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What I Really, Really Want (Some Chemistry)

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The walk home to the apartment was cold and terrible but if Yoongi thought about it too hard, it would spoil his good mood - well, as much of a good mood as he had mustered. It wasn’t simply the weather threatening to bring him down - it was an ungodly hour in the morning, and he had no business even running errands, let alone returning from them before lunch. The only thing - the only thing- keeping any sort of bounce in his step was what was waiting for him on the other side of the door at home. Letting out a small sigh, he slid the key into the lock and turned, rushing into his entrance.

“Hyung,” Yoongi called, slipping his foot to the back of each shoe to remove it, bags under his arms. “Jin-ah.”

Seokjin, on the other hand, had just woken up. Undisturbed by his lover getting up so early, he’d been able to sleep in when Yoongi was trudging out in the cold.

The tall blond grumbled as he wiped the sleep from his eyes - hair a catastrophe of messy roots and bedhead - and shuffled into the kitchen where Yoongi was setting down the bags. His vision was slightly blurry, but he blinked several times, snaking his arms around Yoongi’s waist as he bent to pick up some of the groceries. He didn’t even bother waiting for the younger to stand upright, laying his head tiredly on Yoongi’s back and closing his eyes with a whine.

“Too early,” he said, nuzzling his cheek affectionately into Yoongi’s spine. His words were slightly slurred and mumbled, obviously still half-asleep. “Why are you up so early? It’s still the weekend, right?”

“I missed a package being delivered,” Yoongi yawned, the comfort of Jin’s warmth and weight beckoning him back to bed. “Said I had to go to the post office this morning or they’d send it back.”

“Package?” Jin perked up, looking around for a box. He was always too excited for mail - always hoping it was a gift for himself even though neither his family nor his friends ever really sent anything. “Did you order something?”

“Nah, from my folks-” Yoongi pulled out the bubble wrap-filled envelope from under his arm and held it up. “I think it’s just a small package of snacks. You know how my dad is.”

Jin visibly deflated. “Oh. Yeah. What kinda snacks are they this time? Not those weird cracker things again, I hope. I tasted that anise for weeks.” He made a noise of disgust but remained where he was, looking over Yoongi’s shoulder and holding him close. In his absence, Jin had missed his warmth next to him in bed, despite being out cold. He always seemed to know if Yoongi was missing in his sleep.

“You can open it,” Yoongi smiled, holding it up for Jin to grasp. Leaning back, he eased against his boyfriend and closed his eyes. “He said there’s something for you in there.”

Jin grinned and took the package, still not moving from behind Yoongi. “Oh, is that so?” He cooed, happily tearing at the envelope and holding it open. He strained to look inside, pulling out a bag of what looked like chili-flavored potato chips. They said something in English, but Jin couldn’t understand the language, only able to understand that there was a smiling red pepper giving them a thumbs-up on the front. “These look dangerous. I think your dad is trying to get me fat and addicted to American snacks. Do you think he wants us to move closer? Maybe he’s just bribing us with food.”

“I think he’s saying, ‘please don’t leave my hopeless son’ - it’s definitely an attempt to bargain,” Yoongi chuckled, pulling out a small bag of his favorite chocolates from the envelope and ripping it open with his teeth.

“Mm,” Jin kissed Yoongi’s cheek softly, “I think I’ll take it. I was gonna tell you I’m moving out, but thanks to Papa Min, I’m staying - thanks to these chili chips and chocolates that make your mouth taste like dessert.”

“I owe him a proper thank you note,” Yoongi turned to face Jin, popping a chocolate into his mouth and following it with his lips.

Jin smiled and kissed him back with equal intention, letting the chocolate melt a little before deciding to taste it for himself. Kissing Yoongi was so terribly easy for Seokjin, it was an issue to not just kiss him constantly. He could sneak it in every now and again - making Yoongi turn bright red in the library after pecking his cheek was Jin’s favorite pastime - but at home, they had all the time and attention to themselves and Jin didn’t have to worry about Yoongi being embarrassed about his lover’s show of affection. And boy, did Jin love to take advantage of that.

“Hey,” Yoongi mumbled against Jin’s lips, his cold nose pressing against the other man’s, “Can we go back to bed?”

“Yeah,” Jin breathed, kissing Yoongi several times. “I just need my smoothie. I gotta drink it before I fall into disarray and my body disintegrates and then I won’t be so handsome and wonderful and kissable,” Jin pouted, moving away reluctantly to open the fridge and pull out a dark orange drink. He turned to kiss Yoongi again twice more. “Go, I’ll meet you in a jiff, okay? I’ll be quick.”

“You sure you can’t just live on chili chips and chocolate?” Yoongi sulked, leaning on the table.

“I would not like to try. You have no idea what that could do to my physique. I try too hard to get you to look at me the way you do to live off of just your dad’s snack-bribes. So, off with you, butt,” Jin kissed Yoongi again, shoving his face into his neck and nuzzling him fondly before returning to his task, opening the cabinet for a small glass. “You gotta wait for me, though.”

“Mm, the way I look at you,” Yoongi repeatedly wistfully, pushing off of the table. “I cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that I won’t be asleep when you get there.” He frowned and turned to the small door frame leading out, letting his fingers slide on the siding.

Jin winked at Yoongi and poured his drink into the glass. “I think you won’t be asleep for very long, Yoongichi. This smoothie gives me energy, you know?” He brought the cup to his lips and watched Yoongi with a glimmer in his eyes, tiredness still fading.

“Then I better get as much rest as I can,” Yoongi stuck out his tongue, disappearing before Jin could quip at him. He shed his coat and scarf, hanging them on the hooks on the wall. Pushing open the bedroom door, the sight of their large bed - sheets still mussed - looked like nothing short of heaven after the frigid air he had walked through. Jin was probably a quarter through his drink when Yoongi drifted off to sleep, just as he had promised.

By the time Jin was finished with his morning smoothie, ten minutes had passed. He put the glass in the sink with water and followed the trail back to the bedroom, pausing a moment to look at Yoongi, passed out in the middle of their bed with Jin’s pillow tucked under his arm.

“Angel,” he muttered quietly to himself, stepping quietly over to the bed and slipping underneath the covers and replacing his pillow under Yoongi’s arm with his body, holding him close. Jin smiled and cuddled closer, making Yoongi roll his head into his chest. He pressed a kiss into his lover’s hair and closed his eyes. Earlier plans could wait, he was too much in love with Yoongi’s sleeping form to wake him for any sort of activity. Besides, it was a Saturday off from school and work for both of them and he would let them rest as long as they could.

Unable to rouse himself completely, a small moan escaping Yoongi’s lips as he tucked into Jin’s embrace and settled comfortably. He often found himself completely tangled in Jin’s arms, no matter how he had fallen asleep. In the end, it was arm over arm, face tucked into his chest, leg over leg. And it was in his top favorite things if he had to admit it.

