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To Love a Foreigner

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Magnolia, Fiore 

“LAXUS, GET BACK HERE!!” A booming voice yelled into the empty forest as a child ran from the man, in fear and terror.

“I don’t want to be near that man...grandpa...I want grandpa,” The child, Laxus, whimpered as tears fell from his eyes, tripping every once in a while from running.

“WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BRAT!!??” The voice yelled again, making Laxus run faster into the forest, not knowing where he’s going.

Bruises covered his arms and legs, scratches littered some parts of his body. He gained more as the branches of the trees hit his arms and legs, his clothes were torn a bit. Laxus looked back to see if the bad man was following him still, only to trip and fall into a never-ending abyss.

Laxus looked around him to see black, purple, and white surround him as he falls into the unknown. He screams, wishing what was happening to only be a bad dream, to wake up and run to the comfort of his grandfather, Makarov.

Then, he saw a bright yellow light that engulfed him and soon, he fell unconscious as he fell through the light and into an unknown world to him.  

Tokyo, Japan

Yamada and Aizawa were making their way home from their day job, which happened to be as heroes. Shota Aizawa, known to the public as the upcoming pro-hero Eraserhead and Hizashi Yamada, known to the public as the very visible pro-hero Present Mic , were both recent graduates of the elite U.A. Academy and were the current ages of 25.

“I’m just saying, Shota, that maybe we need to move into a more roomy apartment than our current one,” Yamada told Aizawa was they walked down a street.

“But where? It can’t be uptown. It's too expensive and there are too many people and it can’t be downtown where there’s barely any functioning needs,” Aizawa told back.

“That’s why we can- huh? What’s that?” Yamada’s eye caught something in the sky making him and Aizawa look up in the sky. 

In the distance, they saw a black portal in the sky and a figure falling from it.

“Is that a villain’s work?!” Yamada yelled.

“I don’t know but it seems that we’re about to find out. Come on!” Aizawa said before the two pro-heroes ran to the possible direct location of the falling figure.

Luckily, the falling figure crashed into a field in a park but impacted before they could even get there, leaving a questionably large crater in the ground. 

“What the hell is it?” Yamada questioned once they reached the crater. 

“A….child?” Aizawa said with confusion in his voice.

Inside of this giant hole in the park ground was a small child. It was a young boy and from the looks of it, he seemed to be around 9-years-old. He was wearing a red shirt with a yellow lightning bolt design, green shorts, and brown boots. The heroes only assumed that the impact made his clothes all tattered and ripped. His hair was blonde and messy with spikes sticking in every direction, which was a filthy mess, dirt dug into his scalp. His skin was brown with dirt as well and cuts and scratches covered his body.

“Where….where did he come from?” Yamada threw the question in the open as Aizawa made his way in the crater and to the unconscious boy.

“What are you doing, Aizawa?” Yamada asked him when he saw Aizawa picked the boy up into his arms.

“We can’t just leave him here. We need to find out information about him. In short, we’re taking him with us,” Aizawa explained.

What happened to him? ” Aizawa wondered.

“Let’s get him back to the apartment,” Yamada said as the two quickly made their way to their apartment.

“Dad? Mom?” The two men heard when a child call out to them as they entered their apartment.

“Ah! Mr. Yamada and Mr. Aizawa, you’re back-oh my god!” The babysitter went to greet the two but saw the child in Aizawa’s arms.

“I’ll take care of the kid,” Aizawa took the child into a room as Yamada sent the babysitter away.

“Mom? What happened?” A young boy at the age of 9 with wild purple hair that sticks in the air, exposing his forehead and droopy purple eyes.

“It’s okay Hitoshi, we just found a kid that needed help,” Yamada told Hitoshi while ruffling his messy hair.

“Mom, am I being replaced?” the young boy began to tear up and Yamada quickly began to spaz.

“No, you’re not being replaced, Hito! Shota, help me!” Yamada shouts for his boyfriend, who groans as he places the young blonde into Hitoshi’s other bunk bed.

“Can’t even go five seconds without you calling me…” he groans quietly as he takes a better look at the boy and sees a scar over his right eye, stretching from his eyebrow all the way down his cheek.

“What the hell happened to you kid?...” Aizawa carefully examines the cheek before noticing the kid was starting to wake up.

“Ngh...where?” The kid opened his eyes to show stormy blue eyes.

“Hey kid, can you hear me?” 

“Where am I? Where’s my grandpa?” The kid questioned as he started to panic while looking around the unfamiliar room.

“Kid, calm down. I need to ask you some questions but only if you calm down,” Aizawa tried to make the kid relax but he only panicked more.

“Grandpa? Grandpa?!” The kid called out.

“I’m going to need you to calm down. I can call your grandfather, but I need you to tell me his number.” Aizawa pulls out his cellphone and was prepared to get the grandfather’s number if he knew.

“Mister, what is that?” The blonde looks at the phone with curiosity and Aizawa raises an eyebrow in confusion.

“Where are you from exactly?” Aizawa asks and the kid sat up on the bed. 

“M-Magnolia…” the boy answers.

“Magnolia where?” Aizawa presses further, not recognizing the name of that town off the top of his head.

