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He Doesn't Share

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Derek was 12 when he had his first heat. And no not like omegas but he did share characteristics with them. He road out the four-day fever by himself whimpering and aching for something he didn’t know. It was awful and miserable and Derek hated it all.

He only had to wait a year though, because when he was 13 when he finally figured out what was going on the only downside to it was it took four days for him to find out. He’s heat hit early and he was at school when it happened. His mom and Dad were a few hours out meeting with Satomi Ito and her pack so he did the only thing he could think of. He called Laura, only his sister answered the phone barked at him to leave her alone and then hung up. Derek was starting to panic after that he had tears running down his face because he didn’t want to be like this and he didn’t want to do this here, he didn’t really even understand. He felt awful and needed someone and somewhere safe. He picked up his cellphone again and was just about to make a call when his phone blared and he heard Peter’s ringtone. He made a happy and surprised noise and answered it letting out a high pitched noise when he said hello. There were a few words before they ended the call and Derek was back to sitting and waiting for Peter to come get him.

By the time Peter made it to the school and to his pup Derek was panting and feverish. He picked him up slowly and carefully hearing his pup whine about everything hurting and needing for Peter to fix it and he smelt so good. He tried to set Derek down only for him to start sobbing and making distressed noises at the fact that his mate didn’t want to touch him. Peter winced and moved to sit in the driver's seat then slide him down into the passenger seat. He sighed and nuzzled into his boy's neck before taking off. He called Talia and told her the issue and listened as she told him to care for Derek and her and everyone else will stay away until the heat was over and then they would talk to him about what was going on. That was the first time he slept with Derek… and the day he gave his pup his Mating bit.

See Peter knew Derek was his, had since he had his first rut, he knew one day his baby boy was going to get of age and he would woo him and court him until his heat and if Derek wished he would join him...but all that was thrown under the bus when his mother let it slip to his dear wonderful sister that Derek was his mate and he was soon being whisked off to an early start program at NYU. It was hard, Derek stopped talking to him for months, no matter what Peter said or did and he, in turn, would only answer for his mother or in rare cases Derek and Cora. He had only come back because Derek supposedly had been dating some girl Paige and Talia seemed to deem it “safe” for him to come back. So he was lucky he was home so was Derek and Peter couldn’t handle Derek like this...he had plans but as Derek whined and begged for him he caved, he would do anything his boy wanted. Damned, what happened because of it.

Derek had heats explained to him five days after his first one began. He had mates explained to him in more details after that as well…It was when his mom was talking about what happens when you mate when you get your bit that he understood, that he looked into Peter’s eyes and tried to not show emotions by his scent or anything and god he wasn’t going to cry about it either… But he loved Peter, had been in love with him… and as Peter winked and gave him his this soft smile disguised as a smirk he knew that he had this man for the rest of their lives.

Derek had to wait another two years for Peter to finish school and move back. He was already a successful writer, a first book already making the best sellers list and a few art pieces that got sold for a lot of money. Derek was so proud of him and was so happy that he was going to carry his mate's scent again. He had pleaded with his mom to let him go pick Peter up and she agreed, even if it was under the condition that he had to take his Nana. But the woman just smirked at his put-upon sigh and winked. When they got to the airport he finally figured out why when she practically pushed him out of the car and said she was too old to go chase her son down so he can get him by himself, he’s still young enough to have to have that energy.

When he met him at baggage claim he couldn’t help but slam into the older wolf and take in deep lung-fulls of his scent before they kissed each other senseless and searing. He was happy and whole for the first time in years… he didn’t think it could ever get better then it was right this minute…

But he was wrong..His best day came three years later when he was on spring break and he had been sick for a few weeks so he promised his mom he would see Deaton after he was sick for the hundredth time that morning and see what the problem was.
Deaton had to fit him in at noon between a Rottweiler with a bad tooth and a German Shepard that had a broken paw. He was lead back and briskly instructed to hop up onto the supernaturally cold work table and to pull his shirt off and to wait while he grabbed some things. It was a regular checkup until Deaton had him lay back and started to feel his stomach. He hit a sensitive spot and he whimpered his fangs dropping and his eyes flashing as he tried to claw at Deaton a hand protective over his stomach. His wolf coming to the forefront while a very confused Derek just watched?. After that, he doesn’t remember much expect coming around when his shift pulls back and finding a haggard Deaton with claw marks on his arms. He whimpers out Peter’s name as he reigns the wolf back and then rushes to apologize to the man. But the Druid just assures him it’s ok and he explains what he thinks is happening, giving him vitamins and a food list because for now, he is on a certain diet.

He got into his car in a daze as he drove to Peter’s, his mind racing playing out all of the older man ’s reactions, thinking over ways to tell him… Derek was worried but as he ran his hand over his stomach and felt the little bump that was there he knew his mate would be ecstatic just like he was…

He parks around the corner from Peter’s place and gets out taking a few deep breaths as he gets closer. Peter hadn’t answered the phone when he called him a few times so he could only hope that his mate was there and was just lost in his new book or a new painting. He wasn’t prepared to hear the sound of his mate laughing and see him with a handsome blond man who was, in Derek’s eyes standing a little too close to Peter. He really wasn’t prepared to watch as Peter leaned over and placed a kiss on the man’s cheek or for the soft “Thanks for coming by again, I just really needed this and you're the only one I could think of to help me”. Derek made a hurt noise his mind jumping at what those words could mean and gasped as a stab of pain that hit him at the implications of him not being enough. Of him not providing for Peter. His eyes flared as his wolf whined and he looked around whimpering when he saw his mate's blazingly blue eyes land and narrow at him….And he well he did the only thing he could think to do. He did what his wolf was yelling at him to do because he couldn’t rip this stranger's face off for touching Peter if Peter wanted this man more than he ran…

Derek didn’t come home for days after that, hiding out in his wolf pelt and spending most of the time crying or angrily hunting, his wolf taking over at various points and leaving impressive kills or pretty rocks or things on Peter’s car. It took Nana tracking him and laying down for a few hours with him and a very intense grooming for Derek to slowly walk back with her. He had changed once he was back in his room but he didn’t dare come out. He couldn’t deal with his mother or Laura. He just wanted to have his mate… to be enough for his Peter.

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The day Derek had ran from Peter’s apartment and from Peter, in general, had been one of the stupidest things he had ever done, two weeks later he would realize that...but only after he had lost everything.

See Derek met Kate Argent that day when he cried sitting on a bench wondering what the hell he was going to do, she had walked up and with a sweet smile asked if she could sit by him. She didn’t say much but soon enough she was holding out a pack of tissues and as he said thank you, she asked him if he wanted to talk about who made a pretty thing like him cry. And so lead an edited version of what happened. And that leads to the disastrous Kate and Derek friendship. She was nice and sweet to him and she helped give him advice and agreed with him as he voiced his hurt and anger over seeing Peter with someone who wasn’t him. Of course, he never said who Peter was but he stupidly gave his last name to her when she said her name was Kate Silver but she goes by Katie. It was a fast friendship that he never questioned….even when he maybe should have...

He had been avoiding Peter like crazy, not necessarily hurt anymore by what had happened...Derek just felt...stupid! Peter was his everything, he shared all of his big firsts with the man. And he knew, I mean he knew that Peter was a man and Derek himself was more of a teen and maybe too young but he though Peter loved him. So he avoided him, but at night when he felt the warm liquid feeling that came with Peter “touching” the bond he would let himself at least smile a little and try to believe that the feelings that came through it were true. But any time he tried to talk to Kate her voice would get this sickly sweet almost condescending sound to it and she would say in this fux soft voice “Oh sweet, he’s a man and your a boy what could he possibly want with you? I relationship? I think not!” After that he kept even more distance from them all...pack and Kate

It had been a hard but surprisingly ok week, no one pushed him or tried to figure out what was going on with him. So as his two-week checkup came around Derek was at the click for his cub so Deaton could take a look and let him know how healthy his baby was. As he sat there talking to the vet about name’s and collages he was looking into and all the baby things he still had to buy, he didn’t know Kate was busy sneaking through the Preserve with a group of hunters to set his house on fire and bring his world to an he spasmed on the table and threw up everything in his stomach at the pain and grief, confused and disoriented at the time his body fighting an attack Derek didn’t, couldn’t see. He couldn’t tell that while he felt like he was being burned alive from the inside out his family was actually being burned alive. He didn’t know his mate was having to help all the parents kill his cousins and siblings.... He felt all the pain his mate was in, all the heartbreak and loss..he felt every bond brake and every person slip away from him. By the time he felt his mate bond shatter all he could do was scream and howl. He was empty, he was so empty and he didn’t know what to do…

Derek and Laura ran, he didn’t want to but it wasn’t safe for the baby and there was nothing here for him. Laura kept making that loudly clear. He now knew just how their bond was broken, how Peter had died. What he had to do before he died….He was silent for months never saying anything as his Sister...his new Alpha tried to force him to talk. Alpha ordered him..roared...tried to insult Peter and rile him up. Tried to tell him details about what the pack suffered wanting that sick satisfaction of breaking him and hurting him as much as she could. But he didn’t know why… But even so, he never uttered a word, he couldn’t it all hurt so much. It hurt so bad that he didn’t even utter a sound before his “little light” was born.

Luca Ander Hale was born at a rough 1:30 A.M on a hot night in June. It was one of the best/worst days of Derek’s life. He had been listening to music and washing the dishes from dinner when he felt a sharp jab in his stomach making him cry out the plate in his hand breaking as his muscles flexed and he felt another jab of pain and a bunch of wetness. He looked down worried and panicking as he came to the sight of his being broken. After that, he could only scream from Laura and let her whisk him off to a supernaturally in the known hospital. After hours of labor, he gave birth to an amazing baby boy. He picked Luca because his baby was his only light...his only reason to live…. And Ander because It was Peter’s middle name and he wanted his cub to have something of his father. He got Nana’s eyes, so Amber they looked Beta gold but he had Peter’s hair, his skin tone but he had moles like Nana as well and he was gorgeous. He cried for hours holding his son close howling for his other half that wasn’t where he should be. Once he had cried himself out and tucked Peter away back into his spot in the very core of his heart he jumped out into the real world again, he couldn’t be a good parent for his cub if he ghosted through life…

He took his GED and then started looking for colleges that would take him. He ended up at the local community one near them and he went to get a degree in something he had always loved… He was going for a double major of language translation and Literature. He knew you could get amazing money doing it and he could work from home or teach it and he couldn’t think of anything better to do, that he would be happy with and no matter what Laura said. He was not going to let his little light grow up in some gross apartment. His baby, his cub would have whatever he wanted.