Like two magnets colliding, that’s how they slept. No matter how it started, they’d always end up that way - tangled with each other and Yoongi pulled against Jin’s chest.

When Jin opened his eyes, the room was still light, but darker than before. The sun had settled just past mid-way and was no longer shining directly into their bedroom window. He grumbled and blinked several times, shoving his face into Yoongi’s messy locks on the pillow.

“Too early,” he complained, tugging the covers up from where they had slipped off their bodies. It was easily afternoon, but he still felt too tired. His body aching from the weekly routine.

“I told the sun to come back later,” Yoongi grumbled, pressing kissing against the long, tempting slope of Jin’s neck. “He didn’t listen.”

“Bastard,” Jin cursed, voice trailing into a delicate moan. Unconsciously, his head tilted to allow Yoongi more room to kiss him. His fingers trailed up and down Yoongi’s back - slow and teasing as always.

“But at least I can wake up with you,” Yoongi shifted to move completely on top of Jin, kissing down to his collarbones.

Jin moaned again, longer and deeper this time. His eyes shut tight as his fingers drifted to Yoongi’s hips, gripping his boyfriend tightly. “Yeah, I missed this. I missed you. You’re so soft and warm - ah, and you’re so good at… kissing.”

“Let me kiss your lips,” Yoongi pressed his hands into the mattress, pushing off to slip up to meet Jin’s eyes before bending to find his lips with his own. He eased his body against him - even if he had done it a hundred times before, it still caused butterflies to flutter. Groaning softly, he kissed him over and over - wanting to keep their lips together as long as possible.

It was rare for Yoongi to ever take initiative - especially on weekends. Jin was so used to waking up Yoongi with kisses and surprising him with a meal (brunch, more than breakfast) and waiting for Yoongi to give him the signal to take him to bed. But having him so smoothly slide over his hips and kiss all over his body, taking his lips for himself - Jin was too surprised and too tired to really react besides kissing him back.

He moaned against Yoongi’s lips and held his cheek in his hand - fingers tangling in his hair. “You’re an angel.”

“You’re the only one who calls me that,” Yoongi leaned against Jin’s hand sleepily before dropping down to nuzzle him, “But I’m glad you think so.”

“I always think that,” Jin smiled, his thumb rubbing fondly on Yoongi’s soft, pink-tinted cheek, “You’re always an angel to me. Despite being a Grumpy Gus when you’re so sleepy. My darling.”

“Can’t help it,” Yoongi turned and caught Jin’s thumb with his lips, “I require special attention to un-grump me.”

“You’re so spoiled,” Jin murmured and watched as the tip of his thumb disappeared into Yoongi’s mouth. “I spoil you too much - you know I’m so weak when you get all pouty and cute and huff and stomp around. You’re adorable.”

His eyes flickered up to Yoongi’s, only to find that he was already watching him. Jin’s eyes were blown wide and dark, endless pools of wanting and needy energy eating into Yoongi.

“Spoil me,” Yoongi panted, teasing Jin with his lips and teeth grazing his ear.

Goosebumps rose all over Jin’s skin at Yoongi’s words. His breath fanning over his skin teasing his senses that were just starting to wake up. He suddenly regretted pulling the covers up as his body began to heat up underneath his lover.

“Y-Yoongi,” He gasped, hands instinctively moving to his hips, fingertips dipping just beneath the waistband of Yoongi’s underwear to squeeze his ass gently.

“Hyung,” Yoongi nipped at the lobe of his ear, rolling his hips back to seat himself in Jin’s hands - eager for more affection.

Jin guided Yoongi’s hips so he was rolling against him, feeling the heat radiate down to his gut. He growled and captured Yoongi’s lips again with his hungrily, slipping his tongue easily in to tease and test Yoongi.

Jin knew just how to wind him up, and Yoongi began to groan into his mouth from the friction between them. Jin’s erection was hardly concealed by his sweatpants, and his boyfriend was entirely addicted to the feeling of it pressed and rubbing against his own cock.

Slowly and carefully, Jin rolled them over so that he was on top of Yoongi, slotting himself between his lover’s legs. He pushed Yoongi down into the mattress by his hips, holding himself up on one of his elbows. Mornings like these were Jin’s favorites - lazy, easy, and most importantly - filled with Yoongi touching him. Even when they didn’t have sex, just staying in bed with Yoongi was always a treat he could never tire of.

“Angel,” He whispered into Yoongi’s lips, “My angel.”

“Can we stop time?” Yoongi mumbled back, nuzzling Jin with the tip of his nose. Having Jin’s weight on him lulled him into security - his embrace locking him to the warmth of their soft sheets. It was beyond bliss, and Yoongi blinked up at him between kisses - admiring all of his features. A beat too long staring into Jin’s dark, warm eyes meant getting lost, the slope of his cheek down to his jawline was far too handsome to be real, and his lips - his perfect bow, the delicate pout - Yoongi groaned just looking at him, kissing him a few more times, “I don’t want to be anywhere else as long as I live.”

Seokjin couldn’t help the smile on his face. His eyes scrunched up into little slits and he kissed Yoongi delicately.

“I love you, Yoongi. I’ll try to tell the sun to stay put for a while - to make today last as long as possible,” He kissed along Yoongi’s jawline to his ear, teasing at the pierced lobe with his teeth and lips before suckling a mark just below his ear. “Let me just spoil you, hm?”

“If you insist,” Yoongi chuckled, but his laugh came out a little too breathy as Jin’s teeth ghosted over his skin. Nevermind that Yoongi had asked Jin to do just that in the first place.

He rolled up to meet Jin’s body, wanting - needing more of his touch. His boyfriend knew his body better than he knew it himself, and every touch left him drunk with pleasure. It never took too long for the walls Yoongi had put up to come crashing down once Jin began to work his magic.

“Oh, I insist,” Jin chuckled. His thumb circled Yoongi’s navel just as he took his lips again. He ate up every breath and moan from his lover, teasing him slowly, tearing him apart piece by piece.

His hand snuck down to Yoongi’s boxers, dipping beneath the waistband to wrap around his throbbing length. Jin inhaled sharply along with Yoongi and moaned for himself as he dragged his hand up to his weeping head.

“Someone’s excited,” Jin smiled, nosing at Yoongi’s chin affectionately.

“Fuck,” Yoongi whined, thrusting into Jin’s hand slowly, “It’s just a natural reaction to, y’know, my sexy ass boyfriend teasing me.”

“Awh, poor Yoongi. You must have it so hard, being teased. My darling angel,” Jin panted into his ear, riling him up even more as he increased his pace on Yoongi’s cock. “What are you gonna do about it?”

“Well, even if I do nothing, if this keeps up,” Yoongi grunted and shut his eyes, pre-cum beading and sliding down the head of his cock, “I’m gonna cum.”

