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A gorey demise

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A is for Ant-man

who drowned in a pool

B is for Bucky

was eaten by ghouls

C is for Clint

with disease in the brain

D is for Dr Strange

derailed on a train

E is for Erik

who’s buried alive

F is for Fury

who was stabbed through the eye

G is for Groot

who died in the womb

H is for Hulk

who was sealed in a tomb

I is for Iron-man

who lost his front brakes

J is for Jane,

was bitten by a snake

K is for Kurt

was shot in the head

L is for Loki

who bled and bled

M’s for Magneto

who was burned to a crisp

N is for Nat

who was pummeled by fists

O is for Odin

who lived life too fast

P is for Phil

who swallowed some glass

Q is for Quill

who took the wrong trail

R is for Rocket

who rotted in jail

S is for Steve

who was shot with a bow

T is for Thor

who froze in the snow

U is for Ultron

who was trampled by clones

V is for Valkyrie

who fell off a roof

W is for Wade

who was hit by an X-man

X is for Xavier

who sunk in the tar

Y is for Yondu

who fell from a plane

Z is for the Zombies

who simply went insane