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Stiles was a three years old when it happened, he was at the apartment while Stiles was with a neighbor that they were close to that had offered to watch him because Derek “looked like he was minutes away from dying”. He was laying on the couch when the first wave hit. He had to gasp and double over as cramps took over his stomach and body. He was panting and then rutting against the couch whimpering as he tried to find relief crying as he whispered Peter’s name….he couldn’t help but yell it out as his body shuttered and he finally came his hips stuttering and rocking against the couch still. When his brain finally cleared for however long it would stay that way he got up and made his way to his room and stripped. He grabbed his phone and even though he knew this wouldn’t go well he made the call he had to.
ring…..ring…..ring…….”Derek, I can’t really-”
“Laura...My started and I can’t have Stiles here he’s still with Ms. Adams can you pick him up and go somewhere for the next few days?”
There was a long pause before he heard cursing then what sounded like Laura talking to someone on her end then she was back and sighed into the phone. “Ok Der here’s what I want you to do...ok? Are you listening?” Derek made some vague noise that he was as the next wave of heat came over him. He whimpered and he squirmed and Laura cursed again. “Ok cub? I need you to hold off for like 10 minutes I’ll grab my stuff and then I’ll book it over there and when we are between heat waves I’ll call Ms. Adams say there was a family issue and ask her to take Stiles until tomorrow then we can get Marko from the Dorrian pack to come to pick him up and watch him. I’ll be there soon”. With that she hung up and Derek was left confused and he wondered why she was coming home….he didn’t want her..

The next few days were a blur of Derek throwing up and trying to claw his skin off after waves of him whimpering and being tied to the headboard as Laura rode him and made him fill her over and over. But three days later after his heat ended he woke up in his own bed fully clothed and feeling like it was all a fuzzy bad dream. The only thing that indicated any of it had been real was the lack of his son and the work he was very much behind on. So he took a shower and looked at his body wondering why he felt so weird, he shrugged it off and got cleaned fast and clinically like he had every day since the fire. He got dressed in a pair of ripped and faded jeans and a Henley. He sat down to work for a few hours already feeling the itch to go pick up his Luca. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t keep the need and went to have his cub with him, so it was only a matter of time before he would get dressed and go get him from Marko.

That’s why when he got into his car and was driving out of the city and into the woods of northern New York an hour and a half later he wasn’t even mad at himself. He did think he could chill a little when the normal drive was about an hour and he made it there in about 35 minutes. He pulled up to the pack house watching everyone as all the kids ran around and played. He was about to ask where his son was when Marko came out and was talking to some strange Alpha that had his kid...his bawling child in her arms.

“Like I said, Alpha Blackwood, it won’t be a problem the father has signed off rights to the child and the other parent is in a coma so it will never be an issue. Between you and I, I have it on good authority that the father in a coma won’t be staying that way for long if you know what I mean.” Marko and the Alpha laughed as she rocked his baby back and forth trying to hush him but Stiles wasn’t having it, he was unfrozen when the Alpha bitch growled at his baby for crying and harshly told him to “ Now stop that you are driving me crazy!” He roared and shifted his wolfs heckles going up as he watched the bitch hug Stiles close enough that he could see her making his skin red and start to bruise. He snarled and stalked closer. “What the fuck are you doing with my son! Who the hell gave you the right to take my cub! To even look or touch him! He’s my child and the only thing I have left of my mate! Give me my child and I will let you live!”

By then the whole pack was on their feet and looking uneasy each parent grabbing and holding their kids' closer. Alpha Dorrian moved over to them his hands held in front of him like he’s trying to calm a wild animal...which Derek actually felt like one at the moment. Wild, vicious and very pissed off.

“Derek…” The Alpha’s voice was a low rumble that was meant to calm him some but wasn't hitting the mark, the man was facing them both but took Stiles from the strange crazy woman that had him and looked pointedly at Derek. “You signed the papers over saying you didn’t want Stiles and to set him up with a new pack, we gave you the allotted four days to change your mind and to come to pick him up but you didn’t...he isn’t yours now Derek no matter the fact you gave birth to him it’s too late! So go home.” The words were ice, and pain…..and fire. He made the worst sound any of the pack had ever heard as he fell down to his knees and let a howl rip from him that was revenge mixed with pain. He shook as he tried to control himself and met all the eyes around him with his bright blue gaze, he was enraged and he would kill them all if he needed to.

“I didn’t sign my son away, I went into heat Laura said she would call Marko so he could watch him so he wasn’t in the apartment as I rode my heat out… I would never give him away or give him up you would have to kill me. You will have to kill me if you take my son from me! Please, he is all I have left, he’s my little light…” As the words left him Stiles quits and made a little wolf noise before he looked around in a daze and his cute little chubby fingers rubbed at his eyes. They all watched as he lifted his face and sniffled a little then more till his eyes landed on Derek’s. The smile that broke out on his baby’s face was the greatest thing he had ever seen. His little boy lifted his hands and made grabby fists and giggles his eyes getting wet as Alpha Dorrian tightened his arms around him. “Daddy!” Stiles squeal and then did something none of them saw coming. He flashed eyes at Dorrian then bit him hard the man’s reflexes working making him drop Stiles who instantly was at his Daddy’s side and was being held close and thoroughly scented. Derek growled at them as they tried to come closer and snarled walking back to his car and putting his son in his car seat before he leveled them with a glare. And when he spoke his voice dripped with menace and rage.

“My son’s first name isn’t Stiles by the way so if that is what the paper says then that wasn’t done by me that was done by Laura...I don’t know why but it was and if you try and come after me or try and take him then I will kill every single member in this pack and I’ll start with the kids.” With that, he got into his car and drove off every few seconds looking in the mirror to make sure his kiddo was back there. Derek breathed the scent coming off of him as well. He was having problems breathing his mind racing with the fact that he could have just lost his baby forever. His claws dug into the leather of the steering wheel while his fangs dug into his bottom lip. He was pissed, broken-hearted and someone was going to pay for this, his supposed Alpha would pay. Laura better hope by the time he got to the apartment she would be long gone...If not he would claw her to shreds.

Thankfully….but also disappointingly...Laura has cleared everything of hers out by the time he gets back and he really looks around. He sits on the end of the bed and sighs scrubbing his hands through his hair and over his face making a disgruntled noise when he flopped back and hear something crunch or crinkle under his head. When he moves to look, he sees a folded piece of paper and a disk case with a disk of some kind inside.

“Dear Derek,
Ok...I know you will be hurt and angry but I did it for your own good, and the good of the pack, I tried to take your memories of Stiles so you wouldn’t even miss him but it didn’t work. I’m sorry you have to deal with this all...but I think it is for the best. We need to live as a new pack. You will be my mate, help me have children and we will be the new pack. I’m going to do what I should have done a while ago and fix this all so that no one else can have you. Your mine Derek, I’m doing this for you! For us! I”ll be back soon…..You’ll see this was for the best one day…….

Derek couldn’t believe what the hell he had just read...he had always known his he knew Laura was crazy, she had always been a little manic but this was beyond everything….But it didn’t matter he would protect his son no matter what…

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It’s been about a year since that day and Derek could still feel Laura, their pack bond was thin and weak (Derek didn’t mind that at all) but it was still there and he hated it. He was packing up the apartment and were going to be moving to Colorado to stay with a family friend and maybe see about joining the local pack. He had already packed up his stuff and put it in the U-Halle and he had finished all of Stiles’s things except for the fox onesie he demanded to wear and a few books that Derek had hidden away that were new so his little light could read in the car and the wolf plushie that Peter had given Derek as a mating gift and made a joke that he needed something to cuddle when Peter couldn’t be with him. Derek had given the toy to Stiles as soon as he was born wanting him to be able to smell both his daddy and his pappa. All that was left to do was make sure everything was out of Laura’s room and then they would be off.


He hated this room and he hated as he opened the door Laura’s scent still was there almost gone but they had lived here long enough for their scents to be deeply integrated into the walls. He sighed and opened the closet looking to see if anything was there, he found a backpack and some kind of small footlocker looking thing. He set them on the bed so he could look more. He found a small jewelry box that he couldn’t help but open and look inside to see if it was anything worth saving. He sucked in a breath when he opened it to find his parents rings and his mother's Hale pendent he carefully laid them on the bed before he pulled out a set of rings he didn’t recognize and he studied them before he saw the engraving on the inside of one of them “You are my moon my wolf is yours”. He breathed harshly as he clutched the rings, one was a light silver that almost looked white so maybe it was like a white gold and it looked like it was made out of tree branches that had Celtic infinity knots throughout it. There was another one made out of a much darker silver that was more of a sterling color or a darker metal. It was almost the same as Derek’s...and yah Derek knew that the lighter one in some way was meant to be his but the darker one… the one he held in his hands that even now was too big...didn’t have an engraving on it. He looked at them a few minutes before he kissed them both slipping his onto the finger it belongs to and put Peter’s onto a silky fabric chain he had around his neck that had his family's crest on it. He sat there for a few minutes just thinking about how Laura could do this to him could take something like these and sending Peter love wherever he is before he moves to look through the rest of the box. He pocketed a key that he thought would go to the locked footlocker thing or something else and then looked around everywhere else even between the mattress and boxsprings and under the bed, between the bed and wall and then around the mattress in case she had cut through it and hid something there. There was nothing more. So Derek picked up what he found placing the jewelry box carefully in his things put in a box full of soft shirts that would protect it. He finished up bringing the boxes down and then carefully (after placing all of his son’s toys in the car) picked up his baby and took him to his car seat leaning over to strap him in. He kissed his forehead when he made an unhappy noise and handed him Pepitro as soon as his son started to flail and make grabby hands for something. Then they were off….

