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Hyung Tipping (YoonKook)

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"You got any plans for tonight, Kook?" Yoongi asked as he stared up at the ceiling. He was rather bored, having nothing to do. He was hoping Jungkook would have no plans. Maybe they could do something together to pass the time.

Jungkook had actually just been passing through the living room, ready to head out."Actually, I was going to go out. You want to come with me?"

"Out where?" Yoongi was typically quite picky about where he would go in his free time. And he didn't like many of the same places as Jungkook. Perhaps it was the difference in their age and maturity. Jungkook liked to go to noisy parties and raves. On the other hand, Yoongi preferred to go to calmer places, like simple bars.

"Well, I got invited to a wild party." Jungkook knew Yoongi wouldn't like that."It's going to be a perfect opportunity to go hyung tipping."

Yoongi turned his gaze to peer across the room at Jungkook."Hyung tipping?"

"Yeah." Jungkook seemed to be quite excited, like it was a really fun thing to do."Have you never gone tipping before?"

"No. Never heard of it." Yoongi sat up and held a quizzical expression on his face."What is it?"

Jungkook was only a little shocked that his hyung wasn't familiar with this."You've never heard of tipping? Let me educate you." Making his way over to the couch where Yoongi was seated, Jungkook squatted down in front of him."I just have one question before I teach you what tipping is."

This made Yoongi a little nervous. What was he getting himself into if he let Jungkook teach him this?"What's your question?"

"Are you cool with having sex with me?" Jungkook wouldn't do anything without Yoongi's approval. Consent was very important.

Yoongi was skeptical, but it might be okay. He trusted Jungkook. They were pretty close, and having sex wouldn't be a big deal."Um, I guess so. Sure. Just keep it casual. No crazy stuff."

"Of course. No crazy stuff." Jungkook was glad that Yoongi was okay with this and trusted him. They had never had sex with each other before, but they had done other things previously. They'd seen each other naked, showered together, even done some naughty touching. Yoongi had even been the one to help Jungkook learn how to kiss properly.

"So, uh...Whose room? Mine or yours?" Yoongi was a little nervous about having sex with his friend, but he figured nothing bad would come of it. If anything bad would come from them doing intimate or sexy things together, it would have happened by now.

Jungkook straightened himself up and smiled."Let's go to your room. I know you like your bed better than mine."

This was something Yoongi loved about Jungkook. He was wild, a bit of a player, but he was also considerate."Okay, thanks." Yoongi really did like his bed more that Jungkook's. Perhaps it was simply because he was more used to it.

Watching Yoongi stand from the couch, Jungkook lightly pat his head."Go to your room while I get the lube and a condom."

"You know, I have condoms and lube in my room." Yoongi offered.

Jungkook just perked an eyebrow and chuckled."Hyung, your condoms aren't big enough for me."

Yoongi's cheeks flared pink at that."Brat." Embarrassed at the sheer fact that Jungkook's cock was, indeed, bigger than his own, Yoongi headed to his room without another word.

With a small shake of his head, Jungkook went to his own bedroom to retrieve the bottle of lube that he kept in his dresser for whenever he would bring home a "date." He also grabbed a condom then made his way to Yoongi's room."Hyung, please relax. You know I don't mean to say that you're dick is small. It's not. Mine is just bigger."

"Yeah, I know. But you don't have to keep saying it." Yoongi was seated on the edge of his bed with his hands flat on the mattress by his sides."So are we getting started or what?"

Jungkook stepped over to the bed and placed down the lube and condom."Yeah, yeah, Hyung. We're getting started." He slipped his hands under Yoongi's arms and threw his hyung backward.

Being thrown backward, Yoongi landed on his back in the center of his bed. He felt his heart pound with excitement as Jungkook crawled over him and forcefully connected their lips. Now this was something they had in common. They both loved aggression in bed. Their lips meshed hungrily, with bruising force.

