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Sofia Toretto, Sofia Queen

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This part will be written as a screenplay. Just felt like it. When you meet the main character it will go from her point of view and someone else's.

Flash (Earth 1)

Everyone is standing around in STAR labs. Barry and Iris are by the desk while Catlin is by the lab. Cisco is more towards the suit rack and Joe is just chilling in a chair.

Barry: This guy specializes in cars. He was a mechanic before the particle accelerator explosion and now he can control almost any vehicle he wants.

Cisco: no one on this earth could create the cars he produced in his garage. That guy was awesome. He probably would have a dope suite with wheels on his feet, WE COULD CALL HIM TURBO!

Iris: Not now Cisco. This could be an actual problem. Could he take over Barry's suit?

Catlin: No. Without Barry, it's just a really lam..

Cisco glares at Catlin. Catlin stumbles.

Catlin: a really cool suit.

Cisco nods his head and continuous cleaning Barry's suit.

Joe:  we have had plenty of good drivers around the world. What makes them any different from this guy?

Cisco:  This guy is next level stuff. Like here is everyone that we know of and can get our hands on and here is him.

Cisco hand level from one hand high to one hand low.

Barry: What about if this person isn't from this Earth?

Barry goes to the computers and starts to type. Everyone gathers around it looks at the screen. Earth 36 pops up.

Barry: I went there when trying to find Supergirl that one time. I landed straight in the middle of a street race and those cars were amazing. If there is someone we need, They will be here.

Cisco:  yes! Road trip!

Cisco puts on his goggles and gloves.

Joe: We need some info on these people first.

Cisco's face drops and he tears off his gloves.

Catlin: He’s right. We can't go in there blind. Maybe we should see if they have anyone who may know us over there.

Cisco: I’ll see what I can do.

Cisco pops his fingers and sits down at the desk. After a few minutes, he sighs.

Cisco:  I found one girl who may know us. She is Seventeen and her name is Sofia Toretto. Her name used to be Sofia Queen.

Barry: Wait, Oliver? I know he is terrorizing there and here but that doesn't mean we have to pull him into this.

Cisco:  He might not have to. On this earth he is dead. He died when she was ten. She now lives with Dominic and Letty Toretto, good friends of his. His brother, Brian O'Conner, is still alive. Dominic and Letty couldn't conceive and were close to her so they took her in. He took his wife's last name, which just happens to be Queen because she was the last of their bloodline. But Oliver could come if he wants.

Barry starts to dial a number. Cuts to Star City, where Oliver picks up a call after sparing with Curtis. Curtis is on the matt in a ball.

Oliver:  Hey Barry, whats up?

Barry: Hey, Oliver, Buddy! Doing good! How are you this delightful day?

Oliver:  What do you want?

Barry: Well you don't beat around the bush, do you? How would you feel to take a small trip with me and Cisco? It's not that far.

Oliver: Where is how far and why?

Barry: Umm, only about 35 Earth away. Nothing much.

Oliver puts his face in his palm and turns on the speaker so everyone can hear.

Oliver: Barry, I put you on speaker so everyone can listen. Tell u what you want.

Barry: You know how there is that new criminal in town that is a meta that controls cars. We don't have anyone or anything that is that good with cars. So we did some research and figured out that Earth 36 is perfect. We did some cross-referencing and found a relative of someone that looks like us there. The only good hit we could find was Sofia Queen, now Sofia Toretto .

Felicity: Wait, the last name changed, why?

Cisco: Here's the interesting part. Oliver and his brother, Brian O'Connor, ran with a bunch of people. There was a car crash around 7 years ago. The mom and Oliver died with Sofia in the car. The rest is covered by the government. Letty and Dominic Toretto, good friends of Earth 36 Oliver, took in Sofia. That's all we have.

Diggle: How will Oliver fit into all of this. He is dead, right?

Iris: We all know that no one ever stays dead. He could have faked his death. Oliver's face would be a familiar one if we want to ask them for health

Felicity: But what about the girls' emotions. I mean if I saw that my Dad that I thought was dead I would break down. This could make this go sideways.

Barry: We think that it may loosen the tension. You in Oliver?

Oliver: I’ll come. Barry, come get me. We need to do this fast.

Barry appears minutes later and swooshes Oliver off. We are now back at Star Labs. Oliver falters in his steps when he is put down, but quickly maintains balance.

Oliver: What are we waiting for. Let's go.

Cisco pushes on his gloves and creates a wormhole. They all jump through. Earth 36 is night time and they land in Rio De Janeiro. They all look around and find that they are on a roof. It looks to be around 1:00 in the afternoon. They all look around before jumping off the roof. They are all wearing casual clothes. They walk down the street a bit until they run into someone.

Barry: I’m sorry to bother you, but do you know the Toretto’s? We wanted to ask them some questions.