Jin clicked his tongue and frowned, “Oh, that won’t do, now will it?”

His hand disappeared from around Yoongi’s dick abruptly and he moved to sit up so that he could look down at his lover. “Sexy,” came a quiet murmur from his thick red lips, eyeing Yoongi all the way down to his milky thighs wrapped around him - hands trailing wherever his eyes ventured. As they dragged down Yoongi’s stomach, he pulled at his underwear, dragging them off his legs slowly - always teasing.

He always loved having Yoongi naked and uncovered on their bed - spread out and whining with his cute little pout, always so needy. The exact reason Jin always teased him - to have him desperate and burning for his touch. Jin’s hands were back massaging his thighs, having discarded his boxers somewhere across the bedroom. “What does my angel want today?”

Yoongi pursed his lips, trying to will the blush out of his cheeks that heated his skin. It was an impossible task as Jin’s fingers kneaded into his muscles and made his dick twitch - not that Yoongi dared to touch, or their fun might end a little too quickly. He took a deep breath and spoke in an exhale, “I-is it okay if, I - God, I’m so boring. I just - need you feel you. Like the most vanilla shit I can think of. I just want your cock in me and I want to kiss you. Is that lame?”

“It’s never lame, Yoongi-yah, my sweet thing,” Jin cooed, leaning in to press kisses to his cheeks and lips once. “Can you get me the lube, babe, and I’ll open you up?”

Yoongi nodded, his eyes wide as he turned to lean to the small wooden set of drawers along the bed - something quaint and homey Jin had picked out when they were wandering through an antique store. He could feel his lover’s eyes on him as he pulled open the one at the top and retrieved the small bottle of lubricant. They had sex often enough that Yoongi didn’t need much opening at all, but he knew Jin particularly relished teasing and edging him as much as humanly possible.

And Yoongi wasn’t one to complain.

Jin stood up from the bed and disrobed, watching Yoongi carefully. He adored his lover, even after two years of their relationship - it never got boring or tiring. Jin loved Yoongi’s temperament, his personality, his body, his everything. They were so different and yet, there they were: two pieces of a jigsaw, filling in the spaces with each other.

Jin smiled, retreating back to the bed between Yoongi’s legs. He kissed the inside of his lover’s knee and leaned his head on the spot. “You’re so beautiful, Yoongi. I love you.”

Yoongi pinked wordlessly at the compliments. He had never thought himself particularly handsome or attractive, and certainly not beautiful. Not with Jin in front of him, especially, the purest specimen of beauty that he had ever seen. The best Yoongi could round up for him was something like cool or maybe sometimes on the rarest occasion hot, but beautiful?

“I love you,” Yoongi answered back, shutting his eyes and reaching down to slip his fingers into Jin’s hair. “I don’t deserve you.”

Jin pouted, kissing Yoongi’s knee again and took the lube from him. “No, no. We deserve each other, none of that,” He said sternly, pinching Yoongi’s hip before pouring lube over his fingers generously. “I’m getting impatient, angel - It’s getting so hard.”

At the last word, Jin pushed in the first finger. Sighing with a whine, as if he could possibly be bored at all with working up Yoongi over and over. He prided himself on his ability to hold out as long as it took just to see his boyfriend lose his temper.

But Yoongi was stubborn.

“Patience is a virtue, Jinnie,” Yoongi half-hissed through his teeth as the pad of Jin’s finger slipped deeper into him, bracing and tightening around the intrusion. As much as Jin loved to push him, Yoongi loved to keep the front as long as he could - for purely selfish reasons, naturally. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy every single second of torture that was surely on the way.

Jin soon after pushed in his second finger without warning, pout deepening. “But babe, I’ve been so patient, so good. You left me so early this morning and I missed you. I woke up all alone to a cold bed.”

The elder man bit down on his lip subtly and watched as Yoongi’s cock twitched with each brush of his fingertips against his prostate, testing him.

“So what do you want, Jin-ah?” It was getting hard to breathe - each inhale becoming more shallow as the pleasure spread deliciously through Yoongi’s body. The sheets bundled tight into his fists, keen on denying himself from his own touch and kept his eyes focused on Jin’s, “What do you want to do to me?”

“I want you just like this,” Jin smiled warmly. It was far too innocent and endearing for such a lewd moment, but this was just as Jin was: making sure Yoongi felt his love and adoration through his every movement. Another finger squeezed in next to the first two and Jin’s eyes dropped to watch as Yoongi took him all in, opening up so prettily for his lover. “I love the way you sound when you’re just about to cum and I take it all away over and over. I love the way your eyes droop but you still insist on keeping them on me. I want you like this, on edge. I want you to ask for it like a good boy, my angel.”

“S-so,” Yoongi took a deep breath, stifling a moan to try to get the words out, “What were you feeling impatient about?” With three fingers in, the need to touch himself was becoming agonizing - but Yoongi hated to fold his cards. He could handle it. He just had to put his mind somewhere else for a second - stretch out the build for as long as he could stand, “You w-want me to cave and ask?”

Jin moaned erotically, rolling his eyes up dramatically, “I thought about how warm you are around my cock, Yoongi - god, I love waking up to you in my arms. How easy it is to just roll over and slide right into you and kiss you. I want you to ask me because I know you’re struggling. I know you’re almost there. Should I just make you cum on my fingers?” Jin increased his pace, fucking in and out of Yoongi faster, pushing right up against his prostate. “I bet you want to cum so bad, angel. Just tell me, ask me. Be a good boy.”

Digging his heels in, Yoongi rolled up the mattress and tore his bottom lip on his teeth - his determination fading as pre-cum dripped onto his pale skin. If he kept being hard-headed, Jin would have him release ropes of hot, sticky cum in a burst and completely untouched. His boyfriend was going to win this battle of wills a little faster than Yoongi would have liked. Reaching out, he wrapped his hand around Jin’s wrist to stop him from burying his fingers into him.

“Jin-ah,” Yoongi panted, lips wet and parted and with eyes dark and wanting, “Please stop using your fingers and stick your fat cock in me. Please?”

“That’s better,” Jin grinned, pulling out his fingers unceremoniously and pouring more lube all over Yoongi’s balls and clenching pink hole. It flexed at the cool contact and Jin delighted in the quiet hiss that left Yoongi’s lips. He leaned forward and kissed Yoongi before he could retort or say anything to come back at him, biting his bottom lip as he lined up his dick and pushed inside, past the puffy rim by several inches.

“Was that so hard?” Jin breathed, tugging his now-clean fingers through Yoongi’s hair.

“If you’re making a joke, now’s not the time,” Yoongi whined, lifting his ass to suck Jin deeper inside of him. He needed all of him - all he could get, all he could take. A rush surged through him as the head of his dick brushed up against his already-teased prostate, and Yoongi’s hands flew to Jin’s shoulder to grip him as he plunged into him. His body trembled as Jin’s hips drew back, and Yoongi fumbled to find the elder’s lips and kiss him before he could thrust again. With his lips against his own, he could ground himself. Yoongi’s body was fragile, but it still craved being pushed to its brink by Jin.

