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Jungkook wiped the last of his tears from his blotchy face as he climbed into the car waiting for him and his members. Jin, who was feeling guilty for being a part of the prank that took place a few hours earlier, turns to Jungkook “hey, do you want to order lamb skewers and watch Iron Man tonight?”

Jungkook stared at him “you hate Iron Man. We argued for an hour about this two months ago…”

“I know but it’s your birthday and it’s your favorite food and movie isn’t it? So, your choice” Jin smiled at him. Jungkook grinned and nodded back but to tell the truth he wasn’t feeling up to being social that night. His throat still felt thick and his nose still congested from crying. And deeper than all of the physical conditions, he felt a little hurt that his hyungs would pull a prank like that on him. He knew they meant to be funny and make his birthday special but he didn’t feel so special. He felt a little betrayed actually.


The car came to a halt before the boys dorm and they all climbed out of the car. Jungkook was the last one to exit the vehicle, feeling a little awkward with his members. He knew he’d get over these weird feelings but it was going to take a little time before he could fully trust them again. Obviously, they could never know about how Jungkook truly felt, it would hurt them too much. He quietly trudged up the stairs after them.

“I’m calling the skewer place” Jin announced. “Does anyone want anything else? Answer me now or I swear I will kick your asses to Timbuktu.”

“Wait!” Tae ran out of his bedroom and towards Jin. “I want fried chicken too”

“See, there we go. Anyone else want anything?” Jin dialed the phone number and pushed Tae off towards his room to go take a shower. Jungkook smiled at them before quietly heading off to his own room for an extra long shower.

Jungkook quickly got dressed and headed towards the living room, knowing if he wasted any more time the boys were going to send someone to check on him. He arrived to see the boys all showered and sitting on the couches with blankets around them and popcorn on the table. The movie had begun playing as soon as Jungkook walked through the door.

“The food is going to take 30 minutes so eat some popcorn” said Hobi. “Not too much, understand? I know you’ve got a black hole for a stomach but we ordered extra skewers for you”

Jungkook smiled his thanks before grabbing a handful and sinking into the spot next to Yoongi hyung, who was also being quieter than usual. Yoongi scooted over to give Jungkook more room and grabbed him a blanket.

If he was going to be honest, Yoongi also felt guilty about the birthday prank after seeing Jungkook’s teary face because Jungkook wasn’t crying out of happiness that they were celebrating his birthday. No, Yoongi knew he was crying out of happiness that his hyungs and the staff weren’t mad at him and that he didn’t do anything wrong. Knowing about Jungkook’s perfectionism, Yoongi couldn’t even imagine what he’d do if someone pulled that prank on him but they had done it to their maknae. Yoongi silently vowed to be kinder to Jungkook until the prank was forgotten about.

As the movie played on, suddenly a ring tone started trilling through the air. Everyone knew it was Jungkook’s phone because each of the boys had a different ringtone so that when a phone rang, they wouldn’t scramble to figure out whose phone was ringing. Jungkook looked at the caller ID and quickly moved to get up so he could go into the kitchen where it was more private and could talk.

“Wait, when you come back can you bring some water and sprite?” asked Namjoon as Tae next to him nodded in agreement.

“Sure but it’ll take a minute” Jungkook quickly swiped to answer the call.

“Hey hyung” Jungkook smiled as he moved towards the fridge.

“Happy birthday Kook!” Junghyun exclaimed on the other end. “How’d your birthday go? Did you eat a lot of cake? I know you didn’t because your an idol and you need to stay in shape of whatever but you should eat some cake in a while!”

Jungkook smiled “I know hyung, I will when I’m not filming anymore. I promise I’ll come home and eat cake with you, eomma, and appa.”

“You better”

Jungkook quickly put the phone on speaker phone so he could grab the water and soda from the fridge.

“So, what did you do for today?” His brother asked. Jungkook stalled for a second as he sat down a the table, wondering if he should tell his brother the truth or another lie. He loved his brother and knew he would give him good advice but he also knew that his brother would just worry.

“You’re being too quiet. What happened Kook?”

Jungkook shook his head at how well his brother knew him. Then he told his hyung everything. From the start of the day when none of the members acknowledged his birthday but he was fine with that because they had filming that day. But then he seemed to be doing everything wrong and how he didn’t understand how to fix himself. And then how he felt he was bringing the band down with his mistakes and how he thought everyone was angry with him and how much he couldn’t handle people being angry with him. Also how relieved he was to find out it was just a prank. A really mean one but just a prank.

“Ahh Jungkookie, I know it hurt your feelings but you know they don’t doubt your abilities right?”

“I don’t know hyung… I can’t be the one that ruins BTS cause I can’t dance right! I’m the only one Bang Shi-hyuk nim sent to America to get better at dancing. Maybe they felt bad and just pulled the prank thing to make me feel better. And even if they didn’t, what if its serious next time.” Jungkook stays quiet for a moment before softly murmuring, “I feel like I can’t trust them hyung. I know it’s really stupid and that they were kidding and it was just a prank but a tiny part of me is really angry and hurt they would do that.”

Junghyun sighed “I know Kook, but you are good at your job and they know that. Bang Shi-hyuk saw something great in you and you are great. You know if they ever did really hurt you I’d kick their asses, right? I am in the military you know. I’d never let anyone hurt my baby brother, family or not.”

Jungkook laughed before saying a sincere “Thanks hyung. I love you.”

“I love you too Kook, now go hang out with your members. You’ll feel better. Happy birthday kid.”

Jungkook hung up the phone feeling a thousand times better knowing his brother had his back and that he was right. His members were just pulling a prank and they couldn’t have known how it would affect him. He hums happily as he goes back to the fridge to get himself some apple juice before heading out to the living room.

He turns around and flinches a little. The other 6 members of Bangtan were standing in the doorway with take out bags in hand, watching Jungkook and looking horrified. Jungkook immediately turns bright red and begins apologizing profusely, saying he’ll do better next time and that he wasn’t taking his hyungs for granted and he’s sorry for complaining about them.

Tae’s eyes softened as Jungkook rambled and came forward quickly to hug him tight. He whispered “I’m so so sorry, we never meant to hurt you.” Jungkook stopped talking and just wrapped his arms around Tae, happy to get the confirmation that the prank wasn’t meant to hurt his feelings.

One by one, all of the members join the huddle in making their maknae feel better. Namjoon apologized saying he’s the leader and he should’ve known better than to do that. Yoongi ruffles Jungkook’s hair and Jin promised to make him whatever food he wanted. Jimin and Tae drag him over to the couch to finish the movie and shove a plate of food in front of him.

By the end of the movie, the plates were wiped clean and Junkook was passed out on the couch from the days exhaustion and emotions running high. Hobi looks at Kook sleeping on his shoulder and quietly said with conviction,

“We are never doing anything like that again. To him or any one of us. None of us deserve to go through that and we put him through it for a laugh and we hurt him. He had to talk to his brother to feel better. Never again.”

“I mean in all honesty, his brother could actually kick our asses” Jimin joked halfheartedly. “I mean its not like we don’t deserve it for what we did.”

Jin pulled a blanket over Jungkook’s sleeping body, announcing it was time to go to bed and that they’d all make it up to JK tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.

Everyone nodded in agreement, all of them thinking of ways to make it up to their sleeping golden youngest and make sure the stupid prank was behind them.