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Baby Love

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Tom shut the door of his home and pulled off his wet coat. The rain storm had come in unexpectedly and he been forced to run from the car without an umbrella. After hanging his coat on the rack, he ran his fingers through his wet hair as he walked further into the house.

“Krystle!” He called, “where are you my love?”

He was met with silence as he entered the kitchen. He figured he would have found her at the counter making their dinner. He hadn’t been expecting her to be cooking but more often than not, she was making dinner when he came home. He loved coming home to the wonderful fragrances of whatever she was preparing. So, when he didn’t find her, he had to admit he was slightly disappointed.

Tom left the kitchen and stopped in the living room. From where he stood he saw Krystle in their pool. He opened the sliding glass door and stepped onto the patio. Krystle was floating in the water watching the rain hitting the glass of the patio roof, her swollen pregnant belly protruding from the water.

“ Krystle.”

She moved so she was standing and turned towards the sound of her husband’s voice. Her face lit up when she saw him.


Tom chuckled, “hello love. How are you?”

Krystle just shrugged causing him to frown.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she answered quietly.

Tom grabbed her towel and walked to the stairs, “come out so we can talk. I can’t help unless I know what’s bothering you.”

Krystle sighed softly but did as he asked. She held the railing and slowly climbed the three steps. Tom wrapped the towel around her body as best as he could and leaned forward to kiss her.

“What’s wrong love?”

She waddled her way to the table to sit down.

“I’m a little afraid to tell you.”

“What? Why? You can tell me anything.”

Krystle sighed softly, “I am so ready for this to be over.”

“What to be over?”

“The pregnancy. My back hurts all the time. I’m tired and cranky all the time. I’m as big as a house because all I want to do is eat. I’ve gained so much weight that,” she paused as tears filled her eyes, “I’m afraid you’re going to leave me cause I’m so fat.”

Tom kneeled down in front of her, “no love. That is not true at all. You’re not fat. You are pregnant with our child. You are about to give me the most beautiful gift in the world.”

Tears slid down Krystle cheeks at his words. Tom reached out and gently wiped them away. Leaning forward he pressed his lips to hers kissing her gently.

“I love you some much. If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable I will.”

She shook her head sadly, “I don’t really think there is.”

“I’m so sorry love. It’s only two more weeks and then we’ll have our beautiful little girl. It’ll be worth it in the end, right?”

She gave him a teary smile, “yes it will be.”

Tom kissed her again and again, “I’m sorry it’s been so difficult.“

"It’s okay. Some days are harder than others."
“Is there something I should be doing that I’m not?” he asked concerned, “you know I would do anything for you.”
“I know you would Tom,” she reassured, “There’s nothing you haven’t done for me or our baby. I mean you took time off from working to make sure we were taken care of. I don’t mean to complain so much and I’m sorry I am. I’m just very uncomfortable right now. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry love. If I could take some of the pain for you, I would but unfortunately.”
Krystle laughed and kissed him, “I love you so much.”
“I love too darling,” he bent and kiss her belly, “I love you too baby girl.”
Krystle smiled and kissed him again when he sat back.
“So, when are you going to tell me what you want to name her?”
“Soon,” she smiled, “I think you’ll really like it.”

(to be continued …)