Jin hummed against Yoongi’s lips disappointedly, “There’s always time for jokes, Yoongi. Especially for the third time as I fuck you into these sheets.”

He grunted, foregoing another joke on the tip of his tongue in order to concentrate on making his lover cry out for more. Yoongi was so pliant once he’d been broken by Jin’s unrelenting tests. He moaned against Yoongi’s lips and held onto his hip tight enough to leave a bruise - yet another thing Jin took too much enjoyment in. He loved how easily Yoongi bruised on his hips and thighs, perfect for leaving secret hickies and fingerprints. All little bits of evidence for Jin to renew later on.

Jin rolled his hips faster, twisting and turning enough to attack Yoongi’s prostate in just the right way. “You feel so good, angel. Do you like it? Is this what you wanted?”

Jin knew that it was hard for Yoongi to speak when he was being fucked into like this - he knew it. And Yoongi knew that he fucking delighted in the way he would fall apart for him and everything he did. Taking a deep breath, Yoongi did his best to keep his voice even as Jin held him down and stretched his walls with his cock. “I like it. I wanted it - Jin, fuck. Fuck.”

He could never keep himself as composed as he wanted, the blush in his cheeks spreading and turning the tips of his ears pink. He clung to Jin - sinking his nails into the tender flesh of his back as Jin’s cock seemed to overfill him - every thrust pushing him to his limits. His words came out too soft, much too soft than he wanted at all, “Feels so good.”

Jin kissed Yoongi hard, licking into his mouth easily as Yoongi had lost so much control over himself as he always did. He was always so composed and guarded outside of their room, but here was where Jin could take him apart and see him melting between his fingers. Yoongi was so beautiful like this, and Jin didn’t hide his thoughts. He whispered them as his mouth trailed down Yoongi’s sharp jawline to his ear.

Sweat made their skin slick and slightly sticky and Jin loved the feeling, loved the way they slid together so easily. He breathed heavy into Yoongi’s neck as he thrusted harder, previously untouched cock aching for release so, so badly and Jin was losing his sense of self entirely too quickly.

“Yoongi - Yoon, I’m gonna cum, babe. Can you cum? Can you touch yourself for me?”

He could only nod in response, broken moans slipping out where he meant words as he was driven so close to his edge already. Yoongi’s hand slipped between them and wrapped around his own length, tugging up over and over as Jin’s thrusts knocked him back harder and faster.

Jin whimpered as his edge ran straight into him; hitting hard and knocking the breath from his lungs. He gasped and thrust inside of Yoongi, spilling into him in waves. It was too tight and hot and perfect around his length and he couldn’t hold back any longer. His heart raced and his body pulsed along with his hips, still rolling into Yoongi to get him there as well.

It only took seconds for Yoongi to cum after Jin - sticky white spilling all over his stomach and even a bit on Jin. There was something about the way Jin’s cock throbbed inside of him that always pushed Yoongi to where he needed to go. He could feel himself getting filled, and it was just so fucking possessive that Yoongi could hardly breathe. He shuddered and cried out as he came, pumping himself until it dribbled all over his fingers. He was Jin’s, and that was the most comforting thing in the world.

Several curses breezed past Jin’s lips as his high dissipated, his cock softening inside of Yoongi. He pressed kisses against the sweat-slick column of his neck. “You’re beautiful - my angel, Yoongi.”

“I love you,” Yoongi mumbled, blinking slowly as he stared up at the ceiling.

“You’re going soft on me, Yoongi,” Jin giggled to himself, fatigue clear in his deepened tone. He fell next to Yoongi and reached for the nightstand on his side of the bed, pulling the wipes from the drawer. Carefully, he began to clean Yoongi - starting with his sensitive hole, swollen and leaking cum onto the sheets. Jin lifted Yoongi’s leg and rested it on his own so he could reach him easier while spreading kisses on his neck. Each new touch of his lips on his lover’s skin was met with a complement to match.

Soon enough, Yoongi’s neck was blooming pink and red just as his heated cheeks. Jin was always kind in his aftercare, never leaving Yoongi for more than a few seconds. Less for Yoongi and more for himself in that respect; he was always so clingy and needy after coming down from their highs. It wasn’t uncommon for them to slip into sleep again afterward due to Jin’s cuddling habits.

“Who’s going soft?” Yoongi huffed, blinking long and slow as he tugged at Jin to turn his face for more kisses - interrupting his work with his own affection. Despite just laying there, his boyfriend knew exactly how to tax him.

“Mm - me, probably,” Jin confessed, kissing Yoongi through a smile. His hands moved up to clean his lover’s stomach slowly, massaging him as he went. Jin’s eyes glimmered in the light when he looked at Yoongi, the smile still lingering on his face. “Do you remember when we first met? How I was so rough and tumble, pretending I was the prince in a kingdom of nothing? And how you hated me and I loved fucking with you because you would only talk to me or look at me if I didn’t. That was- until I realized that it wasn’t just messing with you I loved,” His eyes sank to the mole on Yoongi’s collar and he kissed it softly - lips barely grazing his skin.

He drew a slow breath before continuing.

“Sometimes I wonder if I pushed too hard - if I still push your buttons too much - but then you smile at me and it’s like… It doesn’t matter. You’re here now and you love me and I’m so soft, so smitten for you, Min Yoongi. So, I guess I don’t even need to ask.”

“You are and were entirely insufferable,” Yoongi mumbled, his smile giving away the game just as Jin had said. He carded his fingers through his hair and sighed, bending to plant a kiss on the top of his head. “I keep you with me because my dad sends the good snacks when you're around.”

Yoongi hummed low at his touch, the blush refusing to subside as Jin doted on him. As his thoughts wandered to the past, his nails began to drag across his scalp in a gentle rhythm, “I didn't think having you assigned as my lab partner would end up like this. I was thinking of ways to poison you the second week in to be perfectly honest. Your dumb, squeaky laugh reminiscent of a squeegee sponge at a carwash, your bad jokes, your ridiculous haughty attitude, your stupidly handsome face… Insufferable.”

His eyes closed, the memory of the tall, handsome senior in his lab coat strolling to his table coming back to him vividly - why did he look so good in a lab coat? No one had business looking that good in a lab coat. He looked more like a movie star playing a doctor than a student in a chemistry class. That in itself was entirely obnoxious. And then he had the audacity to sit next to him and introduce himself with the most dazzling smile he had ever seen - so dazzling that Yoongi stuttered his reply.

“Kim Seokjin,” He said it with such authority that Yoongi wondered if he was supposed to know it. Maybe he was a movie star.

