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"Welcome farmer" was written all over a banner that hung over the diner's entrance. "You know,", Julia said, "We weren't quite sure if you were a boy or a girl since Taro didn't want to give away your personal data." I smiled at that statement. Taro could at least told them my name but the old man was known for his strange behaviour around everybody except his family. Well, if I think about it... he acted weird around them as well.
"But I gotta admit that I'm happy you are a girl. At first, I was afraid you would seduce Elliot that..." at this I laughed louder than I intended to "...Yeah, I guess I don't have to be afraid.", Julia finished. I had been on the Sunshine Islands for three days now and I haven't even talked to all of the islanders but when I had met Julia on the day of my arrival it had clicked immediately. Since she's not the type of person to hold back her urge to tell everything that's in her mind, I found out about her feelings towards the shy pink-haired nerd on that exact same day. Julia's open mind and generous spirit had appealed to me from the very beginning of our acquaintanceship.
"Let's go", I said, opening the diner's door. There were lots of balloons in the restaurant and every resident of the Sunshine Islands was present. Julia's mother Mirabelle was sitting next to Felicia I had met the day before, Natalie and Eliott – Who actually blushed when Julia entered the room – were next to them and Natalie seemed to lecture her brother. The fisher Denny was here as well, I had never talked to him before. A small black bird was placed on his shoulder and he was dressed like a pirate. His bright smile told he was a kind person and I looked forward getting to know him.
Gannon and his daughter Eliza stood next to Nick who owned the diner and when I had seen Gannon for the very first time I was afraid. I had never seen a man this huge before but when he had smiled this crooked but sympathetic smile at me, I knew that there was no need to be scared.
Chen, the general store's owner, and his son Charlie were in the diner as well. I hadn't really talked to them, besides when I had bought turnip seeds that morning.
Julia pushed me in Denny's direction and smiled. "Come on,", she said, "The fisherman looks so lonely" She raised an eyebrow before turning around and going to her mother. When I reached Denny he gave me a bright smile before the bird on his shoulder started croaking.
"Popper! Popper!" It said. I stepped back because I didn't expect that at all. Denny reached for the back of his head and blushed slightly.
"Hehe", he said, "I'm Denny and that's Popper. He's kind of annoying sometimes. If he says something pestering just ignore him. But I shouldn't talk about this. You are Chelsea, right?"
I kind of liked his manners and couldn't help but smile about his rambling.
"Yes, I'm Chelsea, the new farmer. But you know that I guess since this is my welcoming party." Denny blushed a bit more at this.
"Right, it's your party after all. I'm kind of confused today I'm sorry, I got up early today because of my fishing." "fishing, fishing!", Popper croaked as a response to Denny.
"Your bird is ridiculous", I said because after all, I didn't really know what to say to him. He sure was a nice person but I never went fishing before.
As if he knew what I was thinking about, he said: "We should go fishing one day! If you don't know how, I will teach you. The extra money might come handy since you're only starting your farm." He had a point I guessed and I really enjoyed his presence so I agreed on that. In the corner of my eyes, I could see Julia sitting next to her mother who was still talking to Elliot's mother. She was rather bored so I decided to go back to her.
"You can come with me if you want but I have to prevent Julia from dying of negligence.", I offered the fisherman but he waved aside.
"I have to go soon anyway since the fish come out of their hiding places at night and I need to catch some if I want to be able to afford my new fishing pole." He waved goodbye and smiled at me one last time that evening. Yes, we would become good friends, I knew it.
"Julia, why don't you simply talk to him?", I asked my blonde friend. She sighed while watching Elliot and Natalie arguing. Julia flashed me a glance before sighing again.
"Natalie would kill me if she found out about my feelings towards him. She might be a good friend but I think she's kind of overprotective. You haven't been here for a long time so you don't know their strange brother-sister-relationship. They work together so they have to spend most time of their days together. As you know, Natalie is kind of harsh and so she always shouts at him. But she would never let anything harmful happen to him and I appear to be a danger for him, according to her."
She laughed nervously but I could see how the thought of Natalie preventing their relationship hurt her. I wanted to comfort her but I didn't know her that well and couldn't be sure about what to say so I thanked Nick silently when he opened the buffet. Since the party was for me I was honoured to be first to start gathering food.
I ate more than I probably should have and I felt so stuffed I could barely move without feeling the urge to throw up. When Nick came to me and wanted me to try his homemade ice-cream I had to decline.
