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Happy Valentine's Day

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“Odin! Thor! Loki! You guys better not be fighting up there! I’m warning you.” I mutter angrily under my breath. Gazing up into the dark skies, rushing home as fast as my legs could take me.


The day started at 830am, woken up to a bright and sunny day, I jumped into the shower for my 20 min daily routine. Pouring the rich hot liquid gold into my favourite red rose mug it’s aroma fills my kitchen with happiness. Sitting down to eat my hearty breakfast of toast, beans and runny sunny side-up egg, “This is going to be a nice day.” I said to myself as I tucked into my breakfast.  


Looking out the window as I take out my wet clothes out from the washing machine, the sun smiles down brightly accompanying it a slight breeze that cheekily plays with my long dark brown hair as I hang my wet clothes out on the clothesline. “This will be a great day.” I said to myself. After making sure all my chores are done, I left my house at 10.15am sharp for my weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarket only 8 mins walk from my house.


Reading my list, ticking off each item and putting all 9 items; bread, tomatoes, onions, a box of cereal, a carton of almond milk, a dozen eggs, a bag of apples, a large bottle of olive oil and a bottle of cheap red wine into my basket, I cheerfully head towards the self-checkout counter. By midday and 2 hands full of groceries later, I left the supermarket and head on home. At the back of my mind, I had the whole day planned out.


I am going to eat my lunch of a turkey sandwich and another cup of coffee. After lunch and my 1 hour nap, I planned to catch up with my daily fix of the current affairs, movies and friends. Depending how long those would take, I might indulge myself with a book that I am looking forward to read the whole week while drinking hot coco. Hopefully by then, it will be dinnertime. I would then reluctantly put down the book and fix dinner. I had bought medium sized Shepherd's pie on the way home from work couple days’ ago. I would simply pop the pie into the microwave for a few minutes and viola! Dinner is served with a glass of cheap red wine.


After dinner, I would continue reading till I get restless which I seldom get if the book is exciting. If I get restless, I might switch on to binge watching a drama series or comedy acts on Netflix. By then, I would have watch them till 1030pm because I would need to get ready for bed. A nice warm shower will surely put me into sleep mode however I almost certain that I would not fall asleep immediately as I end up tossing and turning till midnight.  



Right now, I’m stuck at the traffic light, waiting for the red man to turn green. Dark skies gathers heavily. Thunder roars as the lightning cracking its whip in the dark skies above me. “Please wait till I get home boys. Please. I have my clothes out. Let me reach home and take them in please.” I begged. Today, it seems the green man it taking its time to make its appearance. Everyone waits anxiously for the green man. Their heads keep tilting upwards while their eyes prayed silently to whomever they believe in.

After 90 seconds of agonising wait, the green man made its appearance just as when the lightning cracks another of its whip that made everyone flinch except me. I was too used its cruel sound. In fact, it made me madder, ‘Stop it Thor! Not funny!’ Everyone makes a mad dash forward crossing the street.


Trudging with 2 hands full of groceries, I keep muttering under my breath ‘Stop this Odin. Are Thor and Loki fighting again? What’s wrong with those two? Loki you bastard, stop picking on Thor, damn it!’ The clouds remain threateningly dark, thunder continues to roar through the sky. The sound of lightning’s whip cracks closer and closer as I reach home.


I’m half way reaching home when both thunder and lightning starts to roar and crack at the same time. My heart nearly leaps out of my stomach involuntarily. I stopped and closed my eyes. ‘Loki, please.’ When I opened them again, the lightning has stopped but I can still hear the roaring thunder in the distance but it lacked ferociousness of before. I continue dragging 2 heavy grocery bags home.


Rushing as I unlock my door and shutting it as fast as I could. Putting the bags on the kitchen table I am greeted by darkness. Instead of turning on the lights, I unpack my groceries and store them away. After that, I go to my living room. Sitting on my sofa, I take out my pack of cigarettes and started to smoke. Closing my eyes, I lean my head against the back of the sofa.


Taking my 4th drag of cigarette, I realise I’m not alone. Without moving or opening my eyes, “Stop hiding. I know you’re here.”


“I swear, this time it’s not my fault.” A voice as smooth and cold as a frozen lake replies.  


Opening my eyes and taking another drag, “Then whose is it? Thor’s or Odin’s?” I can feel his eyes rolling at me.


I sit up, seeing only my dark empty living room but I know he is here. Just not daring to show his face. “If you’re innocent, why are you hiding from me? Show yourself!” Then I waited. And waited and waited. I did not get a reply.


That night I decided not to follow through my plan. Instead, I eat my lunch skip reading and dive into binge watching a crime drama. Ate my dinner while watching, with 2 glasses of red wine which I ended up finishing the whole bottle by bedtime. Looking over at the empty bottle on the table, knowing I will regret that in the morning I head off to bed.