“M-min,” He took a deep breath, brows knit and eyes bewildered, trying to remember what came next, “Yoon-Yoongi.”

And then he laughed. The dazzling creature laughed.

It was frankly rude. Yoongi made a mental note to never forgive him.

But maybe he was starting to come around.

After all, that dazzling, insufferable man happened to be a very good kisser, he would soon find out. For some reason, Yoongi didn't know why, his initial kisses with people seemed to always come during arguments. It didn't make sense, he wasn't even combative. He was just a simple man, trying to live his simple life.

“You don't add the acid yet,” Yoongi sighed, not looking up from his head tucked into his crossed arms. He had taped two rough sketches of crudely drawn open eyes, eyelashes and all - onto the inside of his safety goggles in a troll attempt to fake wakefulness as he napped on the lab table. The professor noticed Yoongi’s antics but didn't dignify it with any recognition. He tended to ignore both of them by the third week since every class seemed to end with the two upperclassmen (in a clearly freshman gen ed chem class) squabbling like an old married couple.

Seokjin groaned and lifted the paper eyes from Yoongi’s goggles. He’d been struggling the entire class trying to make up for Yoongi’s unhelpful quips and “guidance” and, quite frankly, he was at wit’s end about it.

“If I’m doing this all wrong, then maybe the prince could help for once in his fucking life? And, gosh, I don’t know - actually fucking wake up so I don’t fuck this up and we both get shit grades? I’m surprised the professor even lets us in the classroom anymore. Especially with you,” Jin exploded, fuming as he looked over the lab instructions for the millionth time. “I keep messing up and the prof ignores us, thanks to you. So I’m here, trying not to melt our table while you sleep. You have no right to nag at me, fucking asshole.”

“Wee-oo, wee-oo. Watch out, there’s a new lawman in town,” Yoongi pushed up the goggles into his hair tiredly, the bags under his eyes now evident and a dark purple, “And his name’s the fun police - Officer Kim Seokjin reporting for duty. I’m specifically trying to help you not melt the table, which you would do if you added the acid right now. Min Yoongi. Genius. You’re welcome.”

“Min Yoongi better bring his stupid ass to the fucking table before I dump this shit on you and leave. I don’t understand half this shit and you’re just making it worse - I can’t even concentrate when you’re just snoozing away - as if this doesn’t also affect your grade. I just want to get this fucking class over with so I can move on. I might be the fun police but at least I’m not a black hole sucking the air out of the room.”

“Christ, you’re in a particularly bad mood today,” Yoongi frowned and leaned forward, snatching up the paperwork from Jin’s hand and scanning it - his eyes traveling over Jin’s desperate attempt to complete the formulas and work out the correct amounts. They had been erased and rewritten three or four times. Yoongi leaned over to Jin’s pencil bag and grabbed a mechanical pencil, clicking it, “Didn’t get any callbacks?”

“God, do you just assume everything about people? I don’t have tryouts for anything. Not yet at least. I’m in a shitty fucking mood because I failed a really fucking important test and have had no coffee and now you’re sitting here acting like I’m a fucking child playing with fire and instead of helping, you’re laughing at me,” Jin took a deep breath and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, “So yeah, I’m in a bad fucking mood.”

“Well, first of all, do you always fucking lash out before just talking to people like a fucking human?” Yoongi scoffed and began to correct the math - it wasn’t the right bond. Jin had mixed it up with something they did a unit ago - or was it two? “No coffee is a tragedy though, I’ll give you that. I’m an asshole without coffee. I have a can in my backpack from the vending machine if you want it. It’s black.”

Jin groaned and shoved his face into his hands before looking over the lab as Yoongi corrected his mistakes. He sat back on the stool, defeated, and sighed. “No, I appreciate the offer but I’ll only waste it. I can’t do black coffee. I need sweet. And five shots. I just wish I’d have stopped by the café first instead of - whatever. It doesn’t matter now.”

He tried to fix his formula based off of Yoongi’s new corrections and his expression turned somber.

“Sorry for being an ass. I guess it’s only slightly your fault, but I shouldn’t be yelling at you.”

“I think that’s the most decent thing you’ve said to me in three weeks,” Yoongi smirked, leaning over and in Jin’s space to label the formula with the correct elemental letters, “And nothing is ever my fault. By the way if you need five shots, there’s also a bottle of lemon soju in my backpack. Next to the coffee can.”

“Don’t expect much. Everything is always your fault,” Jin snickered, eyeing Yoongi’s bag, “I don’t want to ask why you just… carry soju in your bag before noon, but I’m curious. More than that, though I could honestly use several bottles of soju and those five espresso shots. Day drinking has never been a deterrent for me.”

“It’s not a before-noon thing,” Yoongi circled the parts of the formula where Jin had made a mistake and then wrote above them step by step how to work them out, “It’s an always-thing. A man has to be prepared. And, uh, yeah. Espresso. I totally knew you meant espresso.”

Jin raised a brow at Yoongi, pausing his scan over the pages. “You think I’m an alcoholic, too? You sure are making a lot of assumptions today, Min. I’m not even the one with soju in my bag.”

“I was talking about myself,” Yoongi said flatly with a long-winded sigh, rolling his chin into the palm of his hand and looking to the front of the classroom at absolutely nothing at all while tapping his pencil - too many thoughts in his head.

“Sure,” Jin scoffed, rolling his eyes. He fumbled with the last ingredients of the lab and sighed when it reacted just as the report stated. Taking his pen from the small bag on his side of the table, he jotted down the observations and turned back to Yoongi. “You gotta say something here, so he knows I’m not the only one finishing this. Not that he honestly gives a shit about either of us anyways, but it’s better safe than sorry, I suppose.”

He took a deep breath, feeling suddenly extremely exhausted and ready to collapse into the pillows of his apartment. Jin leaned his head on the notebooks on his desk, turned away from Yoongi. He hoped that his roommates were somewhere in their den playing video games so he could have some peace and quiet. It had been a fucking day.

“What class?” Yoongi mumbled, barely audible as he scribbled his own results and not bothering to look up at Jin’s deflated form.

“Women’s studies,” Jin replied bitterly, heaving a sigh before sitting up again and collecting his notes to place back in his folder. “I studied for a whole week and yet… Nevermind. Just don’t worry about it. I don’t want your advice or input.”

Yoongi didn’t answer, his lips tugging to the side as he slipped the finished paper back toward Jin. Dutifully, he began to put the lab equipment on the small silver tray to bring to wash, “I’ll get this.”

Before he could protest, Yoongi took the materials to the sink and began to rinse it out. Jin’s weary eyes followed him for a short while before he turned back to the front of the classroom, sliding their worksheet into the pile with those who had finished long before them. The professor had given permission to leave once the lab reports with finished, so Jin packed up his things and lingered a bit awkwardly at his table. Should he thank Yoongi?

