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Sweet Madness

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Ever since the Winchester boys were born people could see that something was off about them.

Dean Winchester, from when he was just a baby, was an angry kid. No, it wasn’t anger. He was evil. People would move out of his way when he walked by, fearing his wrath even as a child. His eyes, they were the worse, when you looked into them it was if you were looking into a wild animal’s. Dean Winchester was the kind of person parents would tell their children about, tell them to beware of him.

Sam Winchester was less feral. He was worse. You could see the evil in his eyes, the cunning intelligence that he would stare with. Everything about him, the way he stood moved and talked, everything screamed danger. Sam Winchester was not someone to mess with, anyone who saw him new that.

Sure, Dean was pure evil but Sam, Sam was something otherworldly.