“Fiore. It’s the county.” The boy says and Aizawa was baffled for there was no country called that on Earth.

“There’s no such country or city named Magnolia, kid,” Aizawa told him.

“There is! I live in Magnolia! One of the towns in Fiore of Earthland!” The blonde child told him making Aizawa at disbelief and confusion.

“But, we are on Earth, you mean? This is Earth, not Earthland,” Aizawa told him.

“No! We have to be in Earthland! We have to!! Grandpa!!” The kid starts to cry as he was given the new information.

“Hey kid, it’s okay. Just give me your name and we’ll go from there okay?” Aizawa comforted the child with a gentle pat on the head.

“O-okay. My name is Laxus Dreyar,” Laxus told him as he wiped the tears from his eyes as best as he could.

“Okay, Laxus. My name is Shota Aizawa and right now, you’re in the country of Japan. The city is called Musutafu, near the capital of Tokyo. Currently, you’re in my son’s bedroom.” Aizawa attempts to calm the child by explaining himself.

“Y-You have a son?” Laxus was getting a little calmer and Aizawa nods.

“I believe he’s about your age. Would you like to meet him?” Aizawa asks and the young blonde nods slowly.

“Okay. Right this way.” the man leads the boy through his son’s room and back into the living room where he found his boyfriend sitting with their son on the nice velvety-like couch, stroking away at their cat.

“I see Seto came back again.” Aizawa notices the small brown cat in his son’s lap, purring as the cat.

“Cat!” Laxus pointed out as he made his way to Hitoshi and gently stroked the cat’s fur making it purr louder.

“You like him?” Hitoshi asked Laxus.

“I do! I always wanted one…” Laxus mentioned as he scratched behind Seto’s ears.

“Laxus, this is Hitoshi. Hitoshi, this is Laxus,” Aizawa introduced the two boys.

“Hey,” Laxus waves.

“Hi,” Hitoshi waves back.

“Do you like Yu-Gi-Oh?” Hitoshi asked Laxus.

“What’s Yu-Gi-Oh?” Laxus was curious, making Hitoshi gasp dramatically.

“How dare you not know what Yu-Gi-Oh is?!” Hitoshi told Laxus.

“I’m… Not from around here?” Laxus says with a slight suggestion to Aizawa for help.

“Hitoshi, Hizashi, Laxus is going to stay here for awhile until we can get him back home.” Aizawa rubs the boy’s back softly as Yamada smiles. 

“If my Shota wanted to adopt another baby, all he had to do was ask!” Yamada shouts, almost activating his quirk out of excitement.

“Hizashi, please don’t try anything.” Aizawa activates his own quirk, hair and extensive scarf rising as a result.

“Sorry… Please calm down, Shota… Baby? Honey?” Yamada attempts to get his boyfriend to calm himself and deactivate his quirk before he strained his eyes out any longer than they already are.

“Sometimes I wonder why you are my boyfriend, Hizashi,” Aizawa told him as they see the two boys by the television.

“Here, I'll show you what Yu-Gi-Oh is. You have to watch season 0 first before anything. Only then you'll understand what happens in Duel Monsters,” Hitoshi explained to Laxus as he pulled out a DVD.

“What's that?” Laxus pointed to the DVD player. 

“Oh, that's a DVD player. You see this disc? This player specifically plays DVDs,” Hitoshi said.

“We don't have those where I'm from. We have Lacrimas,” Laxus said.

“Lacrimas? What are lacrimas?” Yamada was curious as to what the boy said and what Aizawa didn't explain.

 “Hizashi, I need to talk to you.” Aizawa pulls the blonde man aside, leaving the boys to watch TV alone.

“So, what kind of quirk do you have?” Hitoshi asked and Laxus raises an eyebrow.

“What’s a quirk?” Laxus asks and once again, Hitoshi gasps dramatically.

“You don’t know what quirks are either?!” Hitoshi shouts, seeing the other boy’s distress and forcing himself to calm down, “You really aren’t from around here, are you?”

Laxus nods in response and the boys saw Aizawa and Yamada walk back towards them.

Aizawa kneels before the two boys, looking towards the young blonde, “Laxus, Hizashi and I talked and we agreed that until we can get you home, you can stay with us, but tomorrow morning, we’ll need to take you into the police station.”

“Just as a precaution,” Yamada reassures the young blonde as he nods.

“Okay. But how will I get back home to my grandpa and guild?” Laxus grabbed onto Yamada’s shirt as small tears appeared.

“Hey, don't worry. We'll find a way back to your grandpa, but I’m afraid it might take some time,” Aizawa told Laxus.

“A-alright,” Laxus buried himself into Yamada’s arms.

“It's okay. And hey, now that you're living with us, that makes us 5, right?” Hitoshi asks.

“That’s right.” Aizawa nods to the both of them and the two boys smile.

“Roomies!” the boys cheer.

“But first, we need to and patch you up to make sure you don’t get any infections from the injuries you have, Laxus.” Aizawa said to the boy.

“Okay.” the boy nods as he grabs a hold of Yamada’s hand and is led away.

And this was how the boy from the world of magic came to live in the world of heroes.