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SQUIP Squad Meets the Spelling Bee Kids

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New message from: no-ones-heere

no-ones-heere: dude PLEASE tell me there's a story behind that thing you just posted on that thread

no-ones-heere: I have no clue who the fuck you are at all but that nickname has to have an explanation. please. I need to know

i-like-spelling-too: what wait wht is this

i-like-spelling-too: oh shit that yeah

no-ones-heere: 1 how do u get a nickname like boner boy in the first place and 2 you seriously quit spelling bees? u did those??

i-like-spelling-too: yes because I'm good at spelling. went to nationals twice. I only quit for a year.

i-like-spelling-too: I got a boner at a spelling bee and got eliminated on a word because of it. not a complex story

no-ones-heere: yikes dude that sucks. tbh that would probably happen to me though

i-like-spelling-too: I was twelve

no-ones-heere: holy shit that's rough

no-ones-heere: you at least asked the girl out or got her number or something right?

i-like-spelling-too: okay I just stalked your page and u seem chill enough

i-like-spelling-too: it wasn't really? a girl?

no-ones-heere: yeah turns out I kindf HOLY SHIT WHAT

i-like-spelling-too: i read that you are pining over your best friend, you can't talk

i-like-spelling-too: he was admittedly not my best friend at the time but a fellow competitor

no-ones-heere: ho-ly shit dude

i-like-spelling-too: you're required by law to tell an embarrassing story now

no-ones-heere: okay

no-ones-heere: I almost destroyed my school and by extension the world?

i-like-spelling-too: how??

no-ones-heere: a crush on a girl, an edible supercomputer, and Mountain Dew

i-like-spelling-too: you said that with so much confidence but that doesn't make things any clearer

no-ones-heere: have u ever heard of this thing called a SQUIP?

i-like-spelling-too: no?

no-ones-heere: they're awful and don't ever buy one

i-like-spelling-too: I'll take your word for it

no-ones-heere: it's a super quantum unit intel processor, a mini super computer that's supposed to tell you what to do to be cool and stuff

no-ones-heere: I bought one last year and used it, and I heard nothing about how straight up fucking evil these things are. Managed to shut it off but I can't drink normal Mountain Dew anymore and also almost wrecked a decade long friendship and a school play

i-like-spelling-too: i don't want to be a dick, but I can't find those SQUIP things on google.

no-ones-heere: it's some top secret, can't even find it on the Internet shit. Some guy at school told me about it in the bathroom

no-ones-heere: he burnt a house down and ended up in the hospital for awhile

i-like-spelling-too: damn. that sounds worse than a spelling bee boner

i-like-spelling-too: maybe one of my friends knows something about it. wouldn't put it past her to have heard that on the news

no-ones-heere: she'd have to have interest in super local nj news cause we didn't even get state coverage

i-like-spelling-too: wait you're from NJ too??

no-ones-heere: youre from new jersey??? holy shit that's awesome

i-like-spelling-too: yeah! spelling rep from Putnam county

no-ones-heere: shiiiiiit man

no-ones-heere: I almost went to putnam county finals in like. jr high.

no-ones-heere: had to go to the champs bat mitzvah tho so the kid in third went

i-like-spelling-too: how long ago

no-ones-heere: uhhhh 4? 5 years? didn't do anything after tho, cause spelling sucks ass

no-ones-heere: no offense

i-like-spelling-too: you've met leaf then

i-like-spelling-too: oh shit if you had made it there wouldn't have been a bee boner

no-ones-heere: leaf? was he like... really fucking weird? ginger maybe? it's been awhile lmao

i-like-spelling-too: yes

no-ones-heere: hard to forget

no-ones-heere: fuck. this is so weird. we were one bat mitzvah away from meeting each other irl

i-like-spelling-too: did you ever watch nationals

no-ones-heere: uh idk. why

i-like-spelling-too: I've been to them and also you'd have seen some of my friends possibly

no-ones-heere: k when

i-like-spelling-too: Marcy and I were 07 nationals

i-like-spelling-too: she was 9th and I was not even close to top ten, lets put it that way

i-like-spelling-too: 08 has barf, 09 & 11 was olive, and 10 & 12 was me again

no-ones-heere: That's fuckin wild man lmao

no-ones-heere: shit I gotta go

i-like-spelling-too: oh uh ok then. talk to you later or something