"I can't believe you want to handle a whole farm all on your own.", Natalie said when she took place next to me. She didn't want to talk to her brother any longer so she came to me. I guess she is as happy as Julia to have a new face on the islands. I could imagine how hard it must have been to hang out with the same people every day since there is nothing else on those islands.
"Well,", I said, "I grew up on a farm so I'm not an amateur but I guess it's going to be very hard anyway. I plan on getting animals at the beginning of summer so I have to work hard this spring.", I began. When I saw that Natalie wasn't that interested in my plans I blushed. I had started rambling. "I mean I'm really looking forward to living here.", I tried to change the subject but Natalie already started looking after her brother. When she found him standing next to Julia at the buffet, she stiffened slightly.
"Do you think she's going to hurt him?", Natalie asked, pointing in Julia's direction. I smirked. "Well, she's so fond of him I couldn't imagine she would ever harm him."
Natalie frowned. "This is disgusting", she muttered. She shook her head. "Maybe I should be happy for him. I never thought that there would be any girl in the world to like him like this. After all, he's just Elliot." Natalie stopped talking when she noticed this might have been the first time she talked more than two sentences at once to me. "Talking to you is kind of nice. It feels like you are actually listening.", she said before standing up abruptly.
"Well, I am listening to you after all. It's nice talking to you as well. I guess we should do that more often.", I said, smirking. I felt like we would be good friends one day. She already had started to warm up towards me, I knew. When she went back to her brother, I could almost feel Julia's disappointment. She let herself fall on the chair next to me and watched the siblings arguing again.
"We almost had a real conversation. Well, I talked and he listened, I guess but it was the first time we talked about something that hadn't got anything to do with work. That's good, huh?"
I smiled at Julia's excitement. She had fallen so hard for Elliot. "I should have met everybody on the island by now, haven't I?", I asked. Julia scanned the room and shrugged.
"You haven't met Sabrina and Regis yet, I guess. I don't know why they aren't here today. They probably have a lot of work to do since winter is over and the mining work is getting easier with every day. Regis owns a big mining company, you know? Sabrina is our age. She's shy but very sweet, you will like her."
I smiled. I was looking forward to meeting another person my age. It seemed like this island was a paradise for single begin- to mid-twenties since there were so many bachelors and bachelorettes around. Maybe I could find somebody to love as well here. And if not, I would find many friends to spend my time with. Suddenly Julia's eyes brightened.
"My cousin will come here in three days! He's an animal dealer who travels around the country and delivers animals to farmers. He's kind of grumpy and dark but I'm happy anyways. He's family after all." How could somebody related to Julia and Mirabelle be dark and grumpy? They seemed to be the personification of optimism and happiness. That's why I enjoy their presence that much after all. Julia continued rambling about what would happen next week but I spaced out for a second.
"Are you even listening?", she asked and looked at me reproachfully. I blushed and reached for the back of my head.
"Ummm...", I really wanted to apologize but Julia's attention was attracted when Elliot ran out of the room. Was he crying? I eyed Natalie. She didn't seem to care and only darted a gaze at Julia when she ran out of the diner as well. What a party.
I watched Charlie and Eliza dancing together and I almost died because it looked so adorable. The ten-year-olds were the first ones to hit the dancefloor and soon the adults started as well. Since Natalie and I were the only young people left, I decided to go home.

I followed the path to my farm and when I had an overview of the big field and my small, rather shabby house I couldn't quite believe it. Sure, I have been here for three days but the nights were always difficult. That was when nobody was around and I could hear the clock ticking all night long. My sleep wasn't the best here since I could hear every single noise from outside the house. I should let Gannon fix that as soon as possible. It was quite cold, even though it was spring now. I only hoped it wouldn't start raining or I would need to get some buckets to contain the water dripping from the ceiling.
When I laid in my bed I couldn't keep my eyes closed because of the wind rattling against my door. "Maybe I should write a letter to my parents", I thought before getting up and got some pen and paper.
"Dear Mum and Dad,", I started. I couldn't decide where to start so I told them about my friendship with Julia and how I'm positive on finding many friends here. I didn't write about the noises in my house and how I couldn't sleep at night because I knew my mother would freak out about that. I probably shouldn't tell dad that there are men my age on this island, I didn't want him to come here and take me back home. I smirked when I thought about how he always had intervened when there was a boy talking to me in front of him. I sighed. I miss them so much. With a look out of the window, I realized again how much land was here, just for me and my heart beat fast when I thought of all the adventures that were going to come.
It may have been the first time since arriving here when I could sleep peacefully. I dreamed of how I would be a successful farmer and how there was nothing to stop me from becoming one.