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Izuku woke up abruptly from his nightmare, cuddling his All Might Silver Age Collector’s Edition Teddy Bear to his chest and sniffling. It was the normal one with the giant bug monster and he knew his mom would comfort and even play with him until he felt better and was able to fall back asleep. He yawned and slid out of bed, jerking as he heard something fall and splash on the bed behind him. He turned his head quickly and saw the cup of water his mom left for him had tipped over onto his bed. He was confused as his cup was on the opposite side of the bed he got out of.

He ran out of his room, tears forming in his eyes as he looked for his mom. Instead of the quiet he was expecting, he heard what sounded like yelling between his mom and a man, listening from the hallway with a bit of worry. The man’s voice was loud, enough to shake the walls and cause neighbors to yell back about the noise.

“Hisashi please...he’s only a child. So what if he doesn’t develop a quirk.” Inko spoke softly but there was a bit of fear in her voice.

“No son of mine will be quirkless. I’d kill him if that happened.” The man responded, a eiry certainty to his voice.

“Hisashi...this isn’t your home anymore. And I will get a restraining order.” Inko’s voice was firm, though her body shivered a little, a mother protecting her child.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily bitch.” The man snarled, stalking closer to her but stopping as soon as he saw Izuku run behind his mother’s legs, his tears... floating. “Well, looks like he does have a quirk but it’s definitely not mine. I guess you are a whore after all, sleeping around.”

And that’s where it all went to hell. Inko tried to protect them as Hisashi belted his flames at them. Inko covered Izuku with her body, and he felt the flames lick at his skin, singe his pajamas. Everything was happening so fast, screams and panic echoing off the walls as he felt a push and the vague screech of his mother telling him to run. Izuku ran out the front door and out of the building as the flames only seemed to grow and follow him. He could feel his skin blistering and his tears rolling down his face and soaking into his shirt until he passed out, exhausted and too injured to escape.

“Songbird...yo...Izuku wake up!” A voice called as he was shaken awake.

“Ah!” He shot up and covered his face, a soundwave shield in front of him, jittering with the shaking of his body.

“Shit, kid. Sorry! Calm down, nobody’s going to hurt you.” The voice was from an older kid, about the age of a pre teen. As Izuku opened his eyes and let the soundwave dissipate he realized it was just Ryo. He lowered his arms and wiped his eyes where he knew his tears were already forming.

“S...sorry. I had a nightmare.” Izuku sniffled, climbing off the mattress he had passed out on last night.

“S’alright.” Ryo smiled with a shrug, tying his blue hair back and then fixing Izuku’s clothes with a soft gust of wind. “You’re getting big, better go rummaging through the department dumpsters again.”

“You don’t have to.” He pouted lightly. “I can ask for clothes myself.”

“And then you’ll be mute for two days. You’re better with the food crew.” Ryo ruffled the greenet’s hair before scooping the small boy up into his arms and walking down the stairs of the crumbling building they called ‘home’.

It had been years since Izuku had run away from home from what he later found out was his father who was the villain Draco. He’d ended up wandering the streets until he was found by Ryo and the other ‘nomadic’ kids, as they called themselves. Orphans and homeless children who slipped through the cracks in the system. Children with unregistered quirks who teetered on the edge of heroics and villainy.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Izuku hopped out of Ryo’s arms and ran over to play with the other kids. He was a dual quirk user, sound and water. Which was also why he had the nicknames Songbird and Siren. Though, even at eight, his powers weren’t very useful. They were good for protecting himself and convincing people to do things. Which was also why their group was so well fed, by the street kid definition. With his voice and other kids snatching what they could, they even had enough to save some for later.

Their only problems were police, other kid groups trying to steal their home and the occasional villain that brought heros. Nobody wanted to be taken away and those who disappeared were called ‘The Lost’. Today was going to be like any other though, collecting what they needed and learning what he could schoolwise from the older kids.

After all, he stopped going to any formal schooling after age four, rendering his official records as a missing child of a dead mother and imprisoned father, quirkless. He did like one part of when they went out though and that was the huge televisions in a store window playing hero fights which he would document in his notebooks. He also tended to sneak off if there was a nearby hero fight, watching in wonder in his ratty clothes.

He adored heroes, even if they were too busy for kids like him. Honestly he loved all heroes except for one. Endeavor. The one time he met Endeavor, the man glared at him and told his sidekicks to remove ‘such a filthy little whelp’ for possibly ruin photos. To him, Endeavor was more of an asshole than a hero, even if he was number two in the rankings.

His thoughts were interrupted as the kids split up into groups and headed out, Izuku covering his mouth with a simple mask; wearing a beaten up All Might hoodie Ryo found in the trash two years ago and some simple pants. He grabbed the hand of one of his favorite older kids in the food group and skipped along, trying to keep quiet so he could save his voice for later. The girl he was with was actually one of the rare quirkless kids, also Ryo’s girlfriend. She was also the one who taught him to read and write with what little they had.

By the time they arrived in the main part of the city, she was carrying him on her back, humming lightly before they all stopped at the window full of televisions. She could feel Izuku vibrating as the sound of All Might’s voice resonated from the screens. She also knew well enough to set him down as he pressed his face to the glass long enough to take it all in before they could be shooed away by the store owner.

With that they split into smaller groups, Izuku going off on his own to one of the newer stores. He knew the drill by now, either he would sing and cause people to leave money for him or he’d go to a store and convince the owner to give him as much food as he could carry. Then he would scurry away and return to their home base with his spoils and then go out once again. An endless cycle of running and speaking until his voice would give out. If he had to hide, it was under the water until he was no longer pursued.

Thankfully it had not come to that so his first round of spoils were unimpeded. He walked quickly, trying to keep from dragging the bag of food he’d ‘convinced’ the store owner to give him. His steps slowed quickly though when a familiar scent came to his nose, his heart seizing up in an instant. He could smell smoke. A lot of it. He dropped the bag and started running, fear pushing him forward into the abandoned street their home resided on.

Everything was on fire. It was just like four years ago all over again. But this time he didn’t run away, no. He ran towards the flames , his worry for his fellow street kids suppressing his pure panic at the flames. He had to make sure nobody was here, he had to make sure his family wasn’t lost again.

He stumbled through the heat and smoke, screaming out for anyone and everyone. No replies came to his ears. Nobody was here...nobody alive at the least. The thought made his stomach churn as he turned back to run out of the building. But all he saw was walls of fire. He was going to die, he was going to die right here and now, alone in a burning building. He was going to die because he didn’t know when to run away anymore. He was coughing now, the fire rolling over his skin in waves. Not even his own tears could give him relief as he heard a low chuckle behind him.

“Well, looks like you actually lived. A quick remedy.” Izuku turned quickly to see Draco in his full glory, the flames not even touching him as he strolled right up to Izuku’s small form. “A shame, poor Inko cried out for you so much as she burned to death .”

Izuku tried to back away but there was nowhere for him to go but further into the flames. Into the same death that took his loving mother. That took the only happiness he’d had in his life when he was younger and more naive to the world.

He only had one choice. He had to fight. He tried to scream, to push the man back but all that came out was a strangled squeak. He’d overdone it yelling for the others. Hisashi only laughed in response and kicked Izuku hard, sending him flying into the flames as he sputtered and coughed.

“I’d take you out here and now...but that’d leave a trace I’d been here. Easier to just let you die slowly.” Hisashi shrugged and turned. “Enjoy your death bastard child .” And with that, his father was gone once more, his laughter the only remnants he was even there.

Izuku tried to get up, to crawl out of the flames but his whole body ached and every breath felt like it was being ripped out of him. He was going to die. There wouldn't even be a body to bury. He’d become on of the lost kids, the ones who disappeared and nobody knew why.

He suddenly heard a noise as a wall crumbled nearby, a young man in a school uniform rushing in and looking around quickly. “Fuuuck I swear I heard...SHIT!” Izuku was slightly aware of the pounding of shoes on the ground and his body being lifted and held to...something soft. His only response was to close his eyes, accepting whatever death was coming. For all he knew, he was already dead and was being carried to the afterlife by an angel.

Anywhere was better than the flames that numbed his body and destroyed his mind.

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Izuku could hear the noise, rolling through his mind as he tried to figure out where he was. What had even happened to him? He could remember flames, the feeling of smoke entering his lungs and destroying all of his oxygen...but after that, there was nothing but black. He tried to open his eyes but he was met with only the darkness of the same nothingness of his memory. He tried to move, to do something other than lay there, listening to the continuous beeping around him but his body wouldn’t cooperate.

He wanted to scream to do anything to prove to himself that he was alive but he couldn’t make a sound. It was as if the whole world had turned off to him, except for the beeping, constant and a steady rhythm against it all. A metronome of life held upon a string that ticked on through the ages.

That was until he heard a door open and the clicking of heels on the floor. He attempted to turn his head towards the sound and found he could do it with simple ease which caused a soft gasp to come out of the person who spoke softly.

“Oh you’re awake, thank goodness. At least we know you can achieve a conscious state. Oh! Uhm, I’m Viola. Do you know where you are young man?”

Izuku seemed to think about that for a long time before slowly shaking his head. The woman only managed to let out a worried sigh before she continued. “You’re in a hospital...a young man brought you in. I was half expecting him to be harmed as well but...ah, I’m getting off topic. Let me remove those bandages from your eyes. They weren’t harmed in the blaze but...we wanted to make sure.”

Izuku felt a soft pressure against his face before slowly, light began to filter into his vision. He was met with white walls and a white bed. His clothes were replaced with what looked like a sort of gown and what he could see of his body was wrapped in bandages.

“Hmmm.” The woman, who he could now see had blue eyes and ginger locks, blinked her eyes before looking over his body, a sparkle now to them. “Oh...oh my.” She covered her mouth slightly before quickly writing something down on a clipboard.

Izuku took that moment to try and see more of the room, turning his head away from the woman to see a small table with a teddy bear on it. It was brown, simple and wearing the same gown he was draped in and a cup of water that seemed to have been half drunk already. Maybe he could…well it had been a while since he last tried but he still knew how. He concentrated and the cup started shaking a bit before falling over, moving towards the bear a bit faster than normal. The woman seemed to notice and rushed around the bed, picking the bear up.

“Water quirk...okay. Okay.” She sighed with a smile. “Do you want the bear?”

Izuku blinked before nodding, the nurse placing it down next to him. It was soft even softer than anything he’d had in a long time. He couldn’t help it, tears coming to his eyes as he tried to bury his face into it. It was the only real sensation for his body besides his chest feeling fuzzy. He knew he couldn’t speak so he waited for the nurse to speak again.

“Let’s see. You’ve suffered severe burns to your back, arms and legs and some broken bones. The worst was your legs but...they will heal. Waking up is the hardest part.” The nurse had a kind smile on now. “Can you tell me your name?”

Izuku shook his head softly. He wouldn’t tell her even if he could. He didn’t want to get thrown back into the system, to be abandoned by foster parent after foster parent like so many others. The woman only nodded gently as she wrote something else down and then placed the clipboard down at the foot of the bed.

“You’ll be better in no time. We have the best healers on staff here. When they arrive I’ll make sure you are seen first. Rest well okay?”

Izuku gave another soft nod, already tired from the little movement he had done as he shut his eyes softly and fell asleep, taken into the land of dreams once more with the bear pressed up to his little reddened face.

“Izuku! Don’t run into the water!” His mother called out, laughing with a bright smile on her face.

“It’s okay mama! See?” He dove under the water and came back up with a ball made out of water. “See? I’m a water hero! I’m going to beat up all the bad guys like All Might!”

His mother smiled in response and got up. “You better not have a fish in there Izuku Midoriya!” His mother called which caused him to blush and drop the water he was holding. He had totally been holding a fish and he ran out of the water in his All Might swim trunks he got for his birthday.

“Mama! You’re really sure I can be a hero?” His eyes were so bright as his mother pulled him in close and laughed.

“Of course, my little hero! You’ll be so good even All Might will notice you!” His mother only laughed harder as he began to vibrate with excitement. “Now let’s dry you off young man or Miss Honeydew will have a fit about the wet carpets everywhere again!”

“Wait, watch this!” He moved away from his mom and puffed his cheeks out, the water spraying off him. He was the happiest boy alive right now.

Outside of the hospital, Tenko was talking to his two best friends. He had on his uniform still, a bit burnt but nobody mentioned it since he was known for accidents. His silver hair was held back via one of Ryo’s hair ties and he had a pair of glasses perched on his face.

“I just want to check on the kid...I mean he was in a burning building!” Tenko huffed as his two friends laughed.

“Always the hero man, just like your dad.” Ryo winked and stuck out his tongue as Haruki rolled his eyes.

His two best friends in the whole world; Ryuunosuke, Haruki and Hayate, Ryo. Haruki had a draconic quirk, gold eyes and fiery red hair accompanying his sharp teeth, dragon wings and the scale patches on his body. Ryo was a wind user with bright blue hair, storm gray eyes and a tendency to wear his clothes a bit case of sneezing and his clothes attempting to fly off.

“Alright, have fun with the kid, I’m going to go see Yuki.” Ryo was off, already pulling out his phone. Tenko honestly didn’t know what that kid did half the time other than his ‘volunteer’ work in homeless areas with his mom trying to help missing kids get home to their loving parents and trying to keep the children alive and taught enough to survive in society.

“What about you Haruki? You have girls to smooch?” Tenko smirked as his friend rolled his eyes.

“No, I do, however, have a really good chance of raiding the fridge before my parents get home so I’ll see you around.” Haruki saluted and headed off, leaving Tenko to turn and walk inside the hospital.

Being the adopted son of the number one hero had...perks. He had a room reserved for he and his dad since they were always getting into trouble. The nurses also recognized him on sight, so when he asked for the room the burned child had been taken to, he was immediately told and directed there.

