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Earth (JinKook)

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You're not golden
And I'm getting tired
Act like you own the place
When really you've only just arrived


Jin let out a heavy sigh as he drove to the new house where he and Jungkook were going to live together. This wasn't really a new thing for them. They had been living together for about a year now. Jungkook was a little, and Jin was his caretaker. Jin thought a bigger house would be a good idea. This way, Jungkook could have two bedrooms, one for when he was little and another for when he wasn't.

"Are we there yet?" Jungkook asked with his childish slur, swaying a little from side to side with his hands tapping a beat of some sort on his lap."I'm bored, Appa." Jungkook wasn't too young of an age at the moment, but he was still in his little mindset.

"We're almost there, Kookie." Jin said with a smile, glancing at Jungkook through the rearview mirror."Just a few more minutes."

Jungkook huffed then puffed out his cheeks, not being satisfied with that answer."I wanna be there now."

Jin chuckled softly."Just be patient, sweetie. We'll be there soon." Jin was honestly quite surprised that Jungkook was still awake. He normally fell asleep during car rides. Maybe he was too excited about moving into a new home.

"Appa~" Jungkook whined."It takes too long~"

"Stop whining, Kookie. You know I don't like it when you whine like that." Jin felt relieved when he saw their new house."Look, sweetie. There it is."

Looking ahead, Jungkook bounced a bit in his seat."Hurry, hurry, Appa!" He was so excited.

Jin drove up to the house and pulled into the driveway."We don't have anything here yet, so the house will be empty until the movers get here with our stuff."

Jungkook took off his seatbelt as soon as the car was stopped."Appa, want out!" He tugged on the door handle, anxious to explore their new home.

Jin got out of the car and opened the door for Jungkook. He had the child lock on to make sure the door couldn't be opened from the inside."Calm down, Kookie. We'll look around in a moment."

"No, now! Look now!" Jungkook was in one of his troublesome moods. If he didn't get his way while he was in this type of mood, he would throw a fit."Come on, Appa!"

Jin's face formed a stern expression."Jungkook, I said we'll look around in a moment."

Not happy with that, Jungkook turned and kicked a tire."I wanna look now!"

"If you keep acting like this, the only room you'll get to see will be your bedroom." Jin threatened."I will ground you to your room if you act like a brat."

"I'm not a brat!" Jungkook really hated to be called a brat."You're a brat, Appa!"

Jin tried to remain patient, but Jungkook was getting on his nerves."That's it. You're in trouble, little mister." He scooped Jungkook up into his arms and carried him toward the front door. He frowned as Jungkook kicked and squirmed, whining and having a hissy fit.

"I don't wanna go to my room! Put me down! I hate you, Appa!" Jungkook teared up, crying with frustration, also partly due to being tired from the long drive.

Jin took some deep breaths to keep himself calm as he got Jungkook into the house. He remembered the layout of the house from when he had looked at this place before purchasing it. Carrying Jungkook to the room that would be his little space room, Jin set him down on the floor."You are in time out, Jungkook. Stay in here and don't come out until I say so."

Jungkook sniffled as tears fell down his cheeks."You're a meanie, Appa!"

"Well, Jungkook, you're being a meanie too by not behaving." Jin left the room and closed the door. As he started bringing in a few things he had packed into the trunk of the car, he could hear Jungkook shouting in his room. This was normal for one of Jungkook's tantrums. He would shout and cry until he got too tired. Then, he would go to sleep wherever he was. Jin waited for the shouting to stop then stood by the door to Jungkook's room, listening for any sounds that might indicate that he was still awake. Hearing nothing, Jin sighed, feeling relieved. He knew Jungkook was cranky because the long drive had caused them to miss nap time.

Going back out to the car, Jin fetched a pillow and an Iron Man blanket from the trunk. He took them into Jungkook's room and sat down by the sleeping boy."You punk." he whispered with a smile on his lips."You're lucky I love you so much." Very carefully, Jin lifted Jungkook's head and slipped the pillow beneath it. Then, he covered him up with the Iron Man blanket. Jin had gotten so used to napping with Jungkook that he was feeling tired right now as well. So he laid down beside Jungkook, curling an arm beneath his head to substitute a pillow. He peered at Jungkook's tear-stained face and hoped he would be in a better mood once he would wake up later. He also hoped Jungkook wouldn't be in little space when the movers would get there. He would need Jungkook's help carrying things inside.

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I caught first glimmers
In hides and skins
Look who's all grown up
Black swanning about the solar winds


"Jin-hyung, I'm out of bubble bath." Jungkook said as he emerged from the bathroom after brushing his teeth and combing his hair.

"Okay. I'll get some when I go to the store later." Jin was preparing some food to put into the slow cooker for dinner. He had a lot of errands to run today, so he wouldn't have time to cook meals."You should go to the store with me. I don't want you to go into little space while you're alone."

Jungkook gave a small nod of agreement. He wondered how Jin managed to put up with him. He knew he could be quite a handful when he was in little space."If that happened, I would miss you, App-I mean, Jin-hyung." He frowned when Jin started laughing at his mistake."Shut up. It just slipped."

"I know, I know." Jin managed to control his laughter."I just think it's cute."

Jungkook blushed and turned to leave the kitchen."Whatever. We better get something to eat while we're out."

"Don't worry, sweetie. We'll go through a drive-thru for lunch." Jin said with a happy smile, knowing he just pushed one of Jungkook's buttons.

Jungkook blushed a little darker."Don't call me that when I'm not little!" he snapped before storming away.

Jin loved embarrassing Jungkook like that. He thought the younger boy's reactions were so cute."Whether he's big or little, he's always my sweetie."


While they were driving around to run all of Jin's errands, Jungkook got pretty bored. At least bored big Jungkook was a lot easier to handle than bored little Jungkook."It's about time for lunch. What would you like to eat?"

Jungkook didn't give it much thought. He didn't care much. He just wanted some food."Drive-thru, right?" When Jin nodded, he slightly shrugged his shoulders to mean that he didn't really care."McDonald's."