So far the drive had been easy, busy and at times, stressful when Stiles would want Derek to hold him and would cry and scream for him. His baby was still young and was starting to shift and even though he was past the teething phase and the other baby phases he’s still a werewolf and he still needed his daddy to hold him and give him comfort. He had gotten strange looks sometimes or people would just coo over him and Stiles...well just Stiles whenever they went in anywhere. He would sigh and try to be kind to the people only getting a little cold when someone tried to touch either of them. His son who could already speak clearly would be polite but wouldn’t ramble as he was known for.


He had Stiles asleep in the front seat his head buried in a batman sign pillow and was clutching his wolf. It would melt his heart when he started making a happy, contented rumble sometimes before it would get cut off and his son would squirm. Derek huffed out a laugh and ran careful fingers through his hair before fixing the hood of his fox onesie and focused on the road, he was always careful with his cub. They had made it to Kansas and he was looking for somewhere to make his last stop so they could sleep in an actual bed...even if it was a hotel bed.
Derek had brought Stiles into the room and put his pillow on the bed before he changed his shirt and left it draped over his cub, he didn’t want Stiles to wake up and worry this way he probably wouldn’t. He had quietly left the room to go get food even as his stomach twisted at the thought of Stiles being out of his sight. He didn't let him really separate from him since Laura had taken him and tried to get rid of him.


He had just paid and put their food in the car when he felt this overwhelming pain rip through his body. It knocked his breath away and made him fall to his knees. He doesn’t know how long he blacked out from that kind of pain but as soon as the blackness faded from his mind he staggered up and into the car pulling out of the parking lot fast and racing back to wear his son was. That feeling….the one that lingered and was trying to burn him alive had only happened to him once in his life and he had ended up losing everyone he had ever cared about.


He stepped on the gas more not really thinking about what would happen and pulled in haphazardly into a parking space and jumping out just having half a state of mind to grab his keys and to shut the door.


By the time he got into the hall that their room was in, he could hear his cub crying and begging for him. He didn’t even give himself enough time to breathe in relief before he ripped the door open and dropped to his knees as his son barreled into him and clings sobbing daddy over and over. All Derek could do is thank anything holy that was listening and clutch Stiles closer shushing him softly and saying they were ok.


He knew even before he got a call from surprisingly, Deputy now the Sheriff, Stilinski who has to tell him his sister was killed in an animal attack. What surprised him more than the fact that she had died in Beacon Hills of all places was how she died...Animal attacks normally meant werewolves and that meant a new Alpha...a new Alpha that could probably control him in some way if said were had killed his sister and had taken the Alpha power from her.


As Derek held his son close kissing his forehead and burying his nose in his hair he made up his mind...He would go to Beacon Hills and collect Laura’s things and maybe just maybe he could find this new Alpha and he or she wouldn’t be like Laura at all… even though B.H held pain for him...he would be in his home, his pack ancestral land, he would be close to where Peter and his family were buried and well...what more could you ask for.

So with that he curled up on the bed holding his so close and closed his eyes, they would sleep for now and in the morning with his plan firmly in place, he would make his way home...

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They had started out earlier than Derek would have liked but his son wouldn’t stop crying and trying to get Derek to wake up. He couldn’t tell what his little light needed but he held him and let him cling. The whole issue with losing Laura set his baby on edge so Derek knew he would have to watch him more than normal. Stiles was very cuddly and tactile even for a werewolf and he was more easily swayed by the emotions around him, it could lead to a lot of issues. Derek sighed as he looked down at his son curled up in the seat next to him. He didn’t like to have Stiles next to him but his four year old would have no part of being in the backseat when he could be up here and closer to his daddy.

It was a few hours in and Derek was humming along to the radio smiling when his son sat up blinking his eyes and rubbing them. His hair was a mess, but then again Stiles’ hair was always like that, he chuckled and ruffled it softly smiling wider when Stiles let out a whinny “daddy” and “fixed” his hair. Derek was almost preoccupied enough that he just about missed the turnoff. He made a fast turn holding his hand out to study Stiles as he did his tires squealing against the highway. They were so close already….and the closer they came the more pain Derek was reliving. He had lost so much to this town he couldn’t begin to wonder what could have been…it hurt too much.

They soon were approaching the “Welcome To Beacon Hills” sign, Derek’s breath stuttering at the sight of the familiar sign. It had been almost five years...but they felt like a lifetime and Derek didn’t even know how to explain it all to Stiles. His son knew of some of it, he knew why his name was Luca, why Derek called him his little light and why he gave him a nickname. He pulled over just as they were getting to the sign his hands shaking and his pup grasping his arm to try and comfort him, he gave his son a small smile and kisses his forehead his eyes never leaving the sign…


He sighed and pulled away after a few minutes and took some deep breaths and moving back onto the road following it into town. He couldn’t help but find every little thing that had changed in the almost 5 years they have been gone. It didn’t seem like a lot...but with changed eyes, it was like a whole new world. Derek didn’t want to do it but he decided that the first stop would be to the Sheriff's department so he could talk to Sheriff Stilinski and to collect Laura’s things. He told Stiles that they would be able to go look at the house and to visit grandpa and grandma and his great aunts and uncles and his regular aunts and uncles after they stopped by the Sheriff’s station. He smiled as his son babbled away about the different types of Law enforcement and why some were used instead of others. He said it was something he learned from Mr. Tracy (the man that lived two doors down from them in their New York apartment and was a retired police chief.) If nothing else his Cub would love the chance to interrogate the people that worked there...he just hoped nobody would mind.

Derek had to think about what street it was on and then had to stop and ask someone but he soon was pulling up to the station and into a public parking spot. He didn’t really want to be doing this, he thought as he got out and moved around the front of the car to get Stiles. He normally would have let his son walk but considering where they were going and his son’s inquisitive mind he thought it best to just hold him. If his son’s crossed arms and pout was anything to go by he made the right call. He propped Stiles onto his hip and opened the door stepping in carefully and looking around, he remembered being here that night, remembered the numbness that tore through him at the fact that only he and Laura were all that was left. He had sat on that bench that was outside the sheriff’s door for an hour as he talked to Laura and they tried to find some reason for it all….they didn’t know what Derek knew and it had always weighted on him, feeling like it would drag him under crushing waves of pain and drown him.

Derek was brought out of his thoughts by someone clearing their throat and the feeling of his son tugging on his shirt. He turned away and looked towards the counter were a tall skinny kid no more than 6 or seven was sitting on the high backed leather spinny chair, he had caramel brown hair, cut short and styled much like police academy men wear their hair, he had deep green eyes and a bright smile that spoke of pure trouble because no young child could be that angelic. “Hi, Can I help you?” the kid spoke clear and with a face that he thought meant the kid was very serious. Derek not being one for words just nodded and held Stiles closer looking the kid over. “Um, The Sheriff called me yesterday and informed me that something has happened to my sister….said I had to come and retrieve her things...her name’s Laura Hale.” The boys charming smile fell and he nodded uttering a small apology for his loss and then after explaining that he would see if the Sheriff would meet with him, the kid left them standing there. Derek tried to hold onto his son who was squirming and trying to get down so he could no doubt run around, ask questions and get into trouble. He sighed and shook his head as Stiles pleaded. “Daddy please!? What if I ask someone who isn’t busy!? You are gonna talk to the Sheriff what if he says it’s ok and I ask him? What if you just let me go and then I go look at the pictures on that wall? What if I try just sit in the center of the station and do nothing and just watch? Daddy come on!!!!???” Derek chuckled and shook his head at his son’s antics and nuzzled his cheek. “Cub, no we both know none of that will happen and you are a trouble magnet, if the Sheriff says it’s ok then you can sit with someone if they don’t mind while I talk to him about Laura then you can sit with someone but that is all ok?” His son pouted but nodded and smiled brightly at his next though he went to open his mouth but then clamped it shut and sunk into Derek his eyes widening at something over his shoulder.

Derek hadn’t seen John Stilinski in years but he still looked the same, all blonde-brown hair, bright blue eyes, tan skin and warm smile. He was a kind man that was always nice to everyone unless you were mean to women and kids then he could be icy and cruel. But the smile he was directing at Derek and Stiles made him instantly more comfortable. But the thing that made him the happiest was the fact that Derek could see one of his favorite people in the world standing behind him. Claudia Stilinski was as pale as the moon, her eyes a warm honey whisky, she had moles much like his son and she had an infectious laugh that lights up a room even on the darkest of days. She was also the packs emissary and his mothers best friend. His eyes stung when he looked at her and she gave him her soft warm smile and opened her arms to him. “Oh Der look at you...both of you” Derek walked to her and practically fell into her arms his son being squished between them and making faces at it but he enjoyed the contact and sunk into her warmth and smell that was so close to his moms. Their little group, they had going was quiet and still for a few moments, it let them get their feelings under control and the stinging in his eyes to stop. So of course it was his son who was the one to break the quite. He apparently had gotten turned around and was facing Claudia moving and touching her face when he talked. “You aren’t grandma but you kinda seem like it? Are you daddy’s other grandma? He said he had two moms are you grandma Claudia? Daddy said your not really related to us but you are pack and pack is family. And you are pretty like grandma so we can keep have moles like me and look like a fairy but like not real ones those are scary.” With that Claudia and John both started laughing and he and his son were led into the office so they could talk and he could look at the pictures of the crime scene while Claudia played with Stiles.

