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you're worthless
they tell you
after so long of
not hearing differently
you believe them

no one will care 
is what they say as
they close the door
click signals
the lock turning


you're beautiful
is what really
brings him to tears

surely you don't
really believe that
do you

because pretty things
are supposed to be
precious right?

peter walked
through life thinking
that he'd never find
someone who could
truly love
him for him
and not his body

when he was 15
he met a boy
who made him feel
like the sun was something
he had built for peter
in his toolshed

this is that story. starting from the beginning. actually, no. you know what? fuck it. letss talk about what happened leading up to when they met. enter, unnamed boyfriend.

The only upside to his incredibly screwed-up life is school. He can handle he can almost handle school. But there's this one thing that happens at the end of every day that kind of ruins the whole experience.
His last period is a study hall in the cafeteria. Everyday, he skips (no pun intended). Everyday, his boyfriend goes with him. His boyfriend who changed his schedule for the sole purpose of stalking spending time with Peter. His boyfriend who takes him to his room and coaxes him int-   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Ready to head out?" He asks as he reaches where Peter is waiting.

"Do I have a choice?" Peter snorts, intending it to be snarky but he catches the moment his partner's eyes turn dark and something other than love takes over his irises. He quickly speaks again before his boyfriend has the chance to threaten him, "Yeah. Let's go."

Before they get to leave, however, the school's loudspeaker crackles to life.

"Would Peter Parker and-"

Peter tuned out the rest. He already knew they were caught. "...shit." is all his boyfriend said.