The room was...quiet. He’d expected it but with the child wrapped up like a mummy except for his eyes. There was an older woman gently removing bandages from the child as to not wake it. He smiled softly and closed the door behind himself as he walked in fully and over to bed.

“Hey Recovery…” He paused slightly when she looked up and saw his clothes.

“He will be fine. I could repair the second degree burns to his arms. The first degree burns on his neck, chest and face were easy but...he has third degree burns on his back and legs. There is nerve damage which may or may not heal themselves.”

“Shit…” He cursed softly and rubbed his arm, glad he was wearing his special gloves so he didn’t destroy everything by five finger contact. “Are they going to be okay?”

“Physically, possibly. There is apparently a lot of old breaks and scars from burns. He may never walk again. Emotionally and mentally, it is a complete mystery since he seems unable to speak.”

“O...oh.” He sighed and tried not to stare at the now only partly bandaged boy who was sleeping peacefully with a teddy bear in his arms. He looked...innocent. Just as innocent as Tenko was when All Might found him.

“I’m guessing you will be staying for a while...I’ll tell your father where you are.” With a turn on her heel, Recovery Girl left the room and Tenko took a seat, watching the boy’s chest rise and fall. The poor boy didn’t have much hair left from the flames and someone had apparently tied a bandana over his hair to protect what little remained.

The calm beeping of the machine and the empty room told him a lot about this kid. He was definitely a street kid if he had so many injuries without any medical attention. He also had a past of some sort. After all, he was a pretty cute kid. Someone obviously cared about him at some point. But nobody brought presents or personal things except for him. And that was a teddy bear he’d bought for the kid before going to school. The exact teddy bear the kid’s face was buried into. Maybe this kid was one of the homeless kids Ryo worked with.

He calmly picked up his phone and took a picture, keeping the flash off so as to not disturb the sleeping child and sent it to Ryo. There was an immediate and quick reply, full of panic. Izuku! He thought for a moment. Hadn’t his dad handled a case a few years back about a murdered woman with a possibly quirkless son who went missing named that? He remembered his dad talking about it at least…

He was pulled from his thoughts as the kid moved in the bed, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. The kid seemed surprised he could sit up at all and stared at his hands. Tenko could only let out a small smile before softly clearing his throat. The poor kid’s head whipped around so fast he swore he heard a crack.

“Hey uh…My name’s Shimura-Yagi, Tenko. I saved your life.” He was met with wide green eyes , that were actually starting to tear up a bit. Shit was he this bad with kids?

Then it seemed the kid...Izuku...had spotted something sticking out of Tenko’s backpack and pointed to it. Confused, Tenko picked his bag up and pulled out his half empty All Might water bottle, courtesy of his dad. Just seeing it seemed to improve Izuku’s mood.

“Oh, you like All Might?” Tenko smiled as the kid happily nodded, reaching his hands out for it. Well, he couldn’t deny a fan of his dad’s something right?

He handed over the water bottle and Izuku hugged it to his chest, opening it and chugging down the water. Poor kid looked instantly better from the drink and pretended to give his teddy bear some of the water. Had he been like this as a child? No…he’d been afraid. He quietly pulled his phone back out, secretly sneaking through some old news files with the name Izuku.

He didn’t get far before Izuku reached out and pulled on his shirt sleeve, his free hand seeming to flail a bit. He didn’t understand a bit of it but he gladly gave his attention back to the small boy as he let out squeaks and pointed to the TV. Didn’t dad have like...a commercial or something on around this time? He smiled with a shrug and turned it on, finding the station his dad’s stuff was usually on. As soon as the voice started coming through the screen, Izuku began vibrating.

Definitely an All Might fanboy. He smiled softly and got out his homework, pushing his glasses up and beginning his work. He’d probably have Aizawa on his ass in a few hours anyways if he didn’t return home before dinner...again. At least for now, this kid was definitely alright.

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The clock’s ticking away of the seconds was only interspersed by Tenko’s pencil tapping on his desk, lost in thought. It had been two weeks since he saved Izuku’s life. A boy who had apparently suffered years of abuse before he had found the safety of Ryo’s little hideout. He absentmindedly made a doodle of his dad in hero form in the corner of his notebook, not even hearing the teacher drone on about something or other.

That was until he felt something poke him in the side, causing him to jump a bit and everyone around him start laughing. He only blushed a bit in response and glared at the responsible party. Of course it was Hikari . He rolled his eyes and tried to pay attention. Highschool...they were talking about their choices already? Had he been that out of it?

Well, he already knew where he wanted to go. The same school his father went to as a teen. The place heroes were created and made into amazing people. UA. He smiled to himself and took one of the papers, scribbling away at his choices.

Once that was decided, and he’d handed his paper into the teacher, he hurried off to go visit Izuku, ducking and weaving through the throngs of students that congested the hallways. He was also hoping he wouldn’t be caught by a certain yellow caterpillar of a man as he raced to the hospital to see who he had dubbed the ‘Mini Might’.

He made sure to be quiet through the halls at least as he came to the room of the green haired boy. Said boy was quietly eating, flipping through a picture book. It was obvious he was just looking at the pictures and not actually reading it.

“Hey mini might.” Izuku looked over and his eyes lit up, sparkling.

“Wanna go outside today?” Izuku nodded happily and Tenko smiled, getting the kid’s wheelchair. Soon enough they were heading to the back garden of the hospital, Tenko quietly humming as they went. The flowers had to be blooming by now...right?

He stopped as soon as they got outside, feeling the breeze gently flow through his hair. The garden was beautiful and it was making Izuku bounce happily in his wheelchair, hands outstretched to try and touch the flowers.

“Alright, alright.” Tenko chuckled and rolled Izuku over to some of the flowers, watching him closely in case he fell, like he often did, from the wheelchair.

For just a moment, he let his mind wander. When Izuku was released from the hospital...where would he go? He couldn’t walk so he wouldn’t survive on the streets. The foster system would abandon a broken kid like him...probably already had. Maybe he could talk to his dad about it…

“So this is where you’ve been instead of studying.” Tenko tensed and covered his head automatically, knowing he was in trouble.

“Heeeeey uncle Shouta.” Tenko turned slowly, a sheepish grin on his face as he looked at his pro hero uncle.

“I could tell your father about this but he will probably congratulate your heroics.” Aizawa sighed and pressed a book into Tenko’s hands. “You forgot this at school. Ryo gave it to me.”

Izuku stopped staring at flowers when he heard the name Ryo and tried to make a noise to tell the people he wanted in on the conversation. He huffed and tried to move the chair but his arms couldn’t reach the parking brakes on the sides. So he came up with the next best thing.

Izuku concentrated, forming a ball of water from the nearby fountain, and throwing it at Tenko who yelped and turned around. Izuku let out an airy little laugh in response and did his simple signs, knowing Tenko couldn’t understand.

The older man though… he noticed and did a quick sign. Mute or deaf. Izuku’s eyes lit up and he pointed to his throat, almost excited to be able to communicate with someone again. He watched the older man walk over and then they talked in sign, leaving Tenko confused and staring.

“What are you doing Uncle Shouta?” He asked, tilting his head.

“Sign language. Someone taught it to this kid. It’s only basic though. You thought he was just flapping his hands or something?” Tenko blushed in response and looked away with a huff.

“How do you even know it?” He shot back, earning him a scarf backhand to his head.

“Hizashi goes mute from overusing his quirk.” He countered quickly and went back to talking with only a way the child could understand.

So Tenko went to look at the flowers this time, sitting on a bench and running his gloved hands over the petals. He kept Izuku in his peripheral though, a bit curious even if he felt shut out of it all. It wasn’t his fault for not knowing sign language!

He did notice a little kid slipping into the garden when they assumed nobody was paying attention. Tenko noticed that their hair looked like a really bad dye job was thrown onto their head, but they also hung their head low in shame, a scar on the right side of their face which they were obviously trying to hide from him.

“Hey, uh. Uncle. Wanna go and get something for Izuku in the cafeteria.” His eyes locked with his elder’s and a silent conversation passed between their gazes as Aizawa quickly sighed and dragged Tenko away.

This gave time for Izuku to notice the other and open his mouth, letting out a little noise that developed into a word. “Hi!”

The new boy jumped and a little patch of ice formed under them before he seemed to reel it in and look away. “H-Hello.”

“My name’s Izuku! What’s yours? Do you have a favorite hero? I like All Might!” Izuku’s voice was a little rough and raspy but he obviously hadn’t seen or interacted with another kid his age in forever.

“Uhm...Shoto...Todoroki Shoto.” The boy gave a tiny smile and walked over. “I like heros too.”

“Awesome! Also your quirk is really cool! Ice is awesome!” Izuku noticed the slight flash of worry pass by Shoto’s face and he calmed down. “Do you wanna hear about mine?”

“Oh...okay.” Shoto sat down as Izuku concentrated and pulled a ball of water out of the nearby soil. “I can pull water into my gravity. And my voice makes people do things...I don’t like doing that though. I like singing though!” He smiled and gently splased Shoto who blinked and laughed a bit.

It took only two seconds for Izuku to speak again. “Do you want to be friends?” Shoto’s laughter stopped and he looked away softly before looking right back at Izuku.

“Yes. I...I want to be frie-” His words were cut off by a loud yell that caused both boys to jump in fear.

“Shoto! Get back here!” Shoto got up fast and apologized before running off.

Izuku remembered that voice from the televisions though. Endeavor. He didn’t like Endeavor at all but Shoto was nice so obviously that meant Shoto had a really nice mom. Maybe he could come over and meet her some time since they were friends now.

Soon enough Tenko and the other man came back and Izuku was placated by a juice box, listening to them talk quietly. The older man had given him a book so he was looking at the pictures quietly with his juice. Still, he listened, knowing better than to ignore his surroundings.

“Well, knowing your father, he probably already knows about him.” Aizawa sighed.

“Yeah, he’s talking to Ryo’s dad about fostering him actually. Why are you upset by this?” Tenko tilted his head.

“I’m not upset, it means I’m going to be tutoring another little All Might.” Aizawa sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Fine, if he wants to play dad of the year I’m not stopping him.” With that Aizawa turned and headed out, leaving Tenko with Izuku.

“Hey Mini Might, do you wanna come home with me?” He knew it sounded stupid but by the way Izuku’s eyes lit up he figured the kid liked the idea.


“You realize under my orders, you will have to follow some rules.” The voice spoke over the phone as Hisashi smirked.

“Well, anything for the great leader. Sign me the fuck up.”

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It was finally the day Izuku would be released from the hospital. Months of rehabilitation and physical therapy now made him able to walk without much assistance...unless you counted the walker but that thing was so covered in stickers of All Might that nobody even questioned why he needed it. He wasn’t using it at the moment though since they were driving along the back roads to a suburb full of houses and yards, with kids running to and fro.

He didn’t see his new friend Shoto though...nor had he seen him in the past few weeks since his last visit. That time they had been talking about hero backstories and how they thought All Might was the best hero.

He was pulled from his thoughts as they parked in front of a medium sized house, which stood out against the bigger homes surrounding it. Tenko got out of what could loosely be described as a limo and grabbed Izuku’s walker out of the trunk. He then started helping Izuku out of the car and to take hold of the All Might coated monstrosity. He was a bit nervous as all the other people around had stopped playing to stare at him as he stared at the ground.


He felt a hand on his shoulder as he looked up into Tenko’s face, to see that he had decided to stick his tongue out, causing Izuku to giggle as they went inside. It was a fairly average home, no secret walls or hidden rooms, like Tenko wished could be the case.

“So dad’s out right now, if you want I can show you your room.” Tenko gave a tiny half shrug as Izuku nodded gently.

So down a hallways they went to a door with a little wooden sign that had Izuku’s name on it. The sign itself was totally All Might merchandise. Tenko knew exactly what was about to happen. He opened the door to All Might level shenanigans, posters coated the walls and there was even an All Might plush sitting on the bed. Izuku immediately started to vibrate and stared slack jawed in wonder. Well, at least the kid was consistent with his fanboying.

He gently shut the door again before Izuku tried to ditch his walker and roll around in the room. “C’mon Mini Might, we still have to go in the backyard.” He gently scooped up Izuku who let out a tiny little noise as the walker was left behind.

Through the house they went until they were in the large backyard, the sounds of animals of all shapes and sizes started up at  the sudden noise of the door being opened. Izuku couldn’t help but squeal and reach his hands out. He wanted to play with every single one of them.

Tenko gently placed him down on one of the various wheelchairs that he knew his father had stress bought when the reality of what he was doing had hit, and made sure it was safe to use on the dirt before Izuku zoomed off. Tenko tried to catch up and ended up falling face first into a mud puddle to which he heard someone laughing.

He groaned and sat up as he saw Haruki sitting on a piece of fence, holding a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a shit eating grin on his face. Tenko sighed and got up, wiping the mud off to the best of his ability, and walking over to lean against the fence.

“That kid just doesn’t seem to be able to stop smiling huh?” Haruki snickered and took another bite of his food.

“It’s a good thing. It means he isn’t holding things back.” Tenko reached up and pushed Haruki off the fence, causing the boy to have to fly up and stand next to him.

“Or he’s good at hiding it. At least he has some hair now.” Hiraki smiled softly. “Oh yeah, also your dad is on the way home. My mom texted me to warn you so you can hide that shit grade you got in class.”

And then Tenko remembered his bookbag was in plain sight as he ran off to go hide it in his room, leaving Izuku outside with the animals.


“St-Stop! Please! I didn’t mean to-” The voice was cut off by a scream as flames engulfed the figure that had been tied to a chair, who had been bleeding from multiple injuries.

The one who caused the fire was smirking, cracking his knuckles as he took in the sight in front of him, some fire receding back between his lips. Hisashi was very intrigued at this little plan the ‘boss’ had come up with. Take out one of the villains that had been bothering Endeavor, using his flames to make it seem like the number two hero had resorted to murder. He chuckled to himself as he sent another volley of flames down on to the screaming figure until the screams stopped.