"Okay. Mcdonald's it is then." Jin drove them to the nearest Mcdonald's and pulled into the drive-thru."What do you want to eat?" He peeked at Jungkook through the rearview mirror when he didn't get an answer."Kook?" It looked like Jungkook was getting sleepy. He was rubbing his eyes and starting to show some child-like expressions."You sleepy, little man?" Jin knew exactly what this meant.

"Yeah, Appa." Jungkook had gone into little space due to being tired. It was close to his nap time."Mm, sleepy."

"Well, let's get some lunch first." Jin said with a gentle tone."After we eat, we'll go home for a nap before we run the rest of my errands. Does that sound good to you?"

Jungkook yawned as he nodded."Yeah."

"What would you like to eat, sweetie?" Jin asked, but he already knew what Jungkook was going to say.

"Nuggets and fries." That was what little Jungkook always wanted from Mcdonald's.

Jin was pleased that Jungkook was cooperating right now. Sure, Jungkook could be tough to handle, but he still had his moments of being well-behaved or sometimes playful. Jin loved those moments. After they got their food, Jin drove them home to eat. He never allowed little Jungkook to eat in the car, knowing he would make a mess. Once they got home, he got Jungkook out of the car and gave him a small pat on the butt to get him to go inside."Go on, Kookie. I'll carry the food."

Jungkook smiled and made his way to the front door, going inside. He went straight to the kitchen table, ready to eat."Appa, I'm thirsty." he said as soon as Jin entered the kitchen with the food.

"What do you want to drink? Apple juice or milk?" Jin set the bag of food on the table then went to the fridge.

"Apple juice." Thinking Jin wouldn't notice, Jungkook reached for the bag of food.

"Don't even think about it, little mister." Jin said, knowing what Jungkook would do without even looking at him.

Jungkook pouted then retracted his hand, waiting for Jin."Appa, can I have dip?"

Jin gave this a little bit of thought."As long as you promise not to make a mess. We still need to run a few more errands after our nap."

"I promise." Little Jungkook often had trouble refraining from making messes.

Jin poured some apple juice into a sippy cup for Jungkook then poured some milk for himself. After putting the drinks onto the table, he grabbed a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of barbecue sauce from the fridge. He showed them to Jungkook."Which do you want? Barbecue or ketchup?" He knew it always made Jungkook happy whenever he was allowed to pick.

"I want ba...barb...uh...That one." Having trouble saying barbecue, Jungkook just pointed to the bottle.

Jin put the ketchup back into the fridge then grabbed a napkin. He squirted a small amount of barbecue sauce onto the napkin for Jungkook."There you go, sweetie." He kissed the top of Jungkook's head then seated himself at the table. He handed over the nuggets and fries then grabbed his own food. He couldn't help but smile at Jungkook as they ate. He loved seeing him so happy.

"Appa, ahh!" Jungkook held a fry out to Jin. When Jin opened his mouth, Jungkook jammed the whole fry into his mouth.

Jin chuckled as he ate the fry."Want a bite of my burger?"

Jungkook eyed the burger, giving it a bit of thought. It did look really good. But he had to ask something very important."Does it have onion?"

"Yes, it does." Jin didn't think that really mattered much.

"Ew! No!" Jungkook scrunched up his nose in disgust, which made Jin laugh.


Jin was so relieved when evening came. It was a bit of a pain to do the rest of his errands with little Jungkook. At least he behaved though. They had enjoyed dinner, despite Jin having to tell Jungkook three times to stop trying to build a fort out of his pork. After dinner came the hard part. Bath time."Sweetie, come on. Your water is ready."

Jungkook always made bath time difficult. He didn't hate baths. He loved them. But he always tried to turn bath time into playtime."Bath time! Bath time!" he cheered as he jumped around in the bathroom.

"Settle down and get undressed, silly goose." Jin was tired and didn't really have the energy to deal with hyper Jungkook right now."Please, Jungkook."

Jungkook stripped off his clothes and playfully threw his shirt onto Jin's head."Appa, I'm naked!"

Jin chuckled and tossed the shirt into the hamper."Yes, I see that. Get in the tub."

With giggles of joy, Jungkook got into the tub, pleased to have lots of bubbles from his new bubble bath."Look, Appa!" He put some bubbles on his chin to make a beard."I'm Santa!"

Throughout the bath, Jin had to repeatedly tell Jungkook to stop splashing around. He didn't mind too much though. He knew Jungkook was just really happy right now. However, to Jungkook's dismay, bath time came to an end."Alright, you're all clean, Kookie. Get out, and I'll dry you off."

Jungkook had other plans. He got out of the tub and waited until Jin reached for the towel. Then, he ran out of the bathroom, laughing."Can't catch me!"

Jin ran after Jungkook with the towel in his hands."Kookie, you're getting the floor all wet!" As he chased after Jungkook, he heard his laughter, unable to stop himself from grinning. He chased Jungkook until he caught up to him."Gotcha!"

Jungkook squealed with childish laughter as the towel was wrapped around him."Appa caught me!"

"Yup. Appa caught you." Jin started drying Jungkook, pleased that he was finally being still. After getting Jungkook dried, he scooped him up into his arms and carried him to his little room."You want your Iron Man jammies?"

Jungkook nodded vigorously."Yeah!" He cooperated as Jin dressed him, so happy right now."Appa, can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Of course, sweetie." Jin kissed the tip of Jungkook's nose."You were such a good boy today. I'm so proud of you."

Jungkook grabbed Jin's hand and walked with him to his bedroom."Appa's bed is so big." He crawled up onto Jin's bed and made himself comfortable.

Jin turned off the light but left the door halfway open to let in some light from the hallway, not wanting Jungkook to get scared of the dark. He changed into his own pajamas then got onto the bed with Jungkook. He pulled the blanket over them both and smiled."Good night, Jungkook."

"Night night." Jungkook snuggled against Jin."I love you, Appa."

Jin felt like he melted."I love you too, sweetheart."