Stranger 1: Yeah. do you need to get to there garage?

Oliver: Yeah we need to get a car fixed.

Stranger 1 looks around for the car and gives them a questioning glance. His face starts to form into a smirk and nods his head.

Stranger 1:  You guys going to the street race tonight and don't want anybody scoping the competition. Smart man. The garage is just two blocks straight then one block to your right. You'll know when you see it.

They thank the stranger then continue on the path he gave them.

Oliver: Street racing Barry?

Barry gives a little shrug and runs his hand over his neck. He looks away from Oliver and continuous walking. Oliver sighs.

Oliver: I don't think I should go in.

Cisco: Do WE look like street racers to you?

Cisco takes out her hand and points to him and a smiling barry. Oliver looks down then back up.

Oliver: I look like her Dad that died so that’s no better. I’ll scope the place out from a roof. You guys go in.

Cisco and Barry sigh and walk to the shop. Oliver jumps to a nearby roof and watches. Cisco and Barry walk up to a counter to a woman making food.

Barry: Excuse me, Miss. Hi. Where is the garage for this place?

Mia Toretto looks Barry and Cisco up and down

Mia: Depends. What car are you driving?

Barry: uhh…

Cisco: a 1986 Toyota Corolla. Barry here knows jackshit about cars.

Barry: I know, some. But not complete Jackshit.

Mia laughs a little and points to their right.

Mia: The garage is right over there. Maybe a discussion so do not interrupt and just wait for them to notice you. Got it.

Barry gives a gulp at her serious face.

Barry:  Got it. Thanks.

The boys walked over and heard sounds coming from that direction. They stood in front of the door and saw four people talking. Barry and Cisco are whispering amongst each other.

SOFIAThis is her outfit.

Sofia: Brian agrees that I should ride tonight because it's my car! I made all these wonderful adjustments, with small help from dom, but that's beside the point. I am ready for this. I’ve known how to drive since I was nine. Letty, Help a girl out?

Barry: That must be the women who took care of her. That guy that she called Brian looks like Oliver so I'm guessing that's his brother. The other one Dom.

Cisco and Barry looked at dom with fear in their eyes.

Letty: I started racing when I was fourteen, it think she's good.

Dom: Wrong answer Letty. Sofia, this car is in tip-top shape. You can drive any other car except this one. Your dad won this in his first street race and he probably won't want you driving it .

Brian: Plus it has three tanks of NOS. Are you sure you can handle that?

Barry: What’s NOS?

Cisco:  Nitrogen boost. Keep up.

Sofia:  Seriously Brian? Now you're against me? Next thing you know Hobbs is gonna walk in and be on you all side too.

Dom: You can drive any other car. Just not this one. Someday you'll get to.

Sofia: Fine. I’ll take the charger.

Letty: Nope. Momma’s got that one tonight.

Letty pulls cover off of the Charger. Barry and Cisco look impressed.

Sofia:  I see how this goes. How about the 1998 Acura Integra and I get to help those customers over there.

Sofia points to the door where Barry and Cisco are. Both of them are startled at first but give an awkward wave. Sofia giggles. Brian, Letty, and Dom ye talk then all nod their heads.

Sofia:  Yes! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Sofia goes around hugging all of them. Dom Letty and Brian Exit out. Brain stops.

Brian: If she gives you all any trouble, Just yell. We will hear.

Brian gives a chuckle and moves on. Barry and Cisco look at each other than enter the garage. Sofia found a wrench and is now working on the car.

Cisco: Nice car you got there.

Sofia: Yep. This is a 1964 Ford Mustang Fastback. Baby gots NOS tanks and a brand new engine system. What do you two need?

Sofia propped herself against the front of the hood and looked around puzzled.

Sofia: Where’s the car?

Barry: Well, uh, we didn't bring it because we didn't want to show the competition. We were just coming over her in something of a more personal interest.

Sofia: Personal interest? This has to be some sort of joke. You two are my customers. I was hoping to work on a crappy car.

Sofia puts wrench back in the toolbox.

Cisco:  You are Sofia Queen, correct?

Sofia looks back at him then looks away.

Sofia: Its Sofia Toretto now. But yeah, who’s asking?

Barry:  I knew your father for some time. I just found out about her situation. I'm so sorry.

Sofia: He has been dead for 7 years, and you find out now?

Barry: Well, uh, you see...

Cisco:  Barry was in a car accident and has been in a coma for nine years. Woke up 3 weeks ago.

Barry nods and points to Cisco

Sofia: Oh. My bad.

Barry: No, it's ok. I wanted to ask what happened? He was good.

Sofia: I think you may want to ask my Uncle this. I’m not very comfortable with telling you. Sorry.

Sofia walked out through the back door.

Cisco: Maybe we should go get Oliver. We’re gonna need something fast.