He turned away, pressing an ear to the device he used to communicate with the rest of them. “Bastard’s dead. You believe me now?” He started to walk away from the scene.

“Excellent. With a power such as yours...even greater will our influence reach. And now we can get rid of that insolent number two hero.”

Hisashi shrugged slightly and exited the building. He watched the flames start to lick up the building, adding to the pyre that would be the Number two hero's downfall. Now, he was really excited for the future filled with ash.


“Tenko...where’s Izuku?”

Tenko’s face immediately paled as he rushed out to the backyard. How could he have forgotten his little brother outside knowing he had a handicap! He felt his heartbeat quicken as he ran around, checking every pen and stall of the numerous animals on the property, his eyes landing on the huge shed sized chicken coop they had, the closest structure to the house.

He nervously slipped into the pen and opened the big double doors they had installed into the coop for his dad’s sake to see...Izuku out of his wheelchair, three different hens sitting on him and covered in baby chicks. His fear immediately turned to amusement as he got his phone out and took a picture before gently shooing the hens away and lightly brushing aside the chicks. He picked  up the sleeping Izuku and took him inside. He wasn’t sure where the wheelchair had ended up but he knew he’d have to find it later. After dinner at least. Definitely.

The only other thing he had to worry about...was what his father was planning for his new little brother school wise.

Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t know why he was going to school again. The last time he went was years ago and Kacchan had punched him in the face. He winced at the memory as he noticed his older brother packing their lunches and mumbling. Izuku tilted his head as he watched him, curiosity in his eyes. When Tenko met his eyes, he saw his older brother blush and rub the back of his neck. Was he nervous too? He definitely looked it.

Izuku could remember when his older brother was rushing out the door early in the morning a few weeks ago like what Lizzie would do if you walked out of the coop with one of her chicks. Izuku had named Lizzie after an American television show he saw once. Toshinori had a lot of American shows on dvd. Izuku liked Papa Toshinori. If he could go back in time and find him sooner he would.

Izuku smiled to himself as Tenko packed their backpacks and put Izuku’s on the back of his wheelchair, having the collapsable walker already attached to the backpack by it’s strap, just in case. Big brother Tenko really thought of everything!

Soon enough they were heading to school, Tenko pushing Izuku and mumbling to himself about different things, mostly about school. Izuku’s thoughts were on the same wavelength. Would he make any friends? Would his teacher be nice? Would his disabilities cause him problems? His little thought rant continued, blocking out his brother’s mumbling until the two of them came to a sudden halt, ripping Izuku from his thoughts.

They had arrived at the school, Tenko knelt down to pet Izuku’s hair as he smiled. “Be good for your teacher alright? And don’t worry about your voice, dad made sure there’s a translator too. I have to go now but promise you’ll behave?”

Izuku nodded happily, his little curls bouncing from out of his bandana. He still had a bit of missing hair growing there so they had decked him out with an All Might bandana to help him out. After their little goodbye, a staff member came out and rolled Izuku into the school and then to his classroom.

It wasn’t too different than he remembered except maybe the desks and no toys scattered everywhere. He was gently guided to a desk with no chair and had his backpack placed next to him. He immediately got out his notebook where he would often sketch and write when he didn’t want to talk to people. Also his hero journal came out as he filled in a section a bit more about his big brother. Well it didn’t hurt to get ahead of the game right?

He got so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t notice the crowd of kids that had gathered around him, staring at his speedy writing and concentrated expression. When he looked up t the feeling of being surrounded his eyes went wide in fear and he flinched. The kid crowd quickly stepped back in case the new kid exploded or something. Instead he started to sob.

Most of the children decided he was weird and walked away except for one kid who started talking, curiosity in his eyes. It was like the kid was expecting something. “What’s your name? Why do you have so many notebooks? Are you deaf? Why are you in a wheelchair?”

Izuku rubbed the tears out of his eyes when he realized he wasn’t in a hostile situation, and then started writing down the answers to his questions, knowing the other probably couldn’t read sign language. The kid seemed to smile as he read, as if he finally found someone he could ‘talk’ to. He seemed just as nice to Izuku as his big brother was at least.

“I like heroes too. My name’s Hitoshi Shinso.” That sparked them to start writing to each other during the entirety of class and even have lunch together. He learned Shinso had a quirk that he could control people when they responded to his questions. Izuku decided his quirk was really awesome and could be useful for taking control of a villain to stop their rampage and that he would be a really successful hero with that power. Shinso thought Izuku’s quirk was weird but interesting too and that cemented their friendship.

By the time the school day was over, they were sitting on the steps, with Izuku in his wheelchair at the bottom. Talk was light, mostly since Izuku had to use his communication notebook but both of them were smiling.


Then he smelled it. It was sharp, like a saw blade on a harp string and he could feel his chest tightening.


The world was closing in and all he could smell was the smoke. There was fire. It danced across his vision even though he couldn’t see the actual source of the flames. His breathing picked up and his clutched at his shirt, staring into nothing.

It was like he was in that building again, screaming out for his friends and knowing they were dead. Like he was running from his home as his mother screamed out in agony, flames licking at his skin... He could his his father’s mocking voice.


Bastard Child.




Waste of space.


Never should have been born.


He couldn’t hear anything but the taunting and haunting voices in his head. The screams and shouts of his own past he couldn’t shake, even at a young age. Suddenly, he felt hands on his face, flinching harshly before a voice cut through the noise.

“Izuku!” It was Tenko, fear and worry in his voice as he scooped him up and held him tight against his chest, rubbing his back to soothe him. It helped him enough to come back to reality, tears rolling down his face as he put his head into Tenko’s shoulder and inhaled through hiccuping sobs. He smelled like flowers today. Flowers were good. Flowers were safe. He soon cried himself to sleep, his hiccups turning to soft snoozing.

Tenko sighed softly as the kids around them stared with wide eyes. He gave a nervous little laugh. “Whoever caused that fire...don’t do it again okay? Fire scares him.” He was trying to be subtle but he could see the concern in the eyes of the teachers nearby. Izuku had a panic attack because of fire. He’d have to tell his father about this. They’d have to adjust things again to accommodate this new piece of his past.

He felt a tug on his leg and looked down to the indigo haired boy who looked worried. “Is he going to be okay?” Tenko managed a little nod and the boy smiled. “Good!”

With that Tenko gathered up Izuku’s things, plopping them in the wheelchair, and headed for home, a small frown on his face. He knew damn well why this had happened...and he knew he needed to take care to teach Izuku how to fight back against villains...and his own demons.

Chapter Text






Izuku groaned and rolled over, slapping the alarm clock as he sat up in bed, a yawn escaping his lips. He knew he’d set it early but what for . He rubbed his eyes until it hit him like a freight train. The UA entrance exams were today . He tossed the blankets off and went to get up, toppling to the floor with a yelp.

In a second his father was by his side. “Izuku my boy, don’t rush.”

“Sorry dad.” He rubbed his forehead as he reached for his leg braces. All these years and his legs still didn’t work right. Well, physical therapy can’t fix everything and neither can Recovery Girl.

He slipped them on and his dad helped him click the straps into place before helping him up. “I’ve already packed your lunch, got your water bottle filled and extensive notes about the exam.” His father beamed which caused Izuku to blush from embarrassment.

“Dad I’m going to be fine. I mean, Tenko aced the test! And Shinso’s going to be there too so I know I can’t lose.”

“That’s my boy.” He ruffled Izuku’s hair , helped him get dressed and assisted him downstairs so they could have breakfast together.

Tenko was already tearing into a pancake by the time they sat down. “Hey pops, I gotta run this morning. There was an Earthquake and you know how badly they need rescue heroes!”

“Be safe.” All Might gave a small smile as Tenko nodded and scarfed down his last pancake before rushing out the door.

Izuku still couldn’t believe it after all these years. His father was All Might, the number one hero. His older brother was a rescue hero called Atomizer. He was set up to be a great hero too! He happily ate his breakfast, pouring over some last minute notes as he chugged some juice.

“And what do you do if you see someone hurt.” All Might quizzed him.

“Alpha maneuver 704. Check the situation, take out hostiles as you protect the innocent then clear the area.” Izuku responded without thinking.

“And what if you’re alone and overwhelmed.” All Might quirked a brow.

“Take the innocent and run to safety, alert other heroes nearby for assistance.” Izuku snapped back the response.

“That’s my boy!” All Might laughed and got up. “Good luck my son. I believe in you.”

Izuku grinned and grabbed his bag, racing out the door to the car. He loved that part about where they lived. They got a car driven by one of All Might’s sidekicks. This time it was Phantom, one of All Might’s recent ones. The man was still a bit on the young side with his white fluffy hair and dark eyes. If Izuku’s memory was correct All Might had hired him for rescue mission since he could phase through walls to locate people easier.

“Well well. The final Might is applying to UA. Lucky kid!” Phantom started the car up and started driving. “Your dad must be proud as hell kid.”

“He is.” Izuku blushed lightly. “Maybe a little too proud. He was giving me so much advice. It was a bit embarrassing.”

“Nah, embarassing is watching Bubble Girl get caught in the middle of a NightEye and All Might argument and she stutters so hard she cries.” Phantom snorted. “They both need like, couples counseling or something.”

Izuku chuckled a bit. “They’re just different in their thoughts. I doubt they fight all the time.”

“Yeah, no. But it’s still pretty funny.” Phantom slowed down. “Alright we’re here! Good luck! I gotta go to work.”

“Bye Phantom!” Izuku got out and waved as he left before turning towards the school.

UA Academy . This was the school of heroes. Of his whole family. This was the legacy he had to continue, like a torch passed on to the next generation. Sadly, his started out pretty bad when he tripped and ended up floating a foot off the ground.

“Sorry! I didn’t want you to fall.” A girl helped him get right again and rubbed the back of her neck. “I’m Uraraka Ochako. What’s your name?”

“Oh uhm, Yagi-Midoriya Izuku.” He smiled brightly.

“Yagi? Like Atomizer Yagi?” Her eyes lit up as they started walking.

“Oh, uhm, yeah. He’s my older brother actually.” He blushed a bit and looked away, spotting another person he wanted to talk to. “I gotta go. It was nice meeting you Ochako!”

He ran off and went straight to Shoto who looked over and gave the tiniest of smiles. “Hey. You made it.”

“Of course!” Izuku grinned. “Wouldn’t miss this for the world and you know it!” He pumped his fist into the air. “I told you during middle school I’d apply. So good luck okay?”

Shoto nodded and patted Izuku’s shoulder as they headed in. He lost sight of the girl and Shoto instantly as he took his seat next to a blonde with spiky hair. For a moment the boy almost looked like Kacchan, his friend from when he was a kid and his mom was around...before everything happened to him. As soon as the boy looked over he saw the recognition flash on the boy’s face before he growled.

Deku. Why the hell is a quirkless wannabe like you here. ” The growl was so vicious but with an undertone of confusion.

“Well, I’m glad to see you too Kacchan.” There was a tiny edge to his voice. “I applied here. Glad you still hate me after a decade.” He decided to end the conversation there as Present Mic came out to explain the written portion.

Writing was easy. It was just remembering facts and letting them out onto a paper. The real test, as he knew, would come after. The most important part of the exam. As soon as they grouped up he looked around for anyone he knew. No Shoto nor was Shinso around. But he did see Ochako. He went to approach as he was stopped by a taller boy with glasses.

“Are you daring to interrupt her concentration with idle chatter?” The boy seemed very strict so Izuku just sighed.

“No, I’m going to give her a hint since I know this place well. My brother went here.” He lost his chance anyways as he heard the start and raced in.

He wasn’t the fastest, especially with his braces on but he knew he had a good reach with his water based quirk. He concentrated hard, willing the water to come into his gravity. He heard a couple fire hydrants pop and the rush of water reach his ears. Good. Tenko’s advice was right. He smirked and did the most nerdy thing in the world. He started copying the moves of the water benders off the old Avatar cartoon.

Around him bots were getting sliced into pieces. He was using the water to push himself harder, faster. If he wasn’t fighting he probably could have ridden it. He didn’t need to get many points, he wasn’t going for the top spot after all.

He stopped as soon as he heard the alarm for the zero pointer. Alright he just had to get away and- He heard a scream and turned, seeing Ochako stuck under some rubble. She had a quirk that allowed things to float didn’t she? But she also looked really ill. Maybe she couldn’t use it? He moved before thinking, running towards her and summoning water to his aid. He was going to do this even though he knew Recovery Girl would hate him for it later.

He started running up the water like stairs until he was at a spot he knew was a weakness, opened his mouth, and let out an ear piercing scream. It was all over in a second, the robot shutting and stopping, the internal components locked from the frequency as he started falling.

He’d messed up, the world was spinning and he could feel blood coming from his nose. He couldn’t yell out for help as he knew he’d destroyed his ability to speak for a few days at least. His life began to flash before his eyes until everything stopped and he floated softly to the ground.

He sat up fast and quickly got to work freeing his savior from the rubble on shaking legs. Then he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and started limping towards the exit, a fire in his eyes and a stupid smile plastered on his face.

He couldn’t wait to tell Hitoshi at self defense classes later. But first he had to go sit through a lecture from Recovery Girl who chewed him out for his recklessness and stupidity as he held a tissue to his nose. He couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.


“UA Academy you say.” Hisashi smirked as he looked over the files on the table. “Guess I’ll finally be able to burn him to ash once and for all.”

“Don’t be too hasty Hisashi. We have to wait for the right moment. Two birds with one stone. All Might who adopted your brat and the brat himself.” The man grinned an unsettling grin.

“He is NOT my son! He is a worthless bastard!” Hisashi growled as fire flared from his nostrils.

“Of course, of course. And with your help, they will both burn…”


The wait for the results was not a long one. He found out as soon as he got home from a gleeful hug and spin from his father. “My boy! I’m so proud of you!” He noticed his son’s hands moving in the squeeze he set Izuku down. “Sorry son.”