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And find yourself on your knees
So get a grip and you might
Flow, reverse the great, slow bleed


"Appa!" Jungkook called from his room."Appa, where teddy?!" He was running around his room fanatically. He had slipped into a younger age than usual and really wanted his stuffed bear.

Jin made his way to Jungkook's room and leaned his side against the door frame."Kookie, your teddy is in the wash. You spilled juice on him earlier. Remember?"

"Teddy is in wash?" Jungkook's eyes widened. He ran to Jin and grabbed onto the front of his shirt tightly."But teddy not swim! Teddy will drown!"

Jin gently stroked Jungkook's hair."It'll be okay, Kookie. I'll make sure teddy doesn't drown. I promise."

Jungkook looked up at Jin with tears of worry in his eyes."You sabe teddy ip teddy need help?"

"Of course, sweetheart." Jin just hoped the stuffed bear would survive the wash. This was the third time this week he needed to wash it. Jungkook loved that bear and often ended up spilling things on it.


Well, things didn't quite go as planned. The bear did not survive the wash. Its arm fell off, and its head was barely hanging on."Oh dear." Jin didn't know how he was going to break the news to Jungkook.

"Is teddy okay?" Jungkook asked from the doorway to the laundry room.

Jin quickly turned to hide the bear from Jungkook's sight."Um, Kookie, there was a problem." Jin needed to be honest. If he wasn't honest with Jungkook, he couldn't expect Jungkook to always be honest with him. He needed to be a truthful caretaker.

"Did teddy get owie?" Jungkook wanted to step closer, but he knew he wasn't allowed to enter the laundry room.

"Teddy got more than an owie." With much hesitance, Jin showed the ruined bear to Jungkook."I'm so sorry, sweetheart."

Jungkook was devastated."You killed teddy!!"

Jin felt so guilty at those words, even though it was a thing that was bound to happen sooner or later."I'm really sorry, Kookie."

Jungkook stood in horror as Jin stepped closer to him. His widened eyes stared at the 'dead' bear in Jin's hand."Teddy dead!! Bad Appa!!"

Jin reached out his free hand to touch Jungkook's head, but his heart broke when Jungkook ran away from him."Kookie..!" He really didn't want Jungkook to hate him. He lowered his gaze and sighed as he heard the door to Jungkook's room slam shut. He decided to let Jungkook have some time alone to mourn the 'death' of his bear.


Jin was sitting in the living room, watching a cooking show, when Jungkook appeared in the doorway. He looked over at Jungkook, smiling softly as he saw him peeking into the living room, most of his body hidden around the corner."Hey there, sweetheart. Are you okay?"

Jungkook nodded just a little."Appa..."

Jin grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. Then, he lightly pat his lap."Come here, little mister." He watched with fond eyes as Jungkook sauntered over to him and sat on his lap sideways."You know, I'm really sorry about what happened to teddy. I told you I would save him, but I didn't." Jin sighed softly as Jungkook laid his head on his shoulder."Do you forgive me?"

"Yeah..." Jungkook was still sad about his bear, but he also felt bad for being mad at Jin."I porgibe Appa..."

Jin wrapped his arms around Jungkook, knowing he was very sad."If you want, we can go to the store tomorrow and get you a new teddy. Would you like that?"

Jungkook nodded a little then buried his face against the side of Jin's neck, fresh tears wetting his skin."Yeah..."

Jin felt Jungkook's tears and wished he could cheer him up right now. But he knew how much Jungkook had loved that bear."I love you, Kookie."

"I lobe Appa..." Jungkook snaked his arms around Jin and curled his legs up a bit.

Jin wished he could hold Jungkook like this whenever he wasn't little. He loved little Jungkook, but he really wished he could confess his feelings to big Jungkook."I love you more than you know." He was worried Jungkook would only ever see him as just his caretaker, not a partner.

Jungkook's arms loosened a little around Jin as he was beginning to doze off. He had been upset about his bear all afternoon and needed some rest now. So much crying had tired him out.

Jin noticed that Jungkook was falling asleep. That made him smile. Very carefully, he stood from the couch with Jungkook in his arms."Let's get you in bed, little mister." he whispered. He carried Jungkook to his little room and laid him on his bed. With a small bit of difficulty, he got Jungkook changed into his pajamas. He plugged in an Iron Man night light then turned off the light."Sweet dreams, baby." Jin closed the door most of the way then went back to the living room. He turned the TV back on to resume watching the cooking show. However, his mind was lost in thoughts of Jungkook. He really did need to take him to get a new bear. Maybe he could get him some ice cream too.

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But you always want a war
This house won't tolerate any more


"Go to your room, Jungkook!" Jin pointed in the direction of Jungkook's room, glaring hard at the boy."Now! You're grounded!"

Jungkook glared right back at Jin."I don't care! I do what I want!"

"No, you don't! Now go!" Jin had reached the end of his patience when he found the mess Jungkook had made in the kitchen early in the morning. There was flour all over the place. Jungkook had apparently woken up early in little space. He completely trashed the kitchen.

Jungkook narrowed his eyes defiantly."I don't wanna go to my room!" He pushed the mostly-empty bag of flour off the counter, causing the rest of the flour to spill onto the floor.

"Jungkook, don't make me punish you! Just go to your room!" Jin had no more patience. He was so mad.

Jungkook stomped his foot."Make me!"

Jin stormed over to Jungkook and grabbed his wrist."I'm done putting up with your attitude!" He pulled Jungkook to his room, sat on his bed, and forced the younger boy to bend over his lap. As Jungkook squirmed, Jin spanked his butt very hard.

Jungkook screamed and squirmed."Stop! Let go!" Thrashing around, he ended up hitting Jin in the cheek with his elbow.

Jin spanked Jungkook two more times. Then, he moved Jungkook off of his lap and stood."You are not allowed to come out of your room until I say so or you go back into big space!"

"Jerk! I hate you!" Jungkook watched Jin leave his room. Then, he stomped over and slammed the door.

