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Oswald Takes the Bullet and Jim Bites It - A Sequel to Gobblepot: Close Encounters of the Jimwald Kind

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Jim cried out, horrified, as Oswald threw himself in Jim’s way and took the bullet.


Oswald fell into Jim, knocking him to the ground, and he lay gasping and bleeding across Jim’s body.


He made the way clear for Harvey, who took a shot and dispatched Jim’s assailant.

Jim struggled onto his knees and took Oswald in his arms.


“Oswald, you idiot!  Why…?”


Oswald panted and looked up at Jim with misted blue eyes.  “I couldn’t…. let them…. hurt you.”


“Oh Oswald….”  Jim took off his jacket  and pressed it to Oswald’s wound.  The bullet had caught him right in the chest.  “It’s gonna be ok,” he soothed. Then, “Someone help!  Call an ambulance!” he yelled.


He crouched close to Oswald, who was breathing hard and wincing.  “Hang on in there, it’s gonna be fine..” he muttered.


“Jim….” rasped Oswald weakly.  “It’s ok….really….”


“Shhhhhh, take it easy…” Jim kept pressing on Oswald’s wound.  The bleeding was heavy. He pressed harder and harder and kept shouting for help.


People were running all over the place.  It was chaos, even though the gunfire had stopped. Harvey rushed over.  “What ...did he take a bullet for you?!”


“Yes, for God’s sake can someone get an ambulance?! I dropped my phone…”


“It’s taken care of, I already called.”


“Oh -thanks Harvey.  Can you help please? He’s bleeding badly….Shhh, Oswald, stay with me, please!”


Harvey took off his own jacket and together they knelt attempting to staunch Oswald’s wounds.


Oswald struggled to stay conscious, to focus on his lover’s face.  Harvey couldn’t mistake the way the two men were looking at each other -but he said nothing.


He’d never seen Jim look so scared!


The ambulance arrived just as Oswald passed out.  As his eyes closed, Jim lost control.


“No, Oswald, please!  Please don’t…” and he leant down and without shame or hesitation kissed Oswald on the lips.  “Don’t leave me, Oswald..” He stroked Oswald’s face and hair frantically. Oswald lay still and didn’t respond.  “Oswald...please!” Jim kissed him again.


“It’s ok, he’s still breathing…..we’ll take it from here.”  The paramedics picked him up gently and stretchered him away.  “He’ll need a blood transfusion….I think the bullet just missed his heart….”  Jim followed alongside the stretcher, talking to Oswald all the time. Then he stared dumbfound as the ambulance doors closed and it tore off carrying his little Oswald off  to the hospital...and hopefully, survival.


He was covered in Oswald’s blood.  So was Harvey. Harvey stood by his side and then laid a hand on Jim’s shoulder.  “I’m sure he’ll be ok.”


Jim was shaking.  He was in shock. “Harvey..what you just saw…what I said...”


“Never mind that.  Are you ok? Do you want to follow him?  I’ll give you a lift.”


Jim looked round at Harvey with haunted eyes and gave him a grateful smile.  “Yes, please.”


They drove along in silence.  Harvey was shocked about what he’d discovered of course - and seeing Jim kiss and tenderly stroke the face of the man they had both despised for so long had blown his mind! - but when all was said and done, Jim was his friend, and if he had suddenly decided to go insane and fall for Oswald Cobblepot - well, then, he’d have to live with that, at least for now, while Jim was clearly in such a traumatised state.


He could hardly believe that that little toerag had been brave and sacrificial enough to do what he’d done!  Maybe there was hope for him after all - that is, if he lived….then again, everyone knew that Cobblepot was notoriously difficult to dispatch….


But the look on Jim’s face now...the misery, the angst….the intensity of the pain in his eyes….he hadn’t seen that in a long time.  Despite his feelings of incredulity and dismay Harvey knew that Jim wasn’t faking or overstating his feelings. How it happened was beyond him, but no doubt all would be revealed in time.


They pulled into Gotham General.


Jim got out.  “Thanks Harv. I’ll take it from here.”


“You sure?”


“Yeah - you go back to the station.  You’ll need to report back...I’ll call you if I need anything…”


“OK.  And Jim…”




“I hope he’ll be ok.”





Jim was a man of few words, but the relief and euphoria he felt to see his little Ozzy’s beautiful blue eyes open and focus on him again was tremendous.


Oswald gave him a cheeky little smirk.  “Hey yourself, Detective Gordon.”


“You scared the hell out of me!”  Jim leant forward and gave his lover a kiss.  Then he reached for his hand and grasped it, holding on to it tightly.


“Well someone had to get you out of trouble!  You owe me a favour now Jim Gordon!” Oswald winked.


“Ah I see.  You must be feeling better!”  Jim squeezed Oswald’s hand emphatically.


He looked lovely lying there - looking all weak, pale and vulnerable….his raven haired beauty!  

His little blue-eyed martyr.  Jim doubted that he would ever be allowed to forget this - but he didn’t mind.  It didn’t matter! All that mattered was that his sexy little psycho, his crazy, cute Cobblepot, was alive and was going to be ok.




“Yes, Oswald?”




“Go on!”


“I just wanted to tell you..that I’m serious...about you.  And..about us…”


“Oswald, you didn’t need to…”


“I know I didn’t need to. But I wanted to. you…”




“It’s ok Jim.  I know you don’t feel the same…”


“No, no, let me finish.  You know Oswald, you really must learn to stop interrupting when we’re married….”