Why are you so happy?

“Easy my boy! You made it into UA! But don’t tell anyone I told you.” His father winked conspiratorially which caused Izuku to let out an airy laugh, nodding.

This was the best day of his life.

Chapter Text

Izuku walked the halls of his old home, feeling the familiar carpet under his feet. He knew it so many times when it was burned into his memory. Lining the walls were pictures of him and his mom, making stupid poses and eating snacks. There was his mom’s wedding photo and when Izuku was born. The only two photos that his villain father ever showed in. He turned the corner into the old living room, feeling the familiar heat on the back of his neck.

“When will your quirk develop. Nonetheless, I need to make sure you can take on my legacy.” His father smirked and picked Izuku up by the front of the shirt, throwing him against a wall as the air left his lungs. The world grew...or was he shrinking.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and saw that familiar little boy, eyes wide in fear and blood trickling from a forehead wound. He was going to hurt him again. He was going to get beat again. He was…

Izuku shot up in his seat as he heard the door open to the classroom. Oh yeah, today was the first day of his year at UA Academy. He must have dozed off after getting here early with his dad. He rubbed his eyes and quickly used his water quirk to make the drool on the desk disappear. His eyes locked onto the person to see it was just his uncle Aizawa. He gave a soft smile to his uncle.

“Why are you here an hour early.” His uncle sighed and shook his head, pretty sure he knew the exact reason why.

“Dad had morning rounds and dropped me off.” Izuku gave a lopsided smile and stifled a yawn which made Aizawa sigh.

“Come on. You obviously haven’t had any breakfast.” He got his response when Izuku blushed from embarrassment and they headed to the cafeteria to sneak him some breakfast.

That’s what Izuku loved best about his uncle. He tended to seem tired and a bit salty but he was honestly a sweetheart. He loved cats after all and Izuku was sure he’d seen his uncle making a kissy face at a kitten once when he thought nobody was looking.

As they ate breakfast, Izuku chatted on about some things his dad did recently and soon enough he was heading back to the classroom to take his seat once more. By this time everyone else who was in class with him had arrived. He smiled nervously when everyone went quiet.

“Uhm...hi.” Izuku could feel eyes on him, specifically Kacchan’s as he took his seat right next to Shoto.

He’d done well placing in the class even though he wasn’t the best when it came to quirk control but honestly, he was part of his dad’s kids so it wasn’t much to worry about. Plus he had his two best friends around him. Hitoshi was in front of him whilst Shoto was to his right. Plus he could avoid Kacchan a little more from this spot.

Soon enough his uncle was back in his sleeping bag and Izuku prepared himself. He knew his uncle’s teaching methods and he’d brought a bottle of water with him just in case. It proved helpful when his uncle pulled the ‘quirk testing’ trick and Izuku managed to sneak the water with him.

His problem was though anything requiring his legs. He fell way behind the rest of the class in that respect since he still had to wear braces under even his gym uniform. If he didn’t...well...his dad would owe Recovery Girl more vouchers for spa treatments and chocolates. So he let his upper body make up for the slack. His strength wasn’t in his legs, it was in his quirk strength and his upper body.

When it came to the last test he concentrated hard. Throw a ball as hard as you can. Maybe he could mix his quirks without completely overdoing his voice or giving himself a bloody nose again like during the entrance exam.

He stepped up to the plate and took the ball, closing his eyes as he drew as much water as he could. He threw the ball as hard as he could and then opened his eyes to check the trajectory. He inhaled and screamed. It wasn’t a long scream, more short bursts to knock the ball higher. There was his big score.

When it was over his classmates swarmed him, asking him all sorts of questions about his quirk. But he knew he couldn’t speak for a good hour or so. It was getting stressful when he couldn’t respond until a familiar figure stepped in front of him.

“Hey, back off him. Crowds make him nervous.” Hitoshi frowned and turned to Izuku. “You alright?”

I’m okay. Can you tell them for me?” He signed it quickly as everyone watched his hands.

“Sure.” He turned back to the others. “He’s got a sound and water quirk but it also means he’s mute for now. Also he doesn’t like being crowded much.” Hitoshi shrugged as every took a few steps back except for Kacchan.

The day went on and Izuku’s voice came back to him before lunchtime. He had to figure out where to sit, but quickly found his two best friends chatting with one of his newer friends Ochako. He sat down and pulled out his lunch, chatting up with his friends.

“So Izuku. How do you know these guys?” Ochako gave a bright smile as she ate.

“Oh uhm, Me and Hitoshi went to the same school for most of our lives. Shoto and I met because of our parents.” He gave a nervous smile as Shoto put a hand on his shoulder. So warm…

“Oh your mom’s a top hero? Which one!”

Izuku flinched at the comment and looked away. “It’s my dad actually. My brother’s also a top rescue hero with his own company.”

“Ooooh you’re Atomizer’s brother? He must be so cool!” A different girl had joined the conversation now, if Izuku remembered right her name was Tsuyu.

“He’s a huge nerd that watches romance movies on his days off.” Hitoshi said it without a thought which made the table burst into laughter.

Suddenly he saw Kacchan from the corner of his eye and paused, noticing how intently he was staring. He got up gently. “I’ll be right back guys.” He left the table and then walked past Kacchan, seeing him move and then follow out of the corner of his eye.

So this was how it was going to be. He let out a calm breath and stopped, turning just in time to get punched in the face. It sent him straight onto his ass as Kacchan glared at him. “Tell me! How the fuck do you have one! How do you have a damn quirk you shitty nerd.

Deku couldn’t speak, frozen on the spot. His chest was tightening up. He could feel his heart racing like he’d run a marathon. Kacchan’s eyes looked so much like his dad’s. Tears came to his eyes as he tried to form a sentence. “I...I was a late bloomer. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

“Stop crying!” He raised his hand to hit Izuku again but a sharp cold took over instead as Izuku covered his face.

“Don’t.” Shoto’s voice was as cold as his ice as he moved around Bakugou and then knelt by Izuku, trying to calm him down as Kacchan got use of his arm back and stormed off.

He still wasn’t strong enough.


Chapter Text

So much had happened during his days as a 1-A student. Sure, he'd missed a few lessons here and there due to extenuating circumstances, but he was still thriving in other aspects of his education. He excelled in history and quirk related knowledge, much to the hidden delight of his uncles and father.

He had also been forced to go back to his therapist after Shoto told Recovery Girl just why Izuku had been in the medical wing again post Kacchan incident. But he also didn’t mind it, the woman often trying her hardest to help him overcome his fears of fire. Even with his backwards slide mentally, he was finally making some progress.

Which was why he was now sitting on the bus, eyes alight with excitement as they were heading to a rescue hero exercise. He knew that his brother would probably be there with his company. After all, his dad was supposed to come as well as long as he didn’t tire himself out before hand...which was honestly really likely if he knew his dad.

Once they pulled up to the building everyone was brimming with anticipation, Izuku included as he scratched absentmindedly at his new gear, courtesy of Recovery Girl herself. It measured both his quirk output and his anxiety levels. If either reached too high of a level Recovery Girl would get notified and come to his aid.

Inside there was his brother as expected with Ryo and Haruki. They were wearing their hero outfits as Tornado and Draco. Izuku knew that Haruki had snacks on his person and Izuku had forgotten, as usual, to eat lunch before they left, so he made eye contact with the dragonesque hero who gave a sly smile.

Without further ado, Izuku watched Thirteen walk from behind the trio and explain the exercise. One of the three other guests would be going between the zones to monitor progress and give pointers to assess the situation.

Sadly, the exercise hadn’t even started before suddenly a portal opened down in the plaza and villains started pouring out. The rescue heroes Izuku had come to feel safe around were snatched up and taken in a blink of an eye. His heart was already racing, his thoughts moving at a mile a minute. His classmates were ready to fight but Izuku’s eyes were locked on the villains pouring out below, specifically one he had hoped he would never see.

He only saw things like this in his nightmares. His father was here, smirking and looking right back to Izuku. He could feel the world spinning and his breathing become nonexistent. But it was only a fleeting moment as he was teleported, thrown onto a ship with Hitoshi and Tsuyu. He immediately was on his knees, Hitoshi by his side trying to snap him out of it.

“What’s All might’s favorite color!” Izuku barely registered it but answered softly, his mind going blank. “Good...good. Now you will sit here and forget him. Forget him until we’re safe.”

Izuku felt the punch to his arm as he came to, his breathing settling. Thank god Hitoshi was here with him… He got up slowly, giving a shaky thumbs up and noticing his bracelet had shorted out in the red zone. Maybe they’d be able to get help then. Recovery Girl would have been notified.

He took a final shaky breath as he got up with Hitoshi’s help. They were in the shipwreck zone, based on their quirks it was obvious the villains had no idea what quirks the class had. Tsuyu had a frog quirk. He had a water and sound quirk. Hitoshi had a dual quirk that many thought he’d been born with. Though that was far from the truth.

Izuku made a motion for Tsuyu to come over and the gears started turning in his head. With their combined quirks they could at least knock out the villains in the water to bind them. His eyes landed on a large pile of rope and he had his plan.

“Alright. Tsuyu, I need you to fling me into the water. I can use my water power best there with that rope. Then when I appear, Hitoshi, you need to use your strength. It’ll knot them all up in the rope and keep me out of it.”

“But you’ll blow yourself out too.” Hitoshi frowned.

“I can handle it.” Izuku gave a brilliant smile and nodded. “Launch me!” He used some water to quickly grab the rope as he was thrown off the boat.


He shut his eyes and immediately summoned his inner water bender. As soon as he opened his eyes he started zipping around like he had his own jet power, using the water to tie villains together by almost unnoticeable spots until he bobbed to the surface and he saw Hitoshi leap off the side of the ship, forming a bubble of water around himself as he rose in the geyser, making the villains get tied up in a ball of rope.

Everything almost seemed to settle for the trio as they managed to get to the edge of the water, their mood quickly going south. They still had to fight, and they heard the worst words possible. They were here to kill All Might. Tsuyu had no clue but to Hitoshi and Izuku...that was an actual fear. All Might wasn’t as strong as he once was. He had given up his power, and that meant he would slowly weaken to the point he would no longer be able to be the hero everyone needed.


The two boys immediately jumped into action, being cut off from the fight by a huge pair of dragon wings. “No. You kids have done enough. Let us handle it.” Izuku felt a pack of tissues and a candy bar be pushed into his hand before Haruki launched himself back into the fight.

But he knew his father was in that crowd. He could see the flames. His family...his friends were in trouble. For once in his life, he couldn’t even feel the fear. He felt an eerie calm wash over his body as he pulled a string of water to him. He started walking forward but...he was quickly blocked off by a huge black...person? He froze, the water dropping as the person raised their fist.

“IZUKU!” He heard the voice a second too late as the fist came crashing down.

But it didn’t connect. Hitoshi had blocked it, One For All rushing through his veins before the person went in for another strike. Thankfully it was that point that Haruki was back and scooped them up, flying them back to safety.

The rest of the fight Izuku watched in protective custody of his friends as they slowly managed to converge and join the small crowd. The Nomu was launched out of the USJ...but Izuku could see All Might losing his muscular full form. The heroes arrived but the main villains were completely gone...including his father.

Heroes turned to medical staff and police officers and then to his brother, white as a sheet hugging him close to his chest. It was almost like it was passing by in a dream which made things even worse when he blacked out in Tenko’s arms.

Why did he feel so cold.

Chapter Text

Things had grown tense since the USJ incident. Every hero was on high alert and every student was on the edges of their seats, worried over the consequences of the events. In class, Izuku was completely quiet save for the occasional mumbling and furiously writing in one of his quirk analysis notebooks. He still managed to keep up on his work but he seemed to be engrossed in figuring out ways to strengthen everyone’s quirks.

He only looked up when he heard that they would be continuing the Sports Festival. Everyone seemed to cheer up and Izuku’s eyes brightened a bit. It was the first time they had lit up since the incident because he finally had a chance to prove he wasn’t weak. He had a chance to show what he was made of.

He didn’t even pay attention when Class 1-B put out their war declaration, going to speak quietly with his friends. Thankfully the only one who had seen him break down was Tsu and Hitoshi and neither were gossipers so nobody knew the real reason he freaked out.

“Do you think they’ll have extra security?” Ochako asked quietly which caused Hitoshi to shrug.

“Probably. We did have a villain attack involving a whole class. They’ll have to.”

“I hope some heroes will be too busy to watch.” Shoto spoke it softly but Izuku picked up on it easily, placing a hand on his arm.

It didn’t take a genius to know Shoto had a lot of anger towards his father. They had been friends since childhood, back when Izuku was still young enough that his body healed quickly. Youth made people bounce back quickly, at least physically that is. Shoto looked over and managed a small smile in response, the two members of the shitty biological father club. Neither spoke of how bad they had it though but both of them could sense the other’s stress levels.


Once the hallways were cleared the preparation began. Everyone was curious about what the events would be. Rumors spread about certain heroes being there to scout out future interns and the like and Izuku knew he would already have a place with two of them in an instant. Either his father’s or his brother’s companies. It wasn’t really common knowledge that he was All Might’s son but to those who knew it was a tightly kept secret.

When the day of the festival came the childhood trio met up and gave their last notes of good luck. After the events began it would be every kid for themselves. Their entrance was full of fanfare and the first event was called out. An obstacle race around the stadium. He glanced over to Shoto in that moment to see a light in his eyes he hadn’t expected. Well he knew how to avoid Shoto’s ice.

As soon as the start sound went off Izuku took off, Hitoshi speeding ahead and Shoto going for freezing the ground. Izuku let out a sound wave to bounce off of the ground and bounce across the ice like some form of arctic kangaroo. He was in fourth place, behind his two friends and Kacchan whom he was glad to avoid. He didn’t want to deal with his anger right now after all.