There was no way Jin could handle Jungkook's tantrums right now. He had reached the end of his patience. As he started cleaning up the kitchen, he could hear Jungkook basically destroying his room. Why did Jungkook have times when he would behave so badly? This made Jin wonder if he was doing something wrong. Was he a bad caretaker?

The loud bangs and stomps continued for quite a while. Though, Jungkook eventually got quiet. Maybe he got worn out. The door to his little bedroom was heard opening. Footsteps came to the kitchen."Jin-hyung..." He was hesitant, and his tone held guilt. He wasn't in little space anymore and felt bad for the way he had behaved.

"Go away, Jungkook." Jin wouldn't even look at him right now."I'm still mad at you."

Jungkook let out a heavy sigh."But..."

"Just...go." Jin was getting stressed out. Maybe he needed a day to relax without needing to take care of little Jungkook.

Understanding that Jin need some alone time, Jungkook went to his other bedroom. He decided to stay as quiet as possible, so he simply grabbed a book and started reading. He didn't know why he was behaving so badly in little space. Maybe he and Jin just needed to stay away from each other for the rest of the day.


Jungkook stayed in his room all day. Jin didn't even come to get him for lunch, so he didn't eat. He didn't want to bother Jin. He skipped dinner too. Jungkook had set his book aside and was just lying on his bed. He was laying on his stomach with his face buried against his pillow."Jin-hyung will never love me..." he mumbled to himself."I'm such a burden..." Jungkook felt so guilty for always taking up Jin's time. And he knew his tantrums were horrible.

Jin sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror in the bathroom. There was a bruise on his cheek where Jungkook's elbow had hit him earlier. He felt like such a failure as a caretaker. He was feeling a little better after having the whole day away from Jungkook. It had been so quiet. Thinking about that, he was hit with a realization."Jungkook hasn't eaten." He really must be a terrible caretaker. How could he forget that Jungkook hadn't eaten?

Jungkook sighed and closed his eyes as his stomach grumbled. He wanted to wait for Jin to go to bed. He planned to eat alone, not wanting to face Jin while he was still mad at him. Jungkook felt himself beginning to slip into little space, but he forced himself to stay out of it. He didn't want to go into little space because he didn't want to cause more trouble for Jin.

Jin took a deep breath to calm his nerves before lightly knocking on the door to Jungkook's bedroom."Kook, are you hungry?"

Jungkook got off his bed and stepped over to the door, opening it. He saw the bruise on Jin's cheek and felt awful."No." he lied."Don't worry. I'll eat something later if I get hungry."

"You sure?" Jin watched Jungkook nod and didn't know what else to say to him."Jungkook, I, um..." He gulped at what he was about to ask."Am I a bad caretaker?"

Jungkook felt a pain in his chest when he heard that question."No, you're not." He lowered his gaze."I'm sorry that I've been such a bad kid. I'll try not to do it anymore."

"Do what?" Jin needed to be fully sure of what Jungkook was saying.

"I'll try not to go little anymore." Jungkook was tired of being a burden.

Jin shook his head."Being little is part of who you are, Jungkook." He didn't want Jungkook to try to keep himself out of little space."It's fine. You can let yourself be little. I'll keep taking care of you."

Jungkook acted without thinking. He threw his arms around Jin."Thanks for putting up with me."

Jin was surprised but also relieved to be embraced by Jungkook."Hey, you don't need to thank me. I love taking care of you." He knew Jungkook was probably scared of being abandoned. He knew Jungkook had been abandoned by his previous caretaker. So Jin vowed silently to always take care him.

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Put that down and clean this mess up
End of conversation
Put your back in it and
Make it up to me now


"Appa has some work to do, so stay in here and color like a good boy." Jin said as he gently stroked Jungkook's hair. He had given him some crayons and coloring books, knowing how much Jungkook loved to color.

"I'll be good." Jungkook said with a sing-song tone, not even looking up from the picture he was coloring of the Avengers.

Jin left the room and headed into his own room. He had a computer on a desk in the far corner. He did most of his work from home, not trusting anyone else to take good care of Jungkook if he ever actually went to his workplace. Sure, he sometimes had to go, but he kept those times as minimal as possible. Sitting at his computer, he hoped Jungkook would behave while he worked. He often caught Jungkook trying to sneak out of his room to go to the kitchen for snacks.

Jungkook hummed happily as he colored, but it didn't take him too long to get bored. He rolled onto his side on the floor and kept humming to himself, wondering what he should do to pass the time."Kookie bored~" he whined quietly. He looked at his crayons then the coloring book. Then, his eyes peered at the white walls.


Jin lost track of time as he was working, completely focused. This was why he had an alarm set on his phone to let him know when it was lunchtime. Since he knew Jungkook didn't like to be left alone for long periods of time, Jin wanted to spoil him with lunch by ordering pizza. Leaving his work, Jin headed to Jungkook's little room. What he saw when he walked in there changed his mind about ordering pizza."Jungkook! Put down the crayons right now!"

Jungkook froze in mid-stroke, crayon tip still pressed against the formerly clean wall. His hand released the crayon, dropping it onto the floor. He tried to think of a way to get himself out of this."Appa, look! It's you and me!" He was hoping Jin would like his drawing and forgive him for coloring on the wall.

Jin didn't even look at the picture. He placed his hands on his hips and kept a stern gaze on Jungkook."Put the crayons away. Now."

Jungkook hung his head low, knowing he was in big trouble."Okay, Appa." He gathered up his crayons and stuffed them back into their box. Then, he grabbed his coloring book as well. He took the coloring book and box of crayons to Jin, handing them over."Sorry..."

Jin took the crayons and coloring book from Jungkook."What have I told you about coloring on the walls?"

Jungkook swayed back and forth a little, his gaze lowered."To not to."

"So why did you do it when you know you're not allowed?" Jin questioned, lightly tapping his foot as he waited for an answer.

"I was bored." Jungkook said honestly."Appa left me for a long, long time."

