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Can we be happy now?

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Wonder Woman was searching for any trace Barbatos left behind. You don't spend centuries trying to destroy the universe with only one game plan. She knew there was failsafe plan. She just had to figure out what it was before it was too late. Gotham was her only clue.

Diana Prince didn't tell the league, because Batman would find out and go on a guilt trip crusade blaming himself. Her ex Bruce was getting married in a few weeks and the Justice League were trying to put away all psychos so they can have an uninterrupted wedding for once.

The Court of Owls was involved in bringing him to this universe she just needed more clues.


Batular Party

Bruce was in his suit and not the batsuit this time. He was ready for his bachelor party. Clark had planned the party and Bruce grudgingly agreed to it.

Alfred was the actual reason Bruce was going. He convinced him that the ‘Playboy Billionaire Bruce Wayne’ is getting married and he was going to cause a media frenze. He needed to act as normal as possible. Being under the media microscope since the day he announced his and Selinas engagement.

Clark Kent aka Superman who the public knew was close to Bruce and the only person Bruce allowed to interview his kids, Oliver Queen aka Green-arrow the public knew relations between both their companies were good, Kate aka his cousin aka Batwoman who said was there to keep an eye on the men, Jason and Dick who were 21 and 22. Legally old enough to partake in the Vegas events much to Bruce's displeasure. They were all flying out to vegas via private jet for the weekend.

They met at the manor and Alfred drove them to the airport.

“Cheers to Bruce actually getting married! I never thought this day would come.” Oliver said raising a glass and everyone laughed and cheered.

“Not gonna lie B, I was surprised when I heard you finally asked Selena to marry you.” Jason said obnoxiously, but smiled at the end of it meaning no harm.

“Well to be fair it’s not like he could marry justice.” Kate teased.

Bruce raised his hand to his chest looking offended at Kate “Et tue.”

The limo was filled with laughter as the guys and Kate were teasing Bruce all the way to the airport.

Alfred smiled to himself, he had never felt so much joy and dare he say it excitement.

The jet was roomy enough for everyone to spread out. Dick bounced to his favourite window seat before Jason could take it. It was late so everyone got comfortable for the 5 hour flight.

By the time they had taken off Dick was already asleep uncomfortably with the chair still in the upright position.

Bruce was worried. Dick seemed exhausted and was definitely hiding something from him. Dickie loved being the center of attention and teasing Bruce, but the ride to the airport he was pretty quiet. Dick showed up an hour before they had to leave after 2 weeks or radio silence. Bruce was almost ready to track his son down. After the proposal, Bruce's life had been in chaos, and now he was feeling guilty for not keeping better tabs on his kids.

Jason was sitting across from Bruce and noticed the worried brooding look Bruce was casting and rolled his eyes.

“Always so worried about the Golden child.” He huffed out.

“He's hiding something.” Bruce said not wanting to get into an argument with Jason about loving all his kids.

Jason stood up getting Bruce's full attention.

“I'll take care of Dickie-bird. You have fun. That's my wedding gift old man.” Jason said then stalked over to the chair next to Dick and plopped down startling Him awake. Dick looked around confused, worrying Bruce even more, but Jason flicked him on the forehead. Jason adjusted the chairs so that they were actually laying down and pulled Dick onto him. Dick instantly cuddled with his younger brother and in a few minutes his breath evened out. Jason ran one hand through Dickies messy untamable raven locks and read an ebook on his phone with the other.

Clark got up and took Jason's old chair smiling at the brothers.

“I’ll keep my eyes and ears out for them, but Jason's right. Try and enjoy this.”

“Thanks Clark.” Bruce said happy he built a network of people to protect his little birds. Now he had love and support from his friends, kids and soon his wife.

He isolated himself for so long this all seemed impossible years ago. Gotham was in good hands with the Birds of Prey and he could relax as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Oliver bought some kind of program for the weekend. Bottle service, VIP, and the three penthouse suits. One for the younger single boys, one for the Adult men. Oliver and Clark were married and Bruce promised Selina he would behave. Katy had her own room.

The first day they took helicopter rides over the grand canyon and went swimming. That night they went around the strip gambling in different casinos. Oliver and Bruce spend money like rich men giving Clark high blood pressure watching them spend it so fruitlessly. Jason was spending Bruce's money because he was pissed at Bruce for acting like an idiot and spending so much money fruitlessly. He ended up doubling the cash every time he tried to waste it. Everyone was having fun. Kate found a women at the bar and ditched the group knowing they were not going to do anything too wild.

Jason noticed Dick was already swaying and giggling. He knew Dick didn't drink enough to be this tipsey. Bruce always had a drink in his hands, but his sharp eyes let his friends and family know that he hasn’t drank a sip. Oliver on the other hand was up doing karaoke.

Jason decided he was done. He could only take so much from Olivers singing. Grabbing his brother and dragging Dick who stumbled after him. “Common Goldie. Time for bed.”

Clark saw Jason dragging Dick across the room and Jason mumbled quietly that he was taking Dickie back to their room. Clark nodded then told Bruce, who was next to him at the bar pretending they didn't know Oliver.


Dick was mumbling and Jason wasn’t really listening. He got them to the right hotel and elevator safely.

“Where is my key?” Jason was talking to himself because his companion was way too drunk to care what he was saying.

Hey!” Jason grabbed his brother who was trying to slide down the elevator wall.

“Your heavy enough as is. I’m not carrying you bridal style to our room. We are almost there.” Jason told his waisted brother.

“When did you even drink this much?” He kept talking pulling Dick into a kind of hug to keep him upright and check his pockets to find Dicks room key.