He had been so lost in that thought he almost right right into the first obstacle, a bunch of Zero Point robots from the entrance exam. He witnessed Shoto freeze a bunch of them, letting them knock down and cover the path. He knew Hitoshi would be able to get right through so he had to find his own way. He concentrated, channeling his inner water bender and used it as stepping stones over the robots and onto the path ahead.

Fifth place

He kept moving, kept running so he could try to catch up but his friends were already finishing the second obstacle, a canyon with ropes that they obviously had to run across. He tried not to think about looking down and used his own echoing voice into the canyon. It wasn’t a quick move, more of a speedy inching along, but it could get him across with ease. He knew he’d fallen behind but he just had to get into the top 42. If he could do that he wouldn’t be left behind.


Twelfth Place


He knew it was now or never as he reached the final obstacle. A minefield. Being this far behind he could see spots that others had been blown away by, places he could easily get footing as he picked up his pace. He decided in that moment to do something he hadn’t done since he was a child.

“Walk into the mines, ignore the race. Walk into the mines, ignore the race.” His voice had a slightly edge to it, a hint of subliminal that he hadn’t used in a long time. Still it seemed to work on some of the people in the minefield, giving Izuku a pathway through the mines without hitting a single one.

Seventh Place

He had done well, especially when he got so far behind in the second obstacle. He wasn’t on top, that went to Hitoshi with Shoto right behind and then Kacchan, but he’d made it into the top ten. He still had a fighting chance. Then he heard the second challenge. A cavalry battle where the team with the most points would advance along with a few others. And the winner of the last event...had a huge price on their head.

He had a lot of work to do if he wanted to help Hitoshi.

Izuku immediately made a beeline for Hitoshi and Shoto who had grouped up with his eyes alight. His head was racing a mile a minute. Hitoshi wouldn’t be able to use his mind control on the top of the pile so there needed to be an attack and defense strategy in place. His eyes landed on Tsu and Uraraka and the gears clicked into place as he called them over.

“Well...looks like someone has a plan.” Hitoshi smirked a bit.

“More than one. If we can keep you airborne it’s less likely you’ll be hit. Shoto can cover ground attack and defense with me…” And off he went muttering again about Tsu and Ochako.

“Has he...always been like this.” Ochako’s brow rose a bit as she whispered to Hitoshi.

“No, it’s only been about a few years...He’s better like this.” He responded which made Shoto nod.

“Oh?” She frowned a bit.

“He...used to be a lot more walled off to the world.” Shoto only had time to give that response before they had to assemble their teams and get into position. Shoto and Izuku were placed up front for their dual capabilities whilst operation lift and swing was in the back.

The plan was to keep Hitoshi as far away from competitors as possible whilst the others managed to pilfer other headbands. Izuku knew everyone would be sweating...well he hadn’t used sweat before he might as well try right? As soon as the starting sound rang out Shoto laid down their track of ice and set them up to slide across the ice.

Izuku meanwhile was slowly collecting water, building up a shield of sorts whilst the girls were playing tongue lasso with Hitoshi. Things were going good, people weren’t even realizing that their bandannas were sliding away with their sweat. At least, most teams hadn’t noticed. Some had and were holding tight to their points and were converging on the group.

They had to last, they had to…

“SHOTO! USE YOUR FIRE!” Izuku hadn’t meant to make it a command but in an instant flames engulfed one side of Shoto and Izuku quickly blocked out the smell with the sweat shield. He felt that same chill go through his body as he shut his eyes. He tried to not panic as he heard the beeping of the bracelet support item. It wasn’t red level this time. He had to remain calm.

The end horn blared and the group toppled. Still, they had made it to the top of the ranks. But the look Shoto had now...Izuku felt his heart drop like a stone. He’d fucked up badly. And now he knew they would both pay for it in the end. Izuku let the sweat shield drop and he got up, shaking like a leaf. He felt like a monster.

“Shoto I-I. I’m so sorry I.” His words choked in his throat and felt the tears coming instantly as Shoto was staring in shock and a bit of fear at him. He’d forced Shoto to do the one thing he hated most. Use his fire. Izuku bolted for the nearest bathroom and locked himself in as he sobbed.

He really was useless and a waste of least that’s what he felt like right now. If he hadn’t forced Shoto to use his fire...if he hadn’t been born. None of this would have happened. Shoto probably hated him now.

He visibly stiffened when he heard a knock on the door, covering his mouth to quiet his sobs. He knew it could only be two people...and he hoped it wasn’t Shoto right now.

“Izuku…” It was Shoto. “ don’t have to apologize. You panicked...I...It’s my fault I have fire. I refused to use it because…” He sighed. “I...didn’t want you to hurt.”

His voice ended there, Izuku hearing him walking away as he pulled his knees to his chest. He knew he’d have to eventually return to the arena, to go through the final battle.

He hoped he didn’t have to face either of his best friends.

Chapter Text

It took a long time for Izuku to leave the bathroom. He ended up missing the little ‘event’ Denki caused with the girls in cheer outfits but it was probably better that way. He at least got back in time to see who he would be facing.

Hitoshi. Well, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world right? It wasn’t Shoto. Then his eyes drifted upwards. Shit. He felt his heart tighten at the thought. If Shoto won his fight and Izuku won his...they would have to face. He tried to calm his tight chest, eyes closed. He had to stay calm. He had to do his best.

When he opened his eyes he was gently guided off by Ochako and Iida. He knew his battle would be one of the first based off the roster and he needed to prepare. It distracted him from the future for the moment as he poured over his mental notes.

Hitoshi had a mind control quirk but Izuku had a hypnotic voice. They were evenly matched on that plain but...Izuku’s physical level was well below his best friend’s, especially since the other wielded the power of One for All. Izuku had water control though...and if he could control sweat…

No. He would never attempt that.

He forced the thought away with a shudder. Blood was not something to mess with. Doing that would equal his level with a villain. He shook his head and went back to strategy. They were equally matched in quirks at least if Izuku kept him at a distance.

When he finished his plan he got up, hearing his name called to the arena. He just had to get his edge in. As he walked into the ring he grinned. “Hey Hitoshi! No questions and I promise not to use my hypnotic voice.”

Hitoshi smirked. “Deal.”

Izuku saluted with a victory sign and the starting sound blared. Izuku pulled liquids from wherever he could, people’s drinks getting emptied around the stadium as Hitoshi powered up. Just one move and it’d be over. One move. He shot the water at Hitoshi, hoping to contain him in a ball of it and then screech him out of bounds but he punched straight through it, causing Izuku to have to pull it back around him in an orbit.

The fight was on, Izuku using his water to attack and defend as Hitoshi countered and landed his own hits. Both were sweating and Izuku was totally stealing it to add to his water orbit. If someone was analyzing the fight they would notice Izuku was slowly inching closer and closer to the ring’s edge in a circular pattern. Just. One. Move.

His eyes lit up when he saw Hitoshi was right at the edge. “Sorry.” He grinned and opened his mouth, letting out a scream then knocked Hitoshi over...and out of the ring. He let the water fall with a splash as he was announced the winner.

I said nothing about screaming. He signed it with a wink as Hitoshi laughed.

“You practically walked me to the edge!” He got up and walked to Izuku, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “Alright, I’ll get you next time.”

With that they headed off to watch the other fights. He noticed Kacchan...No he’d just call him Bakugo now...kicked Uraraka’s ass without even giving her mercy. Honestly it almost felt like he wanted to kill her which just made Izuku’s anxiety worse. And Shoto...he looked pissed and won his fight in a second flat. This wasn’t looking good.

He got up as soon as he could and ran for the bathroom, shutting his eyes. He needed to calm down! He pulled his knees to his chest. He just...had to survive Shoto’s wrath. He forced his breath to calm down with slow breaths and wiped the tears from his eyes. He had to be strong, like his mother tried to teach him to be.

He took one last calming breath and exited the bathroom, walking straight into the one person he never wanted to see again. Endeavor. He made a point to look at his chest and not his face, knowing he would probably make his support gear short out from stress levels. Still he couldn’t get away from the man talking to him.

“I should thank you, finally getting Shoto to embrace his full potential.” Full potential Izuku’s slightly scarred ass.

“Mm.” It was the best he could do until his voice came back to him fully, he needed to save it anyways.

“You better not go weak in your fight son of All Might . This will be the perfect test of Shoto succeeding against the Symbol of Peace.”

And that was what made the next words tumble out of Izuku’s mouth. “Go burn a civilian End The Vore.


And with that he flipped off Endeavor and walked backwards into hell as he heard his name called to the ring. He didn’t have to win...but he had to get forgiveness. He rolled his shoulders as he entered the ring and gave a sad smile to Shoto.

“I hope you don’t hate me.” His smile fell. “And that you don’t kill me.”

“Never.” Shoto responded and gave a tiny smile as the fight began. He had totally seen Izuku's little stunt and it showed.

Izuku used his water to block ice attacks, trying to counter his best. He was in his worst match up though and knew he had to use his hypnotic voice. He took a breath and poured every once of sincerity into his words.

“Shoto. Your fire is not your dad’s. You aren’t your dad like I’m not mine. I’m not scared!” He was lying about the being scared part. “We both have to give our all! Now do the same!”

He ran forward blindly to meet Shoto’s next attack...and everything got hot at once. He pulled the water to himself as a protective shield as steam took over the stadium. Izuku felt...dizzy. Did he over do his water? He’d been relying heavily on it this whole time...SHIT! He wasn’t sure what happened next as everything went dark and silent.

When he came to, he felt the sheets of Recovery Girl’s infirmary. Shit, dad was going to be so mad. He opened his eyes to see his friends crowding him. He managed a lopsided smile in response and saw everyone visibly relax. He got filled in on the details soon after.

Bakugo had won first place by default because Shoto was too distracted to give a proper fight. Shoto had gotten second because of it. Izuku sat up fast and instantly grabbed the side of his head. Yeah, he overdid it.

“Don’t sit up so fast! Shoto said your nose was gushing.” Ochako made him lie back down as Izuku managed a bit of a laugh.

“Oh...that’s why everything tastes like pennies?” He got eye rolls for that. “Happens when I overuse my water.”

“Then take your own advice.” Shoto commented. He didn’t look mad anymore. It was...well Izuku couldn’t really tell what was going through his friend’s head.  He also noticed a lack of Iida but decided not to bring it up.

“Alright let’s carry the idiot out before Recovery Girl kills him.” Hitoshi helped Izuku up and onto his back so he could be carried off.

As they walked, Izuku’s eyes kept sliding to Shoto. Did he always look so interesting when he made that face of thought?

Chapter Text

Finally, it was time to pick internships. Izuku was staring at the page with a frown. It seemed like a lot of people wanted him, but he also knew which ones wanted him because he was All Might’s son. Did Tenko have to deal with this bullshit? He sighed and looked over to Shoto seeing -a… terrifyingly short list.

Well, his dad was the biggest cock waver in Japan, and under a lot of investigation to boot due to the fact that a lot  of crispy villains had started to appear more frequently. Izuku’s eyes were narrowed and he was well on his way to giving himself whiplash, glancing between the two lists until he noticed one team that wanted the both of them. He nudged Shoto with his foot to get his attention and started signing.

The Pussycats want us both. He winked with a smile and pointed at his list. As soon as Shoto noticed his eyes went wide and he actually smiled, nodding. Izuku was once again fucking over Endeavor and it was sweet, sweet karma.

As soon as they both wrote down  their choices they handed in their papers together. They realized that they were probably getting a look for the blatant little stunt and that Aizawa knew sign language but hell, it beat Shoto getting forced to listen to his dad for a week. It also meant that they may or may not be stuck in the woods. On a mountain. Just the two of them. For some reason or another...Izuku was really excited for that.

When they parted ways to return to their homes and pack in preparation for the week, their conversation moved to text message. Most of it was simple stuff, talking about Shoto’s mom now that he had visited her, how his siblings were. Other things were for the future.

Into The Memes
So what kind of hero do you want to be Shoto? I mean I know you chose the Pussycats to escape Endeavor but…

Ice Ice Baby

I...I don’t know really. Why did you choose them?

Into The Memes
Well my brother and his team are rescue heroes. I want to see what that type of hero is like.


Ice Ice Baby

Weighing your options.

Into The Memes
Exactly! I don’t know if I want to go into rescue or if I want to be on the streets like All Might.


Ice Ice Baby

I think you’d make a good water hero. Rescue or otherwise.

Into The Memes
Aw, Okay. TTYL. <3

Izuku had just gotten home and was immediately welcomed home by the sight of his brother, eating a cheese stick without peeling it. Just biting right into it. Fuck, did he know already? He put on a smile and tried to remain calm.

“So’re home early Tenko.” Don’t start sweating. Sweat and you die. Don’t show weakness that’s what he’s waiting for.

“Yeah. I am.” He took another bite.

“So how was your day.” Izuku had gone into calm fear, no emotion present on his face.

“It was fine. So. Pussycats.” He started getting up.

“SHIT! MISS MAGIC HELP!” He darted out of the house like a villain was on his tail, heading straight for the chicken coop.

Tenko tore after him, just barely managing to stop as a huge black hen stood between the two. Miss Magic was very protective of her ‘chick’ after all and if Tenko didn’t walk away he’d be pecked all over...again.

He decided the risk wasn’t worth it and headed back inside, rolling his eyes with a smile. “Enjoy a skirt short stuff.”


When he and Shoto reached the station, they saw Iida pacing as he waited. It made sense given his brother had been a target for Stain during the Sports Festival. Man, Iida is probably really on edge right now. He glanced at Shoto who shook his head. Best not to intervene. He got the message clear as day.

Still, he couldn’t help the weird chill he got when he saw Iida’s eyes for a second. They were...terrifying. That was the best way to put it. Another way could be blood stoppingly cold. Who knew what was going through his head to get an expression like that.