Jin's expression softened. He supposed this was partly his fault for leaving Jungkook alone for a few hours."I'm sorry, sweetie. I was working." He let out a light sigh."You know, I was going to order pizza for lunch, but now, I don't know if I should."

Jungkook's eyes teared up, looking as if he had just seen someone kick a puppy."I'm very, very sorry, Appa. Won't do it again."

"That's what you said last time." Jin shook his head."No pizza. I'll make us something." He had actually been looking forward to spoiling Jungkook with pizza, but he couldn't spoil Jungkook while he was in trouble."Play quietly while I make lunch."

Jungkook sat down on the floor and pouted as he was left alone again. He breathed a little heavily as he was trying not to cry. After just a few minutes, he crawled across the floor and retrieved his new teddy from beside his bed. He hugged it close to his chest and looked over at the picture he had drawn on the wall. It was a poorly-drawn picture of Jin and himself. They were holding hands with hearts drawn around them.


Jin let out a heavy sigh as he was preparing lunch. He wished he could just cuddle with Jungkook and see him smile. He knew Jungkook had only misbehaved because he was bored and lonely. So he just couldn't be too hard on him for it. He looked toward the doorway when he heard Jungkook enter the kitchen."Why are you out of your room?"

"Not little anymore, Jin-hyung." Jungkook stated simply.

Jin returned his attention to the food."I'll clean your little room later." He heard no response from Jungkook.

Jungkook returned to his little room with something he had taken from the kitchen. He had grabbed some Saint Clean Ultra Erasers. These were really useful when cleaning crayon and other things off of walls. He looked at the drawing on the wall and chuckled quietly to himself."I'm such a brat." He traced his fingertips over to drawing of Jin, sighing. Wanting to be good for Jin, he started scrubbing the wall with the eraser, cleaning off the crayon. He was relieved Jin hadn't looked at the drawing. He didn't want Jin to find out about his feelings.

Once lunch was ready, Jin made his way to Jungkook's room but didn't see him in there."Jungkook?" He went to his little room and saw him cleaning the wall."I would have cleaned it myself, punk."

Jungkook glanced over at Jin."I know. But I wanted to do it."

Jin leaned his side against the door frame and watched Jungkook scrub the wall."Lunch is ready."

"Okay. I'll eat after this is clean." As Jungkook cleaned, he could feel Jin's eyes on him. He wondered why Jin was staring at him. His cheeks grew hot as he peeked at Jin through his peripheral. The look in Jin's eyes seemed to be so full of fondness.

Chapter Text

Folded arms and looking up
You've never listened
And carry on careless, regardless


Jin sighed at the silence in the house. Jungkook was playing in his room, being so well-behaved. There was something about this that bothered Jin. Sure, he was relieved that Jungkook was behaving so well, but he was concerned about how quiet he was. Jin was worried that Jungkook was feeling sick or unhappy today. He had asked if he could play with him to have a bit of bonding time, but Jungkook had only shaken his head and continued to play by himself.

Every so often, Jin went to Jungkook's little room to check on him."Do you want to watch some cartoons with me, sweetie?"

Jungkook was sitting on the floor, surrounded by action figures, tiny cars, and wooden blocks."No." He just kept playing. He was visibly bored, but he wouldn't do anything else.

With a small frown, Jin walked away. Maybe Jungkook just wanted some time to himself. And even though they were still in the same house and not that far away from each other, Jin found himself missing Jungkook. He missed the laughter he had heard yesterday. He missed chasing him down to catch him for a bath or dinner. He missed the cuddles he would get from him whenever they watched TV together.

Jungkook built up a tower of wooden blocks then stood an action figure on top of it. He whined quietly to himself. He wanted Jin to hold him, but at the same time, he wanted to be alone. All in all, he wasn't really sure of what he wanted. After a while, he heard Jin come back.

Jin smiled softly as he saw the tower Jungkook had built."Lunch is ready, Kookie." He watched Jungkook knock down the tower before standing."You okay?"

"Yeah, Appa." Jungkook's tone wasn't convincing at all. Something was definitely bothering him.

As they sat at the table and started eating, Jin noticed that Jungkook was just poking at his food. It saddened him to see the boy like this."Kookie, please tell me what's wrong."

Jungkook peeked at Jin then lowered his gaze."Appa..." His voice was weak, like he really didn't want to mention this."Do you love me?"

Jin was confused. Did Jungkook think he didn't love him?"Of course I love you, sweetie."

"Do you love me when I'm bad?" Jungkook poked at his food a little more."I love you, Appa. I want you to love me."

Jin felt like his heart just melted."Kookie, I always love you. Even when you're bad. I love you very much."

"Really?" Jungkook finally looked at Jin and saw him nod with a smile."Can we watch cartoons after lunch?" He was ready to be around Jin again.

A wave of relief washed over Jin."Yes, sweetie. We can watch cartoons."


Jungkook wouldn't admit this, but he switched back to big space while he and Jin were watching cartoons. He didn't want to say anything and make that known. So he just stayed cuddled against Jin, enjoying the feel of the older man's arm that was wrapped around his shoulders. Pretending to still be in little space, Jungkook snuggled a bit closer to Jin and loosely grabbed onto the front of his shirt. His heart raced when Jin kissed the top of his head.

Jin smiled as he kept his arm around Jungkook. He was holding back the urge to chuckle, knowing that Jungkook was only pretending to still be in little space. He could tell. Any small movement or sound would be enough to let him know if Jungkook was in little space or not. Jin was just so used to him. Since he knew Jungkook wasn't in little space, he grabbed the remote and switched the channel to a cooking show."I know you're not little right now, Kook."

Feeling his cheeks heat up, Jungkook got a bit tense."Don't think anything weird, Hyung. I was just comfortable." He tried to pull away from Jin, but the older man pulled him back."Jin-hyung..."

"If you're comfortable, stay." Jin didn't want Jungkook to move away. He wanted to keep the boy as close as possible.

It got quiet again as they both watched the cooking show. Jungkook was nervous, not knowing if he should really stay like this or not."Hyung..." he said after a long period of silence.

