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My Ballerina Girl

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It had been a long, hard, horrible shift at work, and all he wanted to do when he got home was to sit on his back porch and drink a beer. He parked the car in the garage, turned the ignition off and took a deep breath before he slowly got out of his car. He could tell his wife was home. but he knew the kids were in school. He opened the door quietly to the laundry room, putting his duffle on the washing machine. He scrubbed his hand over his face then ran a hand through his blonde hair as he walked through the kitchen.

Music filtered into his addled brain, causing him to pause in the kitchen. He was definitely hearing music and it was coming from the den. He made his way to the door to the den and looked in. He was surprised at what he saw.

Ballerina Girl

You are so lovely

With you standing there

I'm so aware

Of how much I care for you

He couldn't believe it, there was his wife, dancing in the middle of the room by herself, twirling in step to the music. He knew she loved to dance, but didn't know she practiced when he was gone. He leaned against the door frame, not wanting to stop the magic.

You are more than now

You are for always

I can see in you

My dreams come true

Don't you ever go away

You make me feel like

There's nothing I can't do

And when I hold you

I only want to say I love you

9He had a smile on his face, the problems he had at work melting away as his wife changed her pace to the new song. He decided to make his presence know, sidled his way into the room and twirled his way into his wife's arms as she spun. She looked surprised as they danced together perfectly, as if one.

Ballerina Girl

The joy you bring me

Every day and night

Holding you tight

How I've waited for your love

"When did you get home? Not that I don't mind," Joanne asked, smiling up at her husband.

"I've been home for a little while. I was watching you dance for a few minutes. I didn't know you did that," Roy replied, leaning down and kissing his wife.

"I do it all the time, I like to practice. But I can tell something is wrong with you. Bad shift?" She asked, her head leaning against her husband's shoulder.

The reality of the day before crashed back down on him, threatening to take him down. He didn't say anything, just relying on the solid strength of his wife.

Sometimes I've wondered

If you'd ever come my way

Now that I've finally found you

This is where my heart will stay

"Yeah, it was a bad day."

Joanne looked up at Roy and asked, "Do you want to go sit on the back porch?"

How she knew what he was thinking always amazed him. "No, I just want to hold you and not let go."

Joanne laid her head back on his shoulder and sighed, "I just want to hold you too."

I'm never gonna break your heart

Never will we drift apart

'Cause all I wanna do

Is share my whole life with you

'Cause you make me feel like

There's nothing I can't do

I guess I finally realized

There's nothing else like loving you

The two moved in unison, even as the music died down. They danced to music in their hearts that was being written by their love.

Ballerina Girl

You are so lovely

I can see in you

My dreams come true

Don't you ever go away

Ballerina Girl...

Finally, the two pulled away, Roy kissing his wife deeply before he let her go. His wife always knew what he needed when he needed it. As she went to start a load of laundry and make himl some breakfast, he watched her walk away. She looked like she could start dancing again at any moment. She was his and he loved her more than life itself. She was his and that was all that mattered to him. She was his ballerina, his dancing girl, his music to her lyrics.