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no rest for the wicked - styles!triplets/louis

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"We are miles apart, ocean separations,
Your eyes close in the morning and mine at night,
And you breathe in gold and I black,
But baby we bleed the same. " 

"ALPHA ERIC, I'M SURE This all could be resolved!" Louis winced when he heard his mother shout after the large man, who's head was absolutely drenched in red tomato sauce and noodles.

"That son of yours you dare call an omega is nothing but a defect! He can't even serve tea!" The rude alpha spat back at the poor mother, earning an eyebrow furrow from Louis.

"Pour your own tea! I only drink margaritas with a straw!" The seventeen year-old boy shouted back, rolling his eyes and biting the inside of his cheek in his own frustration. This is a new era, for God's sake, who knows how to work a kettle?

"Louis, quiet with you. Do not speak over when an alpha is present," Louis' mother threateningly lowered her voice, making the omega let out a squeak of anger before he earned yet another look.

Louis crossed his arms and huffed, looking the other way.

"Johanna, my father is very good friends with your husband. And I respect any member of the alpha council, you know I do but this boy," Eric looked back at it Louis with a scowl, a noodle flinging to the side, as he was.

Louis stuck his tongue out in return. (And sticking it back in when his mother flickered her eyes at him, whistling to himself while wandering his eyes.)

"—is an absolute disaster. I am sorry, I cannot marry someone so... stupid." Eric finished, his accent rolling the word out with poison dripping at the end.

Johanna rose her eyebrows at the word choice, straightening her posture before giving the alpha sickened look. "I am sorry you feel—"

"Me, stupid?" Louis scoffed, marching over to the pair and standing in front of Eric with his nostrils flared and eyes scrunched. Although the boy had to tilt his head to see the alpha's face, he did so with grace and dominance.

"I am not stupid, rather you are the arrogant pig who cannot be bothered to crack open Google to know the difference between cat or a dog." The omega flicked the alpha's head.

"Who brings an animal to dinner?!" Eric shouted, his hands raising over his head. He was trying to intimidate the omega. Pathetic.

"I do! And his name is Ponyo, you would know that if you weren't screaming like a little sissy and actually listened to me!"

"Louis!" Johanna could only watch in horror at her son's outbursts.

"I was not screaming, I was surprised that a muddy mutt was going to be licking at my leg under the table,"

"Oh? So if I just whistle for him now you won't scream?" Louis challenged, one hand resting on the curve of his perfectly shaped hip.

"You wouldn't dare," Eric warned in his alpha voice, not having one effect on the omega, of not making Louis even more brave.

"Who says I won't? My stupid brain is just begging me to," Louis clapped back, his eyes narrowing.

"Louis, that is enough!" Johanne scold her son, tugging at his earlobe hard enough for the omega to step down from his tippy-toes and back off of the Alpha's face.

"Alpha Eric, I am sorry. You may leave, please know we will be paying for the damages to your suit." Johanna bowed in faux respect, awaiting the alpha to exit through the door.

"Yes, you will," Eric snapped, his face set in a smug frown.

Louis was biting his lips to not jump on the man's back and wipe that look from his face with his fists, but as soon as he hears the man's shoes tapping towards the door, he knew it was over.

Until it wasn't.

"Family of bitches," Eric muttered under his breath, but in the emptiness of the hall, it was very audible.

"Oh that's it...Ponyo!" Louis let out a loud whistle right at that moment, face red with anger and satisfied as he hears a bark and the fast strides of four cutecutecute feet.

At least in Louis' mind it was cute,

in Eric's it was the sound of the devil himself carrying a pitchfork and ready to shove it up his ass.

"Louis, no!" Johanna groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose as soon as the loud screech of Alpha Eric fills the halls.

"Stay back! Scram you pig!" Eric jumps when Ponyo's teeth dig into his trousers, a loud riiiip sound filling the atmosphere and mixing into the pleads of mercy.

