seen a more beautiful person than me” the elder cheeks went pink immediately, his smile bashful and that was when Jeongguk realised.

They both each knew someone with their names. Jimin had sent him his own address. He had also wanted him to leave the house for tonight. He was never allowed in Jimin’s room. It all made sense suddenly. Jimin was bndwboy. It wasn’t a prank. It was actually him. Choking on the breath he didn’t know he was keeping, Jeongguk’s eyes widened, not being able to help his eyes wandering.

He had always known that Jimin had a flawless body; he just never thought of him being so sensual, since the elder mostly just showed his cute side to the maknae. Now, however, it was hard to oversee how bndwboy’s figure matched with Jimin’s. How ironic that his real life crush and his online obsession were the same person. Now that he thought about it, he had a video of Jimin jerking off on his laptop and he suddenly blushed at that, gulping again to try and take it all in. Something else hit him too; he had confessed to him that he was into his roommate – he was exposed now.

            “I–––well–––“ Jeongguk licked his lips, trying to be casual. “Have you looked at yourself? You’re gorgeous.”

            “Didn’t know you were gay. And liked my account” Jimin smirked, still blushing.

            “Bisexual” he shrugged. “and yeah, I do. Wait, so who’s your photographer usually?”

Jimin sat down next to him, taking the chopsticks out of his hands, putting the ramen away, reprimanding him for eating on the couch, watching the younger with a strange interest that hadn’t been there before.

            “Tae” he said simply. “Guess he picked up one or two things after spending so much time with his boyfriend.”

            “Wait–––– if you know Yoongi-hyung, you could have guessed that I’m the one behind Golden Closet Photography. He’s literally all over my profile all the time.”

            “Never actually met him. He always refuses. He also doesn’t know Tae does this for me, so please, don’t tell him. I don’t want to make things complicated between them” Jimin explained.

            “Makes sense. Yoongi-hyung hates people. That’s why he only shoots landscapes” Jeongguk laughed. “Tae should still tell him. Hyung’s rather tolerant. Plus, Taehyung’s whipped for that man, so he shouldn’t lie to him.”

            “He is indeed” Jimin agreed.

They continued talking for a while and somehow, it was really interesting to talk about Jimin and what he did. He told Jeongguk that some of his expensive clothes were gifts from fans but most of them, he bought himself with the money he earned with it. Jimin seemed to really enjoy his work but was cautious enough to never show his face no matter how much money people offered him.

            “I follow your private Instagram account but you don’t follow bndwboy there” he noted after a while.

            “Yeah… I can’t really do that because I have people following me that I don’t necessarily want to know that I’m into this type of accounts.”

            “Fair point” the elder nodded. “Ever donated to my patreon?”

That took the maknae off guard. Why would he even ask that question? When he blinked in stupor, Jimin gasped, his cheeks never having returned to their normal colour, hitting Jeongguk’s chest lightly.

            “You did, didn’t you!” he cackled but then got quieter, more intimate. “How much? What did you get?”

            “That–––that’s confidential information” the maknae wanted to change topics. “Let’s talk photoshoot, shall we?”

            “But I’m curious, c’mon!” Jimin insisted, pouting cutely. “a nude? A package of nudes? A video? Can’t be a voice clip, you would have recognised my voice.”

            “Hyung” Jeongguk whined. “Do you really want to know, whether I’ve seen your dick or not?”

            “Well, you’ve clearly seen it, now I’m just wondering how exactly.”

            “Fine” the younger groaned, crossing his arms, looking away. “It was a video. You still had the black lace over knee socks on.”

            “Fuck, I remember that one” Jimin said quietly, which made the younger look at him and his breath hitched, watching Jimin bite his bottom lip. “I don’t usually wear those for videos. There more for–––uhm–– private pleasure. There was no request with your donation, so I felt kind of on edge, not knowing whether you’d like what I send you. It was kinda hot.”

Blankly, Jeongguk stared at him, noticed the soft smile and the way he squirmed. Was the elder doing this on purpose? Did he like riling someone up who was clearly into him? Surprisingly, it wasn’t as awkward as the maknae had thought it would be with him knowing that he was crushing on him.

            “Anyway” he cleared his throat. “Now that we’ve established that I’m a creep, how about we talk about the shoot?”

And that was what they did. They both offered their ideas and Jimin said he’d thought about something natural, that he really liked the pictures of Yoongi and the smoke. Jeongguk agreed eagerly and then proceeded to ask what types of lingerie Jimin wanted to wear, so he got up and told the younger to follow.

He brought him to his room. The room he was forbidden to enter so far.

It was much bigger than his own. It should be new to him but it wasn’t. Some parts, he recognised from the pictures and he realised that Jimin only ever shot his pictures in here. His attention was led the drawer that Jimin opened and Jeongguk gulped at all the lingerie that he saw.

            “Which one fits your vision? You can choose. These are the ones I haven’t worn for a shoot yet” Jimin said, quieter and more meaningful than Jeongguk had expected and it sent a shiver down his spine.

It felt like Jimin was flirting with him, that he was making this sultrier than it had to be but then again, Jeongguk was almost completely sure that this was simple wishful thinking. If Jimin had had a crush on him before, he could have acted on it earlier and not just now.

Swallowing hard, Jeongguk looked through the different pieces and stopped at a sheen black lace pantie. It had some extravagant pattern that seemed to glitter in the right lighting and it felt incredibly soft in his hand. His mind was already creating pictures of Jimin in these panties, how they would fit around his tight ass, how his hard cock would just barely fit in them, perfect for a hot but still aesthetic picture. Ideas of how to shoot him, how the light needed to be placed to make the panties glitter popped in his head and he didn’t realise that he was stroking the fabric softly.

