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It was late one evening when eight boys could be found in the Midoriya household, preparing for one of their monthly movie dates. This time, they were going to watch The Greatest Showman (Sero’s pick). Last time they had watched a movie at Iida’s dorm, the time before that at Shouji’s, and so on. (Midoriya didn’t have a TV in his dorm, hence why they snuck to his house.) Inko Midoriya made popcorn (several batches), and her son Izuku was fetching a couple pillows for Ojiro’s tail to rest on, as there wasn’t enough on the couch.

Eventually they all settled in, and the first few notes of the movie began to play as they watched.

An hour in, multiple things were happening. Sero and Midoriya were attempting to sing along to the current song, and Todoroki watched them with a small smile. Iida and Shinsou were quietly discussing the logic behind a certain stunt that had just occurred, and Shouji was holding a sleeping Tokoyami in his arms. Ojiro had the popcorn in his lap, eating it piece by piece.

By the time the movie was over, Tokoyami wasn’t the only one asleep. Shinsou had passed out with his head on Todoroki’s shoulder, and both Sero and Ojiro had fallen asleep on each other. Green-haired Midoriya slowly went over and turned off the TV, smiling at his boyfriends who were still awake and going to get some blankets.

When Midoriya got back, Todoroki had already gathered his things and was standing at the door. He had to leave and get back to his dorm; if his father found out he’d stayed over at someone’s house, he’d be in deep shit. After handing the blankets off to Shouji and Iida, Midoriya walked over to Todoroki and kissed his cheek.

“See you tomorrow Shouto. Love you.” Midoriya couldn’t help his cheeks darkening slightly when he murmured those two words, a dorky grin on his face.

Todoroki smiled softly in reply. “Okay. I love you too, Izuku.”

He left, and Midoriya went back over to the others. No one wanted to move those already sleeping, so they just adjusted as necessary, pulled blankets over each other, and fell asleep.

The next morning, they had to wake up earlier than usual to get back to their dorms in order to get ready for school. Inko had already cooked them breakfast by the time they were up, and they ate gratefully, complimenting the small woman on her wonderful cooking.

It was rainy that morning, so they walked rather quickly, sheltered by Shouji’s arms. Ojiro reached over and laced his fingers in Sero’s, and Midoriya did the same with Shinsou. Iida and Tokoyami walked side by side, Iida protecting the bird-headed male from any bursts of rain that made its way past Shouji’s arms.

When they got to the dorms, they had to split. After a giant group hug and many I-love-you-so-much’s, they each walked to their individual dorms to prepare for the day.