"And you still don't know what kind of animal he is," Louis mocks, trying to contain his laughter but just letting out delighted giggles when Eric cries at the slimy tongue of the auburn dogs licking up his expensive, leather shoes.

The alpha jumped onto the railing of the extravagant stairs of the Tomlinson House, long legs wrapping around the metal pole for his life. He kicked at air, missing at the odd colored golden retriever every time.

"Shoo! Shoo, you little shit!"

Ponyo let out another series or barks, jumping at the man and opening his mouth each time to take a bite of the feet in front of him. Eric seemed to lose his balance, because his whole body turned sideways on the railing, (and spaghetti sauce made a great lubricant to let his hands slip off and let his body slap onto the floor.)

The dog didn't mind at all though, all he wanted was a snack and Eric had it all over his head. Ponyo was happy to clean the mess upon the alpha, starting from the delicious red sauce. He didn't even mind that the alpha started whimpering as though he was the frightened creature.

Johanna then let out a whistle of her own, the one that made Ponyo out his tongue back in his mouth and quickly leave the scene. That was the "if-you-do-not-stop-you-are-sleeping-outside" whistle.

Ponyo growled at the man who was, pathetically displayed on the tiled floor, his suit ripped, spaghetti dripping down his face, and tears of fear streaming down his ruddy cheeks.

"Your son will never find a mate! He is a deformed demon!" Eric yelled back, struggling to get up but did quickly when the barks of Ponyo were to be heard again.

The door shut loudly, shaking the chandelier that hung high with tainted crystals; but making Louis relieved and wave his fingers that just said a lovely farewell. The omega's lips curled up into a satisfied grin, arms wide open.

"Seems like Ponyo made Alpha Eric his bitch, huh?" Louis smiled sweetly at his mother who was shaking with anger.

"Come with me," Johanna said through her teeth. Her tone sounding abnormally calm.

"But—" Louis jutted out his bottom lip.

"Now, Louis!" Johanna snapped, the boy whining in return but obliging. Louis dragged his steps and followed his mother, careful not to step on the long dress she was wearing that dragged down onto the hardwood floor.

"You aren't allowed to be mad at me, Mother. I did nothing wrong!" Louis groaned when he felt the woman omega brush his hair more roughly.

"Do you truly believe that, Louis?" His mother raised an eyebrow, her voice still threatening calm.

"I do!" Louis shrugged, pouting right away when he sees his pinky nail chipping.

"Louis! I don't want to hear it. You seem to forget that your father is the first alpha in The Council. You have to uphold the family honor by—"

"—not only doing good, but being good," Louis and his Mother finished in unison, the boy making his voice monotone as though he didn't hear this speech five hundred times. "But Mother, I can do so much better than those suckers!"

"Louis you are seventeen years old, becoming eighteen in only a matter of days. And when an omega turns eighteen, they will go through a variety of changes along with heat. You need an Alpha to protect and care for you through these—" His mother tried using the excuse again, making the omega roll his blue eyes before taking a sip from his Coke again.

"Do they not have masturbation for that?" Louis groaned, earning a slap up his head for the comment, his drink spilling only slightly. "Whaaat?"

"This mouth of yours is getting too big, do you want me to put a bar a soap inside?"

"Noo.." Louis shook his head slightly, taking another sip of his Coke; not doubting the punishment.

"Alpha Eric and his pack are very powerful and respected—" Johanna continued, but Louis couldn't help but pipe in.

"I don't want powerful and respected, mother. You can literally buy those two qualities by getting yourself a pair of red bottom heels and a Chanel purse.." Louis pointed out as though his comparison made the absolute most sense.

"That is not how it works, Louis."

"I just don't understand why you and dad don't trust me to make decisions like these on my own, if I am old enough to be mated, I am old enough to decide who it will be with." Louis reasoned.

