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I Choose You: Pokemon One Shots

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"(Name)! Get up!" (Mom's name) shouted from the doorway. (Name) just groaned in response before hiding underneath the blankets and continued to snore away. Her mom sighed, pinching her nose. "I wonder how this child manages to sleep in so late. It's already 11:26!" (Mom's name) turned to the Growlithe that sat besides her feet. "Alright Growlithe, you know what to do.

The small fire puppy barked before prodding over to you. Growlithe jumped on top of (Name), pulling away her blanket and began to attack her face with licks. This continued until (Name) finally opened her eyes and began to yell. "Okay! Okay! Growlithe, I'm up!"

"It's about time." (Mother's name) said, crossing her arms. "Have you been staying up again?" "Depends. How late does it have to be to be called staying up?" (Name) asked, petting Growlithe's head which resulted with happy yips in return. "What time is it anyway?"

"It's about 11:26! You only have one hour to get ready!"

(Name)'s eyes widened. "Oh crap!" She practically thre herself off her bed, tossing her blanket onto Growlithe as she ran out of her bed and into the bathroom. Growlithe let out a loud yelp when he piled underneath (Name)'s blanket. Her mother sighed, lifting the blanket off the small pokemon. "That girl is impossible sometimes."

With (Name), she was frantically brushing her teeth, washing her face, applying deodarant, putting on some makeup, brushing her (long/short) (curly/straight/wavy/etc)(red/blonde/brown/etc) hair to a (favorite) style.

Once satisfied, she ran back into her room and into her closet. She chose a (black/white) loose tank top, a skirt with a flower design imprinted into them and a pair of (black/white) sandals. It wasn't her favorite attire but this'll do for now.

"(Name)! Hau is here!" "Coming!" (Name) raced down the hallway to the living room. There, Hau was waiting by the doorway. He gave (Name) one of his signature smiles and waved. "Alola, (Name)!" He greeted happily. "Hey, Hau." She smiled back sweetly.

"Alright you kids get outta here and go have fun." (Mother's Name) chuckled before ushering both (Name) and Hau out the door. The pair blinked before stepping down the porch stairs. "You didn't forget-" "Of course not! Why would I forget about our battle?"

Hau grinned at her. "After we're done, we can go get some malasadas!" He said happily. (Name) chuckled at his excitement. It makes her wonder how Hau can be so happy, even in the most darkest times he still manages to find something to smile about.

Admittedly (Name) had maybe a small huge crush on the happy boy. Yet despite the time they've known each other and journeyed together, even stopping team skull together, she still didn't know how he felt about her.



Said girl blinked, surprised to see Hau suddenly up in her face. "Hey are you ok? You suddenly dozed out on me." (Name) blushed, their faces were dangerously close to one another. "Uh- yeah. Yeah! I'm ok." She chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head nervously. "Wh-what were you saying before?"

Hau sighed before quickly smiling again. "I was just asking if this location seemed like the perfect spot to battle." "Huh? Oh yeah this seems fine!" (Name) said, looking at the area. They were both standing on the Hau'oli City's Beachfront. Wingulls flew by and various of fish pokemon could be seen jumping out and then back into the water. "It's a nice view and away from all the bigger crowds! It's a perfect place to battle!"

(Name) sent a determined smile towards Hau. "You're on! I am the Champion so don't expect to win!"

"Champion or not, my partners and I are going to give it our all!" Hau says confidently, sprinting a few feet away to give room for a pokemon battle. "Raichu, I choose you!" He throws out his pokeball, revealing his alolan Raichu surfing on it's tail. "Alright! Come on out (Partner Pokemon)!" (Name) commanded, throwing her own ball. (Partner Pokemon) cried out happily before facing it's opponent, determination on (his/her/it's) face.

"Let the battle comence!"


"Man, (Name)! I'm still no match for you!" Hau said, sending her a smile before returning his fallen Noivern. "Even though we lost, you were still awesome Noivern! Get some rest, pal." He said to his ball before putting it away

"Way to go, (Second Favorite Pokemon)! I knew you could do it! Return!" (Name) praised, returning (him/her/it) to their pokeball. She smiled before approaching Hau. "You were great Hau." He smiled at her once more. "You were too, (Name)! Hey, let's go get some malasadas now to celebrate your victory!" He said happily before pulling her arm and dragging her out of the beach. (Name) chuckled, rolling her (eye color) orbs. She knew that no matter what the occasion was, Hau will find something to celebrate about with malasadas.

Once Hau found the Malasada Shop, he marched straight in there with (Name) on a toll. The woman at the desk blinked but smiled at the pair when they approached her. "Hello! What can I do for you?" "Give us your box of dozen malasadas!" Hau said with a loud voice, making the woman jump back a little from the sudden volume. (Name) nudged Hau a bit, making an 'oof' come out from him. "Sorry, about him. May we have one of your boxes of a dozen malasadas."

The woman smiled at you two before yelling back at one the workers for your order. She then faced you two. "Is it only you two?" "Yep, it's only us."

"Are you two on a date?"

"H-Huh!?" Hau managed out.

"N-no no! It's nothing like that!" (Name) blurted out, her cheeks turning to a light shade of pink.

The woman chuckled at her mistake. "My bad. You two are so cute together, I just thought you were a couple on a date!" She said, continuing to chuckle.