They were halfway done when Stiles asked something that rendered all three adults speechless. Derek and John were wrapping up their talk, they had gone through the normal questions and were mostly catching up when Stiles turned towards them and cleared his throat and sighed nodding and walked over to gently tap the older man’s arm, much to everyone's amusement. John being the father to a curious boy as well played along and turned to Stiles taking on a serious look at seeing the confused one that laid over the young boys face. Stiles pulled his shoulders back and stood straighter before he spoke softly “Did aunt Laura die because of the fire?” The sheriff’s face cracked and he gave his Cub a soft look patting his shoulder. “ nothing like that. She died because some animal killed her.” Derek watched his son’s face seeing emotions cross it that he didn’t know his son could have. “Well karma I guess…. she helped the evil blond lady hurt everyone then she got hurt in the same place herself...that’s karma. Mrs. Lilly taught me about Karma last week.” Derek’s jaw dropped and he watched as Claudia ran her fingers through the short hair on the back of Stiles’ neck. “Stiles, sweetheart you shouldn’t make up things like that it’s not-” Stiles practically growled at the woman which was something he didn’t normally do and shook his head. “It’s not a story she came into my room and told me about how that blond lady was to her what Papa is to Daddy and that she didn’t tell anyone cuz the blond lady hunts or something and she told the lady how to do everything and helped cuz she wanted glowy red eyes and stuffs...she told me not to tell anyone and if I did she would sell me!” Stiles looked at the adults as they all looked at him quietly digesting what the 4-year-old had said John was the first to speak, his hands gripping Stiles’ shoulders. “ Stiles, Kiddo are you saying Laura Hale told you she helped kill her whole family with the help of someone else?” Stiles nods and then moves away crawling up on his fathers lap and holding onto Derek as he fell apart inside.

His sister had helped Kate Argent kill everyone...His sister had….All Derek could think about was her letter and the line “I’m going to do what I should have done a while ago and fix this all so that no one else can have you.”.....Was someone from the family still alive...Did Laura get killed trying to finish the family off? And if so...who made it? Derek wouldn’t let himself hope he couldn’t handle the pain...but for the first time in years he did hope…..

Chapter Text

Derek loved Claudia, he really did! I mean he called her mamma Claudia most of his life, but he couldn’t believe she was doing this….

They written down what Stiles had told them and filled it into the cold case and then they had sat in silence for a while until the kid from the front desk, Jordan, their son…which still blew Derek’s mind because he was the godfather of the kid who used to be tiny, came bursting in and begging to be fed food and he meant real food and not the snacks his dad had snuck past Claudia which made Derek laugh. He had gotten up and was fully ready to leave when Claudia grabbed his hand and gave him a hard look. “Derek honey I know you probably found somewhere to stay for the night but you are not planning on staying in that house, are you? I know you sweetie and I know what happened but you can’t drag that baby with you to stay in that place! So here’s what will happen! You are going to come with us and you will stay with us, we can work on what is going to happen tomorrow.” Derek was going to argue but John held up his hand and pinned him with a look “Son, I wouldn’t fight her on this. She talked without a breath between her words which tells you she means business.”
That’s how he and his Cub ended up getting ready for bed with a tummy full of home cooked food and a warm house that smells almost like pack around them. He smiles when his son moves away from him and knocks on the Sher- John’s and Claudia’s door and wishes them sweet dreams and lots of rabbit chases. Claudia who had been the one to open the bedroom door leaned down and kisses his head saying the same thing back and then moving to do the same to Derek telling him Talia would have loved to be here. He just nodded because his throat was tight and he pulled his Cub close smiling down at him and then moved back to the guest room and settled down to sleep.

That was days ago, and ever since then, he had had his hands full. He heard the Alpha running around in the woods, heard him standing at the edge of the yard spreading his scent around. But Derek would start to chase after him and he would cut his scent off and disappear the last traces of it practically screaming his amusement.

Whoever this Alpha was, was also killing. He mulled several people but some of the people were set on fire and burned far past recognition. John thinks whoever the were is has gone feral and it is probably someone from the family. It made Derek happier then he could describe, to think that he still had family that was alive...But he was also growing even guiltier the longer this went on. Because he had done this, no matter what Lara had confessed he had done this….

As he searched for the Alpha he also had been searching through the lockbox Laura had hidden in her room. He had never taken his ring off since he had found it and he wore Peter’s around his neck. The only time he will take them off is to shower but he knew he should go through everything in the box…. As it turned out it was letters and a journal that was housed in the box. The letters were to Kate, who Derek had thought was his friend but who soon learned that she hated him and hated his Cub. Some of the Letters were from just before Laura died and they talked about a plan Laura had to get rid of his son and to use his to start making a new pack...the “old fashioned way”.. Derek had rushed into the bathroom and thrown up at that, flashes of his heat coming back. He had broken down after that shattering at the knowledge that his Sister… HIS SISTER had just been jealous of the fact that Derek could have a child, she wanted to be Alpha and she didn’t want to have to be pregnant, she wanted to use the fact that Derek was an omega wolf to make her Alpha heirs. He sat on the bathroom for a long time numb and unseeing to the point that he violently flinched when he felt hands on him. The only thing that kept him from lashing out was the fact that he could scent that it was Claudia.

That night he let John and Jordan watch over his son as he fell apart and cried in Claudia’s arms. The older woman looked fierce and her scent was filled with anger, grief and a fury that screamed pain. He let it go for once let it fade and held onto her. He gave her the journal and the letters not caring what she did with them, he just wanted them gone and he wanted to put Laura behind him. He had lost everything due to her crazy selfish ways….
Just when he didn’t think it could get much worse, the world proved him wrong three days after he had found out just how cruel his sister was.

He was out by the house, just walking with Stiles when he had picked up voices. He didn’t really think anything of it until he had caught a whiff of them and one of them smelled like a wolf. He picked Stiles up and held him close as they moved closer to the teens. He could pick up their conversation now that he was trying and he had to stop himself from laughing when one of them tried to tell the other that he had lycanthropy and the other one scoffed at the one that said that. Stiles giggled at the two babbling to Derek about “how silly they sounded” and “do we have pack daddy”. Once they got in earshot he put Stiles down and held his finger to his mouth that meant quite and pointed at the spot behind a big tree meaning he wanted Stiles to go and stay put. His cub huffed but nodded and sat as Derek made his way to them on silent feet.

They weren’t even paying attention to him or the fact that he sees an inhaler on the ground and picked it up. He watched for a few minutes until one that looked kind of like a Cherub moved to close to his son and he almost growled glaring at the floppy-haired one and the angelic teen. “This is private property!” He tried not to smirk as the teens jumped and flailed stammering until the one with flippy hair and a crooked jaw went to say something and Derek through the inhaler at him. The teen caught it almost looking surprised at himself and that told Derek all he needed to know….This Alpha had bitten someone against their will and the overgrown teen puppy didn’t even know!

As Derek walked back to collect his no doubt pouting Cub. All he could think about was why the world was trying to make Derek go gray faster then he should?!

Chapter Text

This was a mess...a great big fucking mess and Derek was so tired of it. He now knew that the Alpha was feral, that the Argents mostly (probably only Chris and his daughter) didn’t know what happened to him and that Scott McCall was the stupidest person he had ever met in his whole damn life. He sighed and looked at his sleeping son’s face smiling softly as he kicked and wiggled a little in his sleep. Even in as deep of a sleep as Stiles was he was still talking, mumbling something about dinosaurs which was his new favorite thing to read about. They had been staying with Claudia and her family which was amazing for the two of them because Claudia smelt like pack and Derek was a lot calmer around her so Stiles was as well.

Jordan became fast friends with Stiles and where one was the other was soon to follow, causing Claudia and John to joke about future marriages. Derek laughed along but happy for his cub even as his eyes always went down to his ring his heart aching for his mate…

It was getting late in the year now, the leaves were changing and the nights were running cold causing Derek to force his overly hyper son into warm clothing always chasing him until Stiles was breathless and giggling saying happy “Again again's”. His son..his light was truly the best part of his day. Because at night he was leaving, traveling around the Hale territory trying to trace the Alpha down, he would get close, move into where the Alpha would be only to find a pile of leaves that smelled like the male. He was frustrated, he had the stupid idiot of a teen that wouldn’t give up lacrosse games and practices along with continually dating a hunter’s daughter. He was just done. He really was. But he kept it up, fighting off the Alpha when he tried to hurt anyone even though it didn’t really work. The alpha wouldn’t fight Derek, he would just vanish...Derek hadn’t even set eyes on the wolf until a week ago and it’s something Derek would never forget.

Flash Back

They had been checking out around the house, Derek had known it was somewhat safe because he checked it and figured he would let his son have some freedom to run around in the woods like he hadn’t been able to do with Claudia watching both boys these last few days. Everything was going great, his cub had tired himself out and had found Peter’s room making Derek’s heartache as he watched his son curl up in the closet that smelt so much like his father….Derek if asked would blame his emotions for not hearing the other more dangerous wolf approach. But when he did he walked back to the top of the stairs and waited knowing his son would be mostly safe and away from what will most likely happen.

Derek was scared ok. He didn’t want to admit it but he was scared and he was pissed because that Alpha, the one that had stepped cautiously into the house until he was right in front of him. This wolf was the one that tore Laura apart. His new Alpha was right in front of him and he looked feral, unfamiliar, and dangerous. Derek was panting, scenting the world around him, he knew he was running on instinct and he knew he needed to calm his heart because this fucker probably got off on the emotions that were playing off of Derek. If the past few weeks was anything to go by then yeah this bastard got off on it all. But most important of all… Derek had to keep this asshole away from the upstairs, away from where Derek had tucked Stiles into the safe space in Peter's room so he could sleep. Where his cub...their cub could be wrapped up in the little remaining scent of Peter that he had found there.

He watched warily as the Alpha made this huffing noise and the creak of the floor bored sounding like a deafening crack as the Alpha took measured steps trying to circle the bottom of the stairs as he looked up at Derek. The beta snarled his fangs coming out and barring them at the Alpha. He could swear he heard the Alpha give the lupin version of laugh and Derek could scent a wave of pride but also annoyance and frustration. It made his hackles rise and an ache ignite in his chest as he thought of who that mix of scents normally belong to… he snarled again falling back on what his anchor had been since the fire...his anger keeping him clear-minded and focused. He shifted the rest of the way and lunged at the Alpha knock him into the other side of the house his body feeling like it had smashed into bricks. He roared a challenge the alpha snarling back and moved again ready to strike him down if he could. His fist connecting with the disfigured wolf was almost loud enough that he almost missed the little hummingbird heartbeat that spiked and the pitter patter of feet that were running towards them.