"Louis, you do not get it, do you?! You are the omega, you are the son of a wealthy alpha who is looked upon like a God, and unless you would like to make our name go to dirt; I suggest you stop acting like a child and grow up!"

"Stop yelling at me, I'm going to start crying and then I won't get my point across!" Louis mewled aloud, stuffing his face into a pillow in annoyance.

"What is your plan? To stay in that pillow and then you won't have to get married anymore?" Johanna was exhausted.

"Yes." Louis' voice was muffled by the cloth of the pillow.

"Louis this is the fifth alpha you have turned down. You know we have to come to a decision soon."

"Your decision will always end with me having my freedom taken away! Why can't you just let me have it? I want to explore the world, not be tied down like a dog!" Louis looked at the globe that sat on his dresser along with golden jewelry and letters of proposals, wishing that he could just jump in and choose to go anywhere he would like to.

"Ruff!" Ponyo growled from the corner of the room at Louis' choice of words.

"Sorry, like a cat." Louis corrected himself as the dog returned to its calm sitting position in satisfaction.

"Because you cannot have everything in life, life does not work like that—"

"Well make it work like that, freedom isn't a privilege it's a right, mother." Louis had a bratty tone in his voice.

"Louis we cannot let our trad— uck! What are in these mint cookies you made for the dinner? They taste disgusting!" Johanna asked when she took a bite of the one she got from the kitchen.

"I couldn't find real mint so I used toothpaste," Louis waved off unbothered, stuffing his face back into pillow like he owned the world.

"You are just full of it today, Omega! Just wait till your father gets home! Go throw these out and wash up, dinner is served at seven and you haven't even had your violin lessons today." Johanna spit out the cookie into the waste-bin nearby and watched Louis roll in the bed covers with his body wrapped in like a burrito.


"And get Ponyo into a bath! He smells like Eric feet and spaghetti sauce!" Johanna slammed the door and started muttering prayers after.

Leaving Louis alone to look at his globe.

Wondering how it may be like to be free.

Harry felt the man's neck in his hand tense, his whole body shake when just one of his nails traced the outline of his jaw. The man's eyes were wild and open, bloodshot with fury along with fear.

"Hold him onto the ground, Harry. Shoulders down." A raw voice comes from behind the curly-haired alpha, a voice that makes the corners of his lips flicked up to a malevolent smile.

"He seems to be frightened, Edward." Harry answered to his much larger brother, watching him with hooded eyes when he bent down on his knees to pick the pitiful man up by his hair. Harry only gave a proud, satisfied smirk at that.

"A-ah!" The man let out a scream that echoed through the dark cave of black. The location was a blurry abyss. Where was he?

"Careful with him, Edward. You always seem to sink your teeth in too early," Marcel out spoke softly. His voice forced and gruff. Eyes red at just the sight of the disgusting alpha that laid on the floor. He was always the quiet one, studying the scene through his largely framed glasses, but his tone was just as dangerous.

The three triplets were all panting, scratches and scars displayed all over Harry and Edward's backs; as Marcel had torn pieces of his shirt along with terrifying blotches of blood dripping down the top.

Edward's bicolored eyes (one a gruesome red and the other a wild green) and were glued onto the brown of the clutched alphas, his malevolent thoughts striking daggers into the chests of everyone.

Harry was readable, on the contrary. His expressions held an anger just looking at the the alpha who's hair was in his brother's fist. The very fact that this alpha was breathing made him see a crimson red. He always seemed to have a certain switch that, when on, turned his whole body to a apathetic animal. This was much more different from his usual disposition, which was light and playful.

But not now.

Marcel watched carefully with his nails digging into his hand. His heart ached for the throat of the man to be slit so that the weight of anxiousness could be lifted from his shoulders.

The alpha was slightly more slender than the rest of his brothers, but the bright emerald in his eyes held a density and strength that no body type could hold. He was quiet, shy.. but right now it seemed that the certain side of him dissolved into a hungry beast for revenge.