Sadly he couldn’t find out anyways, their train arrived a few minutes later and they headed off to the location the Pussycats had told them to meet up. Still, Izuku did manage to notice Iida was on the same train. Maybe they were headed to the same city? Was this partly due to Stain?

He forced those thoughts down into the back of his mind as he let his eyes shut, deciding a nap would probably be best for him to pass the time.

Izuku woke up at the beach, the warmth of the sun on his face and laughter surrounding him. For a moment he could have sworn he was having the same dream he had as a child, with he and his mom on the beach. Sitting up he realized he was still, well that he was still his physical age.

As he got up he felt the wind gently ruffle his hair, causing him to blink to avoid getting his hair in his eyes. As soon as his eyes had closed, the scene changed. Now he was on his old street, the sound of laughter and joy coming from where he vaguely remembered Bakugo’s house to be. He followed the sounds, walking through doors until he came upon a scene so fuzzy to his memory he almost didn’t believe it was real.

“Izuku look!” Bakugo made tiny fireworks in his hands with a grin. “I’m King Explosion Murder and I’m gonna save the world!”

“Me too Kacchan!” The little voice of himself hit his ears as he saw a younger, happier version of himself, striking a pose. “I’m gonna be All Might!”

“You can’t be All Might dummy, you gotta pick your own hero!” Bakugo huffed.

“Uhm…then I’ll be...Siren! Yeah!” He grinned and the two started to run around making noises like explosions and wrestling.

Slowly his eyes slid to the doorway, seeing his mom trying not to laugh, mouth covered slightly with her dainty hands that he could still remember like a lifeline. Soft, a few papercuts from her desk work and warm like the sun.

He couldn’t help the smile that came on his lips, hearing his name spoken on her lips, like a bell in his ear.…It wasn’t bells he was hearing.

Now Approaching Hosu Station

Izuku was jostled by the braking of the train, waking him enough to comprehend the fact that the trip was over. He managed to get up a bit shakily and Shoto immediately moved to support him so they could get to the office they were meeting the Pussycats at. The longer they walked, the more awake Izuku managed to get.

By the time they reached the office, Izuku was practically vibrating with excitement. He honestly loved rescue heroes as much as he loved his dad and heroes like him. He also realized he didn’t know if he and Shoto would be using their own outfits or...his brain froze for a second.


The Pussycats were known for skirts and chokers and cat-like appearances. Would he and Shoto have to wear that? It would not be good for Izuku, his scars and braces on display for all to see. He shut his eyes and took a calming breath before they headed in.

This...was not going to be fun.




“Now then...we have much to discuss.”

Chapter Text

As soon as they walked through the door, Izuku felt a weird sort of calm rush over him. He’d felt something like this before, sure, when his dad and Tenko has a burrito contest and the blankets in the house were turned into rolls of doom. A smile immediately came to his face and he looked to Shoto who seemed to be feeling the exact same way.

Sadly it didn’t last long as the Pussycats came into view and started gushing over Izuku and Shoto, calling them the cutest little kittens the world has ever seen. He could practically feel Shoto’s heat so he was sure he wasn’t the only one blushing.

“So for your purrfect first day, we’re going to be doing some patrolling. We know we usually do rescue but we have a special assignment in Hosu!” Ragdoll spoke and ruffled Izuku’s hair.

Well, that explained why they were in Hosu at least. And since she didn’t mention cat outfits...that meant his hero costume. He hadn’t worn it since the Hero vs Villain exercise and he prayed the support course had made the adjustments he had asked for.

As he pulled out the costume he let out a sigh of relief. A green bodysuit with reinforcements to the legs in a more subtle version of his braces along with baggy shorts and a belt of water containers. The chest area had a nice flowy top to keep movements from being restricted and the fabric was thin enough he could pull his own sweat in an emergency. His favorite part definitely had to be the note that read ‘Water Tribe’ though. Someone had gotten his reference image and loved it, even if he kind of looked like one of the swamp benders a bit.

He quickly got it on, thankful that his scars were hidden before running into view, a big grin on his face. And that was the moment he got a cute pair of green cat ears plopped on his head. Well, they went with the outfit and he was representing the agency. He caught a glimpse of Shoto in the seconds before they left...and his cat ears matched his head. It was adorable and Izuku couldn’t help the tiny smile and blush he got.



Thankfully the day went calmly, Izuku doing little hops as he went with the group of pro heroes, asking all sorts of questions about the aspects of rescue work. Shoto could barely keep his eyes off of him. He was just every bit a ray of sunshine and it kept Shoto grounded and stopped him from thinking about his father, who was furious when he found out Shoto picked an agency that wasn’t his. But if he leaned a little to the side when he walked, nobody seemed to notice.

His thoughts returned to the Sports Festival. What he saw under Izuku’s gym uniform. The scars all over his back and his legs. Who had hurt Izuku so badly he was scarred? Who had taken his smile and turned it to tears. In Shoto’s heart he felt a need to hurt whoever hurt Izuku, something he hadn’t felt since...since his mom was still around.

He had been avoiding asking Izuku about some things. About the scars. About his past. He knew it would lead to questions into his own past, things he would never, could never, discuss. Not even with Izuku. He...well he didn’t trust Izuku with that information, nor did Izuku do the same with his own. It was a matter of mutual trust for things like that.

Still, he just...couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Not even when they went to the apartment complex the Pussycats were using for their two of them. They were in the same apartment, a two bedroom one thankfully.

“Hey Shoto?”

Shoto was brought from his thoughts for a moment, realizing he might have been staring again.


“I…” He paused, a nervous glint in his eyes. “I’m going to take a bath. Could you...well uh…”

The silence that settled between them was dense and awkward, something that needed to be broken but neither could make a move. Should he look away when Izuku comes out? Did he need help with something?

“I...I need you to help me. With…” Izuku looked so frightened that Shoto’s heart hurt. Were there tears in his eyes too?

Fuck it.

“You can’t get out without help...can you.” Shoto tried to keep his voice calm but based on the tiny nod Izuku gave, he hit the nail on the head. “I don’t mind helping you.”

He did, he totally did. Because then he would see Izuku, probably naked. Very naked. He was praying he wasn’t blushing right now.

“Uhm...Yeah. You know about my braces and all...and uhm...well I have a lot of scars. Please don’t freak out.”

And there it was. Shoto let out a small sigh with a smile and spoke once more. “It’s fine. I have scars too. Shitty dad club...remember?”

“Y-Yeah. Shitty dad club…”


Why did he do this!

Shoto was going to see his scars! And...well hopefully not his naked ass. Izuku was currently in the tub, washing off the day’s grime and sweat and trying not to die inside. He should have thought about his issues with getting clean BEFORE the internship. But he had been so confident, so sure of himself. Now he would have to worry about Shoto and...his heart was racing now. Fuck Fuck FUCK he had a crush on Shoto didn’t he. Or maybe it was a panic attack.

He tried to calm down as he finished up and reached for a towel he had set down nearby. All he had to do was let the water drain...use his arms to slide up the side of the tub and cover himself. All he needed. Slowly and carefully, he did just that, thankful that you couldn’t see anything.

“S-Shoto. It’s safe to come in.” Dammit, he was stuttering.

He shut his eyes nervously when he heard the knob turn and waited for the terrified gasp, the questions and probing about the huge and heavy scarring on his back and the freaky scars on his legs.

But it never came. Instead he felt a soft hand on his arm and his eyes opened slowly, finding Shoto in sweatpants and a tank top kneeling next to him. His eyes...looked worried but walled up, like he had a million questions he refused to ask. Instead he helped Izuku up and wrapped an arm around his waist to balance him. The walk to Izuku’s temporary bedroom was all but silent and as soon as he was set on the bed Shoto pulled away, staring at the nearest wall.


“You’re welcome.” Shoto was still wall staring.

“ biological dad did it…” He took a calming breath. “He tried to kill me when I was younger. Twice. The second time he left me unable to stand without braces. could have been wors-”

He was cut off by Shoto hugging him. Oh. Oh this was really nice. He was frozen on the spot for a solid three seconds before he reacted, wrapping his arms around Shoto’s torso and shutting his eyes. least he could enjoy this for a bit, amazing and soft and perfect.


A man with too many blades to be comfortable stood in an alleyway, a frown on his face. He only had one more to sacrifice in this town before he moved on, one more soul to cull to restore the order of proper heroes. And no man baby and his two babysitters were going to stop them, even if one breathed fire like a dragon.

“Time to finish this.”

Chapter Text

The next few days were...a lot less awkward. Izuku was honestly bouncing all over the place and the amount of times he has heard the green puffball of energy say ‘nya’ was hard not to laugh at. Even Shoto was getting into the cat memes and puns at this point, and he was having a great time. He knew he’d probably have a lot of ‘training’ for what he’d done but he has these pure and innocent memories to hold onto now, a shelter from the storm.


Honestly, the past few days had placed a good deal of ‘rebellious’ thoughts into his head. What would happen if he just...never went home. Technically he could stay with Midoriya...though his dad would probably kill him before he ever stepped foot in All-Might’s home. He let a sigh out through his nose and shook his head softly, letting the thought leave instantly.

Though this meant Izuku caught it and slowed down to walk next to him, tilting his head to the side. Shoto gave a light shrug in response and started signing in an instant. Neither were sure if the Pussycats read sign language so for the moment it was their private communication.

‘Shitty Dad Thought’

‘I will yeet him into the sun’

‘He’d come back like Anakin’

‘I have the high ground Endeavor’

That caused Shoto to let out a snort and quickly cover his mouth, hiding the grin spreading on his face. He was trying to cover his laughter as a small cough in case anyone looked to check on them.

When the evening struck, hell broke loose. They had been heading back to the agency to go over some things when the Noumus attacked Hosu. Shoto and Izuku froze at the sight, fear gripping them as they pressed together.

Shoto at seeing Noumus again and Izuku...from the flames of a certain hero. Endeavor was on the scene in an instant with his sidekicks, along with some weird purple haired kid in the background that might have had a woman’s bra on his head.

It was like slow motion, Shoto realizing what was happening and covering Izuku’s eyes. He started cooling the air around them and pulled him into an alleyway, away from the heroes they were interning under.

Time sped back to normal at that moment, Izuku pressed so close Shoto’s chin was resting on the top of his head and some frost on their clothes. This was the worst position he could ask for and he prayed Izuku hadn’t noticed.


He totally noticed. But it also meant he was no longer panicking from flames. He was panicking for a different reason that he could get a handle on. He pulled away fast and held up his hands, a huge blush on his face along with a shy smile.

“Sorry!” He managed that at least, noticing Shoto’s face was a nice shade of pink too.

“It’s fine…”

Thankfully Iida sped past at that second, shattering any awkward tension that started to build. It only took one look to pass between them for realization to hit. Stain was in Hosu. Iida was in Hosu. Iida was going to yeet himself at Stain. The duo broke into a run as Izuku took the lead, apparently having a good idea of where the hell to look for Iida.


And not a minute too soon as they came upon the scene in front of them. There was Iida, a sword right above his head that Stain was holding, another hero further down the alley covered in blood and not moving. Izuku’s brain immediately had a thought.

There was no blood on the blades. Not a single drop. The hero killer has a blood related quirk. Everything happened so fast in the next second Izuku was surprised he remembered it. He popped a canister the same moment Shoto used his fire, creating a huge steam cloud. Izuku moved the same moment as the hero killer, vaulting over him and making him the only thing between the hero killer and the two incapacitated others.

When he heard Shoto hiss in pain though he knew he had to do something he promised he never would. He concentrated on the steam, any liquid around him and felt a disturbing warmth around him. He dared himself to open his eyes and saw...well that was more blood that he ever hoped for. And it was holding the hero killer’s arms in place. Just out of reach to lick. Holy shit.

He had done it, and he was...disgusted. He never wanted to do this again, feel how cold his body was compared to the warm blood so close he could touch it. He could just reach out and…


“A hero who controls blood, life in your hands. It feels good doesn’t it. Shaping the world to purity. We’re so much alike are we.”

“N-No! You’re wrong. I’m not like you. I don’t kill to shape something that isn’t broken! Heroes are meant to save others! Sure, some are terrible but the others make up for the bad! I’ll never be like you.”

But...was he really that different? Stains ideals were to kill heroes he didn’t deem worthy, but what even made a hero’s worth? Was it the deeds they did or how they treated others? Could he ever be a hero now that he’d unlocked this disturbing new part of his powers? Would he even be allowed to continue his hero training after all of this?

He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts only inches from the blood he had been reaching towards again, pulling his hand back as the Pussycats came into view...with Endeavor. He had stopped the hero killer but everyone was looking at him like...he looked away before he could even place a word to the stares, letting the blood drop as they restrained the hero killer, only now noticing his head throbbing and the warmth of a nose bleed on his face.

He didn’t dare look up until they were out of the alley, Iida and the pro hero in tow. He did look up though right at the moment he was lifted off the ground by a flying Noumu. He didn’t even have a chance to scream, to make any noise before he was deposited halfway across town on a rooftop, seeing the one person he wished never existed once more.

His father. The villain Draco also known as Hisashi Midoriya. Ironically named the same as Haruki’s hero name, something no one ever really mentioned. Izuku was frozen in place, feeling like a little four year old again, hearing his mother’s dying screams ringing in his ears. He was a child again, unable to scream as his father burned him so bad he was disabled for the rest of his life.

“Finally, alone. Now I can get rid of you.” The words were full of venom as his biological father started to beat the shit out of him.


Where were the heroes? Where was his friends? Was this his punishment for blood bending? To die on a rooftop alone, nobody seeing his last breaths? He heard his dad take a breath in and knew what was coming. He was too beat up to even attempt to get out of the way.

Izuku braced for the impact, eyes shut and tears rolling down his face. But the flames never came. Instead, he felt a freezing cold wrap around him as his head started pounding worse and worse. In the last few seconds he was conscious, he could have sworn he heard Shoto screaming his name.