Derek froze in place for a heart-pounding moment before he felt his shift melt and he ran to the stairs trying to grab his beautiful Cub who was standing at the top of the stairs cheeks red and wet as small whines left him. He was wrapped up in one of Derek's t-shirts so his cub would be comforted by his scent as he napped. It was a cute sight the shirt more of a big nightgown type thing on his little cub. But Derek had to choke back a whine as he saw his baby boy was using one of the only remaining shirts of Peter's that were hanging in the closet as a blanket, his Pepetro hanging from his arm as he stood there, he opened his mouth to speak when Derek's worst nightmare happened.

His baby made a high pitched whine and started to tear up again as he made grabby hands for his daddy but before Derek could move the Alpha was already scrambling over and had wrapped around his son. Derek yelled and started to try to get to him again, his coordination failing him as panic took him over. He had to be careful, this alpha could take his last piece of family away, his world, his little light. He was at the top of the stairs now and was going to try and grab his son when he heard a noise that shocked him. Stiles giggled, it sounded like bells or stars shining, it was the happiest he had ever heard his Cub and it was because of this stranger.
This disfigured, crazed Alpha was nosing at his son’s cheeks and neck licking the tears away, he nuzzling at his son with such care that even though Stiles was so tiny and Alpha was so big he didn’t move the four-year-old even a little….

It scared him, that the Alpha now knew of his son but he was also scared because somehow seeing this was wrong...but vaguely right...and it hurt, god did it hurt. Derek never wanted Peter as bad as he did right at that moment, he thought of Peter’s beautiful wolf forme curled up around their stunning hyperactive boy and he couldn’t help the sting that burned his eyes. He instinctively reached for his cub, needing the comfort his little light always gave him. He made a small noise and stepped closer smiling softly at Stiles when he looked up at him with his bright whiskey eyes that looked so much like Derek’s dad and his grandma that he was shocked at times.

“Cub?” Derek said softly smiling brightly when Stiles giggles out a “Daddy!” With a shrike. He held his arms out and nodded at Stiles. “Come on baby, come to daddy ok? We need to start heading back to see grandma Claudia and I wanna get you fed.” He was hoping if he spoke quietly and softly making half-true statements that the Alpha would stay calm but as soon as Stiles started to move away and walked closer to Derek the alpha snarled and his baby was so freaked out by the fact that he was faced with an angry Alpha that he ended up stumbling back and falling hard on the rough wood. He looked at the red-eyed Alpha with big wet eyes a whimpering escaping before he let out a pained and scared sob, his cries and breath hitching Stiles whaling louder when the Alpha tried to come close again. He moved right away after that, ignoring the Alpha’s whines as he picked up his son and let his cub cling as he rocked and nuzzled him softly making a soft comforting rumble in his chest. The alpha smelled bitter with self-hate, he reeked of pain, ashamed and apologetic all because his son had been hurt... The Alpha turned his eyes to Derek for a long look and Derek couldn’t help but squirm feeling like the Alpha was trying to take every inch of him in. The Alpha was trained on every movement they made giving out a few soft huffs before he gave them one last almost longing look at Stiles and then at them both. Then he jumped out of the already shattered window and seemed to disappear again.

End of Flash Back

The encounter had startled Derek and rocked him to the core, the fact that he could have lost his son if the Alpha hadn’t have kept himself under control was his worst fear. After that Stiles had been sleeping badly and had nightmares of hulking forms and being taken from Derek no matter how close his Daddy may be to him. Claudia had been shaken and adamantly disagreed with Derek about him leaving and doing patrols at all times of the night, she knew he wasn’t sleeping, but he couldn’t, no matter what anyone said. There was just too much going on... too much to do.

Days still went by, the Alpha was still killing, and no one could even figure out a single clue to who this mystery male was.

Chapter Text

Derek is furious, he didn’t think anyone could be this mad. Those dumb-ass kids tried to 1) get him arrested for his sisters death and 2)almost got him killed.

They had decided that because of the Alpha being missing, messing with their heads, and still unknown they thought it was a good idea to go to the school and call him out. That stupid boy howled oger the P.A system. He howled. They called the Alpha out and all Derek got for it was claws through the chest when the Alpha tried to attack Scott. Derek had thought that, that stupid wanna be emissary that knew about his family was the Alpha but he wasn’t. It was someone else and as Derek went and called John to make sure that Scott, the little argent, and their stupid friends were kept from being killed. He moved into the woods to try and heal from the whole in his chest but it would take a while and he was a weak sitting duck.

He didn’t know what happened or how long he was on the ground propped up against a tree but he heard the sirens and the police asking regular questions and waiting for parents to show up. He vaguely heard John stepping closer to where he was but just as he reached the edge, the sheriff had asked scott who had done it, who had killed the janitor and who was chasing them. He couldn’t believe when that stupid kid told John that Derek had done it, he was grateful when the Sheriff scoffed and said “ Derek Hale?” like Scott was crazy. There was a few back and forth comments before John sent Scott on his way and walked over to where Derek had left his trail. The older man bent down and looked Derek over noticing the dark spot that had spread in the center of his chest. Derek tried to talk choking out a cough before motioning for John to come closer the older man moving so he could help Derek up and get him to his car.

Derek was grateful that Stiles was already in bed because when he got back to the house he was bloody, hurt, and could barely move. He didn’t even know what he would do if his little light saw him like this. So after he took a shower and Claudia helped him clean and put salve on his wound. She lead him to the living room smiling and humming softly as she laid a sheet down and got him settled on the couch so he could rest and not worry Stiles. If Derek clung to his cub a little tighter than normal the next morning no one said anything.
Derek hadn’t seen the Alpha for a while but he still goes around and patrols, still let’s Stiles wonder the woods with him. He knew the hunters were out, knew that there were things that he shouldn’t be doing but he loved the way his cub laughed as Derek chased after him through the trees.

Which is what they were doing now, Derek was running after his Luca as he tried to outrun and throw Derek off. They had turned and were heading back home when Derek heard the car, he didn’t even care who the car belonged to. He picks up Luca and dashes for the house moving to Peter’s room that has the hidden place in the wall and tucks Luca there before he pulls back trying to ignore the distress coming off of his cub in waves. Derek moved closer to the stairs his senses going on high alert enough to catch the awful, familiar, and nightmare inducing….

He froze, his breath caught in his throat, his heart pounding and his instincts going wild to take his son and run but he couldn’t get away without the chance of having Luca hurt and he would be damned if he let that bitch hurt his kid. Derek moved closer getting ready to attack when he felt the floor behind him move ever so slightly, the air being shifted as someone moved behind him. It only took a small breeze for him to tell that it was the Alpha, he was shocked but if this person would help him keep his son safe then right now he didn’t care. The younger man looked at the Alpha pleadingly and scared, he didn’t know what to do and he had Luca in the closet. He wasn’t expecting to get herded into the room with his son to protect Luca and growled into staying before the Alpha seemed to melt into the darkness around them. The next thing he knew there was crashing and guns going off but he heard the car leave and could only hear three heart beats. He sighed in relief and pulled the door open getting on his knees and opening his arms for his cub.

Luca clung to him, sobs shaking his body as he cried whimpering and hiding his face in Derek’s chest. “Daddy the noises, all the yelling and the scary stuff who were they? Daddy why is the big wolfy here again?” Derek shook his head as his son asked a long list of questions looking over his shoulder at the alpha that was there and waiting for Derek to acknowledge him. He sighed and nuzzled his cub before standing bringing Luca with him and holding him on his hip looking around Peter’s room before he moved trailing his hand down the door jamb before he closed the door and walked down the stairs. He waited for a while trying to get his feelings and thoughts into one cohesive thing but he gave up and looked at the Alpha that was shuffling its feet and watching him. “I have no clue why you helped us, but think you. I could have lost stiles and I can’t lose anyone else.” He carefully walked closer looking at the Alpha’s fur noticing the burns and wounds he moved until there was a place safe to touch and softly brushed his fingers through a patch of coarse hair. Stiles went next giggling at the feeling of the fur and making a face “tickles daddy!”. Derek smiled at his cub nodding saying a soft “Yah buddy it is.” before he made his way to his car after saying another but much softer thank you.

This Alpha was confusing and mysterious but Derek still felt like he knew him. The familiar way they interacted reminded him of,well, but he couldn’t be him so Derek would just have to figure out if it was another Hale or something.

Chapter Text

After that day Derek is more careful, he doesn’t go to the old house, he doesn’t let Stiles out of his sight and if he does then stiles is always, always with John and Claudia. He has been dodging Argents and their band of marry hunters left and right. He deals with that idiot McCall and ends up taking a bullet for the idiot and he thought for a second he was going to die and leave his cub alone or that he would lose an arm. But he doesn’t the dopey puppy pulls through and gets the bullet to him in time. But you know that was only after he had had his Argent family dinner.

He had gotten home late that night stinking of wolfsbane and blood. He had taken a shower hot enough to burn and carefully picked up his sleeping cub moving outside and sitting on the back steps listening to the sounds of the Stilinski house and the now familiar beating of the Alpha’s heart as he sat in the freeline and watched Derek. He had known that ever since the thing with the hunters that the Alpha has been hanging around. But that night he was tired and grateful because if the Alpha had really wanted to hurt them he would have already, he knows that the night at the school wasn't supposed to happen. He could feel it deep with in, just like he could feel that the Alpha only wanted them safe. And as he leaned against the porch rail watching him he finally let himself ask what he wanted, “Why, why are you protecting us, who are you?”. The Alpha had made a mournful sound and huffed shaking it’s large head before backing into the woods letting the trees cover his exit.
That night was weeks ago, though it felt like it was a lifetime instead. There had been a new animal attack, this time a bus driver who used to be an insurance man, the Alpha had torn him up really bad but that stupid kid got in the middle of it so the man was left alive and died in the hospital. Though it did help the whole attacked by an animal thing because he could tell them it was an animal. Derek saw him but only for a few minutes, only long enough to scent what had done the damage.

John had also been brought in on the war, that was brewing between were and hunter. They were getting a few movies to rent, the parking lot busy because of the other businesses surrounding it. It was fast and sudden but one minute there was friendly chatter the next there were screams and cries. He grabbed Stiles (and yes Derek had taken to calling him stiles in public only explaining to his son that it was safer) up into his arms and put him in the car searching for the cause of the panic. He looked over to ask john a question when the man was knocked to the ground by a car backing up in fear as a mountain lion stalked closer. Derek had flashed his eyes at it and moved to help John up, the cougar was backing up, looking for a way out when the path it wanted was blocked by McCall’s stupid friend. When the cougar started to get in position to jump a shot rang out everyone stared as the cat dropped and Christopher Argent tucked his gun away before moving closer to john.