"You should be proud, alpha, you have found the whole Odyssey pack." Edward seethed into the man's ears, snapping his neck towards the direction where not only his brothers were standing, but many more behind them.

The man widened his eyes at the sight of what seemed like a thousand other being looking directly at him; mad and insane. Livid.

Were they all alphas? No. Omegas and betas resided, standing up proud although they didn't look rich. In fact, they all wore ordinary clothing—button ups and t-shirts instead of gowns and suits with ties.

The area he was in unknown. The ceiling was high and large, the setting looking as though he was in a very large-modern cave.

"You Alphas in the Council that reside in the Inner City have been trying to kill us off for decades, haven't you? Thinking because our pockets weren't heavy with greed that we weren't valuable, eh?" Edward then takes out a thin but swift blade out from his pocket before holding it against the Man's neck.

"You burn our homes when we don't let you wed us, take away our mother's when we don't convert our faiths to yours. Throw our children in Pits until we are the ones to give you all our gold and silver... but you all are still hungry for more."

The witnesses start to cheer and spit their own curses, all agreeing with whatever the Alpha with discolored eyes was declaring.

"I–I d-don't have what you guys want, I will make the offer of paying off—" the man started to plead, stuttering as he felt himself pathetically tasting his own salty tears.

"See that's the thing with you bastards," Edward laughed without humor, twirling the blade in between his fingers, "thinking money will buy you everything, even freedom. But listen carefully, alpha." Edward held the blade in front of the man's eyes as though he was going to blind him.

"The only thing that will set you free is this blade that I am holding against your throat." Edward's voice was menacing, threatening.

"Go on with it, brother. Let him bleed out," Harry looked behind him to make sure all the children were put away to bed and not one of them were outside. He then gripped onto Marcel's shoulder, watching the scene finally come to a close.

"Please! I-I'm not like the rest of the Council!" The man screamed out, trying to push the alpha way but it was helpless, he was nothing compared to Edward. Nothing but a mere speck of dust trying to escape a tornado.

"My name is Edward Styles, Pack Alpha of Odyssey; the insurgents of the East. You occupy the seat number six of the Alpha Council. You lived a life full of greed and selfishness, and that is how you will die."

"I want you to look at the crowd in front of you this moment," Edward forced the man onto his knees, his head held aback and the blade balancing just on the top of his Adam's apple. "And I want you to throw away all the gold you have ever had in your pocket, and all the taxes that you have collected to stare at all these people you consider inferior,"

The man struggled to get up and his body sagged when his two legs grew more numb every second. His eye contact remained the the Alpha's identical twin brothers, as though he was trying to plead with the two. They looked at him with the same murderous glint as their brother had.

"Please no!" The man's voice was vibrating and trying to escape his own body.

"Although we have been divided by—" Edward started, whispering his words into his ear, slow and steady.

"Stop! Please, I have children!"

"—money, religion, and values,—" Edward continued, digging the blade in deeper but careful not to swipe it quite yet.

"We should know that we truly are the same in the inside—"

Harry watches from how the man's fingertips tremble to how the sweat dripping down  from every pore in his skin shows the utter faux guilt that masks the terror. He crosses his arms, letting this continue. Wanting this to continue.

"I'm begging you! P-pl-please!"

Marcel let the corners of his mouth flicker upward into a sinister smile at the irony, soaking in every second of the scene. Much to Harry's surprise, out of everyone he knew Marcel was the one to always take pity. But it seemed that the alpha was almost rooting for this. Watching, savoring.

"Because in the end,"

"W-w-why are you doing this!?" The man's final words: confused, rushed, hurt.

The man's voice then stopped. The only noise left in the air was a loud scream and before that, the slice of silver. The body of the man fell down as his eyes remained open, a slight thud being made. Edward lifted his head up,

crimson painted all over his chest and red against his neck. Harry and Marcel look with proud expressions as the crowd erupts in cheers.

"we all bleed the same color."