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The Molecular Separator

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“We’ve just finished with our molecular separator!” said Phineas. “It’s our cool new machine that breaks things down into their component parts!”

Ferb took the peanut butter-covered chocolate bar and zapped it with the machine.

“Witchcraft!” Buford exclaimed.

“C’mon, lets see what else we can separate,” Phineas said to Ferb as Buford and Baljeet left the backyard.

Ferb’s shoulder accidentally clipped the side of the separator, sending a beam of blue light towards Phineas.

A wondrous sound of splitting occurred, and before Ferb’s eyes stood two versions of his brother. One with narrowed eyebrows and dark clothes, and the other smiling ear to ear in his normal striped shirt and shorts.

Good lord, thought Ferb. What have I done?



“Hey guys! Whatcha-“

Isabella stopped in her catchphrase as she saw Ferb standing next to two Phineas’s.

“Ferb! What happened?”

“Well, we built a molecular separator and… well, I accidentally hit him.”

“Wow, two Phineas’s! This is so cool…”

Ferb shook his head, and looked over at the darker Phineas who turned to walk inside. It was strange, the boy who normally outtalked his brother wasn’t saying a thing. The other, more positive Phineas, however, went straight over to Isabella.

“Oh, hi Isabella! We made a molecular separator, and now I feel so good to have gotten rid of myself. Well… myself that isn’t nice to be around, y’know? Anyways, I’m really glad you came over. It’s really nice that you come over every day to help us with our inventions…”

Isabella backed away slowly, towards Ferb.

“Does he ever… shut up?”

“Ah, I can see how he got spilt into two. This is his peppy, confident, chatty, the-one-you-see-most-of-the-time Phineas, and the other one is the side of him I don’t think you’ve ever seen.”

“Huh,” Isabella replied.

“I’ll go upstairs to the other Phineas, you stay here and keep this one company.”

“Sure!” said Isabella, and stood next to Phineas, listening to the sound of his voice as he continued to talk about his love of summer.


The door of the boy’s bedroom creaked as Ferb slowly opened it.

“You ok?” he asked as he sat across from Phineas.

“No,” he replied. “How can that idiot be so happy all the time? Where does he find the energy?”

“Well, I think it’s fair to say you’ve kept yourself well hidden. Isabella was surprised to see you like this.”

“What would she have expected? There’s really no other sides of me. Just extroverted me and… well, this me. But I hate the other one. Honestly, how is he so… like that? How can he just keep blathering on? How is he doing that? How does he constantly see the positive side of life?”

“Everybody has different sides, Phin. And the fact yours are these ones is just who you are.”


“It’s so… odd,” said the Phineas in the backyard with Isabella. “That Phineas is so… depressed? How can he not see the great things in life like inventing, and enjoying summer?”

“Oh Phineas, he’s just thinking about a different side of life. Sure, it’s a less exciting side of life but that was a part of you before!”

“I guess…” Phineas said. “I just can’t stand negativity! I want to get that other Phineas to be positive.”

He stood up and started to walk inside the house, but was stopped by Isabella yanking on his arm.

“Phineas, you can’t! That’s part of who you are! You can’t change it.”

Phineas sighed. “I guess you’re right.”


Ferb met Isabella on the staircase as they passed each other.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I wanted to see the other Phineas.”

“Uh, alright. We just had a really deep chat, and he’s a bit vulnerable now. Be careful.”

“Thanks, Ferb.”

Isabella quietly walked up the rest of the stairs and into the boys’ room.

“Hey, Phin. Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, hey Isabella.”

“What’s up?”

Phineas sighed as she sat down next to him.

“Nothing, it’s just that the other me is just so… happy. How can he not worry about things all the time? How is he so carefree? What about the meaning of life?”

Isabella gripped him by the shoulders.

“Phineas, you’re spiralling!” Boy, Ferb wasn’t kidding about the deep conversation.

”Yikes,” said Phineas. “I didn’t even realise. I dunno, it’s just that the other Phineas just isn’t in touch with his feelings at all. I’m pretty sure I was a very small side of him. But I just… he’s so stubborn and ignorant and… oblivious.”

”Well, you’re definitely right about not being in touch with your feelings,” Isabella said under her breath. And right about being oblivious.

Phineas turned his head sharply towards her. ”What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Phineas smirked at her. “It’s okay, I know. That other me refuses to believe I have a crush on you.”

Isabella almost fainted at the sound of those words. “R-really?”

Phineas placed a hand on her shoulder. “Yeah.”

”Wow,” said Isabella. “I definitely like this Phineas a lot more.”


Isabella takes Phineas’s hand and leads him back downstairs after them both deciding to put the two of them back together. Ferb’s conversation with the positive Phineas however, wasn’t so successful.

“Phineas, please, you’ve got to-”

”Just think about how much I can get done without that other me! I could invent so much cooler stuff without anything at all holding me back!”

“What’s going on, Ferb?” asked Isabella.

”He’s, uh… getting a bit dangerous.” He pointed upwards.

Both Isabella and the negative Phineas looked up at the tall tower that positive Phineas had built.

”Phineas, what are you doing? It’s so high! And I know we’ve built a skyscraper to the moon but this by yourself is worse! It’s not even that secure!” Isabella yelled from the ground.

”We have to get him down from there,” said Ferb. “And quickly. Who knows how badly he could get hurt?”

”How? There’s nothing down here to entice him!”

Ferb paused. His eyes lit up as he darted into he kitchen, immediately making a cheese sandwich.

”Huh?” said Isabella.

”It’s his favourite,” said the negative Phineas.

Ferb held out the plate with the sandwich and whistled up to Phineas.

”Ooh boy! I sure am hungry. Thanks Ferb!”

As he climbed down the metal structure, Ferb stood behind the molecular separator and flicked the reverse switch.

”Now, Ferb!”

There was a brilliant flash of blue light and before Ferb and Isabella stood one Phineas Flynn.

”Gosh, it’s so good to be back. Uh… Isabella? About that crush thing?” He chuckled nervously, and scratched his ear. “I… I didn’t really mean it. I think the me that was all touchy feely just got a bit too excited.”

”Oh…” said Isabella, disappointedly. “Well, I think we’ve all learnt that this machine is… kinda dangerous. I’m sorry for favouring one side over the other.”

”That’s okay Isabella.”

”I guess you’re not just two sides though. There’s heaps of sides to you. Maybe the molecular separator just happened to pick those two sides. Anyways, you’re all of your different sides, and you can’t really be split in two. Then you wouldn’t really be who you are, because all your parts make you who you are.”

”There are sides you’ve never seen before,” said Ferb, and Isabella gave him a bit of a scared look.

Ferb winked.