"Hm?" Jin didn't take his eyes off of the TV. He was pretty engrossed in the show.

"Do you, um..." The rest of Jungkook's question came out as an inaudible mumble.

Jin's fingers started playing with the sleeve of Jungkook's shirt as he held him close."What was that? Speak a little louder."

Jungkook sighed before attempting the question again."Do you..." He trailed off with a mumble again. His cheeks were hot with shyness as he felt like too much of a coward to finish the question loud enough to be heard.

"Kook, I can't hear you." Jin grabbed the remote and muted the TV, putting more attention on Jungkook.

Jungkook shifted to sit on his knees. He put his lips near Jin's ear, deciding to whisper the question to him, like it was a secret that he didn't want the walls to hear."Do you love me?"

Jin's heart did a backflip in his chest."I take care of you, don't I?" He didn't know how to answer that question. Was he supposed to confess his feelings? What if Jungkook didn't mean it that way?"You're very precious to me."

Jungkook was not satisfied with that."Okay..." He got off the couch."I'm going to my room. I want to read for a bit."

Jin was at a loss for what he was supposed to do. Why had Jungkook asked him that question twice today? He had asked while being little and now while being big."Alright, Kook. Enjoy your book." He watched Jungkook leave the living room and turned his gaze back to the TV. He turned the volume back on but couldn't concentrate on the show anymore. He kept thinking about Jungkook.

Chapter Text

And if we hold any hope
It's harmonic connection
And stereos in symbiosis


"Appa!" Jungkook called as he walked through the house alone."Appa!!" He kept calling for Jin, looking for him everywhere. Childishly, he checked behind doors and under beds and chairs. He didn't know where Jin could be."Appa?" Jungkook got really quiet, trying to hear even the smallest sound that could be Jin.

Suddenly, Jin jumped out of the bathroom in front of Jungkook."Rawr!!"

A loud noise burst out from Jungkook that was a mixture of a scream and a squeal."Monster Appa!!" he cried out as he turned and ran down the hall.

Jin chased after Jungkook, both of them laughing."Rawr! I'm going to get you!"

"Nuh-uh!" Jungkook ran into the kitchen and crashed into the stove as he was rounding the corner. He fell and laughed as he got up and kept running.

As they both kept running, Jin tried to think of a way to corner Jungkook and catch him. He slipped into one of the bedrooms and got as quiet as possible. He had to resist the urge to chuckle as Jungkook stopped running.

"Appa!" Jungkook called. He decided to backtrack. Quietly, he left the kitchen and started peeking into the other rooms for Jin."Where are you~?"

Jin sneaked out of a bedroom behind Jungkook and tiptoed up to him. With a big grin, he quickly wrapped his arms around Jungkook's waist."I got you!"

"Appa!!" Jungkook squealed with excitement. They both laughed as Jungkook struggled to get free from Jin's arms.

Jin laughed and nuzzled against the back of Jungkook's head. He was having so much fun today, happy that Jungkook was having fun too. It had been a while since the last time they both laughed this much. Though, this was partly due to the fact that Jin had allowed Jungkook to have some candy earlier. Not just any candy. Pixie sticks."You're wearing me out, Kookie."

Jungkook squirmed and got free from Jin's arms. Spinning around, he threw his arms around him."Are you tired, Appa?"

"Yeah, a little." Jin kissed Jungkook's forehead and wished they could stay close like this forever.

"We can take a nap." Jungkook suggested."Can we nap in your bed?"

"Okay, sweetie. Let's take a nap." Jin definitely agreed with that idea. He walked with Jungkook to his bedroom and watched the other boy get onto the bed. He got onto the bed as well, lying down and pulling the blanket over them."You're so cute, Kookie." he said with a smile as Jungkook snuggled against him.

"You're cute too, Appa." Jungkook said with a giggle.

"You think so?" Jin loved how sweet Jungkook was right now. He seemed to be in an extra good mood today.

Jungkook moved a hand up and lightly traced his fingertips over Jin's face."Yup. Appa has a pretty face."

"So do you, sweetie." Jin put an arm around Jungkook's waist and held him close."I love you, Kookie."

"I love you, Appa."


Jin was woken less than an hour later by a loud beeping noise. It took a moment for his tired mind to realize what the beeping was. When he realized it, he suddenly became fully awake. That was the smoke alarm! He quickly sat up, unintentionally waking up Jungkook in the process.

"Hyung, is that the smoke alarm?" Jungkook asked groggily.

"Yeah." Jin got off the bed and hurried to the kitchen, which was the source of the noise. He was shocked and surprised to see that a pan that had been left atop the stove earlier was on fire. More specifically, the oil in the pan that was left from cooking lunch was on fire."Crap!"

"What happened?!" Jungkook asked as he entered the kitchen and saw the fire on the stove.

Jin hurried to a small rack near the counter to grab a hand towel."I don't know!" He saw Jungkook grab a cup and turn on the sink."No, no, stop!"

"We have to put it out!" Jungkook planned to fill the cup with water and splash it onto the fire.

"Yeah, but not like that!" Jin put the hand towel under the running water to get it wet."You can't splash water onto an oil fire! That will cause an explosion!"

"Then what do we do?!" Jungkook didn't know how to handle fires. And he was feeling panicked about this.

Jin got the hand towel all wet then wrung it out a bit to make sure it didn't have too much water in it."I'll take care of it, Kook!" Very carefully so as to not burn himself, Jin placed the damp towel over the pan to trap in the fire. Then, he grabbed an oven mitt and put it on before moving the pan onto a different burner. The burner the pan had been on was bright red, heat radiating from it. It was turned on.

Jungkook felt his panic fading as he could see that the fire was dying out. He watched Jin turn off the burner. He knew what happened now. He must have accidentally turned the burner on when he had crashed into the stove earlier."Oh man, Jin-hyung. This was my fault. I'm sorry."

Jin sighed with relief as the fire died out completely."It's okay, Jungkook. No one got hurt, and the pan shouldn't be ruined." He grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and dragged it over to where the smoke alarm was."Now I just need to stop that annoying beeping."