“How many pockets do you have.” Jason checked the pockets and heard something rattle. ‘What's this’ Jason thought to himself pulling out the bottle. A pill bottle. A HIGH PRESCRIPTION PILL BOTTLE! Jason almost dropped Dick. He cursed his unlistening brother.


Jason hauled Dick over to their room leaned him on the wall and found his own room key. Once they were in the room and the door was locked Jason threw his older brother on to the bed.

Jason screamed “What the hell!

Jason punched the wall and paced the room.

“Why are you yelling?” Dick mumbled sitting up clumsily.

“Why am I yelling? Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s cause my brother is an idiot.” Jason stomped over to Dick leaning down so that he was at eye-level. Jason grabbed his face focusing on the dilated pupils and checked his pulse.

“These pills aren't a joke! This is for major things you idiot! Like if your half dead type of painkillers!”

“It hurts.” Dick mumbled and tried to curl onto himself, but Jason wouldn't let him.

Jason grabbed Dick dragging him into the bathroom. Turning on the ice cold water and shoving Dick under it, waking him up.

Dicks eyes opened up more aware but still dilated.

“Jason?” he gasped.

“Does this look familiar.” Jason asked shoving the pill bottle in Dick’s face.

Dick looked away. “How many did you take. I swear if you are lying we get to visit the Vegas hospital to get your damn stomach pumped.” Jason growled watching his brother process the question.

“I only took a half.” he said looking his brother in the eye.

Jason watched him seriously for a few seconds.

“And you drank alcohol why?” Jason demanded.

Dick shrunk into himself. “I needed to be numb for long enough for Bruce not to notice.”

Jason walked over to to the sink grabbing a hand towel. Walking back grabbing Dicks chin and wiped his face a little roughly revealing dark bags under his eyes and bruises on his cheek.

It took a few moments before Dick shoved Jason's hands away and turned the water off, he was shivering.

“I’m fine Jason.” he snapped. His blue eyes were almost black.

Jason glared at him crossing his arms “Tell me what the fuck is going on. Right now.”

“I got in over my head! The owls kidnaped and hurt me. I’m fine now, but it still hurts.” Dick was on the verge of hysteria his voice trembled.

“Why didn't you tell anyone?” Jason asked his voice was calm but he ended up dragging Dick out of the shower, pulling his shirt off. There were really bad bruises on his chest, but they seemed to be old.

“We were just at the pool. How the hell did you hid that!” Jason asked confused.

Dick rolled his eyes and sank down to the bathroom floor “Grew up with batman. Learned to cover up bruises pretty young. Didn't actually get in the water either. Pretty sure he gave you the makeup lesson too.” Jason was still pissed, but glad that Dick was now talking more since and seemed less high from mixing painkillers with alcohol.

“Shut up.” Jason grumbled helping his brother change into pajamas and go to bed.

Bruce walked into the Boys room when he got back to the hotel. He was checking on the boys before going to bed. Dick was fast asleep his head buried in his pillow. Bruce noticed the second empty bed and walked into the room looking for his second eldest.

“Jay?” he called.

Jason was in the kitchen glaring at an unopened bottle of alcohol.

“Hey kid. What's up?” Bruce whispered pulling up a seat next to Jason.

Jason glared at the bottle harder. Bruce waited him out, like he always does.

“How was the night out with everyone?” Jason asked.

“It was nice. Oliver is probably throwing up in the bathroom as we speak. Kate is probably having the most fun.” Bruce said smirking.

“I’m actually surprised you are both in the room before us old folks.” Bruce's tone was teasing yet inquisitive.

Jason shrugged “Dickie was sneaking alcohol and had a little too much. I told you I’d watch him.”

“He said he was okay with me getting married. Then he disappears and acts like this.” Bruce huffed out.

“I love her, but I also love you kids.”

Jason snorted. “You do remember Alfred was the one who told us you were engaged when you ran off to fight your ex.”

Bruce grumbled. “Would me being married change anything.”

They were quiet for a bit longer. Bruce stood up and put the bottle in the fridge. He kissed Jason's forehead.

“Get some sleep.”

The boys were packing up to leave the hotel room. Jason and Dick danced around the first night. Dick played happy go lucky, but Jason could see there was something off. After they packed Jason cornered Dick pulling him into the bathroom and wet a hand towel.

“Hey. Jason !” Dick tried to protest. “Stop. What the hell!” Dick tried to stop Jason. when he pulled his shirt up and wiped his ribs gentle yet firm enough to get rid of makeup.

“The bruises are gone.” Jason said.

Dick pouted “ I could have told you that.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “How?” he asked.

Dick slumped and his eyes clouded over. “I don't even know.” he whispered.

“We need to tell Bruce.”

Dick shook his head and grabbed Jason's shirt “Please. Please Jason. Don’t tell him! Not yet.”

Dick finally looked up at Jason.

“The wedding is tomorrow . I’m getting better not worse. One more day.”

Jason let his forehead rest on Dicks for a few seconds. “Bruce is going to his private island with Selina after the wedding.”

Dick didn't break eye contact. “I know.”

Jason grumbled and straightened up. Dick just grabbed his shirt again.

“I’ll tell the league. I promise. Listen Jay. They have known me since I was like 9. They'll get all protective and figure this out without telling B. He hasn’t been this happy in so long. I can’t be the reason he doesn’t get married.”

Jason looked away and calmed himself down. He glared at Dick who was leaning on the wall of the bathroom pleading Jason to not tell their adopted father.

Jason cupped Dicks face glaring green eyes met sparkling blue ones “You and your damn puppy eyes. I won’t say anything, but promise you will tell me if anything changes.”

Dick beamed up at Jason jumping up and hugging him tightly.

“Thanks Jay.” He said then ruffled Jason's hair.

“Race you downstairs!” he said shoving Jason and slammed the bathroom door shut Jason in it laughing.