I wake to find myself in a beautiful marble room; filled in every nook and cranny candles burning brightly. Even though the room are lighted by candles, it did not seem dark. Lavender fragrance fills the brightly lit room. In the centre of the room stand in contrast against the white marble, a black grand piano. Drawn to it, the exquisite black lacquer gliding off smoothly off my fingers. My eyes widen as fixes on the ebony finish grands and a stunning rose-gold colored plate. I sit on the matching black bench. My fingers tingle with excitement opening the fall board revealing the beautiful black and white keys. “Your welcome.”  I hear a soft voice in my ear. Ignoring it, closing my eyes I place my hands on the keys and begin to play. My fingers move naturally on the keys, hitting every note with precision. I let the notes occupy my mind, forgetting everything; the past, present and future. Here it’s only my music and I.


“Your music is sad. Are you unhappy with me?” I stop. I turn my head to face my interrupter. Sitting beside me, I see his side profile; long black wavy hair hanging loose on his back, his head tilt down furrowing his brows. His long thin arms folding over his stomach. His long slim legs crossing at his ankles.


I turn away from him to continue finishing my song. He waits patiently, not moving an inch from his position till I hit the last note. Replacing the fall board, “Now, will you tell me what happened?” His head slowly turns to me, smiling but his sad blue eyes tells me a different story.


“You know well enough.” He stands and glides leaning against a staircase railing, magically appear middle of the room.


I turn around, my back facing the piano, ”But I want to hear it from you.” The shadows did nothing to hide his handsome features. High forehead, sharp cheekbones and thin pink lips pursing deep in thought.


He lets out a long sigh, “Thor and Odin. They had a disagreement.” Soon as he finishes the sentence, his sad blue eyes flashed with anger daring me to say otherwise then softens. “However I may or may not have added a little fuel to their fire.”


“You call that little? Damn it, Loki.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. I hold my hands up in surrender, “Whatever. I don’t want to dragged into that storm again.”


Shrugging his shoulders, “You could’ve prevented it, at least. He listens to you.”


I stand and walk out of the room, “No I couldn’t. Can’t before and won’t now.”  


Outside the room, I find myself on a balcony. Holding onto the rail, I look up into the night sky, Loki takes his place beside me. “Do you miss it?”


“Sometimes. Besides the trouble you often get yourself into, we did always have fun. Wonderful memories.” Feeling a smile forming, as I reminisce the times when I was in Asgard.


“We are after all his children. If he could adopt a Frost Giant child, I would not run pass him not to adopt a human child.” He folded his arms around his stomach. I nod in agreement.


I was adopted after the Queen died. I still have no idea who are my real parents are and I don’t want to know. All I knew Odin is my father. Thor and Loki are my brothers. I grew up in Asgard among my much older brothers who never seem to stop fighting with each other. It was Loki who told me that I was adopted when I turned 8. At first I was devastated, knowing all the while I was different but to be confronted with the actual truth was painful. I wanted to belong. I wanted to be part of their family. Odin and Thor did their best to comfort me but it was Loki who knew went through the same thing understands me the most. Since then, we were inseparable. I sensed Thor is a little jealous whenever I tag Loki around as his shadow. As I grew older and wiser, try to spend time equally with each of them. However, I cannot shake the feeling that I don’t belong in Asgard despite Loki’s assurances.


“What you actually do again here?” He breaks the silence.


I chuckled, “You ask me that each time I see you.” I turn around leaning against the rail. His head looking up into the night sky, stars winking at those below as though they know something we don’t. “I work as administrative assistant at an accounting firm.”


His eyes gaze down at me, for a split second I thought those eyes looking at are not those filled with brotherly love. “Oh right. It’s the place where you manage for others and in return they give you what humans call it ‘a salary’. You should’ve let Odin take care of you. No need for you toil for such pitiful amount of ….”


I cut him off, “You know I would never let him. I want to do this on my own terms. Besides, I work with nice people. It’s small company after all. They can’t pay much.” I did not tell him this year I didn’t get much at all. No increment. No bonus.


Looking annoyed furrowing his eyebrows,”You know Y/n, you’re too kind and nice for your own good. Those humans don’t deserve you.”


“Excuse me Mr Frost Giant, those humans you are talking about are my people, my race. You’ve no right to say anything.” I move away from him. I hate when he starts to be all high and mighty. This is why most of our adult conversations ends up in an argument.


Walking to the grand piano, sulking I open the fall board. My hands hovered above the keys, hesitating. I realised my mind is blank. No notes I can conjure up. No melody I can pair with. Angry with myself, I slam my fist on the keys. The echo of the scattered notes bounces off the marble room. Without any noise, a hand with long slim fingers appears to brush its tip against my knuckles. The hand gently uncurls my fist, putting my hand on top as the hand begins to play. My breathing gradually slows down. Another hand appears to guide my other hand in the same position. Soon notes and melody fills the room once more. At first I didn’t recognize the music but as it gets to the middle part, I knew.


“Remember this?” His smooth cool voice whispers in my ear. “Your very first composed music.” I feel him nudging his nose into my hair. Goosebumps start to appear on my arms. Feeling his smile against the back of my neck, “Feeling cold Y/n?”