That had been last week and this week was turning out to be fairly calm. Derek was helping train the puppy and his friend though he was trying to keep it all quit, it helped that Derek was so close to John. Derek had gone to a few interviews and had been trying to set some form of payment up with the Stilinski’s because they were watching Stiles so much. He was busy trying to ring in the dumb kid and his friend and the closer it got to the full moon the worst the pup was getting. He just hoped nothing went horribly wrong because he would not leave his cub alone on a full moon, his baby needed him.
He was on his way home from the book store he had started working at when he got a call from Isaac, McCall’s friend, saying that Scott had tried to eat him and that Allison was his anchor but Allison had broken up with him so what the hell was Scott going to do. Derek couldn’t help the snarl that he let loose though he felt mildly bad about how hard the teen flinched, he could tell that something wasn’t right at the boys home...but he had to make things safe before he could do anything else, his son came first.

He raced to find the teen only to end up tackling him right before he ended up hurting the stuck up pretty boy and the Argent girl. They fought a while before Scott finally calmed down and Derek sent him home growling out an order for him to get himself under control. He tried to slip away without anyone seeing, he needed to get back to his cub.

He never thought he would come back to find what he did though, never thought he would walk into the room, his son has been sleeping in and find him curled up with someone who was far too familiar. He doesn’t know if he makes a noise, doesn’t know if anyone says anything he just knows very distantly that he had fallen to his knees. Because laying curled up around his little light is someone that should be dead, someone that he was forced to believe was dead. Where supernatural blue eyes should be there was now crimson red and it didn't do anything to stop how bad Derek wanted to reach out and touch, he knew who those eyes came from. He knew now who killed Laura, all the other people who have suffered from animal attacks, and most importantly he knew why.

They had caused it, they had been the reason they had all burned, looking into eyes that still seemed to scream with fire the only thing he could do is let one whispered word past his lips.


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Peter knows what has happened, he’s spent every waking moment reliving that night. The pain, the fear the drive his wolf had as it tried to get out, save pack, save family, save mate...mate! Where is mate, mate needs to be safe have to find mate! It is a never ending loop and he couldn’t breathe through it, his body fighting in an agonizingly slow war as he healed cell by cell. He doesn’t know how long it takes till he can move, doesn’t even know the first time he did move, though he knows when his nurse finds out.

The taste of wolfsbane is a taste he will never forget so he knows the first time she uses it, though she smelled of jasmine and something darker to hide it. She couldn’t hide the tightening of his chest, the instant rejection of any food she gave him. He breathes easier when nurse McCall takes back over and he has a few days to get his strength up before that awful woman comes back.

It doesn’t take much planning in the end because the next full moon the little hunter spy sneaks in with her vile mix and Peter takes his chance to pounce gripping her neck with shifted hands his claws drawing blood as they dig in slightly. He rattles her and demands to know who she is and what she has been doing to him, what he finds out changes everything. He ends up slumping on his bed feeling so overly exhausted that he doesn’t even care that the huntress is still in the room. It had been six years, he has been here for six years if the huntress is right...where is Derek? Where is his mate? What about their pack? He snarls and grabs the huntress again pinning her to the wall his wolf demanding answers.

He doesn’t remember past the peak of the full moon. It goes like that for a while, he can move and he is cognizant on the day of the full moon but once it hits peak his wolf takes over and they hunt. He isn’t sure what they are really hunting for, he just knows his wolf is hunting for the ones responsible. That is why his wolf makes the sign in the deer. He knows that if Beacon is being watched then they will come and when they do they will slaughter them all.

He doesn’t know it’s Laura at first, he scents the smell that was all over the house and outside when the fire happened and he hunts it his twisted wolf snarling and frothing at the muzzle. It isn’t until he is about to strike the killing blow that she makes any kind of noise besides snarls and growls. Her words chilled him to the bone though and makes killing her easy. He doesn’t know you are alive, I never told him. My mate Kate will come and the Argents will finish the job this time. We never thought you would live let alone wake up. You should see it though, the way he still cries for you, the way he thinks he caused it all...he was “friends” with Kate. Or that is what we made him believe and he spilled some secrets, not enough mind you. But enough that he feels as if he killed them all including his mate...Poor, poor Derek he will be all alone when you kill me and he will think it’s his fault and when he comes after you he will want to kill his mate without even knowing it. I’m just sad that I won’t get to see it all end. With that she had used Peter’s claws to rip her throat open making the older wolf stand there panting and numb, wondering where the hell the Laura Talia had raised went. And morning the fact that her death didn’t last as long as it should have.

That night he did one of the things he will forever regret, he bit Scott McCall. The boy had smelled of promise and he thought he would be a good strong beta, he was also as dumb as a box of rocks so Peter could easily control him and keep him in line. But seems he was wrong because the teen lacked the intelligence to even figure out what the hell was going on. It frustrated Peter to no end to have to deal with the teen. The only thing that made it worth letting him live is that not long after he bit the puppy there seemed to be a new omega in town. The scent tickled his nose, made his chest ache and his wolf howl but he couldn’t follow the omega. He had to wait, there were things to be done.

He doesn’t remember enough the first few weeks, he knows he tracks. Hunts person after person down dealing with the puppy at every turn and he couldn’t believe how much of a pain in the ass a teen could be. He tried calling him out, tried forcing him to submit. As time went on he felt more drawn to the puppy in a way he knew wouldn’t…couldn’t happen. He smelt like mate and Peter tried to get closer and closer till he could scent Scott well enough to tell that the scent wasn’t from Scott it was on Scott which made Peter freeze as his mind wandered to the omega that was running around.

Peter couldn’t breath, as he fell back his stride faltering as he chased the beta through the woods because...Because that couldn’t be...That omega wolf was...was a man! His Derek was so young, old enough to not be a child, or naïve but young enough that he was still pure. The cold, angry strong man Peter had run into couldn’t be his boy. Once more Peter collapses when he started to panic at the thought of the little boy that was never far from the omega, the one that called him daddy and smells like he is drenched in the omega’s scent alone.

The more the omega put himself in McCall's life the more Peter watched, He couldn’t help it he had to see the man….he had to find out what was happening even if his wolf refused still. Arguing that the man was still weak that the man could be hurt and they weren’t healed yet so the man had to heal.

He will blame his wolf and be angry with him for the fact that they fight the omega every time they hunt down one of their pray and he tries to stop them. Peter fights to hold the wolf back from hurting him but it doesn't mean he feels any better when it’s all over and the wolf pulls back and Peter can scent blood.

He ends up choking on them to the point where he throws up and he has to scrub his hands and body raw to get away from it all.

He will check up on the wolf tomorrow...make sure he and his pup are safe.

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He isn't stalking them, no matter what his human brain is screaming at him. He just...he feels bad ok, something about the omega was making his human side worry and have feelings they couldn't afford. So he will check on them, make sure the wolf and cub are safe and ease his human's mind. But he couldn’t deny the fact that they called to him as well, so maybe that is why he pushed them to go to the house they had been staying at. His human feels a swirl of emotions at the fact that the wolf and cub are at their emissaries house but he himself feels happy over the fact that the wolf is with pack, the emissary is still doing her job and she is pack, she is helping them keep a pack.

The cub loves wolves, which isn't a surprise though he and his human get humor from it, he carries a stuffed wolf with him wherever he leaves the house and after a few deep lungfuls of air he and his human can tell that the cub is a born wolf and the stuffed toy is a makeshift anchor in times of great distress. As the omega puts the cub in his car the wolf grumbles at his human man pushing him to follow, to get closer, to see…

They watch the cub run through the woods with the omega his human hurting bad enough that he had to rub his chest because of the ache. His human was morning his mate and was thinking about what could have been, though the closer they got to their pack den the more confused they got. He almost faltered when he watched the omega walk up the steps of their den and go inside moving around as the cub babbled away. He moved closer wondering what they were doing there his human yelling that they could be pack, and he wanted them to be he really did, but they could not hope. Not when they still felt fire lick at their skin every time they closed their eyes. He huffed and shuffled as close as he could see the omega walk around as if he was a regular at the den, which now that he had a good lungful they could tell that the omega spent a lot of time here.

They were going to melt back into the shadows, watch for a while but they had gotten close enough for him to feel too exposed. So he listened to where the omega was in the house hoping that he could move them back into the shadows when he heard footsteps not to far away and more on the second floor than the first. Their breath hitched as they both listened because it sounded like the omega had walked into their den...the den he had shared with his mate and no one else. He growled at his Peter telling him to back down when his human started to fight his control as they heard the omegas’ voice come from where they thought the cubs voice ringing in their brain. The child's voice was small, saddened and slightly tinged with aw when he said “Is...Was this papa’s room daddy”

“Was this papa’s room daddy”

His human didn’t have to fight for control this time, he just pushed his way through and quietly moved into the house listening as the omega put the cub down for a nap and he heard the omega say “Good night my little light” which had the man stilling and the wolf fighting to take over again because that is what he had always called Derek his light or his moon. Peter panted trying to take in any scents he could as he tried to make sense of everything...tried to clamp down on the hope he was feeling and be more pragmatic like his wolf. Peter moved towards the stairs wanting to get closer and know more, he had to. He just never figured that he would be caught and that they would ruin everything because their anchor was gone.
He had hurt him, he didn’t mean to and his wolf wanted to tear them apart because the cub had been so scared of him. He bolted when he could and they mourned the happy noise the cub had been making, he had done something good…. But damn it when the omega tried to take the boy from him when he was scenting him. Peter had his wolf were very unhappy with that and he ended up acting savage enough to not see that the cub was wearing one of his old shirt and was drenched in what little scent he still had in the house.

He didn’t go far though, he watched and wondered as the pretty omega left. He had so many questions but as it got darker and darker his wolf was pushing to be let out. Male and human sides of himself were screaming to go hunting, he had a list that was growing shorter and shorter but the list about the omega kept growing.