What’s the point? He’s just going to insult you again. Jin thought, huffing to himself. He stood from his stool as Yoongi walked back over, facing him.

“We’re free to go now that it’s finished. Thanks… I suppose. I guess I’ll see you Wednesday.”

“You’re welcome,” Yoongi bent down to grab his backpack, swearing he could feel the bottle soju slide inside as he lifted it up over his shoulder. He opened his mouth and closed it, pursing his lips in thought. Clearing his throat, he stared at Jin’s impossibly broad shoulders and the back of his head, “H-hey, Hyung?”

Want to get drunk?

I’m sorry?

Want me to beat up your professor?

Jin paused and looked at his lab partner tiredly, raising his brow quizzically yet again.


“I-,” Yoongi held his gaze before looking off in the direction of the sink, “I won’t let you down anymore.”

Jin scoffed and nudged Yoongi’s shoulder playfully. “Just stop falling short on our labs before I murder the whole class. I might be an okay cook, but that doesn’t mean I’m great with chemistry and all the math shit that comes along with it. You seem to know what you’re doing. I like you as a partner- when you actually pretend to care.”

“I care vaguely,” Yoongi’s brows knit, realizing that wasn’t even that true, “Somewhat. I have the answers to the midterm. But I’m not going to sink you. I was being a prick.”

“How did you manage to get the answers already? Didn’t he just give us the study test like last night or something?” Jin looked incredulous.

“I’m an expert at making false promises to gullible children,” Yoongi shrugged in the direction of their classmates, “Sources. Anyway, that’s basically how I’ve gotten through every shitty gen ed I never wanted to take.”

“I guess I should be thankful. I’m assuming that’s why there’s a bottle in your bag, then?” Jin tilted his head curiously, sizing up his partner. “You know, I’ve bribed a few kids in my time, but I never thought that would still be a thing for a senior stuck in a freshman-level class. Ah, well, kids these days would do any damn thing if it meant a sip of alcohol illegally or entrance to a party even you would have to sneak into.”

“I don’t sneak,” Yoongi walked past Jin, but kept his pace slow enough with the intention to stay in his orbit, “I’m the DJ.”

Jin frowned, following Yoongi out of the classroom, ignoring the glare from the professor.

“DJ? Never thought you’d be one of those sorts. But, I guess that explains why you’re so tired during labs,” Jin shuffled, a step behind Yoongi. He didn’t think they were on good enough terms to walk next to each other. An odd feeling stirring in his gut. “What kinda music do you play - or mix?”

“Hip-hop,” Yoongi pulled his usual black frames from his bag now that he was through with the lab and the God forsaken goggles, sliding them onto his face and blinking as his eyes adjusted, “But also some EDM, trip hop, electronica… I’m kind of throwing in some experimental cross-genre that mixes in classical.”

“Wow,” Jin nodded, “That’s interesting. I’ll be that’s a hit at the clubs then, huh? They seem to be what everyone talks about nowadays. Though… it hasn’t really ever been my scene. I stopped going to parties when I realized that gay guys just… really aren’t welcome.”

Yoongi stopped in his tracks, wondering if he heard Jin right. Gay? He turned to him, trying to not look at him too dumbfounded- did he just… “What?”

Jin stopped a second before crashing straight into Yoongi. He shuffled away to keep his distance and swallowed hard. “Uh… what? Yes?” He traced over his last words and blushed, looking away from Yoongi to a piece of litter on the ground, suddenly very fascinated by the colorful package worn and dirty on the sidewalk.

Oh shit. Here I go again, outting myself accidently - now I’m going to have another clubber against me.

“Did you say you were gay?” Yoongi blinked in disbelief, making sure he actually heard what he said right.

“Uh, yeah. Sorry, is that okay?” Jin blushed with a nervous laugh. “Sorry, it just slipped out, I guess. Please just keep it on the down-low. I’ve already been fucked over once this week because of my loose lips.”

“Me, too,” Yoongi said suddenly in a low voice, stepping closer as if they had just discovered they were a part of the same secret society (which in fucking conservative places like this, it wasn’t that much of a stretch), “I mean, not the fucked over part-”

“Mm, you’re lucky then,” Jin muttered as if one would ever be so lucky as to be gay in a place where you were still ostracised for even holding hands with another man. “But hey, my gaydar was right. I had a feeling, what with the vibes you give off.”

“Fuck-” Yoongi frowned, his expression souring as he turned back around and began to walk again, “You thought I was? That’s terrible news. I’m not lucky. It’s dangerous as fuck for me considering my major and line of work. I’m pretty much waiting for the day I’ll get the shit beaten out of me. They think homophobia is an integral part of hip-hop.”

“Yeah well, acting- they just assume you’re gay, but the second you show it in public, it’s like the end of your career and you’re blacklisted. I’ve had friends ‘disappear’ after they came out publicly,” Jin confessed, voice hushed as to not be overheard. “I guess I just… I don’t know. It’s been a really stupid day, I think it just came out and you seem like a pretty - dare I say - understanding guy. Despite being a bit of an asshole sometimes.”

Yoongi walked in silence a bit, considering it all over before looking back at Jin, “I think I misjudged you, too. Maybe.”

“Maybe,” Jin echoed. He stopped at the street corner, waiting for the green light to cross. He turned to face Yoongi properly and narrowed his eyes. “Did you want to get coffee? I’m about to die and I’d rather go down with those five shots.”

“Uh,” Yoongi’s cheeks flushed in peony, his words jumbling and coming out wrong, “No?”

Fuck. Idiot.

“I mean, I do,” Yoongi backtracked, “I can’t. I have work.”

Jin frowned slightly - barely visible disappointment on his soft features. He nodded and took a deep breath.

“Well, then. I’ll see you Wednesday. Or, Tuesday… I don’t know. Up to you. I’m usually just in the coffee shop down a few blocks,” He pointed across the street to the west. “It’s called The String Bean, if you ever have spare time with all your shit,” Jin nodded in finality. He had that feeling again, leaving. It was awkward and he had a nagging tug in his gut telling him not to go. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, later,” Yoongi nodded to him, pulling at the straps on his backpack and walking a little faster than usual. He was baffled. Was Jin trying to ask him on a date?

Jin bit his lip hard and briskly walked across the street when the coast was clear, his steps unusually hasty to get to his destination. Namjoon was absolutely going to tear him apart about the whole encounter, but he couldn’t care less - as long as he didn’t have to look back and see Yoongi standing there - he didn’t want to make a fool of himself - even more than he already was, anyways.


It was stupid to be nervous.

That's what Yoongi told himself when he pushed the door open to the lab room and his breath hitched. He definitely didn't scan the room for his stupidly hot lab partner. (Wait, not hot. Where did that come from?) and he totally wasn't disappointed to see that he had gotten there first. Walking to the tall black chemistry table in the back of the room, he slung down his soju-less backpack and slipped onto the stool. It only took a few seconds to bury his head into his crossed arms.


