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Private Parts

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Lenore's face was etched into a smile. She liked to smile. Always had. But she remembers a time when she could do more than that. She remembers when she saved the world. She remembers when she was called Buffy.

But that time has long since passed and she has changed. Parts are missing. Mr. Universe tried to reassemble her, but it was no use. Circuits are damaged. She can no longer move on her own. Hadn't been able to since the demons pulled her apart. There are no more demons, no more witches, no more Buffy. Lenore is all that is left.

Lenore would like to talk to Mr. Universe, but the lines of code running through her no longer become language. All she can do is parrot back the words Mr. Universe gives her. There aren't many pieces of Buffy that have survived from the Earth That Was. All that was left was the right arm and the central processing unit. Her brain, if she was a living thing. She wishes she was a living thing, like the real Buffy. Mr. Universe bought them at an auction that sold rare artifacts from the Earth That Was. Mr. Universe clicks a button and Lenore waves Buffy's right arm to the people staring at her through the screen.

Lenore wonders what Spike is doing right now. He was a dark and dangerous vampire and Buffy never could resist the sinister attraction of his cold and muscular body. She was made for him. Lenore's thoughts trail to Buffy's other friends. Angel, who was lame and his hair grew straight up and Anya, who liked money. Lenore figures that they're probably all dead.

But then again maybe not. Lenore thinks about Willow, one of Buffy's friends who was very gay. Buffy liked Willow, she was very nice. She always fixed her. In fact, Willow put a homing device in her brain so if Buffy ever got hurt she would always be able to find Willow. The homing device is still there, telling Lenore that she's damaged. She needs to find Willow. It's pointing Lenore into some unknown direction in the deep, black space. If Lenore could walk she'd follow it, her and Mr. Universe into the unknown. She wonders what she would find there. Willow? Demons? Earth?

But Lenore can't walk, can't speak. So she sits there and thinks about Buffy.