By the time they leave human Peter is locked away again and the wolf side is frustrated.

Hopefully after this hunt things will get better and both man and beast will hopefully have answers to some of their questions.

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His days seem to drag on, though he plans, tracks and finally finishes off the last few people who were there that night. The only people left were the insurance man that covered it up, the chem teacher that had to many feelings towards Derek when he was in school there and Kate herself. He has finally just given up the pretence and talked (read threatened) his nurse to help him leave then he attacked while she was trying to load a syringe with enough wolfsbane to kill three alphas. He sighed after cleaning his hands and moved to go stay at his old apartment. He would apologize to John later for all the trouble he will cause. But now that he is out and he smells the faint traces of pack, of mate, of home...His wolf settles some, He knows this world, this den, he knows everything, nothing is different other than the fact that their scents are so faint. He spends a few hours just being there and breathing.
To say Peter is shocked and astounded by how stupid the boy he bit would be an under statement.

He had issued a challenge, called to him as if it was a dear and howled loud enough he wondered why every wolf in the state didn’t respond. He knew it was probably a set up, knew that they wanted to figure out who he was and ok...maybe he wanted them to, maybe he wanted to know once and for all if the omega..the man with those striking yet familiar eyes was his Derek. And if it much time has he missed, how old is the boy that clings to him...and if it is Derek….they had a cub. The thought is the only reason he goes, the only thing he can think about as he charges into the invatabul fight.

He gets satisfaction of involving the other teens, of making the puppy struggle and fight because though he is a puppy he is still Peter’s beta. And a beta who challenges an alpha must be punished. The wolf runs on instinct though...and Peter can’t do anything to fight that not when he is still challenged at every turn, the wolf doesn’t discriminate between who has challenged and who has been brought into the cross fires. They never meant to hurt him, they didn’t see him as him, they saw red and acted blindly. He doesn’t know what happens, doesn’t remember much other than the kill, the prey he used to draw out his prey and that everything had gone wrong. When he comes back to himself in a hotel room, his hands are stained blood red and he can smell a scent on them that he has never ever wanted. He has Derek’s blood on his hands...he hurt Derek. Peter doesn’t eat for three days after.

They still hunt, still move like shadows as he haunts Derek and their cub. He never lets them go far, no matter what he is wearing he keeps doing what he needs to do to protect the both of them. That’s why he doesn’t even think about it, he hears the car and smells that distinct scent of wolfsbane and lilacs and all he can think is that he needs to protect his family, his mate. He gets inside just in time for Derek to put Luca or “Stiles” in the closet, in the special room/space there and Peter huffed at the fact that Derek was going to fight the hunter’s so he pushed and pushed until he got Derek to stay with Luca. The panicked, scared look on Derek’s face and the distress from their cub is making his wolf cry out for blood. Especially because that scent was too close to his family.

He waits till he is sure Derek will stay and then he is off using the dark fur of his Alpha shift to move in the shadows swiping and throwing the hunters away and maiaming them every chance he gets. The bitch...Kate, goes through what little is left of a glass window crying out when she gets glass in her shoulder and lands on it. He breathes in and savors the the end of all of this she won’t still be breathing. The rest of the hunters that were left alive pushed her towards the car and pulled away in a cloud of dust.

He sighed and let himself slump down a little before he went to his old room giving a lupin smile as he watched Luca and Derek together…his cub and his mate… he didn’t do anything, just stood there and watched his heart hurting as he watched Derek ran his hand down the door jamb wistfully. It was hard being this close to him and their son, harder even to not move when the two of them scented him though he did try and carefully scent both of them back.

He doesn’t want to let them go when they leave.

That night he lays just in the treeline and listens to Derek tuck in their cub and tell him stories of them...His heart hurts, his chest aching deep and resonating,he sleeps the whole night without burning alive...

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He hasn’t been afraid in a long time. Not like Peter was when he found Derek dying, he had been helping the dumb beta escape from the Argents. He had gotten hit by a bullet, the wolfsbane was strong enough that Peter was choking on it when he tried to move closer to help. He was trying to stay away but he was failing and the closer derek got to death the more Peter panicked and his wolf was screaming. He can’t help but try to attack the beta along with the baby Argent.

After he scares them bad enough they reek of fear bad enough that’s all he can smell, he leaves to go find his mate and protect his family. He sits in the treeline and watches the house settling down for a long night of keeping watch. Though an hour after Derek gets back, after what sounds like him taking a shower he comes out on the porch holding their son tight and close. He doesn’t know why he is there, though he knows that Derek knows he is there and when he speaks it has Peter’s insides twisting and turning. “Why, why are you protecting us, who are you?”. Peter can’t help the low mournful howl that breaks out of his chest, can’t hold back his wolf huffing and backing away. It aches, it hurts so bad he feels like the bond is crumbling all over again. But it isn’t time...his wolf knows that and as it leads the way, taking the controls from Peter it tells him so. It says ”Not yet, not ready, but soon, ready soon”. All Peter can hope is that, when the time comes Derek will still want them.

Nothing much happens after that night, Derek gets a job at a bookstore making Peter smirk at the fact that his boy was still a bookworm and loved reading enough to work at a bookstore. Peter spends most of his time between shadowing Derek and watching the Stilinski house. Though he hunts. Getting frustrated at the fact that John Stilinski had interrupted him killing the chem teacher though he gets to the bus driver who was the fire investigator who said the fire was caused by bad wiring.

He gets him one night when the man was cleaning up his bus after he had dropped a bunch of players off at the school. He doesn’t even have to try he just attacks, though he calls to his wayward beta to give him one last chance to join Peter. Though he ends up fighting Peter instead of helping him he maims him bad enough that the man will surely die in a few hours a day tops. Peter doesn’t worry about it, he also knows that the man will go on about a huge dog or some kind of big cat that has attacked him making everyone still think that it’s an actual animal. It’s all been fixed and tied up.

Peter had planned to let what come, come. But now that he knows his mate and his cub is alive he has to be smarter, he has to stay with his family. He shadows them still though, he wants to wait for the right time to let Derek know he is there. Though he growls and thinks about the pros and cons of clawing up Christopher Argent’s face when he lets a stoned, scared and annoyed mountain lion loose in the high school parking lot where John and Derek are at. He is only a few seconds away from revealing himself when the Lion gets way too close to his Derek for him to be ok with it.

Everything ended up alright though, Argent did what he does best..(since he is the one that set it al up) and shot the lion before anyone other than John got hurt. But it was an empty victory, because when Peter settled in for the night all he could hope was that everything went well and nothing happened until after the full moon. If he had it his way his cub will never have a bad full moon.
Peter and his wolf were beyond angry and annoyed at the puppy and his dumb friend. What pup puts his anchor on someone like a girlfriend not family or mate. The fact that baby Argent broke up with him only to end up going out or what was it called now “hanging out” with the annoying pretty boy that had threatened Derek. He had heard Derek confirmed that he would be “there” soon and then he took off. Peter for his part in it all wants to go after Derek and help but he also wants to go to their cub. His wolf is yelling to protect their cub even if it meant they wouldn’t be able to protect their mate, but Derek was strong and their cub would need a wolf with them.

With his mind made up, he made his way to the Stilinski's running as fast as he could. His cub needed him, and though he knows that Claudia could handle Luca he doesn’t want his cub to be without Derek or himself.

He didn’t even have to pause when he got on the porch he just lept up to Derek’s and Luca’s room and smiled softly down at the cub. Luca had big watery eyes and wither it was because of instinct or scent he instantly had an armful of crying partially shifted child. Peter picked him up and held him tight and close looking up at the door when there is a harsh breath and smirking at Claudia Stilinski, flashing his eyes before laying down with Luca. He wasn’t going to say anything but he heard the soft “Thank god” coming from her before she smiled and pulled back closing the door softly. She said a soft “good night Peter, I’m so happy it’s you!”

He listens to luca breathing and waits for it to even out before he lets himself slip off, for once Peter finally felt like things will get better. He was wrapped around his cub in a bed that smelled of mate and cub that was quickly growing to include him and he felt the last of the fire fading away.

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He doesn’t really know how long he has been sleeping, He wakes up whenever there is movement or Luca makes a sound. He knows their cub is missing Derek but he also leans into Peter whenever the distress is bad enough to have him start to shift. He can’t help but melt when their cub would crumble and cling to him as his shift slipped away. And god...their was so hard to think that his Derek, his little mate was all grown up and that they had a son. Peter smiled again and place a soft kiss on their cubs forehead and sighed as he sank back down into sleep, the moon was almost at its peak and that meant Derek would be home soon. They could finally be together… if Derek would have him.

He didn’t realize he had fallen asleep until He heard a new heartbeat inter the house. He knew who it was right away and his heartbeat sped up in anticipation, he didn’t know what derek would do or say. He needed his anchor and even though it has been so long he still loved him and his chest ached from the absence of their mate bond. The fire had burned places inside of him that he didn’t think would ever heal, and he knew he was a danger, he could still feel the burning fire inside of him. He closed his eyes and held his pup closer and breathed in the scents around him trying to remember just what their scents combined were like. He didn’t want to lose this and as the doorknob turned and he was hit with a new wave of Derek’s scent he knew his eyes flared.

He raised his head watching the door, his breath hitching when his eyes met Derek’s and he watched the awe, heartbreak, surprise, and confusion crossover Derek’s face and he started to sit up and move away from Luca, Derek was throwing so many chemo signals out that both Luca and himself were whining and distressed at it all. He watched as Derek dropped to his knees and closed his eyes as Derek said his name…. It had been so long.