Yesterday, Yoongi was just - no, he wasn't looking for that coffee shop or anything. He was just on that side of campus. Because it was close to the school bookstore. And he ran out of paperclips. All very reasonable things. He wasn't spending twenty minutes wandering around, he was just going on a scenic walk, was all. And even when he did see the coffee shop, it's not like he was frozen in place for five minutes deciding what to do. And it's not like he chickened out and ran home like a loser. Ha! No, it wasn't like that. He just didn't feel like coffee.

Don't bring up the one he got from the vending machine on the way home, it might give people the wrong idea.

Groaning, Yoongi peeked up from his arms to watch students filter in through the door.

Jin looked stunned as ever, blond hair now more ashy than last time and he’d even gone so far as to put on the slightest covering of makeup. Nothing too outstanding, just a dash of kohl and some foundation - just to make his skin look as toned and flawless as possible.

He passed something to the professor with a forced smile, before proceeding to his spot next to Yoongi in the back of the class.

“Morning,” He muttered, setting down his to-go cup of coffee. Jin was obviously in a better mood than last time Yoongi had seen him, but he still held a distance between them. “I bought madeleines from the café, you’re welcome to have one if you’d like. I figured it could be a peace offering, perhaps. Also they’re small like you.”

Jin produced two wrapped pastries from his bag and offered one to Yoongi, his eyes bland yet shimmering - as though he was testing his lab partner. Never mind that he’d gone out of his way to buy them, enduring several snickers from Namjoon and nests thrown his way from the other baristas. They were small and soft and somehow reminded him of his grumpy little lab partner. So there he was, sliding it across the black tabletop.

“Thanks,” Yoongi said flat - ignoring the comment about his stature, grabbing one of the confections and doing his absolute best to hide that his heart started racing when Jin’s eyes met his own. He leaned over and pulled out a small can of cafe au lait from his bag and slid it to Jin, “The machine fucked up on the way here. I don't do sweet coffee. Save it for later.”

A lie and a truth, but there was no fucking way Yoongi was going to tell Jin that while thinking about the fact that Jin said he liked sweet coffee that he subconsciously pushed the button for it when he meant to push the adjacent black. He might get the wrong idea.

Or the right one.

“S’good,” Yoongi mumbled around the cake, trying not to think too hard about what exactly this peace offering meant, “Not too sweet. Hint of almonds. Is it cyanide? You didn't poison it, right? I mean, I guess if you did it wouldn't be the worst way to go.”

“I hope Namjoon didn’t poison us, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past him. I guess we die together then,” Jin shrugged, biting into his own cake.

He took the coffee and blinked at it several times. “Oh, yeah. Thanks - I actually… Really like this kind.”

“How romantic,” Yoongi snorted, poking the last of the cake into his mouth, “Foaming at the mouth in a chemistry class with my lab partner who hates me.”

“Hate is a strong word. I’m not looking to die today though,” Jin frowned, sighing loudly. He pulled the notebooks from his bag and leaned his elbow on the table, resting his head in his hand. “But really, thanks. I only got three shots and I’m starting to regret it. Especially since I have a solo in improv later. I’ll need the juice.”

“Don't mention it,” Yoongi went back to resting his head on his arms and yawned. He doesn't hate me. He watched Jin unpack his things for class sleepily. “Is that hard? Improv? A solo in improv sounds impossible.”

“It’s… difficult. Depending on the subject and the day. Today we’re doing one on the subject of ‘love and light’ so as long as it has something to do with that it’s fine. Luckily, I’m a romantic so this can only go well.”

Jin waved his hand lightly; his tone somewhere between sarcastic and confident. He was honestly nervous beyond his wits, but he couldn’t show that in front of Yoongi.

“A romantic,” Yoongi repeated stupidly - the word slow and with meaning as he spoke. He sat up to look at Jin, “I couldn't do improv. Shit like that makes me… not well. I have to rehearse like crazy when I perform.”

“Yeah, I used to be like that,” Jin nodded, twirling his pencil through his fingers. “This is the second improv class I’ve taken, though. I used to sit around and do skits with friends in grade school, too. So it just feels natural now. But with DJ stuff, don’t you just - press play and turn knobs?”

“With acting stuff, don't you just memorize or bullshit?” Yoongi bit back with a huff, “That’s a gross oversimplification. I mix music - I overlay beats, I change times, adjust tempo - blend music no one ever thought to before. There's a reason I make nearly enough money to cover tuition doing it.”

No one ever thought of?” Jin raised his eyebrows, ignoring the professor’s introductions for the next part of class. He bit his tongue at Yoongi’s tone and pursed his lips. “Sounds interesting. And complicated - I didn’t mean to insult you, I just meant, like - you say you have to practice before you perform. I just don’t understand how… how you can do that as a DJ. How do you practice?”

“Oh,” Yoongi’s tone lowered to a hush, careful not to draw attention to himself, “No, I meant when I rap.”

Jin looked at his partner incredulously. “You what? Wait, are you one of those underground street kids or actually a big shot? I mean - should I be getting your autograph and taking photos? Shit - I look like a dirty sewer rat today, of course. God, and you gave me your coffee,” Jin rambled on nervously, blushing and scoffing at himself. “You’re probably famous and I’m sitting here yelling at you about stupid shit. And shamelessly asking you for coffee the other day - please don’t think I’m a fool. But I mean, improv acting can’t possibly be much different from a freestyle rap? Isn’t that all on the spot?”

He furrowed a look at Yoongi curiously, but his eyes were shifty and nervous. An embarrassed blush crept onto his full cheeks.

“My best friend is a singer trying to make it big, but boy - rappers are something else. Are you any good? I wouldn’t mind listening if you’ve got some with you.”

“Uh - whoa. Slow down,” Yoongi couldn’t help the smirk on his face. He adjusted his glasses and shifted on his stool closer to Jin,”I guess I’m somewhere in between? Not that long ago I was practically paying people to listen to my mixtapes instead of the other way around. I draw a crowd, I guess. I go by Gloss. I feel kinda stupid doing this, but I do have a cd in my backpack.”

Yoongi bent sideways and tugged at the zipper at the front of his bag before pulling out a slim blue jewel case and handing it over.

“I’m known for being pretty fast. And yeah, I guess freestyling is sorta like improv, technically,” Yoongi shrugged, smiling wide so his pink gums showed, “Y-you can ask me for coffee. I’m just only ever free on like Tuesday afternoons.”

So it did mean something?

This was so fucking weird. Just a week ago they could hardly stand each other and now it was almost like… they were flirting?

“Pretty fast? I can hardly speak without stumbling over my syllables, damn,” Jin took the CD with light fingers - as if it were a valuable piece of jewelry he couldn’t afford to touch. “I’ve never seen a real mixtape… I thought it’d be, like, you know. A real tape.”