“IZUKU! Izuku wake up...fuck, fuck fuck.”

Shoto was clinging to his friend, sort of more in his head, shaking heavily. When the Noumu took off he hadn’t even hesitated to chase it with his ice, finding the scene of a flame villain beating the shit out of Izuku.

He had barely managed to get a wall of ice up and slide away on his ice path before the flames started from the guy. But...why did the man look so much like Izuku. Then he remembered the scars, shitty dad club. That man was Izuku’s biological father. The man that had hurt Izuku all those years ago. The reason Izuku feared fire with his very being. For a fraction of a second, Shoto thought to go back and kick the shit out of the guy, but the weight of Izuku in his arms brought him back to sanity as he saw some heroes coming towards them.

And then Izuku opened his eyes, though they were glassy and he obviously wasn’t all there. In the moment, the only thing that cut through the air was the softest ‘nya’.

Shoto would deny responding to it for the rest of his life because he totally wasn’t mentally sane in that second and the only ones who heard were himself and a barely conscious Izuku.

He also would deny how much he wanted to kiss Izuku after this all was over.

Chapter Text

It took a while for the duo to recover from the events of the internship, something that was both good and bad. Shoto had questions answered, ones he wished he’d never had thought of to begin with. He knew his best friend’s darkest secret now: his birth father was abusive; a man who was a villain and a psychotic one at that.

But for now, he had more pressing matters to attend to. Final exams.


In between his, now admittedly, very gay thoughts surrounding his green haired best friend fogging his mind and his father’s rage, he hadn’t even thought to study. Which was why he was currently in a panic trying to cram a few weeks worth of Hero laws into five minutes before class started.

Thankfully, his mind tuned into the conversation around him to find he wasn’t the only one having a personal breakdown about the upcoming finals, based on Mina’s frantic page flipping and soft crying from nearby.

“Why don’t we all have a study session!” Izuku piped up, and Shoto could practically feel the smile in the air.

“That would be wise, with what we have missed out on.” That was Shinso who, smelled like  peppermint for some reason? Was he wearing peppermint body wash? And why ?

“We could use my house. It’s big enough.” Momo added in and there was a resounding cheer.

“Only if I can bring my significant other.” Shinso countered.

“WAIT, YOU’RE DATING SOMEONE?” He picked his head up when he heard someone fall out of their chair. Oh, it was Izuku.

“Uh...yeah? Since the sports festival. After I lost I got cornered by that fuck from 1-B and I punched him and dislocated his jaw. Then I uh...I met Haya because we had to drag him over to Recovery Girl.” Shinso shrugged and Shoto had to muffle a snort.

“Oh, so that’s why you smell like peppermint.”

“Wait, have you been smelling me?!”

“...Yes. I totally go around sniffing my friends.” Izuku rolled his eyes. “I can smell it from here you dork.”

“Says the literal human mumble machine.”


Sadly, the sass match ended when Aizawa came in, quickly shushing everyone. Well, at least he had a chance to study now, far away from his dad’s influence. Plus, he knew Izuku would be there, another plus to add to his life. He just hoped he could focus long enough to actually retain some information.


Izuku was not retaining anything right now. He was way too focused on how Shoto’s tongue stuck out from the corner of his mouth the tiniest bit when he was concentrating. Lord, help him and his gay thoughts. They were going to kill him one of these days because Shoto’s face was too perfect and his lips so kissable and...fuck he was staring, wasn’t he? He was probably staring.


He tried to focus on something, anything as they waited for Shinso and his mystery date to arrive so the full extent of studying could begin and he could focus on ANYTHING but Shoto’s nice face and muscled body and shimmering eyes.

Thankfully, his racing thoughts were interrupted by Shinso and...Izuku figured the person next to them was Haya. They were short, shorter than even himself with short cropped black hair and dark blue eyes. They were also sporting a huge sweater with a cat on it that he was sure used to be Shinso’s and a travel mug of something.

Both of them quietly took their place, Haya snuggled up to Shinso who had an arm draped around them. Shinso actually looked a lot less tired now that he thought about it. Does love do that? Would the same thing happen to Shoto if Izuku dated him? And then there went his thoughts again as he spaced out into the fluffy zone.


He was only brought back to reality at the sound of Bakugo letting out a hiss and everyone laughing. “What? What!”


“Bad kitty.” Haya sprayed Bakugo with a squirt bottle, which caused his hair to lose its spikiness and flatten some. Oh. Haya was treating him like a cat. Well...he wasn’t going to say a word about this. He quickly covered his face with a book so Bakugo didn’t notice him watching and actually attempted to study.

Even if he was secretly sneaking peeks at Shoto.



When exam time came, Shoto was feeling confident about the writing portion. He had remembered a good deal of information and he was sure he didn’t leave any questions unanswered. Maybe it was Haya and their squirt bottle of doom with their intense historical and law knowledge. If that person ever became a lawyer, Shoto would fear for his life and the life of everyone around him. Though if it was Endeavor’s life...well that was a life he’d gleefully watch go down. That or Izuku’s biological dad. Either of the shitty dads could go down and Shoto would record it.


Now he had to focus on the practicals, praying Izuku and Shinso were right and that they’d just be fighting robots similar to their entrance exams. Sadly ,those hopes were dashed as soon as he saw their teachers and some other heroes standing in front of one of the battle grounds. He quickly scanned the group for any sign of his dad and let out a sigh of relief that he was not among the group of heroes.

He did however feel Izuku grab his hand, practically vibrating. Oh fuck, they were holding hands. No homo. He took another breath and rolled his eyes with a tiny smile, hoping the other couldn’t feel his racing heart.

And then the truth came out. They’d be paired up and fighting their teachers, and the principal apparently, as their practical exam. From what Shoto knew, Izuku would definitely not be fighting All Might. Shinso wouldn’t be fighting Aizawa because he was pretty sure Shinso was Aizawa’s secret child or something.

And then he heard the matchups and he was both thankful and screaming.

Shinso Hitoshi and Backugo Katsuki vs All Might

Todoroki Shoto and Yagi-Midoriya Izuku vs Midnight


Welp, fuck him and the universe apparently.

Chapter Text

Shoto watched as Bakugo and Shinso were getting completely yeeted around the testing field, a satisfied smirk creeping its way onto his face. Honestly, he did feel a little bad for Shinso but it was kind of hard not to laugh when All Might grabbed Bakugo by the hair and actually yelled ‘yeet’ as the boy became a living missile. Thank god it wasn’t him having to fight the one man yeeting machine.

As he watched time tick down he felt a shaking next to him, looking over he saw Izuku with a hand over his mouth, looking like he was dying of laughter. Probably was. That was his dad saying yeet after all. He smiled softly to himself and decided maybe this moment was a little homo as long as Izuku didn’t notice. Honestly Izuku’s face was cute red like that, barely holding back his laughter.

He was sadly pulled from his gay thoughts as the sound of time running out blasted and he patted Izuku’s back to calm him down. Once he let out a wheeze he seemed to calm enough to form coherent sentences. Shoto couldn’t help the smile that creeped onto his face at the sight.

Once the thoroughly bruised duo were sent off to Recovery Girl, Shoto nudged Izuku. “We need a plan, Midnight has sleeping gas right?”

“Hmm...yeah.” Izuku paused. “Which means you can’t use your fire. And I can’t use water because it’ll absorb the gas and knock me out.” He frowned.

“Well, you could use your voice right? Command her to not gas us?” Shoto suggested.

“I’d need to…” Izuku covered his mouth a bit.

“Need to what?” Shoto countered.

“Siren sing…” Izuku looked away. “I haven’t done that since I was still homeless.”

“What do I need to do.” Shoto took one of Izuku’s hands without thinking.

“Sneak in some earplugs. My singing is the most powerful part of my vocal quirk. It can make ears bleed if I so be it.” Izuku nervously played with the edge of his top. “I’m scared...of singing.”

“I trust you, Izuku. I know you can do it without hurting anyone.” Shoto let go of his hand when their names were called. “And I already snuck in earplugs in case Bakugo started raging.”

“Oh word.” Izuku managed a faint smile and Shoto snuck the earplugs into his ears.




Izuku was trying not to panic as they reached a rocky area for their final exam. All he had to do was incapacitate the teacher, cuff them or get both of them to the exit. Right? He rubbed his throat unconsciously, wondering how powerful his singing really was if he could control people like Shinso could sometimes. Would he hurt Midnight or would he completely destroy her hearing forever. He looked to Shoto who gave him a thumbs up.

That’s right, Shoto believed in him. He tapped him and told him to take out the earplugs for a second. “Sorry, I just want to surprise her when you shove them in.”

“Okay.” Shoto shrugged and held them in one hand.

As they walked onto the grounds Midnight started cooing and calling them handsome young men. Was...was she trying to seduce them? Izuku tried to contain his laughter and shrugged, tapping Shoto twice.

“, this is like Hisashi and Shouta all over again.” She huffed. “Well then, come at me ‘heroes!”

He saw Shoto put in the earplugs and cleared his throat, taking a breath as he began the melody of a song he used to make people do whatever he wanted as a kid, whether it was food or money or even clothing.

“Naked as starlight and burnt as the sun. Her face shines with tears and her hair is undone. Her eyes roam the ocean in search of someone, a lover promised to meet her at dawn.” He started walking forward, his head tilted as he saw Midnight’s eyelids already drooping as Shoto darted off to ice a path Izuku could use to hide once it wore case he failed to cuff their teacher.


“The light hits the water, a voice from the sea, a haunting melody. Crystalline caves where the tide sits neck deep, a hollowed heaven where two lovers meet.” He kept his walk slow, his voice even as he felt like he was under the waves, water rushing in his ears.

He was so close.

“A day or so later, a body ashore. Skin peeling off, urchins in her pores. Sometimes it happens, the officer states. A tourist gets brave and dies in the waves.”


He snapped the cuffs onto Midnight and then bolted like his life depended on it. He felt...skittish, and terrified. Like a fish out of water. Did he get them on fully? Would she try to retaliate? The watery sound kept rushing through his head, his brain on instinct as he hid behind a wall of ice.

But nothing happened. He felt Shoto’s hands on his shoulders and the sound of the ocean left his mind, instead coming back to the taste of copper. His hand instinctively went to his nose but came back with nothing, true panic setting in. The blood was coming from his mouth and throat. He covered his mouth, trying not to cough as Shoto scooped him up and ran.


Shit! Izuku had been so close to cuffing Midnight but he had missed by a few inches, eyes unfocused and shiny as if he himself was in another world. Now, with Izuku incapacitated, he had to be the one to reach the exit with him.

Thank god he had made the ice paths. He skidded down them as fast as he could, sliding through the exit with a minute to spare before he started running straight to Recovery girl. Izuku’s scared expression made him nervous, and his lips looked too pale.

As soon as she healed him, she told the boy to never to do that again without support gear and that she was going to put it in his records so he would get the gear he needed before the day ended. Well, at least they knew what his singing did now...though he wished they’d come up with another plan.

He didn’t watch the other matches, instead sticking by Izuku who was sitting against a wall and rubbing his throat. Suddenly, he got an idea as he made an ice cube in his hand. “Here, in case your throat hurts. I could it too. From the outside.”

Izuku took the ice cube and popped it in his mouth before nodding and holding up two fingers. So he wanted two fingers on his throat? Shoto made the gesture and put his fingers to Izuku’s throat, watching him relax and close his eyes.

Yeah...this was definitely a full homo.

Chapter Text

Shoto couldn’t believe the bullshit Aizawa just pulled on them. They were all going to summer camp but those who failed had to take remedials. Thankfully, he and Izuku passed with almost flying colors. They worked well together was the majority of comments but they bashed poor Izuku for using a part of his quirk that was unused and how Shoto didn’t use his flames. For once, Shoto argued back.

“Izuku would have had a panic attack, rendering himself useless and it would have affected the gas for all we knew.” He glared at the most recent asker.

“Geez, sorry. I keep forgetting he has a fire issue.” Sero shrugged. “He always seems so badass.”

Shoto bit his tongue and looked away. Nobody understood anyways. They hadn’t seen a literal firebreather beating the shit out of Izuku because he was a so called ‘bastard’. He went onto the bus and sat in the back, noticing Izuku had a new piece of support gear around his neck. It looked like a choker but it had dials and a light on the side like some weird anime voice changer device. He didn’t comment, just leaning back and closing his eyes.

“Shoto.” His mom spoke as she petted his hair, the screen showing an All Might interview as he reached his little arms out to touch the screen.

“Mama, can I be a hero like him? I don’t wanna be Papa. Papa is mean.” He huffed and kicked his little legs a bit. “He makes Touya cry all the time and melted the pretty necklace that you gave him.”

“Of course baby. Because All Might loves everyone and you have so much love to give.” She kissed the top of his head with a smile. “And you’ll love the world so big and bright that it will take all the darkness away.”

“Mama, is Papa darkness…Mama?”


Shoto’s eyes flew open as he let out a tiny gasp, heart racing as he felt a soft hand on his right side. He almost froze it except his mind clicked the rough skin of Izuku and he only frosted the other.

“Hey, it’s okay. Breathe.” The voice was soft, not trying to bring attention to the situation. Thank god.

“S...Sorry. Bad dream.” He managed to get the words out as he relaxed. “About my mom.”

“How is she? I know you went to visit her.” He smiled sadly.

“She kept apologizing. But she didn’t need to. She’s not the reason for my scar...not directly.”

“Shitty dad club.” He snorted a bit. “I know.”

“Yeah…she was...happy though. Being away from him.” He gave a tiny shrug. “I’m glad for that.”

“Cherish it.” Izuku wasn’t smiling anymore. “We never know how long we have.”

