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Blazamy, Sticksamy and Whatever Else I Think Of

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“Sticks! What on Mobius are you doing?” Amy Rose frowned at her girlfriend, who was on the sofa. While she was gone, the badger had apparently torn down her nice (and expensive) curtains and wrapped herself in them.

“Hiya Amy!” Her tan muzzle and two blue eyes were all that were visible from her curtain burrito. “I just borrowed your window blankets for a bit. It’s cold in here!”

The pink hedgehog burst into a fit of laughter, doubling over. After a few seconds she calmed down and stumbled towards the badger.

“Honey, first of all, they’re curtains, not window blankets. Second of all, let me in.”

Immediately, the curtains flew back, nearly whacking Amy in the face. Both of the girls were giggling now, and they stayed wrapped up together until they fell asleep.