Jungkook watched Jin climbed up onto the chair to reach the smoke alarm. He stepped over and stood beside the chair."You got it?"

"Yeah, I think so." Jin twisted the smoke alarm to take it down, but it slipped away from his fingers.

"Ow!" The smoke alarm had hit Jungkook in the head. He picked up the alarm and turned it off. Then, he held it up to Jin."Jeez, butterfingers."

Jin rolled his eyes."Well, sorry, doofus. It's not my fault you decided to stand there." He put the alarm back up then got down from the chair.

Jungkook rubbed his head a little and frowned."Whatever. Are we going to continue our nap?"

Jin cocked his head a little to the side."You still want to nap even though you're not little?"

Jungkook lightly huffed."I can take a nap when I'm not little if I want to."

"Okay, okay." Jin said with a chuckle.

"By the way, I'm going back to your bed." Jungkook didn't give Jin a chance to protest, heading back to the older man's bedroom.

Chapter Text

Choking out mine now
You're everywhere, everywhere
Multiplying around me, child


Jin yawned sleepily as he walked through the house, picking up Jungkook's toys. It was late, and Jungkook was already in bed. Jin knew that he should go to bed soon too. He picked up a small firetruck in the hallway, some blocks in the kitchen, an Iron Man action figure in the living room, and a few other toys. As quietly as possible, Jin took the toys into Jungkook's little room, smiling as he saw him curled up on his bed with his stuffed bear in his arms.

Jin loved seeing Jungkook sleep. He looked so calm. Turning to leave the room, he paused when he heard a small whine. Looking back toward the bed, he saw that Jungkook had curled up a little more. Jin chuckled quietly then left the room. He headed to his own room, avoiding some Lego towers built up in seemingly random spots in the hallway. He changed into comfortable pajamas then turned off the light before climbing into bed. He got comfortable but didn't close his eyes right away. He glanced around at the papers that were pinned up all over the walls. There were so many pictures little Jungkook had drawn for him. Those pictures always made him smile.


In the morning, Jin awoke to a wonderful feeling. Arms were wrapped around him. Opening his eyes, Jin found Jungkook snuggled against his chest, his arms secured around his waist. This made him smile."Jungkook..." he spoke softly."Wake up..." He didn't know if he would be waking up little Jungkook or big Jungkook.

With a small groan, Jungkook scrunched up his brow before opening his eyes."Morning, Jin-hyung..." he greeted groggily.

Jin didn't really know what to do when Jungkook closed his eyes again and snuggled more against him."Kook, why are you in my bed?"

"I got cold last night..." Jungkook yawned and attempted to go back to sleep.

"Okay. I should make us some breakfast." Jin tried to get up but couldn't because Jungkook's arms tightened around his waist."Kook, you need to let go of me."

"No..." Jungkook didn't want Jin to get up. He wanted the older man to stay in bed with him."Jin-hyung...Hold me...I'm cold..."

Jin felt his cheeks heat up, knowing he was blushing."Uh, okay." He wrapped his arms around Jungkook and held him close."Is this better?"

"Yeah..." Jungkook buried his face against Jin's neck, wanting to be as close to him as possible. God, he loved this man so much."I love you..." he mumbled.

"What?" Jin hadn't understood the mumble.



"Appa, look!" Jungkook held up a paper with a sloppily-drawn heart on it. There were two stick figures in the heart."It's you and me!"

Jin looked at the paper and smiled fondly."That's cute, sweetie."

"It's for you!" Jungkook put the paper on Jin's lap and grinned at him. He knew Jin was trying to watch TV right now, but he just wanted to show him how much he loved him."I love you, Appa!"

Jin set the picture on the other side of the couch."I love you too, Kookie." Soon, Jin's view of the TV was blocked when Jungkook got onto his lap, knees on the couch and facing him."What are you doing, sweetie? Appa is trying to watch TV."

"Play with me!" Jungkook had been really needy for Jin's attention lately. He kept drawing pictures for him, asking for more playtime, crawling into his bed at night. He wouldn't leave Jin alone. Though, he wasn't necessarily being bad at all.

Jin sighed softly."I'll play with you after this episode."

Jungkook pouted and bounced himself on Jin's lap, demanding attention."But, Appa, your show is too long!" he whined as he continued to bounce.

Jin quickly grabbed Jungkook's hips to make him stop bouncing. This could end up causing an issue that he really didn't want to happen while Jungkook was little."I know you want to play, sweetheart, but I like this show."

"You like that show more than me!" Jungkook wiggled a little then got off of Jin's lap, moving to sit beside him.

"Kookie, that's not true. I love you very much." Jin gave up with a sigh. He grabbed the remote and turned off the TV."See? I'll play with you."

Jungkook grinned and basically tackled Jin, climbing on top of him after knocking him over."Yay! Can Appa be a monster?!"

"I'm the worst kind of monster!" Jin grabbed Jungkook and grinned."The tickle monster!"

"Oh no!" Jungkook squirmed and laughed as Jin started tickling him.

Jin laughed as well while tickling Jungkook. He loved hearing his laughter. This didn't last for long though because Jungkook's squirming caused him to fall off of Jin."Kookie!"

Jungkook fell off the couch entirely and landed on his back on the floor."Oww..."

"You okay?" Jin rolled onto his side and peered down at Jungkook.

"Yeah, I'm okay, Hyung." Jungkook stared up at Jin and still felt a bit playful, despite not being little anymore. So he reached up and grabbed Jin, pulling him off of the couch.

Jin yelped as he was pulled down onto Jungkook."What are you doing?"

"Playing." Jungkook grinned and rolled them over to put himself on top of Jin. Thus, he began some playful wrestling. He laughed as they wrestled, glad that they could still have fun together.

Jin was laughing as well, having so much fun. Since he had gotten used to playing with Jungkook, it didn't take him too long to get him pinned down."Gotcha!"

"You're good." Jungkook's chest was heaving up and down as he panted to regain his breathing. He had been so excited while wrestling with Jin.