Both (Name) and Hau had completely red stained cheeks, neither of them being able to say anything after that comment.

"Here you are." The lady said, handing them their box. "Th-Thanks." (Name) managed to barely spit out before gingerly taking the box. The pair then awkwardly strode to an empty table, opening the box and taking the tasty treat. The two sat in silence, munching on their malasadas. Neither of them spoke. The air felt thick and it was really awkward between them.

It took about 18 minutes, maybe 20, for the two of them to finish their 'meal' before throwing the box away and heading out.

The two of them blindly wandered around Hau'oli City, still not speaking one another. From the corner of (Name)'s eyes, she could see Hau trying to not trip over his own two feet and his fingers fiddling. "Hey.. uh, Hau? Do you maybe wanna go to the beach and just enjoy the water?" "Yes!" He suddenly shouted in response, (Name) taken back from how loud he suddenly was. Probably still shaken from the whole 'date' thing and couldn't control his volume.

Actually, his voice control was always all over the place so (Name) couldn't exactly tell.

The pair finally made it back to the beachfront, the two of them relaxing underneath an umbrella. The air was still very thick between the two of them. (Name) bit her lip.

This was becoming unbearable!

"Hau. Is there something wrong?" She began.

He didn't reply.

She sighed, opening her mouth. Before she could say anything, Hau finally spoke up. "Nothing's wrong. I just-" He began before shaking his head and letting out a sigh and finally facing her. His usual smile was now gone and his cheeks had a tint to them. "It's just.. what that lady said. I just thought that it just made you suddenly want to leave. I was having such a great time but if it was a date, I thought it would suddenly make you change your mind and you would leave." He spilled, his eyebrows scrunching together and he sniffled a bit.

"Hau." (Name) began. "I'm having a great time with you. Date or not, nothing would want to make me leave." She said, her cheeks beginning to heat up a bit. "I was afraid that what she said just made you angry in some sorta way."

Hau began to smile a little before he giggled. "Oh come on, (Name). It takes a lot more than that to make me angry."

Which was true. (Name) can't really recall a time she's ever seen Hau actually angry. Heck, it's rare to even see him not smile.

(Name) began to grin at him, giggling as well. "Hey, Hau? How long have we been out for exactly?" She asked him. He blinked before looking over to the shore.

Indeed, the sun was beginning to set. It gave the beach a beautiful glow, the sky turning to a very pink and orange color. "Wow! It's already sunset? It just felt like we got here not even 30 minutes ago!" He stood up and held his hands behind his head, his full smile back on his face. "Hah! Guess that's what happens when you're having fun, huh?" He said happily before helping (Name) up.

"Here. I'll go drop you off home before Mrs. (Last Name) comes hunting for you." He offered. "That'd be nice. Today was a great day." (Name) said happily, feeling her cheeks were still feeling a bit warmer than usual.

"But first, let's enjoy the sunset!" Hau said, pointing to the sun that was beginning to hide behind the water. (Name) was in awe at the sight. The sun was so vibrant and warm against the water, illuminating beautiful colors. As it began to disappear into the water, the stars began to twinkle within the night sky. The moon's glow lit up the ocean water, making it glow. "Wow, isn't it beautiful." "Yeah, but I've seen prettier." Hau replied, his cheeks becoming an even more rosy color.

"Alright, show's over. Let's get going, (Name)." Hau said, walking back up the ramp and back to the Hau'oli Outskirts where (Name)'s house was located, the (color)-headed girl following him. The two of them walked again in silence.

Not from embarrassment.

Not because it was awkward.

But rather from enjoyment.

They were simply enjoying one another's company.

That's the kind of silence (Name) liked.

Hau and (Name) walked up her porch, the lights inside were off. (Mother's Name) must've been asleep already.

Before (Name) went inside, she and Hau faced one another. He began to fiddle his fingers again nervously. "I had a great time today, (Name)." She smiled, a small blush on her cheeks again. "I did too, Hau. Thanks."

Hau took a deep breath before cupping her cheeks. Leaning in ever so slowly, Hau then gently pressed his lips against (Name)'s shyly. His lips were so soft, a bit powdery from the malasadas from earlier but soft nonetheless.

(Name) was caught off guard, her breath suddenly caught in her throat. Her (eye color) eyes were wide with shock and her face felt like a Flareon had just hit her with Fire Blast. Her heart was racing and her mind couldn't comprehend what was happening.

Hau couldn't believe what he was doing either but just followed what his gut said. He was slow and passionate yet so very gentle. His lips moved against hers slowly. Before (Name) could even kiss back, Hau pulled away. His cheeks were dusted to a very noticeable red hue and he panted a bit.

"I- uh!" He began. "I'm sorry, (Name)!" He said nervously.

The said woman blinked a few times before slowly smiling. She pressed a finger to Hau's lips to shush him before pressing her own lips against his tanned cheek. His grey eyes widened before he smiled.

(Name) giggled before removing herself from him and opening her door and stepping inside. Before she completely closed the door, she sent Hau a flirty smile.

"Thanks for a great time, Hau. I'll be sure to see you for our next date soon." She winked before shutting the door completely.

Hau stood there in awe. He was trying to process everything that just happened.

Slowly, so ever slowly, he began to smile. Hau had never smiled so big before, his red cheeks were beginning to hurt.

He then spoke to himself.

"That next date is going to happen sooner than you think, my beautiful (Name)."