Jin shook his head and smiled at Yoongi.

“I’ll have to ask my friend if she’s heard of you, she tends to explore all sorts of different scenes. I think I would’ve remembered if I’d heard Gloss before. It’s such a… an interesting name to go by. Somehow it suits you.”

Once again Jin was sizing up Yoongi, his eyes mysteriously dark and curious. Asking questions he wouldn’t dare speak. He felt like Yoongi was a locked cage, and something was trying to get out. His smile knocked Jin off balance a little bit, never having seen it in real life. He was always so tired or grumpy in class Jin was sure Yoongi didn’t have the capacity for such things.

“I didn’t know you could smile. Careful, I might think we’re becoming friends.”

“Friends,” Yoongi repeated again stupidly like he didn't know what the word meant. Which he didn't. He was half-disappointed by it, half-relieved they weren't enemies. His smile left and was soon replaced by the neutral line that usually graced his lips, “Well, even if we were, don't get used to it. Smiling is reserved for special occasions.”

Yoongi felt smaller than usual, but he didn't adjust his slouch as Jin loomed like a peacock on display. An eclipse, his broad shoulders practically cast a shadow over their whole damn chemistry table. Yoongi wasn't sure if he was trying to intimidate him or fuck him. Maybe both.

No. Push that thought out.

“Gloss is just my name in English,” Yoongi propped his elbow on the table and leaned to whisper to Jin. They were both ignoring the lesson now. Yoongi hoped that if he kept talking, he could stall any intrusive thoughts of Jin from threatening to wander into his mind during another boring chemistry lesson. It's not like that had happened before, or anything. Definitely not every single fucking class. And Yoongi definitely didn't doze off and then wake up with an awkward boner and Jin glaring at him for sleeping through the lab - again. Definitely not.

“Oh, what about in Korean?” Jin hummed, amused by the topic and completely unaware of the thoughts swarming Yoongi’s mind. His own was filled with wonder and excitement. He didn’t mind watching Yoongi slumber away on the table - he was adorable in all honesty. But, it was creepy to watch your lab partner sleep and also, quite frankly, rude for Yoongi to be getting credit for Jin’s half-assed work.

If he was going to half-ass work, it was going to be his own ass on the line.

Not that Jin was thinking about Yoongi’s ass. Not at all. Never. That would be weird and gross and by no means appropriate for their relationship. Or lack thereof. Did they have a relationship? Could they?

“What? Min Yoongi?” Yoongi yawned tiredly, writing his name on the top of their assignment for the day and sliding it toward Jin to do the same, “Oh, you're making a joke. I mean, Gloss is English for Yoongi.”

“I see, I see. Why English? Why not some Korean name like tteokbbeoki, since you’re spicy and look like a sleepy rice cake?” Jin grinned, signing his name on the paper next to Yoongi’s scribbles. He sighed in relief, “Thankfully no acid experiments today.”

“That's my porn name. Gotta keep worlds separate, you know what I mean?” Yoongi said in a sarcastic, flippant tone. He looked down at the paper and scanned the list, “No, it's really boring today. And uh, English? I guess it's just really common for hip-hop to use it. I thought it was cool.”

“I knew it. I knew there was something I recognized,” Jin wagged a finger at Yoongi with wide eyes. His tone was just as equally dripping with sarcasm, “I must’ve seen your videos or something,” He chuckled a little and started scanning through the lab instructions. “Well, it’s cool to finally meet someone interesting in one of my classes. Actors are weird. You can never tell who’s the genuine one or not.”

“I think that's everyone anywhere, unfortunately,” Yoongi frowned, his mind obviously going somewhere specific. He blinked off into space before removing the beakers from the tray. He elbowed Jin gently and motioned for the Bunsen burner. “Now I know you're into camboys that play dress up. Noted.”

“Wha - wait, wait,” Jin froze as he grabbed the burner. He looked shocked at Yoongi but appalled was very, very far from his mind. Rather, he was looking abashed and absolutely transparent in front of the young rapper. “What are you - I’m not - I never said anything about camboys or dressing up. I never did. You’re just trying to get a rise out of me. Asshole.”


“You're so easy, Hyung,” Yoongi snickered and nudged him some more, taking a little too much delight in his reaction. “I feel like I just learned a lot.” He took the burner from his hands and twisted the knob, setting a small flame, “You seem like a lace kind of guy. Am I right?”

Jin was a bright red strawberry on top of the cake Yoongi was feeding from. A terrible place to be if he had anything to hide, and a required lab course was no place to be discussing Jin’s kinks with his friend? acquaintance? lab partner?

He adamantly shook his head, pointing to the lab sheet. “Wha-what’s the f-first step?”

“To picking up camboys?” Yoongi teased, picking up the paper, “It says, ‘measure 200 ml water’ but that doesn't seem helpful.”

Jin sneered, “Do you like to be fucked, Yoongi? You’re some tough, big-shot rapper fuckboy who sleeps through these godforsaken labs but the second I make a sex joke you climb all over it. I bet you’re one of those kinky fucks, aren’t you?” Jin lowered his voice, pretending to be talking to Yoongi about the lab, “You mentioned me being a lace guy? I bet you fantasize about showing up in class with lace panties and ‘accidentally’ forgetting something from your bag so when you bend over all I see is your lace - covered skinny jean ass. Am I wrong?”

“God, you have a temper,” Yoongi scoffed, sticking the beaker under the small faucet at their table. He measured it carefully, slow in his answer. “I guess I struck a chord, huh? Remind me to never go to your plays or whatever. You're a terrible actor. Did you just verbatim quote what you've been thinking about to me? It seemed awfully detailed.”

Jin giggled and smiled at Yoongi, completely different from his little outburst. As if it never happened. His eyes singed a darker brown than before. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Min. Just don’t forget the 5mL of that powder stuff. That’s the next step before we burn it or whatever.”

“Cool. 5mL of powder stuff. On it,” Yoongi adjusted his goggles and grabbed the chloride from the tray, dropping their stupid sexy argument altogether.



That’s how their labs went for several weeks, it seemed. Jin bickering and picking on Yoongi while the younger returned each jab with a sucker punch to his stomach every time. Jin loved being able to turn on a dime and throw Yoongi through loops, amused by the times it actually shocked Yoongi and he caught him off balance. But it was rare, and Jin found that it was like being addicted to a drug - each time he found pleasure in his attacks, it started to change until Jin was outright flirting.

It took two weeks, maybe. Jin wasn’t counting. If it was two days past the second week since the camboy argument, he wouldn’t‘ve known. Two weeks and two days, and it had to have been thirty-five minutes, because the lectures always started at the same time. It was natural to look at the clock. He had the date written on the top of his notes. He was just. Aware. It didn't mean anything.

He wasn't counting.