Jin found himself staring down at Jungkook's lips. What would Jungkook do if he kissed him? He couldn't do that. He was just his caretaker. Unknown to him, Jungkook was staring at his lips as well."You're so playful today."

"I like to play." Jungkook lightly pressed a hand to Jin's chest, wanting more contact. He knew Jin wasn't going to make a move to advance on him. So he slowly leaned up closer to the man's face.

Jin's heart raced in his chest. What was Jungkook doing? Why was he getting so close? He could feel Jungkook's breath on his lips as their mouths were mere millimeters apart. Their lips were just about to connect--

Jungkook frowned when Jin suddenly pulled away, hearing a knock on the front door. He groaned, watching Jin head away to answer the door. What horrible timing.

Chapter Text

This rock can't tolerate any more


Jin was a mess. Physically and emotionally. He was covered from head to toe in flour, courtesy of hyper Jungkook. His mind and heart were wrecked with scattered thoughts ever since they had almost kissed."Kookie, you're making a huge mess." Jin said with a smile, not being mad at all. He loved it whenever Jungkook was hyper and happy.

"Appa, I want cookies!" Jungkook cheered."Cookies! Cookies!"

"You just had donuts." Jin stepped closer to Jungkook and saw him back away with a giggle."You don't want me to get close to you?"

"You're all dirty! You'll get flour on me!" Jungkook giggled more, clearly thinking Jin looked funny while he was covered in flour.

"Well, if I cover you in flour, it'll be fair." Rushing forward, Jin threw his arms around Jungkook and hugged him close."Now you've got flour on you too."

Jungkook squirmed and laughed."Appa is so silly and messy!" he squealed. His laughter mixed with excited squeals as Jin rubbed their cheeks together, smearing some flour onto Jungkook's face.

Jin was so happy to be with Jungkook right now because it was the only way he could get close to him. Jungkook had started to avoid him whenever he wasn't in little space."Now you're messy too, my little handsome Kookie."

"Can we have bath time?!" Jungkook loved baths and really wanted to take one."Appa can take a bath with me!"

"No, no, sweetie." Jin pulled back and shook his head."I'll give you a bath, but you will play in your room while I take a shower."

"Aw, okay, Appa." Jungkook pouted cutely and went to the bathroom with Jin.

Jin ran some water for Jungkook, adding in bubbles. Once the bath was ready, he turned to face Jungkook, seeing that he had already stripped."Get in the bath, Kookie. I'll get some clean clothes from your room."

"Kay, Appa." Jungkook got into the tub and immediately started playing with the bubbles. He loved bubbles so much.

Jin always felt like a guilty pervert whenever he saw Jungkook naked. He knew little Jungkook didn't think anything of it, but he didn't want big Jungkook to feel uncomfortable. Especially since big Jungkook was avoiding him lately. Jin just couldn't take this any longer. He needed to confront Jungkook about avoiding him, but he couldn't do that while Jungkook was in little space.

"Appa!!" Jungkook called from the bathroom while Jin was getting some clothes from his room."Appa!!"

Jin hurried back to the bathroom."What is it, sweetie?"

"You were gone too long." Little Jungkook didn't like to be left alone for more than a few minutes.

"Sorry." Jin set Jungkook's clean clothes on the counter by the sink."Let's get you all cleaned up." He was relieved that Jungkook was very cooperative during this bath. He would normally splash around. Maybe he was settling down from his previous hyper state.

Jungkook giggled as Jin washed his body and hair. He loved the feel of the sponge scrubbing his body. It was soothing and sometimes tickled. Once he was all clean, he got out of the bath and let out a huff as Jin dried him."I have to play now?"

"Yeah, but only for a little while." Jin helped Jungkook get dressed then gave his head a small pat."I'll get you after my shower. Go on."

Jungkook sulked as he left the bathroom. He didn't want to play alone today. He wanted to curl up on the couch and snuggle with Jin. He wanted to watch cartoons and relax in Jin's arms.


Jin sighed after his shower, glad to be clean. He got dressed and made his way to Jungkook's little room."Kookie?" He looked around the room but didn't see Jungkook. So he went to Jungkook's other room."Kook?" He wasn't there either. A small sound in the kitchen caught his attention.

Jungkook was in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess they had made with the flour. He didn't like to leave all the messes for Jin, though he knew that Jin didn't mind cleaning. He heard Jin come into the kitchen and felt like his heart might stop. How was he supposed to face Jin after he had tried to kiss him before? He didn't even know if Jin liked him back. He doubted it.

"Want some help, Jungkook?" Jin offered.

"No, I've got it." Jungkook felt his heartbeat quicken as Jin came closer to him. So he tried to move away.

Jin grabbed the back of Jungkook's shirt."We need to talk."

"No, we don't." This was something Jungkook desperately wanted to avoid. He was afraid of what might happen."I won't do it again."

Jin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's waist from behind."Should I do it then?" He couldn't handle being away from Jungkook anymore. His heart couldn't take it. He needed to finally let Jungkook know how he felt.

"Hyung?" Jungkook gasped, completely taken by surprise when Jin spun him around and trapped him by the counter."What are you doing?"

Jin leaned in closer to Jungkook and hesitated when their lips barely brushed together."What I've wanted to do for so long." He connected their lips as gently as possible.

Jungkook wanted to push Jin away, bringing his hands up to the man's chest. But no push happened. His fingers curled to grab the fabric of Jin's shirt as his knees felt weak. When the kiss was broken, Jungkook felt small for falling apart so easily."Hyung..."

Jin just couldn't hide his feelings any longer. He needed Jungkook to know how he felt and hopefully accept his feelings."I love you, Jungkook. I really love you."

"Hyung, I..." Jungkook was at a loss for words but only for a few seconds."I love you too."

With a happy smile, Jin pulled back."I'll help you clean up this mess. Then, we can watch some TV. Sound good?"

"Yeah." Jungkook smiled as well, so happy that they shared the same feelings for each other. Finally, their feelings were known.