He tried to control his wolf but he couldn’t when Derek let out a soft high keening noise, he carefully hopped over Luca and pounced his mate his wolf taking over as he moves them so he lands on his back with Derek on his chest. He goes to say something but he is stopped by Derek’s lips causing him to gasp in surprise “Mi Amor’ (my love) Peter says between every kiss Derek letting out whines and saying Peter’s name at the same time. They leaned their heads together sharing air and just letting their hands roam each others bodies. They finally separate when they hear Luca start to stir and they sit up to look at him Peter’s hold tightening around Derek as his chest ached at the sight on the bed. Luca was sitting up his hair a mess and his eyes partially opened he rubbed his eyes blinking slowly as he looked at them both his head going to the side looking much like a puppy. Peter and Derek chuckle at the sight and derek moved back enough to hold his arms out “Come here cub, I want you to meet someone.” Luca made a questioning noise but he scrambled to get out of the blankets and of the bed hitting the floor with a thunk as he flailed. They both laughed, Peter leaning in and nuzzling Derek’s neck as Luca stumbles over and falls into derek his hands fisting in his henley as he hides his face asking “Daddy?” softly. Derek just places a soft to the side of his head and carefully moves so Luca so he can see Peter.

Peter smiled crookedly and softly at his cub feeling awkward and wrong footed, for the first time since long before the fire Peter was feeling shy and speechless, he was so worried that his cub wouldn't like him or want anything to do with him. Or worse of all… Luca could be scared of him as soon as she figures out he was the Alpha from before. He was worried and he knew he was starting to panic, his wolf worrying just as much as the human, it didn’t want to lose his family not when he just got them back… and what was he if his child...his cub rejected them.

He was brought back from his spirling thoughts by a soft strong hand touching his scared cheek. He jumped slightly and met Derek’s eyes his mate smiling softly before looking down at their son who when Peter looked down he ended up meeting his favorite amber eyes that was the same shade as his mothers. It made his heart clinch and his chest ache, but the look in them is what had him smiling brightly at the boy. He knew that look, the curiosity, the evaluation, the caution, to be honest he looked just like Peter had when he was around Luca’s age.He didn’t expect the 6 year old to say something first though the “hi” was soft it was clear and even though Peter could scent the shyness coming off of him he looked determined. Peter smiled and tilted his head to the side, much like the way Luca still looked “Hello sweetheart”, the face he makes at that sends Derek into a fit of laughter and Peter knows why, because that is his face, the one Derek has told him for years he gets when someone says something stupid or so wrong that pains Peter. He chuckles and shakes his head at Derek while Luca is looking at Derek and pokes him on the cheek whining “Daddy! What is so funny? Are you broken!? Claudia said that if you hit or break your funny bone that you laugh lots and lots...did you hit your funny bone? Why is it called a funny bone? Where is your funny bone?!” Derek smiled at Luca and then looked at Peter above their cubs head and Peter felt his breath stop. Derek looked gorgeous, his mate has always been pretty but this man in front of him smiling freely with laughter and sparks in his eyes was the most breathtaking thing Peter had seen. He leaned down placing a balancing hand on Luca before he kisses Derek lightly smiling at the grossed out “EEWWW” coming from the 6 year old between them.

Luca their sweet boy for his part just tried to push them apart rambling on about how his Pappa and Daddy should kiss in front of him the grossness will kill him. It had surprised them both when his words really sank in and Derek looked at Luca cupping his cheeks in his hands. He was nervous about what Luca would say but he nodded at Derek so he would ask the question they both had. “ You know who he is?” Their son gave Derek the best ever Hale eye roll his body moving along with him. “Of course Daddy I have his shirt and I saw the room I know what Pappa smells like!” and Luca had such a ‘duh” tone that Peter laughed loud and clear forgetting that they weren’t officially alone. Though he does jerk in surprise when Luca settles back in his lap and whines till Peter starts to run his fingers through his hair like he used to do to Derek, babbling away to said man about everything he wants to do tomorrow (later that day) and all Peter can think as his son trails off fast asleep in his lap is….

Yah ...they will get through this...they would be ok...

Later that day or maybe the next he would go hunter, track down Kate Argent and desamate anyone who wasn’t his pack that stood in his way. It will be a long run to heal, Luca will have to get to know him and Derek...Derek and him will have to talk about everything, but for now he will settle back and cuddle his mate and cub as they sleep. He will keep them safe and though he can’t feel the fire anymore or hear it, he still sometimes sees it and well ...he knows that all Luca and Derek need to do is call his name and he’ll come back. He will always come back.

They are his pack, his family and his anchors...and he doesn’t share what is his.

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They end up making a plan that night, one that they make sure has no margin for error, both males want to come home to the cub that fell asleep between them both. They talked to claudia and John about it that morning and they all settled on what they would do. Though Peter isn’t happy about letting Kate live he knows that John is right about it being better in the long run. Safer for Luca in the long run.

It turns out though that it was easier to execute than they thought and in fact they didn’t need to even have their plan. Because four days after their reunion Derek and Peter were walking around target getting things Derek and Luca needed for Peter’s apartment when Luca had wandered off seeing a bat signal light along with a white lamp shaped like a wolf. He had just picked up the batman one and turned to show his daddy and papa and maybe see if he could get it when some lady grabbed at him covering his mouth with her hand “Now, puppies shouldn’t wonder away someone may decide to do all kinds of things to the puppy.” Luca knowing that this was a bad lady and if he was right this is the lady his daddy and papa told him about, so he did the only thing he could think of….

He bit her hand and screamed

Luca didn’t even concentrate on his fangs coming out he just knew they would, which they did, leaving large profusely bleeding marks in the huntresses hand. And as soon as she let go he let out the biggest scream he could knowing that his daddy and papa would know it was him. Though as he waited he started to thrash around trying to pull away from the humans hard grip screaming “No! Let me go!” over and over, he was trying to draw a scene uncle John had told him what to do if this happened so he did all he could remember. Mustering up fake (not so fake… he is a big boy ok he is 6 but it was scary) tears, he would fight as much as he could and screamed, it wasn’t until he screamed “I want my daddy! I don’t know you! Where is my daddy!!!” that everything had changed. They were almost to the door when a few women moved into the woman’s path looking at how distressed the 6 year old was then looking at the lady frowning “What in god's name is going on here?! What are you doing to that child!” One of them, that Luca vaguely knew from daddy’s job at the bookstore wrenched the mean lady’s hand from him and pulled him behind them. He let out a distressed whine and looked around at the store wanting his Daddy or Papa or Claudia and uncle John but they weren’t here. He heard the lady call him Stiles and shook his head because that is what Aunt Laura used to call him no one from home...from pack called him that unless they were out in public. So the minute she said “I’m taking Stiles home we were here shopping for some things but he started to misbehave so we are going home.” He shook his head hard and fast yelling that “Stiles is a nickname and family doesn’t call him that!” his whines were coming more and more his breath hitching as he looked for the people he wanted but couldn’t find.

It felt like this had been going on for forever but eventually the woman started to pull back and give the mean hunter lady a chance to get him when he heard the best sound ever. From the doorway he heard “Luca!” and turned to see Claudia and uncle John, he didn’t hesitate he bolted to them almost knocking Claudia over as he practically climbed her sobbing about “the mean hunter lady who grabbed him” and “where are they...where are Papa and Daddy, what did I do? Did she do something?! I want my Daddy and Papa!” Claudia for the most part kept calm and cuddled him close wrapping Luca in love and calm, trying to stop his hitching breaths and harsh sobs. John for his part turned his broken look to glare at the woman moving towards her as two deputies that had come up behind her grabbed her before she could get away.

Uncle John cuffed her and gave her all the stuff she can do before saying “Alright Miss Argent time for you to go where you belong” causing Luca to start panicking and looking for his Daddy and Papa more shaking “What about Daddy and Papa...she set the fire...Aunt Laura told me! Where are my Daddy and Papa!” Luca tried to wiggle away from her but he couldn’t breath and he couldn’t see things were starting to go black the last thing he knew was a familiar voice and his Daddy saying his name.
When Derek had turned to ask his cub something and found that he was gone his world crumbled, he started frantically searching for his baby. He was so worked up that it took Peter snarling to figure out they had hunters on all sides of them, they taunted them and told them terrible things that would be done to their son. His distress that they could feel through the bonds were frightening, derek tried to see if there was a way out sharing a kiss with Peter before saying a soft “good luck find our boy, first one howls damn it all.” Peter nodded agreeing silently and taking off in the other direction losing or knocking out the hunter’s he could.

Derek was doing the same though he felt the change in their son first speeding towards the front as there was the taste and feel of Claudia’s magic in the air and his cub was calming down. Or he was until John said Kate’s name and he started to yell for them though the panic was so strong Derek was worried that his panic attack was going to just keep getting worse. And as they ran at full speed to their cub, they got there just in time to see Luca faint from lack of air.

Derek whined and Claudia handed him off while she turned her head to the ladies that were standing there watching everything and said a soft “thank you for stepping in” Peter kissed his cubs head before saying the same as Claudia though no one faulted Derek from saying anything when Luca was clinging to him and woke up as Derek called his name and spoke endearments to him in spnish. And as Peter pressed up against his side hugging him and Luca at the same time Derek could hear John talking off with Kate argent in the back of the car he felt like he could finally breathe, like he and his family were safer than they had been in years.

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Beacon Hills Chronicle

Hale Fire Mystery finally Solved?
Avery Daehler

This week Kate Argent was taken into custody after the attempted kidnapping of “Stiles” Ander Hale. Derek Hale’s child. Hale was in town staying with Sheriff John Stilinski, his wife Claudia and their son Jordan following the death of Laura Hale that happened recently. Along with the disappearance and reappearance of Peter Hale. It is believed that Argent came back after hearing about the sudden population of Hale’s in Beacon and was worried about the Hale’s investigating and she decided to tie up loose ends by killing her acomplases and finishing off the last three living Hale’s. At this time we still believe that Laura Hale was killed by the rouge mountain lion while trying to walk to the Hale house back in september.

Derek and Peter have both asked for their privacy and for people to let them grieve and try to deal with the worst thing that has happened to their family being brought to light again. The Hale’s also ask that people be respectful and not crowd or overwhelm Stiles as all of this is very difficult for the 6 year old.

The Hale fire was the worst thing that has happened to this town since it was founded. It shook all of us and I for one can’t be happier that someone is finally paying for what happened to the Hale’s I was personal friends with Talia and Sebastion Hale. I hope that wherever they are they can rest easy and I wish the three Hale men happiness.

We will be sure to keep everyone updated on the trial and final ruling that will happen later this year.