Jungkook's hands tugged at Yoongi's shirt, lifting it. He broke their heated kiss to slip his hyung's shirt over his head, tossing it aside. Then, he latched his mouth onto Yoongi's neck as he touched the older man's chest and stomach. He felt one of Yoongi's hands move upward, slender fingers tangling into his hair. The sounds of Yoongi's soft pants made it obvious that he was quickly growing excited."Hyung, you're fucking sexy." Jungkook growled against that smooth neck.

Yoongi bent a knee to let his inner thigh rub against Jungkook's hip."Damn, Jungkook, so are you." Flipping them over, Yoongi put himself on top and sat up with his knees on the bed, straddling Jungkook."My sexy dongsaeng." Grabbing fistfuls of Jungkook's shirt, Yoongi pulled him up to a sitting position. Tugging on Jungkook's shirt, he removed it and tossed it aside. His eyes scanned over the younger man's well-toned chest and stomach. God, he loved those abs.

"Like what you see, Hyung?" Jungkook teased, grabbing Yoongi's hips.

"Shut up, Kook." Yoongi captured Jungkook's lips with his own and started moving his hips, grinding down onto Jungkook's crotch.

Jungkook groaned softly into the kiss, feeling his body becoming more aroused. He loved this. Yoongi was fantastic at moving his hips in just the right ways. Slipping his hands away from Yoongi's hips, Jungkook unzipped his hyung's pants then slid his hands down the back, playfully gripping his ass. This grinding was doing wonders for him, knowing that it must be working well for Yoongi too.

Yoongi soon broke this kiss and peered into Jungkook's dark eyes. He was really about to have sex with his best friend. And he had no intention of stopping."Kook, I need you to fuck me already." He expected a teasing remark, but that wasn't what he got.

"I need it too." Jungkook lifted a hand to cup Yoongi's cheek, giving his lips a peck before smirking sexily. He reached over to grab the condom and lube."Would you like to do the honors?"

Yoongi felt more than excitement after that little peck, but he didn't want to give it any words right now."Of course." He moved himself off of Jungkook's lap and unzipped the taller man's pants. With a little assistance, he pulled off Jungkook's pants then his underwear, blushing at the sight of his hard cock. Yoongi opened the condom packet with his teeth then rolled it onto Jungkook's cock carefully."Damn, you're right. My condoms wouldn't fit you." he muttered.

That made Jungkook chuckle."I need you to get on your hands and knees, Hyung." He watched Yoongi remove his own pants and underwear before getting onto his hands and knees. He peered at the perfect ass that was displayed for him. It made his cock throb. Jungkook poured out some lube to coat a few fingers, also smearing some around Yoongi's hole, seeing it flutter at the feel."I'm going to make you feel so good."

"Just do it, Kook. Please." Yoongi was so horny now. He forgot about learning about tipping. He just wanted to have sex with Jungkook. His fingers curled to loosely grip onto the blanket when a finger was eased inside of him. He didn't particularly like having sex doggy style because his arms would get tired and wobbly, but he would do it for Jungkook. After a moment of that one finger wiggling around inside of him, Yoongi felt a second finger push its way inside.

As Jungkook fingered Yoongi, his other hand grabbed one of Yoongi's hips, massaging it gently. As much as they both liked aggression in bed, he wanted to be careful during the preparation. Jungkook never aimed to hurt his partner. There was no fun if they didn't both enjoy it to the max. He loved the fact that, as he pushed in a third finger, Yoongi took those fingers like a pro. His fingers.

Yoongi knew he was up to three fingers now. That meant he was about to get something much better. Jungkook's hard cock. Those fingers wiggled around and spread at random times, stretching him and making sure he was ready for more."Fuck, Jungkook. I'm ready." Yoongi was growing impatient. He was grateful that Jungkook didn't want to rush, true, but he really wanted more.

Pulling out his fingers, Jungkook poured out some more lube, spreading it all over his condom-covered cock."Ready to learn, Hyung?"