            “This one goes with the collar I posted recently, the lacy one––“

            “Yeh, I know which one” Jeongguk mumbled, still fixated on the panties.

            “Of course, you do” the elder hummed, a smirk hiding at the corners of his plus lips. “I just usually don’t show that much of neck because Tae never manages to take the right angle so that it looks good but doesn’t show my face.”

            “I can help with that issue” the younger chuckled. “let’s forget about the smoke. Let’s make it a raw shoot, just you on the bed with rustled sheets and the right lighting. Will be gorgeous.”

Jimin’s eyes glowed at Jeongguk’s eagerness and he swiftly rummaged in the drawer beside the opened one, taking out the infamous collar that was the most recent piece of accessory that the blonde had posted.

            “Do you–––uh–––wanna shoot now? I mean, I don’t know, if you have all your stuff here” Jimin shifted from one leg to the other, fidgeting with the collar in his hands, suddenly seeming a bit unsure despite clearly being eager to be the centre of Jeongguk’s attention.

            “Sure, yeah” Jeongguk nodded. “Let me just grab my camera and some different lenses and some lights.”

Half an hour later, Jimin’s room looked different from before. There were two lights installed and Jeongguk had placed three different lenses on his desk. The bedsheets were changed to off white ones, as per Jeongguk’s request to lessen the stark contrast of the black panties and the sheets, wanting to make the pictures look soft. He had brought his laptop too, having connected his camera to it, so the pictures would show up immediately. He had fixed the settings to monochrome already, seeing the result immediately. Jimin liked the idea of seeing the pictures right away but the younger told him not to peek at the screen, while they were shooting.

            “It’s only gonna distract you. I need you to be relaxed. It’s only gonna give you more pressure to look perfect. Trust in my skills. I promise, it’ll look great” he encouraged, when Jimin was ready to change into the outfit.

            “How do you see right through me and catch on to my insecurities so easily” he clicked his tongue, pursing his lips.

            “That’s the difference between someone that shoots pictures for you because you ask them to like Taehyung does and me, who studies photography and loves it passionately. Observing your model and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera is the key point for a good photo.”

He didn’t intend to throw shade at Taehyung but he knew that he could take better pictures than him. Not that his pictures were bad – on the contrary, for an amateur, they were brilliant. Still, Jeongguk couldn’t wait to capture Jimin’s beauty.

Jimin disappeared for a moment, quickly changing clothes and when he came back to the room, Jeongguk held his breath, not being able to stop his eyes from scanning Jimin’s body. He knew it well from pictures but he realised he never saw Jimin shirtless in real life, or just in sheen lace panties with a collar that was wrapped perfectly tight around his neck. He quite literally looked breath-taking. The elder smiled coyly, moving to the bed, sitting down, waiting for Jeongguk to give him instructions. Jeongguk needed a moment to collect his thoughts.

This was professional.

They hadn’t even talked about whether Jimin would pay him for this but Jeongguk needed to look at this as a job, otherwise, his mind would wander to places it shouldn’t and it would only make the shoot awkward.

            “You can sit on the edge of the bed first, if you want. That coy look, translate that to your body language” he instructed and Jimin easily did as he was told.

He was beautiful. His movements were slow and graceful, yet teasing in a very natural way, as if he wasn’t even trying, as if it was the most innate thing for him to do. The sound of the camera reverberated through the room and Jeongguk glanced at the screen once in a while, smiling in awe. It was so easy shooting him, he could already tell him to lie down on the bed.

            “A natural” he praised. “Knew you would be. Lie down on the bed now and just––– do your thing. I’m pretty sure you could do anything and it would still make a good shot.”

Jimin’s fingers twitched and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile, as his cheeks dusted a pretty pink; Jeongguk couldn’t help but take a picture of his face. Just once. Obviously, Jimin didn’t have to post that one. He wouldn’t mind if that was Jeongguk’s payment: a beautiful picture of Jimin’s face.  

They continued the shoot and Jeongguk kept praising him, telling him things like pretty, yeah that’s good, stay like that, wow and at some point, he realised that Jimin’s body was reacting to him. Slowly, the blonde had become hard and there was an almost invisible sheen of sweat covering his body, making him look even better. Jeongguk had to truly concentrate not to get a full hard on, focusing on murdered puppies and Taehyung and Yoongi making out in front of him, which was ultimately the weirdest thing to ever witness for him. Yet he was still sporting a half hard cock that was threatening to show. It didn’t help that he had moved considerably close to Jimin, wanting to take some close-ups.

            “You’re so beautiful like this for me.”

It slipped past Jeongguk’s lips before he could stop it and he looked up from his camera in shock, locking eyes with the elder. However, instead of frowning, Jimin stared back, his plump lips parted, his eyes half-lidded and Jeongguk saw his cock twitch underneath the panties.

For some odd reason, he panicked. The sight was too much. He was this close to just jump him. He needed to get out of that room and calm down. They had enough pictures anyways.

            “J–Jeongguk” Jimin straight up moaned and the maknae’s entire body tensed on instinct.

            “I think we’re done. I’ll look at the pictures in the morning and give them to you, yeah? I gotta sleep soon. Got class early tomorrow” he hurried, packing up his things.

            “Hey, Jeonggukie” Jimin called his name, making the younger look at him. “Sorry, that was too much teasing. I’m really grateful you did this for me. I felt really comfortable around you.”

            “No––no it’s fine, I really just have class in the morning” the maknae played it off, smiling reassuringly.

With a racing heart, Jeongguk finally left the room with all his things – it was a mystery how he could carry it all in one go – and fled to his room. After having put everything where it belonged, he settled down on his bed, staring at the ceiling and he knew. He just knew.

He was fucked.