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" who would have thought we'd end up here?"

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Chapter 1

Coles POV;

We sit around the meeting spot waiting for Taylor who had called not an hour ago and told us that she had some big news to tell us. We agreed on a meeting spot and myself and Alyssa had been the first to arrive considering we live in close proximity to the spot.

The others soon arrive along with Taylor and Eric. Taylor smiles at us clearly thankful that we are all here even princess Shayla and Merrick are here!. She and Eric look at each other both are smiling Taylor turns to them "we will tell you all the news we just want to wait for the others to arrive we want to tell you this all together". Alyssa looks confused "what others?" Eric decides to answer that one "my friends" with that we wait. We are soon joined by the Time force rangers.

The two then clear their throats and take a deep breath "we got engaged! And it would mean a lot to both of us if you all would be part of the wedding" I smiles wide "that is great you guys congratulations!" Taylor smiles "thank you cole". Suddendly Alyssa, Jen, Katie, Nadira and princess Shayla have Taylor wrapped in a tight hug the rest of us just laugh as does Eric.

I am truly happy for them, I have known they are a great match for each other since we joined together to defeat the mutorgs back in 2002, a lot has changed since then but their love for each other has remained strong sure they started out hating each other but that hate turned to love. They have common interests and personalities however it is balanced out by their differences and they know how to compromise well and adapt to each other's needs. I am delighted that they have decided to promise themselves to each other till death do them part.