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Earth (JinKook)

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You're not golden
And I'm getting tired
Act like you own the place
When really you've only just arrived


Jin let out a heavy sigh as he drove to the new house where he and Jungkook were going to live together. This wasn't really a new thing for them. They had been living together for about a year now. Jungkook was a little, and Jin was his caretaker. Jin thought a bigger house would be a good idea. This way, Jungkook could have two bedrooms, one for when he was little and another for when he wasn't.

"Are we there yet?" Jungkook asked with his childish slur, swaying a little from side to side with his hands tapping a beat of some sort on his lap."I'm bored, Appa." Jungkook wasn't too young of an age at the moment, but he was still in his little mindset.

"We're almost there, Kookie." Jin said with a smile, glancing at Jungkook through the rearview mirror."Just a few more minutes."

Jungkook huffed then puffed out his cheeks, not being satisfied with that answer."I wanna be there now."

Jin chuckled softly."Just be patient, sweetie. We'll be there soon." Jin was honestly quite surprised that Jungkook was still awake. He normally fell asleep during car rides. Maybe he was too excited about moving into a new home.

"Appa~" Jungkook whined."It takes too long~"

"Stop whining, Kookie. You know I don't like it when you whine like that." Jin felt relieved when he saw their new house."Look, sweetie. There it is."

Looking ahead, Jungkook bounced a bit in his seat."Hurry, hurry, Appa!" He was so excited.

Jin drove up to the house and pulled into the driveway."We don't have anything here yet, so the house will be empty until the movers get here with our stuff."

Jungkook took off his seatbelt as soon as the car was stopped."Appa, want out!" He tugged on the door handle, anxious to explore their new home.

Jin got out of the car and opened the door for Jungkook. He had the child lock on to make sure the door couldn't be opened from the inside."Calm down, Kookie. We'll look around in a moment."

"No, now! Look now!" Jungkook was in one of his troublesome moods. If he didn't get his way while he was in this type of mood, he would throw a fit."Come on, Appa!"

Jin's face formed a stern expression."Jungkook, I said we'll look around in a moment."

Not happy with that, Jungkook turned and kicked a tire."I wanna look now!"

"If you keep acting like this, the only room you'll get to see will be your bedroom." Jin threatened."I will ground you to your room if you act like a brat."

"I'm not a brat!" Jungkook really hated to be called a brat."You're a brat, Appa!"

Jin tried to remain patient, but Jungkook was getting on his nerves."That's it. You're in trouble, little mister." He scooped Jungkook up into his arms and carried him toward the front door. He frowned as Jungkook kicked and squirmed, whining and having a hissy fit.

"I don't wanna go to my room! Put me down! I hate you, Appa!" Jungkook teared up, crying with frustration, also partly due to being tired from the long drive.

Jin took some deep breaths to keep himself calm as he got Jungkook into the house. He remembered the layout of the house from when he had looked at this place before purchasing it. Carrying Jungkook to the room that would be his little space room, Jin set him down on the floor."You are in time out, Jungkook. Stay in here and don't come out until I say so."

Jungkook sniffled as tears fell down his cheeks."You're a meanie, Appa!"

"Well, Jungkook, you're being a meanie too by not behaving." Jin left the room and closed the door. As he started bringing in a few things he had packed into the trunk of the car, he could hear Jungkook shouting in his room. This was normal for one of Jungkook's tantrums. He would shout and cry until he got too tired. Then, he would go to sleep wherever he was. Jin waited for the shouting to stop then stood by the door to Jungkook's room, listening for any sounds that might indicate that he was still awake. Hearing nothing, Jin sighed, feeling relieved. He knew Jungkook was cranky because the long drive had caused them to miss nap time.

Going back out to the car, Jin fetched a pillow and an Iron Man blanket from the trunk. He took them into Jungkook's room and sat down by the sleeping boy."You punk." he whispered with a smile on his lips."You're lucky I love you so much." Very carefully, Jin lifted Jungkook's head and slipped the pillow beneath it. Then, he covered him up with the Iron Man blanket. Jin had gotten so used to napping with Jungkook that he was feeling tired right now as well. So he laid down beside Jungkook, curling an arm beneath his head to substitute a pillow. He peered at Jungkook's tear-stained face and hoped he would be in a better mood once he would wake up later. He also hoped Jungkook wouldn't be in little space when the movers would get there. He would need Jungkook's help carrying things inside.