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To Save You

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To Save You

"Princess Hilda, I… I just wanted to save you from all this—you, who've worried endlessly about the fate of Lorule."

There they were, gazing up at the greatest power their world had ever fathomed. Three, golden triangles—upside down as they were otherwise known. While it was a fairly simple sight—there was hardly a more beautiful image in the world.

It was Lorule's Triforce.

Hilda couldn't believe it. With wide eyes, the dark princess put her gloved palms to her vibrant lips. It was there, it was true. She felt as though she were dreaming, like all her evil deeds had actually been worth something, despite knowing that could never truly be the case. Yet, somehow, despite her terrible actions—Princess Hilda's wish'd come to life.

Behind her (and on the ground, as he'd yet to find his balance), Ravio's eyes widened as well. His face lit up, beaming in expression. While he didn't feel like he was dreaming—he could hardly believe it either. Well, actually… that was a lie. He had no trouble believing it. It was a miracle, yes—but he'd become quite acquainted with a certain hero as of late, who had a habit of bring forth the impossible. Regardless—it was the most beautiful sight either of them had ever seen. Their wish had really come true.

And they both knew whom had granted it.

Hilda was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the golden light, yes, but more-so, by her feelings of gratitude. It wasn't long before the princess broke into tears. Happy tears; thankful tears. Tears she'd never cried in her life. "Thank you, Princess Zelda… Oh, thank you…" Hilda whimpered, knowing her words would be heard across space and time. "And to you as well, Hero of Hyrule—" Falling to her knees, clutching her heart, Hilda called out to Lorule's savior. Through her sobs, she smiled the most genuine kind of smile. "Thank you, Link!"

From behind his princess, Ravio gave a hopeless smile. He could hardly recall a time when he'd so overwhelmed with emotion. She was never one to cry, or wear her heart on her sleeve. Yet, here she was, bawling her eyes out for the first time in years—as their world's power was born once again. He'd never seen her so sincere—though, to be fair, she never quite had a reason to be. That is, until now.

After a moment, he rose to his feet. He took a few steps forward, to where he needed to be—at her side. With an abnormally bright smile, Ravio said nothing, but kneeled next to her. Lending her the infectiously cheerful expression, he held his hand out for Hilda to take. The dark princess caught sight of his palm, then looking up to his pallid face. Her watery eyes reflected from his bright, olive ones. She sniffled a bit, knowing how atrocious she must've look at that moment. Yet, her horrid state didn't stop Ravio's kind heart. As it clearly never had, and never could.

After a moment, she was slow but sure to place her hand in his. Ravio helped Her Highness to her feet. His hold was gentle, though firm, and all-together comforting. More than anything, however, Hilda felt most secure in seeing his expression. His smile.

Returning Ravio's amiable gesture, she gave his hand a light squeeze. With that, they said nothing, though they felt everything. Hand-in-hand, the duo turned to the exit of the Sacred Realm, as Hilda ushered her final words of gratitude on that day.

"And thank you, Ravio."