Shoto almost asked but the bus came to a stop, everyone getting off and seeing the Pussycats. This wasn’t a camp...and where was 1B class? Shoto immediately remembered the types of shenanigans the pussycats pulled and grabbed Izuku’s arm, darting behind Aizawa right before the ground went out from under the rest of the class.

“Clever little kittens. Alright, let’s go meet them down at the bottom!”

Finally, he did something right.




“So, we’re going to be attacking a summer camp. And why the hell do you think this will work after all the other times.” Hisashi huffed, a plume of smoke coming with it.

“Because we will only be targeting your bastard son. If we can’t kill him, we’ll make him join us.” Shigaraki countered. “He is the golden child after all.”

In the background, a hooded figure with no name frowned, running a finger over a melted disk that had once resembled a snowflake. Just a little longer, then he would finish what he started and go home.

“Oi, other fire fuck.” Hisashi let out another plume of smoke. “What do you think our odds are.”

He shrugged, blue eyes barely visible. “With prior mistakes? Slim, but manageable.”


The man shook his head. “As long as I get to kill that kid later, do whatever you want. I don’t care. Slit his throat for all I care but I refuse to give that bastard another thought.” The man walked out and the hooded figure shook his head.

“Adults are idiots.” He muttered to himself and went to the bar, snatching a drink and heading to any open window he could find to watch the world pass by.
Just a little longer...and he could destroy Endeavor and finally see his siblings again. Then he would tell Shoto everything.


When the rest of his class reached the bottom, Shoto and Izuku were working on making dinner.

“How did you guys escape that!” Kaminari gasped, trying to catch his breath.

“We saw it coming.” Shoto shrugged. “And we interned with the Pussycats.”

It was that moment everyone noticed Shoto and Izuku were wearing cute cat ears and weren’t embarrassed. Nobody could hold their laughter though and Shoto smiled, glad their little question boosted morale for the whole class.

And he had totally did a straight faced Nya to get the ears to begin with. Though, it the end, the real reason he wanted them was to see Izuku in them again and see the bright smile he got from wearing them.

Anything to clear the darkness...just like his mother said so long ago.

Chapter Text

Camp was actual hell. They trained their quirks every day to get them stronger, Shoto doing everything to train his fire. He knew one day he would need to use it, probably to save Izuku, and he needed to be ready. His classmates were actually a bit frightened by his determination.


Izuku, on the other hand, was having vocal lessons with Present Mic, who had apparently come along late on special request. After all, they did have slightly similar quirks which had Izuku wondering exactly what his mother had done and if the man who burned his world to ash was really his father.


When they took a break, Izuku finally asked. “Present Mic...did you ever know a woman named Inko?”

“Hm? No, can’t say I did.” He paused. “This is about your vocal quirk?”

He nodded softly. “It’s’s so similar and…”

The man ruffled his hair. “Sorry kiddo, could just be genetics. I mean my ancestry had all sorts of weird mutations and mixes. Could just be you’re like that.”

He sighed. “I wasn’t. I don’t want to be…” He hugged his knees. “I don’t want to be the son of a villain.”

“A villain?” Oh, so it wasn’t common knowledge then.

“ real dad is a fire breathing villain.” He let himself relax and get up. “I want to keep going.”

“Oh! Uh...okay!” Present Mic took up his position and got ready.



Izuku and Shoto had been avoiding a singular problem so far, and that problem was a small boy with a reaction of headbutting. But Izuku was smart after all, he could track him because of the pussycats. So on a particular night, he walked to the kid’s hiding place and took a calming breath.


“Wha- How did you find me!” Kota prepared to knock him off with water but Izuku deflected it, bringing it into an orbit around him,

“I used to do things like this, hiding in quiet places.” He sat down. “I’m not going to do what everyone else did, telling you heroes are perfect and stuff.”

“They aren’t! Heroes are stupid and…”

“Your parents...they were Water Hose right?” He shrugged softly.

“Yeah...and they were idiots. They died.” Kota slumped down next to him.

Izuku looked at the sky. “Yeah...being a hero is dangerous.” He paused. “Some have good reasons though.”

“No they don’t, quirks and heroes and everything are useless. It’s just people with corny powers killing each other.”

“Hm...yeah I thought that too when my mom died.” He looked to Kota. “But now I want to become a hero so her memory can live on.”

“Your mom...died?” Kota actually looked thoughtful.

“ dad was secretly a villain and when my quirk developed, he thought my mom cheated. Killed her and keeps trying to kill me.” He rolled up a pant leg to show his braces. “Keeps messing me up.”

“Then why aren’t you one? A villain.” He frowned.

“Because life is weird and I would rather uphold my mom’s smile than fall to darkness. You can too, uphold their memory. You don’t even have to be a hero. You could be a firefighter or even just live life normally.” He actually put a hand on Kota’s head. “Just because we live in a society surrounded by heroes doesn’t mean we all have to become one.”

“What would you have been...if your mom hadn’t died.”

“I dunno...I could have become a hero just as much as I could have just lived a normal life. I mean, an old friend no longer considers me shit but I also never created a close bond to him because of what happened. Still...I’m happy.”

Kota went to speak again but then a huge hulking man descended from above the cliff and grinned manically. “Well, well. A victim and a target. This should be good.”

Izuku didn’t even think before acting, covering Kota’s ears and letting out a high note to stun the man before scooping up Kota and using the still orbiting water to make stairs. This was the biggest hell no he was ever going to do.

Villains have infiltrated the camp! Return to base immediately! Do not engage unless necessary!


Izuku slid quickly into view and dropped off Kota, heading back into the woods before anyone could stop him. He could smell smoke and fire and he covered his mouth and nose with water. Sure, he was panicking. Sure, he was barely holding on. But his friends, the boy he liked and even his childhood friend were still in those woods. He had only seen a fraction of Class 1B safe and barely any of his own. He had to be a hero. He moved without thinking.


As soon as he slid into view of Shoto, he calmed down and grabbed his wrist. “We have to go!” He started to pull him but then...everything went dark.



It was like he disappeared from existence. One second, Izuku had been pulling him away and trying to save him and the next he was gone, some small orb zipping away. He had lost Izuku, he was gone and his chest felt tight as he watched the villains moving to a portal. He started to run but his eyes locked on another person, blue eyes piercing into his soul.

They familiar. And the other had stopped too, eyes going soft before pulling away and jumping into the portal.

He had failed to protect him, and now Izuku was gone.



Izuku woke up slowly, his skin feeling hot and his mind fuzzy. He had been holding Shoto’s wrist and then...nothing. Glassy eyes surveyed a dimly lit area with a bar and figures just out of perception. He knew this warmth though and his panic was starting to rise by the second.

Would his bracelet alert Recovery Girl? Did he even have it? He couldn’t feel the familiar weight on his wrist nor the choker on his neck. Low conversation reached his ears next but it was too quiet to comprehend.

It wasn’t until most of the figures left the room did everything come to him. He was gagged and chained to a chair, hands bound behind his back and a lone figure in a hoodie was watching him with...pity? He wasn’t sure anymore but the man was scarred to hell from what he could see.

“So...this is the infamous Izuku? Man...that fucker made you sound like a monster or something. You’re really just a kid.” He looked away. “A scared kid at that. Don’t worry, I made sure your stuff wasn’t broken though the bracelet kept blinking red so the decay fuck made me take them off.”

Izuku watched with pleading eyes as the man went to the bar and poured a drink. “If you actually get out of here, I need you to pass on something important.” He walked over and slipped something into Izuku’s shoe, barely out of sight.

He wasn’t sure what happened next since being that close to someone who smelled of fire and ash had made him panic and pass out.


“No. We cannot go looking for him Shoto.” Iida frowned. “It’s against the rules, we are supposed to wait here until it is safe to go home.”

“I don’t care!” Shoto was actually crying. “I...It’s my fault. He was trying to bring me away from danger and he got captured because of me.”

Nobody mentioned he was crying, nor how weird it was to see Shoto emotional until Momo spoke up. “I...I tapped into the frequency of his support gear. He’s in Kamino Ward.”

Shoto didn’t even think before he was rushing out the door, alone, like an idiot and getting grabbed by Iida.

He had a lot of convincing to do before they were going anywhere.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s hours were spent in and out of consciousness, catching snippets of conversation or being moved around wherever they were. He’d seen a room fit more to be a cell, a laboratory and even a warehouse full of the noumus. And with every room his mind seemed to be getting...cloudier.

It was like a fog was enveloping his entire mind, making him complacent and calm instead of panicked. At least his conversations with the scarred person kept his mind from slipping completely.


They called themselves Dabi, a name to fit with their cremation quirk, but they never once harmed Izuku like the others. He reminded him so much of Tenko if he hadn’t been found by dad, except a lot more quiet. Solemn even, like seeing Izuku reminded him of a past he’d left behind.

Izuku tried many times to get the other to open up but he was always met with silence or a meme. Of all things, the guy was memeing at him. He was staring at Dabi as usual when the other seemed to look over with a glass of whiskey in his hand, as if contemplating something.

“You look like a broccoli.” He let out a snort.

“No...shit.” He shut his eyes, head tilted back to make the swimmy feeling leave his head. It wasn’t working, as usual. Honestly at this point, he was so out of it he could almost see Shoto if he kept his eyes closed. The angle of his jaw, the warmth he wanted to snuggle up to so many times. Did he ever get cold?

“Kid, you’re muttering.” Dabi took a sip of whiskey.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open, recognizing the voice. It was a long time ago, a fraction of a voice from when he used to go to the hero banquets with his dad and Tenko. “’re muttering.” He picked his head up to stare at the other.

“You’re….Touya Todoro-”

“Pizza Delivery!”

And everything went to shit.




Shoto still wasn’t sure how he convinced so many people to rescue Izuku. They were all wearing disguises, hidden away in an alley as soon as they saw all the heroes that had shown up to rescue him. Figures, he is All Might’s adopted son. He took a calming breath, feeling Kirishima’s hand on his shoulder, holding him back. Then All Might smashed into the building and the fighting started.

Shoto stood still, eyes trained to that so familiar dandelion puff of green hair, seeing it a few seconds later along with...some hoodie kid riding on his back. Maybe an informant? He finally rushed from the alley, peeling off his disguise before stopping, still as he saw another figure coming into view.

“All For One…” All Might growled out.

“All Might, Where are you going with my new project.” The man adjusted a tube on his mask.

“I’m taking my son and leaving. I won’t let you hurt anyone else!”

“Hm. He’s no son of yours. Unless you gave him your power.”

Shoto didn’t even register the wind next to him until Shinso came into view, right in front of All Might. “Bitch you thought.” The lilac haired boy grinned. “Sorry to burst your bubble.”

Shoto didn’t even think as he moved next, standing next to Shinso with a calm expression. “If you want Izuku, you’ll have to go through me. Bitch.”

“Oh my god he said bitch.” The other spoke and Shoto felt an oddly familiar tingle in the back of his mind as he let both halves of his quirk activate.


“ would have children fight for you All Might.” AFO chuckled lowly. “Pathetic.”

“Children...please. This isn’t your fight.” All Might pleaded.

“It is mine, for your sake.” Shinso smirked.

“And I refuse to let Izuku, or you, fall.” Shoto countered and the third person stepped forward, chucking off their hoodie and grinning madly.

“And I don’t give a fuck about any of their reasons, I’ve just been waiting to kick your crusty ass.”

Touya. Shoto almost lost control for a second, seeing his older brother for the first time in what felt like a decade scarred to hell with fire burns and holding parts of his skin together with staples. Still, he looked so free.

“Fine, if this is what you want as your deaths, so be it.” You could practically hear the smirk as AFO raced forward and the fight began.



Izuku woke to the sounds of sirens. He saw in his vision he was in the back of an ambulance, a breathing mask over his face. What happened? He’d been with’d been with Touya and then everything went black. As he tried to peace it all together he felt a hand on his face, shaking and warm. Shoto.

He turned his head to see tears in Shoto’s eyes but so much relief. Izuku quietly reached up to his mask and pulled it down, letting out a cough. “What…”

“All Might rescued you and then there was a fight and...I’m just...I’m so glad you’re safe.” Shoto wiped his eyes. “I’m so happy you’re okay.”

Izuku gave a smile and a tiny blush before the ambulance started to move, hitting a bump from debris and knocking the two boys together, kissing. Neither even attempted to pull away, the kiss slowly getting passionate and loving.

Finally, a happy ending.




Izuku stood, holding two bouquets of beautiful flowers as he knelt down, placing them on the ground. The spring air gently ruffled his hair and he let out a gentle sigh, getting up and putting a hand in his pocket.

“Hey’s been a long time...huh.” He look at the beautiful grave, his mother’s name etched in a beautiful cursive font. “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner know how life gets.”

He paused and put the second bouquet down on a similar grave. “I’m sorry too dad...that I couldn’t be there when you needed me most.” He shook his head softly with a sad smile.

“Things are looking up though. I got approved to teach at UA. I’ll be starting a course on heroes with disabilities. Another one is going to be on helping victims.” He reached up to run a hand through his hair and paused.

“Tenko’s doing well.” He let his hand drop. “Though he’s retiring after he had to destroy his own leg to escape that disaster a few weeks back. He’ll still be teaching though, he’s just like you, dad, and more.”

He looked away, wiping his eyes a little. “I wish you both could have seen what we’ve done. How we’ve made the world better like you both wanted.” He sighed. “But I guess life will never be fair, huh?”

He paused his thought when his phone buzzed. “That’ll be Shoto. I better go before he wonders if I got mugged on the way to our date.” He laughed softly. “Though he’ll never expect what’s coming. I know you’d both bless this...maybe I just needed the courage first. Ya know?”

He pulled the small black box from his pocket and opened it, studying the ring inside. Before closing it and placing it back in his pocket.

“I’ll come by later to tell you if he says yes. I love you both so much…”

He turned and walked out of the cemetery with the happiest smile on his face.


Goodbye Plus Ultra.