"Fuck, yes." Yoongi was beyond ready. He gripped onto the blanket tightly as he felt Jungkook's larger-than-his cock push inside his stretched hole. With a shaky breath, he focused on adjusting to the size of Jungkook's cock, not wanting to take too long.

Jungkook gripped Yoongi's hips and massaged them with his thumbs. He had never thought before that he would be able to sink deeply into his hyung like this, but he loved it. He never wanted to pull out. Once he was in to the hilt, he paused and waited for Yoongi to tell him to move.

Yoongi's own cock throbbed at the feel of being full. It was a wonderful feeling. Of course, it hurt for his ass to be stretched beyond its natural size, but that didn't stop him from enjoying it. After a moment of adjusting, he felt ready for more."Move, Kook. Fuck me."

"With pleasure." Jungkook slid his cock mostly out before shoving back inside. Only his first few thrusts were slow before picking up the pace dramatically. As his pace increased, so did his force.

Arching his back, Yoongi tightened his grip on the blanket, his knuckles turning white. He moaned out, rather loudly. He always struggled to be quiet, never wanting to disturb Jungkook before whenever he would have someone over. Now, he had no reason to be quiet."K-Kook..! Ahh..!"

Jungkook was encouraged by his hyung's moans, knowing that he was pleasing him greatly. He pounded into Yoongi harder and faster, ecstatic to hear those delicious moans grow louder. Jungkook wished he could see Yoongi's face right now. He wanted to feel his hyung cling to him as he gave him this pleasure. Perhaps next time. If there was a next time. He found himself hoping so.

Yoongi moaned louder than before, letting out his voice to its full extent. He wouldn't be surprised if they received complaints from the neighbors later. This sex was mind-blowing. He had never even guessed before that having sex with Jungkook would be this amazing. Soon came what Yoongi didn't like though. His arms felt weak. They wobbled, barely able to hold him up as his body was full of blissful pleasure.

Noticing that Yoongi was getting wobbly, Jungkook smirked. He gave his hardest thrust yet, slamming into Yoongi. He felt quite accomplished when his hyung fell forward and face-planted on the mattress."That..." he said between thrusts,"is...tipping..." He grunted with pleasure between words.

Turning his head to the side to keep himself from getting smothered by the blanket, Yoongi just remained down there. His chest and the side of his face were pressed to the bed as his hips were still held high by Jungkook, who continued to slam into him mercilessly. And Yoongi loved every second of it."Oh...Fuck..!" Yoongi was feeling so much excitement and pleasure that he was ready to climax without even having his own dick touched.

Feeling Yoongi clench around him, Jungkook grunted at the tightness and heat. It was mind-numbing. Hearing Yoongi cry out with pleasure, he knew his hyung just released all over the blanket. With a few more thrusts, Jungkook spilled his cum into the condom, his hips jolting. He rode out the orgasm, slowing himself to a stop. He was still for a moment before gently sliding out of his hyung, watching him collapse the rest of the way against the bed. Jungkook pulled off the condom and tied the end before dropping it into the wastebasket beside the bed.

Yoongi panted heavily, lying still for a moment before rolling onto his side. He felt the mattress shift a little as Jungkook laid down behind him, the younger man's arm slipping around his waist."That...was...amazing..." was all he could say. Yoongi was exhausted.

Jungkook snuggled against Yoongi, nuzzling his nose gently against the back of his hyung's neck."Yeah...It was..." It grew quiet between them, and Jungkook suspected that Yoongi was falling asleep."Yoongi-hyung..."

"Hm..?" Yoongi was, indeed, dozing off.

But Jungkook had something to say."I, um...I want to be more than this...Not just friends with benefits..."

"Okay..." Yoongi wasn't willing to give more than just simple responses. He was too tired for that.



Jungkook smiled happily as he clung to Yoongi, not wanting to let go of him for the rest of the night. That wild party was forgotten. Only Yoongi remained in Jungkook's mind.